God’s Patterns – Count Omer Day EIGHT – A Sabbath – Nissan 23 – Wake Up

Listen to Day 7 – Wake Up Call


2022 Shemittah Year – April 24

Isru Chag (Day After Pesach)

Counting Omer Day EIGHT

(The Wake Up Call)

1902 St Vincent Volcano kills 2000 – 5000 people.

1906 7.8 California April 13, 700 to 3,000 die from collapsed buildings or fire. San Francisco series of shocks lasting a minute. Isru Chag

1945 Okinawa Invasion, Erev Shabbat Shemini (eight). Japan begins 2 days heavy kamikaze attacks on Okinawa invasion fleet. In Burma 17th Indian Division captures Yindaw.

1984 D. Kennedy dies Florida Hotel drug overdose. Fourth of eleven (4 of 11) children of Robert F Kennedy’s to die. Fifth will die. Eight die of un-natural causes: Years: 1944, 1948, 1963,1968, 1984, 1997, 1999, 2012.

The Kennedy’s have been victims of ‘politics’ their entire lives. John F Kennedy did NOT like Central Bankers and was killed for it. Abe Lincoln didn’t like them and he was killed for it. President Grover Cleveland tried to stop it from starting and he was not elected a second term…but did get elected after waiting another four years…very similar to Donald J Trump. Who hates our President #45? Central Bankers as they control putting us in wars which makes the world spend their money borrowed from them. What a terrible thing we’ve let happen.

2011 EF5 breaks out 358 tornadoes – April 25, 26, 27,28 – 344 people die over 3 days, 7 hours 8 minutes. Midwest, the South, NE, South Ontario Canada. Passover Week; Nisan 21, 22, 23, 24; Count Omer Days: 6, 7, 8, 9. Pesach Sabbath Day 7 begins the outbreak which was a Monday.

What we should be asking ourselves is who is being disciplined since our Creator is in charge of everything that happens on this earth. It is not a Satanic attack. This was God’s hand of wrath for a problem still not solved. “Who was observing Passover in the United States and Canada?”

The eating of matzah for six days had ended and then this discipline happened. The days of ‘do this in remembrance of me.’ ended. The very next day a three and half day siege beset America and into Canada. That particular ‘very next day’ was an ordained Sabbath by God. It was not a weekly Sabbath, but a Sabbath in the middle somewhere that signaled the end of Eating Matzah for Six days. This is the same pattern as in ‘The Wilderness’. They were supplied ‘manna’ (what is it) for six days and not Day Seven. On Day Seven they were judged for even trying to pick more of it…and died. The Sabbath is commanded as it is truly God’s pointer to all things.

It is The Church that is disciplined my friends. Did The Church set the pace and have seders so everything was in God’s order? Seder means, in order.

What a shame to look back at 2011 and see such destruction…at the close of Pesach. Even I did not realize the seriousness of Passover. Yes, I knew The Lord’s Feasts but I did not yet value The Hebrew calendar much less The Counting Up to the Omer.

Look at this. On Day 8 we can only Count the Omer. Pesach is over and yet it continues in another form. Day Eight enforces Resting on any Sabbath. The Church must lead out in teaching when The Sabbath is. Why does it continue? Because Yeshua Jesus is walking and talking The Torah. Yeshua Jesus leaves on Day 40…and says to hang in for TEN days at Jerusalem. On Day 50 The Comforter arrives. Yes, we are hanging in because there is more to come!

2014 6.6 Port Hardy Canada earthquake – 8th Day Omer

2015 11 4.5+ earthquakes in world. Low number (11 shows us one one..likened to two hands held up.)

2016 7 4.5+ earthquakes in world. May 1, SEVENTH and last earthquake at Vanuatu. Low number.

Who is listening?

I write this on April 27, 2022, (Count of Omer Day 11) as Russia today closed off oil to Poland and Germany. Russia’s War for Ukraine will bring starvation to our earth. And, who has the largest supply of natural gas in the world? Israel as does America. Yes, we are seeing Israel rise up as The Nations are tore down.

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