STOP STUDYING TORAH ? – The Secret no longer secret.

The Secret of the ‘Falling Away’

Stop Studying Torah

Thessalonians 2:4  He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship; he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the Temple of God and proclaim that he himself is God. 

(objects of worship – Christmas trees, Istar / Easter, Jesus, doctrines of men etc.)

A true Christian believer believes in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the anointed one. These people and Jesus are now labeled: ESAU by Rabbi Isaac Shapira. I call this blaspheming. He has aligned himself to 2 Thess Chpt 2.

On July 25, 2021 a group of fifteen Messianic followers of this man were directly told to go back to Christianity. Go back to your church. You don’t need a name.

His way of repairing our world is to leave The Jew as the caretakers of the earth. They alone will have the miracles, prophecies, dreams, vision….the gifting. The Gentile is Esau with no inheritance.

It is not the exact name we should be concerned about but the ‘essence’ of what that name means. Just as Elohim is the highest god, it still remains that it is his characteristics that bring the essence of what He really is to us. He’s our Creator, Father, Healer, Provider and the list goes on.

Abraham was a stranger to the ways of God but his faith grew as he built his family through Isaac and Ya’cov. My friend thought we should embrace our roots with Abraham’s family who were all Hebrews. Hence, we too are Hebrews.

July 22, 2021 – Go back to your churches. Gentiles don’t need an identity. You are not to receive many gifting and callings of God. You are not attached to The Land. You are The Nations…You are Esau. STOP STUDYING TORAH!!!

The ‘Secret’ was out! His team will ‘repair’ our earth by making up the new instructions for the Jew and for The Gentile declaring it from Israel via Texas.

The Gentiles instructions: Stay in Church!

This feels and looks like communism: Stay at home and locked up with no promises…no Holy Spirit functioning for you Gentiles! Yep…makes sense doesn’t it that this controlling spirit believes it can rule The Creator who directs The Spirit? This is quenching The Holy Spirit big time. Without the Holy Spirit there is NO salvation. This shepherd may be crossing, The Great Divide.

“It is a difficult thing to bring Israel to her position on the earth.” is an excuse for this kind of new doctrine? And, it’s not new…this agenda has been pushed from this man since 2013 in 60 countries cities. Nine years and now 2 Thessalonians 2 is before us. The secret is no longer a secret.

We all have to agree that any conversion to Yeshua Jesus has to be of the Holy Spirit. It will also have to be the spirit of YHWH on the Jew that they give them the desire to teach, The Nations. What we are seeing right now is not a ZEAL to teach us The Torah, but a jealousy for them to hold it for themselves.

So, what type of instructions will be taught that qualifies someone to even hold The Torah when it comes out of it’s case? Will a female get to touch it? The halachas (guidelines) will be set up according to this Rabbi’s opinion. What else will be set up when men will be put in authority over others? Who will have the right to cast a stone first at a person perhaps called a ‘witch’? Who determines the qualifications of a witch.

So far, I see rules being made according to rabbi rulings and not The Torah. Moses people were guided through the forty years keeping it pretty simple. They were fed double on Day Six so they didn’t collect food on The Sabbath.

Whose instructions will be taught? This is the ‘secret’ of the man that has been hidden from us as 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 defines.

After seventy-one years of loving Jesus and studying The Bible in many venues, I have lived in the camp believing that The Holy Spirit is The Restrainer. When the ‘believers’ depart the earth in bulk, the HS leaves as well and that is when all ‘hell’ breaks lose on earth…is what I held in my mind reading from KJV.

The Adversary revealed his team player…releasing ‘the secret’ on July 25, 2021. But it was not until Rosh Hoshanna that I was moved to turn to 2 Thessalonians 2 and come face to face with our new reality. Everything is according to YHWH’s plan…because He knows that I will yak this everywhere.

I witnessed people being drawn in and mesmerized that they can’t even remember their question for him when on one-on-one with him.

