God’s Patterns on Omer Day 15 – Nisan 30 – Towers

Clouds hovering over The City of Dubois.
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Count Omer Day 15

May 1 2022

Hei 5 (behold) & Yud (10) = 15

Behold the Power of God

Before we talk about Nissan 30, let’s back up and discuss a new finding about Nissan 29…the day before. In fact, 29 Nissan is the day President Franklin D Roosevelt is removed for his interfering with the Apple of God’s Eye, The Land. One week prior, Nissan 22 he signed a paper telling King Saud that the Arabs would definitely have say as to the borders given to Israel. Wow…a big no, no! Seven days later Zechariah 11:8 was implemented, and we got a new President who would not agree with FDR’s written agreement.

Eclipses ‘mark’ God’s time and seasons…Yes, His calendar.

Hybrids ‘mark’ special men on the earth. Yes, The Messiach.

23 AD – Hybrid Solar Eclipse – April 23; Iyyar 14 Pesach Sheni (2nd Pesach), Day 29 Count Omer, Erev Emor- ‘Say’, Year 3783; Year 2 of 200 lunar; Year 3 of 136 Solar. Yeshua is on earth. He has the highest number of hybrid eclipses in that hundred-year period. A ‘hybrid’ eclipse does every eclipse: partial, annular and total. Yeshua does it all, too.

2023 – Hybrid Solar Eclipse – April 20, Nissan 29, 5783; Day 14 Count Omer, Thursday; Year 15 of Saros series 131 (3 of 7 in 100-year period)

2023 – Year 5783 is Year 7 of lunar cycle 305; Year 15 of solar cycle 207

The shocking insight of Day 14 next year should be a ‘heads up’ and discussed. Yeshua Jesus was alive at the 23 AD hybrid eclipse. Exactly SEVEN years later The Father calls him home to reign from the Heavens. Yeshua’s disciple John will see Yeshua in the heavens in His glory and describes it for us.

The ‘solar hybrid eclipse of 23’ now marks the ‘solar hybrid eclipse of 2023’. It presents itself at exactly 2000 years later. In 2023 AD, exactly 7 years later could ‘mark’, HIS RETURN! He will return just as He left…marking the skies as all of Creation was, is and still will be according to mathematical pattern.


SECOND CHANCES: 14 Nissan; 14 Iyyar

If we miss the first Passover for not being clean, the ‘second chance’ Pesach is exactly 30 days after on 14 Iyyar. If we miss recognizing him the first time, we will see him at the ‘second coming’.

2023 May 5 Penumbral Lunar Saros Series 141; Africa, Asia, Australia – 14 Iyyar Pesach Sheni (2nd)

2023 October 28 Partial Lunar Saros Series 146; e Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia – 13 Cheshvan Sabbath Lech Lecha (get yourself out), Genesis 12:1-17:27

2022 May 16 TOTAL Lunar Saros Series 131 – Americas. Europe, Africa – 15 Iyyar 30 Omer

2022 November 8 TOTAL Lunar Saros Series 136 – Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas – 14 Cheshvan

2022 April 30 Partial Solar saros series 119 – Nissan 29

2022 October 25 Partial Solar Saros Series 124 – Tishri 30 Rosh Chodesh

Count Omer Day 15 – Nissan 30 HAPPENINGS

1743 Thomas Jefferson birthday – Jefferson is now born in 1743 instead of 1742. In 1742… (42 symbolizes the closing of an issue) confusion came when adding eleven days and moving the New Year to January instead of March. Jefferson was a man of closure (42) but now journeys (43) for freedom.

It took time for countries to finally reconcile themselves with this Roman Catholic Pope Gregory calendar. Therefore, we find many writers sharing two different dates on many events. Double confusion then, double confusion now as systems change. There should be no confusion on the Hebrew calendar…but then…people hated anything ‘Jewish’ thinking ‘dirty Jews’ killed ‘their’ Jesus, when Yeshua came to do much more for ALL the world.

