2022 I Appear In The Plagues – God is Keeping Vigil

I APPEARED Torah Study on


Parshah 14: Va’era (I APPEARED)

Shemot (Exodus) 6:2-9:35, Ezekiel 28:25-29:21,

Romans 9:14-17, 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

‘The First SEVEN Plagues of Egypt’ remembered New Year’s Day 2022.

How did The Hand of God appear in America as 2022 began? Here are a few headlines:

MISSOURI: Arctic Cold Air Warnngs: SHUT IN!

New Year’s Eve Day: Arrive early and stay overnight. Roads would have a glaze of ice.

New Year’s Day Sabbath January 1, 2022: 16-degree temperatures on icy roads

New Year’s Day Two Sunday, January 2, 2022: 16 degrees, church buses didn’t run.

New Year’s Day Three – Monday January 3 Rosh Chodesh 42 degrees in Missouri.

New Year’s Day Four – Tuesday January 4 all snow melted 48 degrees

VIRGINIA – 50 miles South of Nation’s capital I 95 & I 12″ snow

January 4, 2022 – Bottle-necked truckers, cars: Two WEEK delay

Who APPEARED? God appeared! Yes, we can add the two-week bottleneck out in the DC area having ADONAI’s hand all over it. He allows it all for His purposes in our tomorrows~~

God Promises Deliverance

Exo 6:16:1 Then the LORD said unto Moses, now shalt thou see what I will do to Pharaoh: for with a strong hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land. 

Exo 6:2  And God spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the LORD: 

Exo 6:3  And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them. 

So could we say that Washington DC is under another judgment? I think so!! People are sleeping in their cars only turning them on to get heat, so they don’t run out of gas. Trucks are seen going sideways cutting off passage. The reporters claimed it would take two weeks to clear. God is our Commander-in-chief. He directs all roads even closing government.

Writers closed out 2021 describing all the quick damage inflicted upon our nations in it’s TOMORROW of one year with The Left turning our world upside down. There really is no ‘left’ but just the ‘downs’. The people frog no longer know how to jump high, but just sit in their homes and slump around…hiding in corners afraid to show their true color. We could be called chameleons just blending into what they use to be familiar…socialism.

We still feel the horrific mandates of The Shot and masks turning our faces into rash breathing our own air has not been healthy but has made us sick and susceptible.

Starbucks begins 2022 adding more pressure to its employees applicable in two weeks. Their symbol is “Ishtar’ the goddess of fertility. Another god of fertility just as we study about the god ‘Heit’ this week…the frog. Man is concerned about fertility as it brings children, crops and abundance in life.

The Seder service at Passover is the story of The Plagues…not an Easter bunny. Santa is not about cleaning the sin out of our lives but instead adds more materialism requiring a bigger house to hold it all.

Our world looks like Babylon. It was and we are a Wonder of The World. It advocated self and pleasure. We don’t think twice about bringing Buddha, fish painted gold, dragons, superheroes with Harry Potter are the norm to bring ‘Chi’ (life) to our lives.

This very first week of January 2022 we are correct in studying about the ‘gods’ in Egypt at the time of the Exodus. It took 210 years there to finally have the iniquity of their world become full enough so they could pull out to ‘make a difference’ to the other ‘deceived’ nations. And yet, 40 more years was allotted to those evil nations in order for them to REPENT in order to RETURN. They would see several million people out in a wilderness never having to buy shoes or clothes because they never wore out in FORTY years. Miracle after miracle was seen by the nations adjoining the Wilderness. Instead of ‘beholding’ the miracles going on, these nations held on to their own gods desiring the Israelites to be cursed instead of blessed.

Egypt had its ‘lucky’ charms. Heit the ‘frog’ god was included in the first three plagues. Blood, frogs, knats (lice).

Now it makes a little more sense as to why these ‘magicians would try to add more frogs to their horrible problem of frogs even being in their pots and pans. Fertility is a key factor for a population to succeed.

Frogs get comfortable where they are in water and that is why you can slowly cook them as the water gets warmer and warmer. Do you believe that? Well, go get some frogs and do the science. Do you get what is happening to us? We are the science project. We are the frogs being injected to see how much it takes for us to just lie down and die.

Do you know what the projections of this vaccine-science project are? The science projects that 75 percent of all those with vaccines will die within two to three years. If you were an animal activist in charge of this frog science project, wouldn’t you take your frog out of its pan that was getting hotter by every minute to save it? You proved your point that it causes death…so why would you keep adding more frogs to the ‘death pot’?