The words he is saying should make us shudder. Some are drawn to his presence while others turn their back on him and see his arrogance toward the group of 250 Gentiles. Because we should so repentant for our ancestors bringing evil against the Jew does that mean we bear the brunt of arrogance from them in this generation? I don’t think so! Just as ALL Lives Matter…so does The Gentile.

At Rosh Hoshanna 2021, 7th Shemittah Cycle opens with my eyes reading and mouth dropping open as I saw The Man of deception. My thinking had been set free and I could see ‘the secret’ unfolding right before our eyes.

The 2021 40 Days of Repentance of which I prayed in tears saw the unveiling of how The Man of perdition would unfold the deception right before our eyes. We are cascading forward rolling into his abyss at this very moment.

I turned to 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 in The Complete Jewish Bible. The ‘restrainer’ is defined explicitly in several verses so there is no confusion about what this ‘restrainer’ is restraining.

2Th 2:3  Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom.

2Th 2:3Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom.

The Adversary since the beginning has always sought to destroy our relationship with Elohim by changing words. The ‘you will die’ given to Adam in Genesis 2:17 became a “Ye shall not surely die.” in Genesis 3:4.

Gen 2:16  Adonai, God, gave the person this order: “You may freely eat from every tree in the garden 

Gen 2:17  except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not to eat from it, because on the day that you eat from it, it will become certain that you will die.”

 Gen 3:4  The serpent said to the woman, “It is not true that you will surely die; 

Adam was given the instruction on how to deal with the animals and eating before Eve was created. We see from historical records that she was created on Day 13 which was also Day 6 of the second week of Creation. She was not given the instructions but told by Adam what YHWH declared. Israel is that Bride being deceived today by getting information ‘second hand’. We have been living by ‘false’ information given to us with The Deceiver aiding and abetting that information.

It is The Torah re-worded that comes out of Israel…through the mouth of the false messiah. He is false because he speaks falsely indicating that the stranger and foreigner who stood at Mt. Sinai and joined with the Israelite Hebrews with all the promises of how to live safely on the earth are NOT to be part of their (Jacob’s) inheritance. If anything, this is Esau speaking and wanting his inheritance back from Ya’cob.

The Deceiver always turns the words around being the first to accuse. Whatever blame is placed to the Gentile Believer, it is Esau who is accusing, not ADONAI.

No my dear Christian, do NOT stand for this. We are for Ya’cov, not against him. If Ya’cov has a hard time getting his children to behave, that is Ya’cov’s problem. We are Abraham’s children engrafted into all the promises…the miracles, the dream and visions, the callings.

We can not have the ‘essence’ of Yeshua be called Esau; even if Christians choose to still use the Greek name Jesus. The name Jesus or Yeshua does not change his ‘essence’ of what He did on that stake. He is the promised Messiach told to be The Seed through a single woman who said yes, I’ll bear children so the world can populate. Yes, I’ll nurse them to health. Eve was vindicated for being a vessel to multiply humans on the earth. Woman are vindicated for multiplying.

No, we refuse to have his ‘essence’ changed. It’s not a spelling … and yet it is. But that is not the discussion for this article. If Christians believe in a Jewish Savior who honored Sabbath and ate kosher and obeyed The Torah and thus they want to obey that same Torah…then there is ‘grace’ beyond measure. But, if there is wickedness among those children then we do see them condemned as 2 Thess 2 states.

The Hebrews (us) are engrafted into the bride Israel. Those that were once afar off and strangers to the covenants of God are now drawn near and can join the same wedding banquet. We are NOT Esau…and an apology is in order.

The ‘secret’ is no longer a ‘secret’. The ‘iniquity’ has become full and justice is issued…a false Torah is allowed…for a time, so perhaps even the ‘elite’ aren’t fooled and perish by following ‘false’ instructions.

The Torah loving groups who followed this man in order to bring ‘repair’ in relationships with Israel will have to now be broken. You MUST go back to the original Torah. We can NOT allow ‘violence’ to break out. Violence in The Torah is the ‘removal’ of The Torah.

