God’s Patterns Count Omer 14 Nissan 29 – EF5 1.5B, President FDR dies 77 years ago

Listen to FDR 29 minutes

2022 Shemittah Year – April 30

Counting Omer Day “Fourteen”

Dahlet (4)) & Yud (10) = 14

1492 Solar annular eclipse (Columbus sailing oceans blue 1492)

1910 VIR Earthquake

1945 F5 Antler Oklahoma tornado, April 12-15 flooding devastation. April 12 5 tornadoes. 69 die, 1500 homeless, $1.5 B, 653 buildings destroyed

1945 Pres. Franklin Roosevelt dies (1st of 3 world leaders abhorred to die)

1967 Partial Solar Eclipse begins the Tetrad Blood Red Moon

1982 Paris Attack car bomb anti-Syrian newspaper Al-Watan Al-Arabi by Carlos the Jakal. April 2, 1982, Nisan 29, Count Omer Day 14.

1995 Solar annular eclipse

2003 6.4 Bingol SE Turkey earthquake May 1, 177 die, 83 children in dormitory, 520 injured. Nisan 29, Omer Day 14

2003 Iraq US War Ends – Nisan 29 Omer 14; War begins Purim Shushan March 19 to Nisan 29. Stops Babylon reign to NOT go beyond 70 years.

2013 6.4 Iran earthquake Bushelar NE Iran; 521 Anniversary of 1492 Solar annular eclipse. Nissan 29, 14 Omer

2014 – Nissan 29 is 153 days after Thanksgivakah 2013. Last Chanukah on Thanksgiving. 23-states 1600 mile devastation 40 die, 40th anniversary of 1974 6.4 die 2500 miles of tornadoes.

2014 – Israel’s Two-State Solution Deadline failed. Kerry forced to apologize for apartheid comment about Israel. Tornadoes killed 25 since Sunday in Midwest 1 7% rare annular eclipse.

2014 First SOLAR Eclipse since first of four Tetrad LUNAR Blood moon series for 2014-2015. The Remembrance Pesach Blood Moon Nissan 14 is followed by this TOTAL Solar K’doshim “Holiness’ SABBATH on 14 Omer.

2015 1000 drown as smuggler ships capsize. Libyan 900+ Mediterranean 3 boats: Turkey 93 rescued 3 die. Fleeing Eritrea, Niger, Syria, Iraq, Somalia from wars by ISIS; poverty, EU to meet. Omer Day 14, Nisan 29 dark time.

2015 8 4.5+ low number earthquakes Sh’mini Sabbath, April 18, Nisan 29.

2016 20 4.5+ earthquakes May 7, Shabbat Acharei Mot, after the death; Easter Island, Russia, Yemen 4.9

2016 Easter Sunday was March 27, 17 Adar II. An extra Hebrew month pushed Orthodox Easter away from connecting to Passover Week in 2016. In 2022, the Shemittah year, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Sunday Easter align with the beginning of Pesach Week.

Nissan 14 began Thursday evening and honored on Friday April 15, 2022.

Nissan 14 (the day of our Lord’s execution) began, The Fast of First Fruits.

Nissan 15 began Friday evening April 16, 2022, at dusk when many Seders began celebrating the first day of Unleavened Bread. Since Yeshua follows the pattern of ‘three’, Nissan 17 is Resurrection Day.

The only way for Resurrection Day to be on a Sunday is if Nissan 14 would begin at dusk on a Wednesday evening. Then, Thursday at dusk would complete 24 hours; Friday at dusk would complete 24 hours; and Saturday at dusk would complete 24 hours making a total of 72 hours; three complete days in the tomb.

Sunday is really Day Eight on Adam’s Creation calendar. The Lord has Moses point out that they will always start that Day Eight after a Sabbath. It is that Sabbath that begins to Count the Omer up to 50 days. That is what we are doing as I write out the history on my Hebrew calendar. We are ‘watchman’. Looking for patterns that indicate the real Day of The Lord.