Well, they are NOT willing to stop the ‘human experiment’ because they feel they need to reduce our earth by 75 percent of its people. They feel our earth will collapse with this many humans that continue to populate. We are having a blood plague with woman sluffing off the lining of their uterus so they cannot attach an egg to grow another human being. Their science project is also proving to be affective in the male reproductive system so they cannot produce sperm.

Americans and people of our world are trusting the Population Control people with their own heritage being removed from our earth. Pharoah cities were trusting him, but their populations spiraled down anyway because YHWH is in charge of Chai (life).

God agreed to remove the frogs from their homes, courtyards and their fields. But their god Heit would become a stench to them smelling of decay throughout all of Egypt. And this god would die right before their eyes. They are going to stink and smell so you remember this ‘god’ that you thought was so cute…and you prayed to to make you fertile. They would be like gangrene that spreads through the body and turns the area ‘black.

I just watched the footage of France, King Louie XIV. He was a hated king and ruled by pitting countries against each France. He loved the gains of war. He pitted his own Regents against each other to keep them distracted from his selfish ways. Gangrene set in his leg and even as he wanted his leg removed it was too late. Here we have a plague upon a man who used others’ lives to build towers and chapels lined with gold while leaving the people in poverty. His god was himself of whom over 300 served him personally every day. When this and other royalty bones were dumped into a pile to be buried his body was in perfect form…you could perfectly see his face. But he was completely blackened because there were no lice to eat up his flesh since his body was black like stone…just as his heart was black during his life.

We can marry a godly man but that does not mean his love of God will grant his wife a child.

Ya’cov told Rachel to not complain to him about not having a child, but to God himself. She had become so jealous of all the other woman having children that a child became a ‘god’ to her. When she did cry out to ADONAI, her ‘god’ child took her life. Rachel wept for herself. Her nurse Debra also died soon after this, so we see that ADONAI didn’t want any weeping for Rachel. She had stolen her father’s idols that were covered in gold. Yacov took them from her and buried them…having nothing to do with them. Her lying to her husband and the entire family would find Yacov’s words bringing forth a curse of death to whoever took Laven’s gods fell to the woman he had a very tender heart toward. He found that a woman’s jealous heart was not good in a family, and he began to treasure Leah’s heart as she wanted to follow Yacov’s Elohim.

Rachel gave up her physical life showing us the pattern to God’s son Yeshua who sorrowed and willingly gave up his life. Son of Strength would become Binyamin’s name given by his father days later which could have been by Day Eight when babies were named.

The Deceiver works through the womb through Day Seven and then just a little while after he is released to deceive. Then Day Eight happens and all is accomplishments with Son of Sorrow now King of kings…as Ya’cov’s Joseph proved to save them from famine so we are in a famine of God in our world right now.

America has not only led the world in abortions but how to harvest these human beings to be recycled….and even taking these children’s stem cells to be put in these ‘shots’. And I just learned that aborted babies are alive when their scalps are cut to harvest the brain and other organs such as the kidney which is the stem cell source. These are horrific days we live in. We have too much information on how to do procedures that keep us as ‘gods’. We no longer hold to standards of righteousness but only mutilation of humans’ no matter what age.

When we look at the pattern that follows these plagues, we see the first one of water becoming blood. We have human fetus surrounded by umbilical fluid a type of water fluid necessary to survive in the womb. The mutilation of humans in the womb causes the umbilical fluid to be turned to blood…. they are drowning in their own blood. Yes, we have over 60 million babies who have been drown…Ten-fold from the 6 million we allowed to be killed in Hitler’s Holocaust. Actually, with war casualties it took 60 million lives.

History patterns history. Plagues pattern plagues…taking on similar but different characteristics.

The water became blood as our children are drowning in their own abortion blood.

The frogs left the bloody waters and found shelter on the land. They had made the frog gods,

We make ourselves gods being bothered to raise up children. Or we make our children our god and don’t care to have more.

It is Eve that said, ‘yes’. It is in giving birth that Eve was vindicated of her deception. She was willing to come under ADONAI’s lead and agree to help in the ultimate goal of populating the heavenlies one day with those that would appreciate what LIFE meant. We should remember that every human conceived is given a soul. So, what happens to that soul?