Removing Torah brings ‘violence’ on our earth. That makes perfect sense. The removal of something that held the peace on the earth must return in order for peace to establish itself once again. Yes, The Living Word must return to stop chaos and this Messiach will again operate in full Torah.

“No, we don’t want Torah…just New Testament and Ten commandments and our Jesus.” These have his ‘essence’ of what He did on that cross revealed to them in their hearts. These may be the least in the kingdom. I wish they would change and want to be great enough to teach it.

“No, we don’t want to offend The Jew so we will go back to church and let a different instruction come to the earth. We know better but will still let The Gentile eat what they want and worship when they want. Sabbath is Sabbath and we all give honor to that. We will not teach much Torah but we will teach how to be good caretakers of the earth. We will follow the leadership of the ‘new schools’ of thought. We will write books on grace and stay being a church of worship. We will leave The Jew alone praying they get their act together. The Jew can wear the prayer shawl and tzit tzit.

These will be the least in the kingdom of God because they do NOT know how to even teach Torah since they don’t follow it. They are not bringing in The Kingdom of God, but they are actually schooling people to hinder it’s arrival. This group needs to repent…because they will be without excuse. They have submitted to The Deceivers.

The ‘Restrainer of The Torah’ will go after the other children because The Hebrew remnant declares:

“No, we will not let ‘Jesus, Yeshua or Christians’ be called ‘Esau’.

We will not sit with scoffers.

Christian it is time for YOU to depart from the ways of The Changing Instructions. Or, you too will be set outside the next Gan of Eden to be set up. You have been warned…pastors who reject the OT should be scorned by their people when the people find out that ‘the secret’ that is set up…the secret of a false Torah for our earth is a very serious matter. Please endorse The Living Word Jesus / Yeshua and what he emboldened while on the earth….The Torah.

The instructions were not just for Adam and Eve…it was for their entire family…had they been born there in the Gan of Eden. It only took SEVEN years before they were deceived and were removed at 42 days.

17 Cheshvan – Month Two Day Seventeen – Day of Deception

17 Cheshvan – Month Two Day Seventeen – Day of Flood Waters /Earth’s baptism

17 Cheshvan – 2021 – A Sabbath – Day of our first granddaughter’s wedding.

I find hope in Kira’s wedding as she loves Jesus more than anything in her being. She was born on Day One of Feast of Tabernacles…15 Tishrei. She belongs to him and she will be wed to him one day. I would like to believe that in this 7th Shemittah cycle on October 23 2021 that the evil deception and punishment can be annulled and set free from judgment this year. It’s a Sabbath and thus the dates are annulled and meant for peace…and a very special sweet day says Kira.

Jews are to be zealous to teach The Gentile causing our earth to fill up with correct Torah. This has now been accomplished on our earth…and now a jealous Esau has returned.

The Gentiles are now taking The Torah more serious than the Jew. Doesn’t it make sense that if 1000 Gentiles chase after one Jew’s teachings that it gets very explosive?

The Jew doesn’t know what to do with these Gentiles that seem out of control in their righteous behaviors.

Gentiles are trying to not offend the Jew. And yet, they want YHWH covering on them so they wear a prayer shawl over their head when praying. Believers in Yeshua want to be reminded of God’s instruction so they wear something attached to their waist or wrist.

Is it a female wearing strings of pink with a single blue string in it suppose to make The Jew mad. I don’t think so but Dr. Shapira is stirring the pot that is creating the Christian to perhaps think twice of sending their money to support them. Or, a man wearing a ball cap that says YHWH on it that churns his stomach. Or, myself telling about a miracle calf raising from the dead…to no effort of mine…but of YHWH’s that he rejects as being of value to even listen to. Gentiles hearts are filling up with love for The Jew and this ‘repair’ movement is blasphemous. Jews being jealous over The Gentile coming to The Torah is wrong…and shows they still do NOT know our Messiach. I rebuke this man’s hidden agenda that he drags others into and at the end cuts their throats like a pig. Even calling Jesus a Kosher pig…is going to far…and now Jesus is Esau!