1865 TN Army surrenders April 26. General Joseph Johnston signs docs for Confederate Army of TN and others at Bennett’s Place near Durham, NC.

Count of Omer 15 gives us full view of Confederates surrendering and yet President Lincoln had been shot on Count of Omer Day 3. Peace takes time to communicate as men don’t want to give up their ‘cotton fields’ chanting they were good employers. More towers opened five years later in 1870 and they continued beyond the 1973 Sears Tower. Babylon is our world’s global business where we strive to live together under One God…when there is only One Living God.

Monuments are set up glorify nation’s leaders and causes. These leaders and causes then become new gods to us. Eventually, their ideals stand for so long they go into ‘antiquity’. Those ideals can’t be torn down without nations being at war. The Towers of Babel was knocked over by The Shaking of God.

Yeshua’s instructing people to Return To Torah shook the ‘foundation stones’ on Day15 of the Count of Omer. So, what happened? The foundation stones were still shaking in 70 AD. The Father burned down his own house. The Father needed them to disperse and go into all the world with two messages: Resurrection is real and The Living Torah is real and will return. The Father was no longer going to let them think He was available to them via a building. They would have to REPENT and GO!

Jefferson being born in 1942 and 1943 speaks loudly. He would lead the nations (clans) in their journey to The Torah. They never argued about not following the ways of God. They even had them put in their one room schools. We had them in our Post Office and City Halls. Only in the last years has The Torah been thrown out….as the word dispensation became popular and formatted into beautiful charts visually showing the Rapture theme. What was the problem? Jesus told all of his disciples that the kingdom was there with them (He was the green tree standing in their midst.) He also told them how they would die for following this belief system.

Yes, Jefferson’s birth years pattern to the parshah 42 and 43; Mattot and Massei. Mattot (The tribes), Massei (journeys). Yeshua is born in 1-3 BC… 27 AD is a Shemittah year since it divides by seven. Of we add a few BC years to it we come up with age 30 being a pattern for setting us ‘captives’ free.

Yeshua leaves this earth in 27 AD. 42-43 years later The Father makes a change…He shifts out of their self-worship via His Temple. 27 AD to 70 AD = 43 years until God’s new program. Forty-three begins the first year of the 7th Shemittah cycle: 43, 44, 45, 46, 47. 48. 49. Forty-Two closed the Sixth Shemittah cycle years: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. Forty-two is the 7th year of the sixth Shemittah cycle. Cycle six sets things to change which adds to the pressure to sabbath / release. Forty-two works with 43 to pushing forward to the jubilee year 49.

What was the new program? It patterns to Babylon where they were building a structure to reach into the heavens so all mankind would come there to trade. The languages were confounded, and they moved off to other areas where they traded among themselves. We are confounded today by depending upon foreign trade. Too many languages have caused assimilation. Today, we have lost the value of The Torah being our language as we have tolerated other gods…other religions and other’s thinking.

1870 World’s First Skyscraper – Equitable Life Assurance New York City. Genesis 11:4 “a tower to make a name for ourselves.” Today Dubai Saudi Arabia has the tallest tower.

1919 8.2 Tonga

1927 7.6 China – 40,900 die Gland-Wuwei towns burned. Felt in Jinta. Felt 440 miles, 250,000 livestock died.

When I see these numbers like 27 you know it is special because it can divide by seven.

And why felt 440 miles. It says in Hebrew: door door…opening..complete opening of doors.

Look at the death number hitting over 40,000…9 being the letter tet represented by the twisting of a snake or seen in the weaving the of a basket. Death as they burned in their own dragon breathe…not knowing The Father’s instruction but only that of men who convince them their tower (ways) are best.

1973 Sears Tower Opens April 1971 to May 1973. Tallest building in world at 1729′ for 25 years. November 1, 2014, One World Trade Center opens at 1776′ Shemittah year. (1973: abortion on demand, Lost Vietnam war.)