This celebration of our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection continues on for those fifty days and comes to another seven-day celebration where we are called to look to Jerusalem for guidance. That guidance in Yeshua Jesus time was called Pentecost or Shavuot. That Comforter has stayed in people and brings our salvation to us. It is only in this spirit of God in us that we can even comprehend the depth of His love and this great plan that includes patterns to see the Father on the earth. It is a teaching time…a renewing of our spirit time.

Thus, Passover (Pesach) actually continues into the festival of Shavuot where the Holy Spirit was given after Yeshua Jesus went back to reign over the heavens. He can be quick in taking those held captive up to the heavenly where He secured them with his blood placed on Heaven’s Altar.

In this beautiful Shemittah year of 2022, this story was being celebrated but just in different ways around our world.

We are not to add to The Lord’s ways or change His days to point to eggs and bunnies nor eating of ‘unclean’ food. We are clean people, so we eat clean.

Lamb is a clean food. It represents Yeshua Jesus being, The Lamb of God.

Nisan 14 – Fast of First Born – This looked to the death of God’s firstborn.

Passover Nissan 15…First day of Unleavened Bread for Six Days, eat food with no yeast that caused it to rise up. Think about removing ‘sin’.

Nissan 17 – Yeshua rose from dead – still removing ‘leaven’ from life.

Nisan 21 – A Sabbath – It is Day Seven of Passover (Pesach). We are minded again to REST in God’s ways and not our way.

Nissan 22 – on Sabbath in year 2022 (Acharei Mot, after the death).

America has been responsible to our world in leading out in good and leading out in bad. She was established with godly leaders. George Washington is highly connected. Also, Harry S Truman born in the very town that means ‘set free from death’…Independence is honored at this time as April 18 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. He became president by the death of FDR of whom died this day, Nissan 29.

Passover continues into our lives with Yeshua setting the example of teaching ‘correct Torah’ from The Father’s mouth during the FORTY days which always starts on Day 8 (Sunday). The time flies by with people gathering around him learning the ways of The Father. He prepares the disciples and actually tells them their deaths will be planned and executed because of Him.

Day FORTY he leaves patterns to how he arrived at 4000 years from Adam.

Day FIFTY – Yeshua tells them to wait TEN more days in Jerusalem because The Comforter will be sent to them. If he leaves on Day 40, in 10 days it will be Day 50. Yes, which is The Lord’s Festival called Shavuot. This is the fourth of seven-festival leading us down the correct path, The Lord’s Path.

Fifty means Jubilee. It sets free which could happen by this fall. Or, in another seven years, 2029-2030 definitely is a jubilee year. It divides by 49 which is key.

The more people can understand the Shemittah and jubilee cycles, we will come closer to those days of ‘release’. Yes, we can see The Spirit opening eyes and moving on people if we allow ourselves to be open to witnessing it.

2022 is my favorite year and numbers because it intensely points to The Father’s Son (ben). It is the letter ‘Beit’ which means ‘in the beginning’ as the Book of Genesis begins with that letter and we say, “In the beginning” as are the first words in The Book of John quoting Genesis, “In the beginning”.

There is a new beginning and in 2022 this very day we just heard that Roe v Wade is being overturned. That means that America has taken The Choice to go back to its beginning and foundation that protected the ‘rights’ of all people. There was no ‘abortion pill or equipment’ invented to ‘merchandise’ human babies then.

As I finish typing for April 30 it is May 4, 2022. It is The Count of Omer 18. It was said to be ‘leaked’ from The Supreme Court that it will vote to remove what was started with Roe v Wade.

These judges were appointed by our 45th President who was not afraid of untwisting the minds of people to start thinking correctly again and SAVE life instead of taking it.

The 2016 EASTER Island earthquake is about Donald J Trump. He was campaigning all across America on the Pro-Life Platform.

It is about Russia of whom Trump will be accused of aligning with that distracts his work efforts his entire presidency.