The Repair Shop called Tikkim has turned evil. The explosive growth of Christians wanting to walk out The Torah has brought so much confusion that these ‘repair’ groups are no longer acting satisfactory. Pride of who will be the teacher of The New Kingdom Age is being fought for.

There is a Gentile ‘repair’ group that has a two-year program to graduate Gentiles to be a rabbi. They go through training in Texas and graduate with an altered Torah. Are the ‘repair’ shops being fine tuned with new instructions from Shapira?

What are those ‘new’ instructions?

As we enter into the birthing of Messiah, we must look to Scripture. 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 is just one venue to visit and study.


Eze 22:2  “Now, human being, are you prepared to judge? Are you prepared to judge the city drenched in blood? Then make her realize how disgusting all her practices are!

 Eze 22:7  In you, they make light of fathers and mothers, they oppress foreigners, they wrong orphans and widows. 

Eze 22:8  You treat my holy things with contempt, you profane my sabbaths. 

When Ezekiel speaks he is showing just a few of The Torah commands that we recognize in The Ten Commandments. They don’t respect their fathers and mothers wisdom in Torah. They are oppressing the foreigners not showing them the covenants, the orphans and widows no longer have a Torah leader in their family. Temple items are to teach clean and unclean. They are not encouraging The Sabbath which means they perhaps have abandoned The Lord’s Feasts, too.

Judgment 2021 –

Israel has the highest COVID rate in the world with even it’s airways closed at Rosh Hoshanna 2021. Tishrei 1 – Israel’s gates closed to Egypt (the world). On the Ninth of Av – Israeli declares you will not buy or well without The Shot.

Can we judge anything without The Torah? No, it is The Torah that judges. But, is man that is to carry out the judgment. If mankind stops carry out the judgment then our Creator steps in. He has closed down our world and He is stepping in with judgment.

Without The Torah we have only moral law. That moral law becomes whatever man thinks is right in his own eyes. Minister Cleftlow Dollar’s moral law is wrong. He is causing violence on our earth. The Torah is God’s authority on our earth. We must have righteous pastors who know The Torah in order to guide the sheep.

Mat 23:28  Likewise, you appear to people from the outside to be good and honest, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and far from Torah. 

Psa 119:53  Fury seizes me when I think of the wicked, because they abandon your Torah. 

Exo 12:48  If a foreigner staying with you wants to observe Adonai’s Pesach, all his males must be circumcised. Then he may take part and observe it; he will be like a citizen of the land. But no uncircumcised person is to eat it. 

Exo 12:49  The same teaching is to apply equally to the citizen and to the foreigner living among you.” 

We were once strangers to the covenants but we are now brought in. We are the priests on the earth. We MUST never violate God’s instructions.

Eze 22:26  Her priests have violated my Law and profaned my sacred things. They didn’t differentiate between what’s sacred and what’s common. They didn’t instruct others to discern clean from unclean things. They refused to keep my Sabbaths. “‘I’m constantly being profaned (violence) among them. 

ATTACK’, n. An onset; first invasion; a falling on, with force or violence, or with calumny, satire or criticism.

The Kingdom will finish coming to the earth with Yeshua Jesus feet shaking the earth where anything evil will fall and burn up. Those first loving The Torah will rise up first. Many never knew Yeshua Jesus but they looked forward to and helped play out the ‘remembrance’ of The Lord’s Feasts to show His coming.

In the ‘essence’ of The Lord’s Feasts and his calendar we see The Messiach.

It is in this ‘essence or name…acts’ that we must stay fixed upon. The Seed / The Man that came 4000 years later to crush the head of The Adversary of YHWH is the essence of what he’s about.

Our world waited 4000 years with people doing The Feasts /The Torah pointing to The Seed that crushed his head even as The Adversary drove spikes into his heels. First the heels had to suffer because then The Seed could resurrect which is what crushed the head of all transgressions against YHWH’s instructions, for all that would believe in his resurrecting from the Dead. Now Jesus is known as The Living Word…Yeshua in Hebrew.