Our first child was born October 1973 as he closed out his college years in Missouri. The Vietnam War had my husband in the ‘military’ police. In 1969-1970 he guarded over prisoners from a tower. These men did NOT want to be disciplined as soldiers. My husband guarded them day and night continually being cursed by them. And. “No”, he was not allowed to have a weapon. He had to tolerate their mental abuse while getting frost bite in his hand and feet in MD. Yes, towers are built to keep in those that didn’t want to be part of war. Towers are also built to guard over man’s opinion. A 7-year holocaust exterminated not only 6 million Jewish people but took 50 million lives to stop a race called Arianism. Hitlers ‘no Torah’ attitude (Do NOT murder) got him the lowest pit in hell.

1987 Ramadan Day 1 – April 29 to May 28; Nissan 30 to 29 Iyyar (Day 15-44 Count Omer)

More warriors meeting but warriors for their god… Opens and closes on dark days…always.

1989 7.1 Brazil May 5, Erev K’doshim (holiness) Rosh Chodesh (a Sabbath)

Day 7 has an 7.1 earthquake. The Rosh Chodesh is also a Sabbath of rest. Sabbath is a day of rest. We could say that this Day 7, 7.1 truly points to REST REST….Holy, Holy. (Set apart means holy) This earthquakes recognizes two sabbath days…it was a holy holy earthquake in it’s day of happening and it’s number of intensity. 21 divides by 7 to be 3. All of these should push our thoughts to God setting himself apart in them.

Twenty-one years later in 2010 God’s attention turned to false worship with 15,000 affected at Tibet.

2010 6.9 Tibet April 14, Yushuk, China Zinghai Province, Tibetan Plateau; 2698 die, 270 missing, 12,135 injured.

15.000 human beings felt the wrath of God. Is God mean? Or is God trying to shake them up to find Him before they would have died by natural causes anyway? God’s ways are to shake us up…He told them that at Mt. Sinai. He told us that when He did not bring peace but a sword. That sword is His ‘words’. They are sharp and if they don’t pierce us, something else might fall on us… similar to a mountain crying out that falls on you. Do men repent at the last moment as their towers fall down around them?

God’s War of 2015 began with TWICE the 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide. That gives a five-year reminder from affecting the 15,000 humans in 2010. We don’t see Brazil’s figures but this 2010 still memorialized the 1989 Brazil quake. Taiwan and Japan would be issued tsunami warnings…on the darkest of night with no moon to help. 15 Day of Omer gives an account of India’s false worship on this Day 15 Counting of Omer.

Day 15 2015

2015 16 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide April 19. Last seven days 69 4.5+. (Double it’s normal)

2015 6.4 Taiwan / Japan – tsunami warning – Rosh Chodesh, no moon dark night.

Day 15 2016 – Quakes tripled

2016 21 4.5+ India May 8

Ramadan 1989 and 2022 Count Omer 15

Interestingly, in 1989 and in 2022 the calendar dates are just one day apart during the months that Count up to the Omer. Mankind was seeing God’s calendar face to face being without excuse.

Islam’s calendar began with the death of their religious leader. Mohamed died in 642 AD.

2022 Ramadan, April 2 to May 1; Nissan 1 to 30. Counter Omer Days 1 – 14.

In year 2022 Islam’s Ramadan ended 15 days after Yeshua rose up from the dead Nissan 17. But it held its influence all during the very special days of The New Religious Year Day One and on through for thirty days which included the Week of Pesach. April 2022 – a month of spiritual battles.

2022 Shemittah Year – Day 15 Omer was 30 Nissan, May 1.

May 1 is known to be occult in nature. Satanists claim it. May baskets with goodies or flowers in them were delivered to friends when we were growing up. We don’t do that any longer since we have learned the origins of such are not bible based.

Yes, The Count of the Omer Day 15 will always be Nissan 30.