In this study we see lice. Lice eat at the skin. Lice is known as maggots. We see these in roadkill as the carcus disincarnates. I’ve seen them in horses and cows that come from flies laying eggs in an open sore. Sadly, firemen were just called to help carry a 400-pound man from his living room chair. The medical examiner examined the size of the lice to determine the length of death. It was a horrible scene that I’m hoping is not happening all over our world right now as people tune out their world for fear of dying of COVID. His sister was there and was very sad to what had happened to her brother.

Plague of knats. Could we say that knats seem invisible? You have to look deeply in the skin for these little critters. Could it be that in some of these shots being injected under our skin cause irritation…but actually blend with the blood problem.

These ‘spikey’ proteins cause our own blood to clot more and when going to the lung it feels like drowning…which patterns to children drowning in The Nile in the days of Moses. Skin disease can be likened to knats, flies, fleas and lice.

Perhaps we don’t have to have each plague to be exact. It doesn’t really matter even if they are out of order. What does matter, is that it is real. And perhaps they may happen at the same time when in a world-wide plague.

Did Pharaoh deny the plagues as being real. Or perhaps he thought that this suffering was to be endured for the greater cause of keeping 600,000-foot soldiers now slaves not to mention their growing children and their wives who make delicious foods for the Egyptians. No, a few more heit gods must be a blessing and not a curse…the lice and knats would be endured.

What happens when a nation does NOT accept ‘the ways’ of ADONAI?

What happens when doctrines collide as to when these judgements were to happen? It took Pharaoh one year to finally realize God wanted the children of Abraham, Isaac, Yacov and Joseph to worship according to His instructions and not the temptations of Egypt. It has now been two full years that our world is still fighting over “Who Did It”. Interestingly, we are told it comes from several sources that blend together. Pharaoh could be likened to ‘The dragon’ of Revelation which in our timeline we actually see the government force that goes by ‘The Dragon.’ How much more explicit can the writers of the New Testament be…. The Beast is called ‘the dragon’…which China’s government has proved to be. This Chinese takeover shows us the powers on place on our earth. They are controlling 70 areas with goals of more. And these seventy entities controlled by communism (their religion) have their power connected to the beast of economies. If they work, they eat. If they had land they eat. If they take over populations, they control the minerals of the earth.

Now, who owns the earth? So, whose war is this? Yes, our Creator has placed the blame game right where He told us…China. This is God’s War with final stages signaled by total Solar Eclipses. They have been signals in the past aligning with Israel’s Wars and now they are signals showing us our World’s Wars…and plagues. One of God’s War began as the 2014-2015 Tetrad closed. We have another set of Four Total Lunar Eclipses called a Tetrad coming in 2034-2035. Will worldwide plagues just take three and half years, seven years or the distance of years between 2015 and 2035? These are the things I think about…. because our Creator uses His signals (The Lord’s Feasts) to calculate time and events.

Most people think Greek and they want everything in an orderly box. Our Creator is about order but not in a box. He works through men and political forces. He chooses men who ‘care about the people’ to return to righteous ways on the earth.

Christians seem to be bracing for blow after blow thinking it just has to be different than this. After all, most Christians don’t think they are supposed to endure these plagues calling upon the name, Rapture.

As Pharaoh hardened up for the next blow time and time again, our Egypt (world) is doing the same. Judgement continues on all humanity because they do NOT understand how our Creator works. His peace is not man’s peace. His peace is with a sword…it is called The Torah. It is The Torah that tells mankind what is right and what is wrong. Because mankind has not only taken The Ten Commandments out of their schools and courthouses,

God’s concern is circumcision.

Exo 12:45  Neither a traveler nor a hired servant may eat it. 

Exo 12:46  It is to be eaten in one house. You are not to take any of the meat outside the house, and you are not to break any of its bones. 

Exo 12:47  The whole community of Isra’el is to keep it. 

Exo 12:48  If a foreigner staying with you wants to observe Adonai’s Pesach, all his males must be circumcised. Then he may take part and observe it; he will be like a citizen of the land. But no uncircumcised person is to eat it. 


Exo 12:42  This was a night when Adonai kept vigil to bring them out of the land of Egypt, and this same night continues to be a night when Adonai keeps vigil for all the people of Isra’el through all their generations. 

A line has been drawn in the sands of time.

Generations of people have been told time and time again that God keeps vigil.