We must draw upon ‘the essence’ of what embodies this act. It does not matter what name (Jesus or Yeshua) that a ‘Believer’ uses….even though it is still important. But, we must stay focused on the very slight deception happening in our world right now as the followers of Jesus (who was The Seed..God in the flesh resurrected) are being chastised for being Jesus followers when in truth they love the acts that occurred…the essence of what they know about their Savior.

The Adversary, lead Christians into a movement labeled Messianics. These good intentions helped define ‘The Real Jesus’ with many books written.

The divisions in YHWH’s children in incredible. The Scriptures telling of families hating each other and going their own way. This is a ploy of setting up HATE. Hate is by The Adversary. We must stop letting The Deceiver control us…we are NOT Esau. We have an inheritance coming to us. We want to claim that inheritance when it arrives to earth. We want to be part of The Kingdom when it operates on earth for a thousand years.

We must repent right now during the last day of Teshuvah for having a ‘better than you’ attitude.

Repent for not listening to each other about our savior.

Repent for living under church doctrines instead of YHWH’s Torah.

We are all Hebrews going through life with our own Laben’s chasing after us to get our inheritance back that we thought someone stole from us. Even Laban’s daughter Rachel took her father’s inheritance as she felt he had squandered what was suppose to be their inheritance.

If we look at the theme being played out in our Bibles, we see that YHWH is telling us that it is His Inheritance that he wants for us. He wants you to have an eternal inheritance that can’t be taken away from you. But, it is how you respond to what He gives you now during your time of testing that will deem how valuable of an inheritance you receive in eternity. He wants you to teach Torah…as Torah shows The Living Torah…Yeshua. Honor Sabbath because Yeshua is The Lord of The Sabbath. Honor eating kosher as He is clean…and we are to be clean. When we don’t differentiate, we are reprimanded for not showing others the patterns.

The Sabbath can NOT be compromised because it shows us the next event to come upon our earth. Day Seven which are years 6000-7000. We are just years from it happening.

Eating clean can NOT be compromised because it shows us YHWH only accepts clean into The Kingdom.

Circumcising your child looks forward to the day your son will have a circumcised heart unto The Lord.

These are a few things The Deceiver is using to separate families and churches.

Yes, it’s all been allowed by our Creator because a falling away has to happen and the ‘iniquity’ on our earth is programmed to fill up. It has been planned by YHWH since the beginning.

The ‘secret’ things of YHWH are for us to seek out. When they are revealed we are to tell others. We must alert each other to open our eyes so ‘even the elect’ don’t fall for ‘the deception.’ YHWH has planned and purposed this to happen from the beginning. Don’t you want to be on the clean side and not on the side set for destruction?

In this year SEVEN of a seven-year Shemittah cycle, we are not only finding out the truth of the United States 2020 election, we are finding the truth of who rules our world. We are finding the truth of who unleashed a bio-weapon on our earth.

In the fall of 2021 closed eyes are being opened. The only thing we can do is REPENT for being deceived once our eyes are open. We must remember what Yeshua said from the stake…”Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

God’s ways are not our ways and therefore when we find we’ve been deceived, we must repent and His grace restores us. Yom Kippur is September 16. The Books are reviewed and closed. It is The Fast. Come in repentance to anyone you have a problem with. Repent as you do NOT want to carry that forward into God’s book. Deal with it now even if it’s just in your own heart.

Our world is looking for a government (mountain) that will lead us into life and not death. When they crossed over The Yarden they beheld two mountains…the lesson of doing what was right and being blessed was put on one mountain and the results of doing evil was represented by the other mountain. Mt. Ebel and Mt. Gerazim today are not cursed in themselves, but a picture of what to expect individually and from our governments that we are to help elect.

2Th 2:6  And now you know what is restraining, so that he may be revealed in his own time. 

Many can have an anti-christ spirit, but there will be one that has fellowship with many..writes books and then will dump on them making them feel they are in the wrong. Do not fall for this method of manipulation. Flee from evil…he roars like a lion tearing you down and yet softly whispering his next desires in your ears.