Yes, as we look at each day and count, they are set times and will not change.

Man can NOT alter The Count even if the date lands on a different day of the week.

Our Creator as set times, just as he has set hybrid eclipses. The sun rises up and the moon goes down at a set time. The Son had a set time to rise up and it was completed on time. The Son Yeshua has a set time to return, and it will happen… exactly ON TIME!

Count Omer Day 15 – Nissan 30 HAPPENINGS

Nissan 30 has no moon; it is a dark day. And yet, 15 is full of light as the moon is full on Day 15.

This seems to be a good example that everything can hold good, and it can hold bad. You can live life and think your cup is almost empty or you can think that you’re fill up and almost full for joy. God uses what man believes is harm to them, when it is meant for their good. Does not God discipline those he loves and wants to draw closer to? Through the troubles that our earth goes through, it is us, the Believer, that is to hold fast and give The Father and The Son the glory for everything that happens. Where is The Spirit? The one called to Comfort you, is that still voice you’ll hear inside you. It’s the small things that repeats itself in your life that after a while you say, “This is not a coincidence, but it is a pattern.” It is God speaking to me. Just say ‘Hi’ and smile…and know He’s got you!

Mary C Crowley said we can choose either, ‘stink’in think’in’ or choose to have a positive mental attitude. This study of Count of Omer 15 finds the ‘pride of man’ surfacing on the earth in the physical for of towers. They rename stadiums and buildings after themselves or their businesses.

Cane thought it good to name his cities after his wife and children. At times, in the Bible we see the name Canaanites as being bad and we also see them as good people. Yes, be careful what you name your children, because it can carry through for generations.

Abraham lived in Canaan before he left to walk around the earth. When could he return? He was instructed only to return when the land of his father was willing to accept their new calling. He came out of Canaan and now it would take 430 years to bring Torah back to The Land. Actually, that promise began when Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 years old. Thus, we see a pattern of 530 years. When will the United States be 530 years old? We are a young nation and yet in such deep trouble.

Abraham dug many wells for twenty-five years and his sons more wells after that. If you are having well or water problems, there is something spiritually wrong within your family. Many times, you have to dig deeper to find the root problem…and usually it’s pride from within.

It took Abraham 25 years to produce the correct seed that would be willing to bring God’s ways back to the earth…. Torah back to that soil.

Now, that seed had to grow a family that would want to bring it back….and it took a wilderness experience to do it. 430 years from Isaac’s birth, The Promise to Return, was to happen….and it did. But Abraham would not cross over, nor would Moses be allowed to cross…nor did the children’s parents cross over even though they saw all the miracles. Only those newly circumcised in the flesh because it was now written on their hearts after living it out for forty years in their wilderness experience. We too must live out The Torah in our ‘wilderness’ experience while on earth. Or do we just stay assimilated?

4000 years from Adam…Yeshua arrived to RETURN Jerusalem back to The Father. It would be The City of Hybrids’. The Father laid down documents assembled in what today is known as The Scriptures to verify who the ‘hybrid’ fathers would be to The City on earth.

Now, we have seen some of these ‘hybrid’ men. Are you a ‘hybrid’ of God’s called?

Are you digging into God’s Torah or just building your ‘high’ towers to look down on others?

Day 15 Count of Omer finds Yeshua with 25 days left to communicate the correct instruction from The Father. He still could only speak what The Father told him to speak. He never added or took away from The Torah. Satan tempted Yeshua in the desert saying he had the power to give Yeshua control of all the great cities. Yeshua knew his ministry was about to begin that would give him rule over not just a superficial realm but a realm that would last into eternity…under The Father’s authority.

FIFTEEN – Behold: Count Up to when the power of God on Messiah who was called out on Day 40.

Behold: Count up to Day 50 shown by the jubilee of being beheld spiritually. The Comforter is sent and needs to be accepted.

Hei (5) – behold; Yud (10) the strength of God

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