It will be ‘tomorrow’ that His righteous TRUTH comes. In 2020, in one day, we saw ‘The Last Trump’ declare God’s judgment on the earth. The United States was told to close its gates…it’s ports of entry. It was done in one day by a man named, Trump.

The vigil that ADONAI has kept will soon be two years in 2022. The planned virus with many spiky heads to it has now mutated. Yet there is hope. People can overcome even this form of the bioweapon if they can get zinc to absorb into their bodies. Zinc can stop the enzyme that the ‘spike’ needs to mutate to grow. It works if taken early.

Dr Zelenko is, yes, another Hebrew. Many Jews have been coming to the aid of our Egypt (world).

Israel is called God’s firstborn. Will we be thankful to these firstborns for telling us the solution to this plague? Or will we still put down their Torah that says to ‘love your neighbor as yourself?”

Dr. Valdmir Zelenko of streptococcal has taken much grief for helping save thousands of lives in New York as he set forth his protocols in 2020, 2021 and now 2022 for this plannedemic. He is helping draw that line in the sand that bring us out of ‘Deceiving Egypt’.

Hirelings may not enter the kingdom of God. Only those with circumcised hearts will partake of God’s kingdom and pass to the Promised Kingdom.

Exo 8:5  Moshe said to Pharaoh, “Not only that, but you can have the honor of naming the time when I will pray for you, your servants and your people to be rid of the frogs, both yourselves and your homes, and that they stay only in the river.” 

Exo 8:6  He answered, “Tomorrow.”

Exo 8:18  But I will set apart the land of Goshen, where my people live—no swarms of insects will be there—so that you can realize that I am Adonai, right here in the land. 

Exo 8:19  Yes, I will distinguish between my people and your people, and this sign will happen by tomorrow.” ‘ “

Ya’cov put up with Lavan changing his wages ten times. It was in his ‘tomorrow’ he left.

Adonai is now ready for pay back. Pharaoh will feel many plagues for all the killings he applied to The Children.

Enoch describes TEN generations of 700 years each. Enoch describes 7000 years of history…culminating at year 8000 with a short time available for ‘Deceivers’ to once again do what they do best…. DECEIVE.

I’ve been talking about one of the greatest deceptions since July 2021. But no… I’ve been talking about The Torah Deception since 2007. In 2015 I’ve been writing to prove our Creator is Alive and Active with his creation and us. And, even with trying to RETURN people to The Torah, I was deceived. I did NOT see what was coming. Those that Love The Torah as the righteous way to live on our earth…did NOT see it coming. We talked about The Deception but never heard it black and white.

What did the 95 Thesis Movement accomplish? They came out of The Church ruling over them…to be free to think for themselves. What happened? It got worse…with Mormonism claiming a ten percent tithe to build their temples and if not, you don’t have all privileges it offers…so then off shoots begin. I just watched about The Amish who only wanted to speak German siding with Martin Luther and now if you don’t follow their only ordinances you can’t live in their church which is a way of life.

What is the Deception? The deception continues as groups try to control their groups all in the name of not ‘sinning’ according to that churches standard. What is The Torah?

You can carry it in your heart. You don’t need books to take away from or add activity to. The Torah is so simple a child can Love God who brings us out of bondage (our world problems). We are told not to lie…which Rachel did…and now she has no respect among her peers. We are told not to kill…which abortionists claim is our right to kill as Cain did to his brother Abel.

I won’t go on because this study is on plagues…And yet, we are in a plague that we pharaohs don’t want to admit is real. It can’t be real…what if we just say, please stop it…so it will stop…as Pharaoh had happen to him? Is there remorse for not following The Torah? I say there is no remorse for not participating in whatever part of The Torah we could practice.

We don’t like to see our parents and children dying…from an invisible virus. We just don’t want to believe that our Creator is so serious about His instructions and how to be worshipped His way and not our way, that we won’t repent. We are so deceived that we cannot admit doing wrong…in our worship to our Creator.

We are pharaohs in denial…thus more plagues will come with hospitals not even able to get my friend Elaine in Phoenix in tonight January 7, 2021, as her heart wants to stop from her heart condition…not The C Plague.

“I beg you ADONAI to leave her for my sake. I need her…as she understands your patterns and she can write beautifully about your Torah portions. She loves you, ADONAI and there is no other god before her. Thank you in Yeshua’s name I always pray to you…Amein.

This will be continued just as the plagues continue.

January 8, 2022 Torah study: Bo…Come Genesis 10:1- 13:16 conversation is next.

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