I’m going to remember July 25, 2021 as the day I heard the hissing of an adversary. (And, I’m not so sure that it might not be him that the spirit of The Adversary enters to perform miracles and wonders so we fall for this deception.)

Two days later I sat quietly for two hours listening and trying to understand as others ask the questions about this new program..SST. Listening then lead to the unveiling of ‘the ‘secret’.

TS – The Secret

A new Torah is written by The Adversary. Hence: The Secret – Stop Torah

The Plan is NOT new, but it has been a ‘secret’ from the world.

Jesus had to say to Peter, “Get behind Me Satan’ because Yeshua Jesus had to fill up all the prophecies that The Torah held about him. Today, in the final days, when Messianic Believers claiming the Hebrew name of Yeshua as their savior are flourishing across our earth…the secret being whispered in dark corners to them…Slow down on Torah…and finally: Stop Torah.

Yes, men have always sought Truth and look for leaders that won’t lead them astray. I say to you today, that I hold no ill against those I’ve come to love in The Torah. They first loved our Savior Jesus and want his Hebrew heritage. But, I warn them to retreat very quickly and put TORAH back into your teachings. Don’t sidetrack on other books of the prophets even. We MUST know The Torah so our people are NOT deceived…and accept a ‘false christ’. His message will be amazing and yet amazingly wrong.

I hold no ill against my upbringing as a Catholic and then a Baptist. These venues brought me closer to my Savior Jesus. It is important for all denominations to stop having divisions over the name Christian, Jesus or Yeshua. We must stand against being called ESAU. These groups are not ESAU. They’ve been joined to the inheritance. The real ESAU is angry and wants exclusivity to The Torah. They feel they can do a better job adding rabbinics to it.

Memorize your inheritance my friends.

Eph 2:19  That is why you are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and members of God’s household, 

Eph 2:20  having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, the Messiah Jesus himself being the cornerstone. 

Eph 2:21  In union with him the whole building is joined together and rises into a holy sanctuary for the Lord. 

Eph 2:22  You, too, are being built in him, along with the others, into a place for God’s Spirit to dwell. 

We are being tried and we can pass this test. You now know ‘The Secret’ planned from the beginning. It is whether you will accept the correct instruction manual from God. If you don’t know the original copy, you won’t be able to recognize the ‘false Christ’. You will be deceived my friends because even the elect that know The Torah may still fall….as they are this very day.

Sabbath is sabbath

Circumcision is circumcision

Clean people eat clean food.

We are to be a set apart people recognizing The Adversary that comes. He is adverse to The original Torah.

“Get Behind Me Satan!” Your Torah…your instructions are your own and not that of, The Father. The Living Torah I know is Yeshua Jesus not Esau!

2Th 2:9  When this man who avoids Torah comes, the Adversary will give him the power to work all kinds of false miracles, signs and wonders. 

2Th 2:10  He will enable him to deceive, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because they would not receive the love of the truth that could have saved them. 

2Th 2:11  This is why God is causing them to go astray, so that they will believe the Lie. 

2Th 2:12  The result will be that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken their pleasure in wickedness, will be condemned

Luk 16:29  “Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets. They should listen to them!’ 

Luk 16:30  “But the rich man replied, ‘No, father Abraham! But if someone from the dead went to them, they would repent.’ 

Luk 16:31  “Then Abraham told him, ‘If your brothers do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded, even if someone were to rise from the dead.'”

Yes, if you can’t believe Moses and the prophets…they won’t believe Jesus rose up. Jesus is found in The Torah and The Writings. Jesus sat in the seat of Moses. He was a Pharisee wearing tassels guiding them correctly in The Torah. He talked it and walk it perfectly so he could be The Messiach that returns to us.

Knowing The Torah will help you witness to The Jew. Keeping Torah is keeping The Living Word (Yeshua/Jesus) on the earth.

You are NOT Esau. You are chosen to be part of The Kingdom of God. Yeshua and The Torah are our inheritance….you can NOT separate them.

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