Trump was running for president in 2016. The science shows that Trump and President Grover Cleveland will be the only two presidents that actually, ‘care about the people’. These two men looked to be very selfish in their own right. But, then the Spirit of God moved upon both of them, and they proved that even great ‘sinners’ can repent and be used of God.

Mark these days my friends, as we are still having the Hand of God passing over us. We still see God having Russia show up on Holocaust Day.

We see God showing up on Holocaust Remembrance Day April 28, 2022, in the skies with the plants aligned above the moon. The Father’s calendar crushes the lunar calendars. Jupiter Julius Caesar claimed July. Augustine then celebrated himself and named the next month, August….and it goes on and on in our earth’s history. Babylonian captivity gave The Lord’s calendar names like Nissan and then the god Tammuz still infects it. Hmm. What was that about that we should have no other ‘gods’ before me?’

These things are behind-the-scenes activities thwarting The Lord’s intent that was in His calendar from the days of Creation. Month One, Day One, Year One… simple and not honoring any god.

What we need to understand is that God multi-tasks. Yes, he multi-calendars.

We see the Tetrad Eclipses function on The Hebrew calendar. They have been doing this in the 1900’s. We e specially witnessed it in our current years of 2014 and 2015. I believe this is why many people are taking a more serious look at The Hebrew calendar.

Nissan – Month One – Father Wept

Iyyar – Month Two – Son Instructs Torah

Sivan – Month THREE – Holy Spirit Inside Us

In Month One we see The Father present consoling the Son. The conversation is The Torah. The Son has to complete everything said about him and in the correct order. The Spirit will help him…The Spirit comes to help us.

Month One – Aleph – Strong like an ox – The Father consummates The Plan

Month Two – Son Resurrects Teaching 40 days

Month Three – Resurrection of Son – Holy Spirit invoked

Look at this, my friends, how many conversations does God have with us about the THREE? Even the Holy Spirit came in Month Three.

We must wrap ourselves around God’s themes and not these ‘old’ themes that pull us in a direction intent on diversion.

Now, we can begin…yes…I had to get that out of my system.

1492 is what we memorized as kids in school when Columbus sailed the oceans. Columbus was also Jewish and subservient to the Queen of Spain. Spain emboldened the ‘Universal Religion’. Anyone or anything against, “Our Jesus” had to go. Yep, Columbus left with a ship for of God’s rejected people. Once again it happens to try to bring her land to His land. But the lands still spewed them out…they were not ready to bring Torah to the earth as people only killed them when they opened their mouth. They did NOT have a way to get ‘hits’ or ‘likes’ on their comments.

Nissan 29 in 1492 there was a Solar annular eclipse…. during the day. It was a dark day and it was even darker at night. Nissan 29, being the last of the month, there was no moon. Darkness in the heavens revealed the ‘darkness’ on earth below. 1492 – Av 9 All Jews out of Spain.

On the Dark Day of Nissan 29 –

1910 VIR Earthquake

1945 F5 Antler Oklahoma tornado, April 12-15 flooding devastation. April 12 5 tornadoes. 69 die, 1500 homeless, $1.5 B, 653 buildings destroyed

FORTY-FIVE is a key number in many ways. Trump is the 45th President and turned our world upside down. This earthquake I believe is about a very bad president in the eyes of God as he turned to abhor The Land to be once again known as Israel.

Scripture shows us that this tiny piece of real estate God claimed for his own is very very important. Adam and Chanoah are buried there. Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Ya’cov and Leah are buried there. Their stories are to be remembered.

President FDR violated God’s trust when he agreed to let the Arabs have ‘say so’ as to what made up its borders. Within SEVEN days of putting his very own signature to a piece of paper confirming his thoughts he had been thinking for a long time…all for the sake of oil…Roosevelt lost his life as he fell sick. Our lesbian First Lady had time to say good-bye. His mistress had time to say good-bye…and yet God said, “Don’t even mourn him.” How can I say that? Because this EF5 cost America 1.5 billion back in 1945 and it happened the day Roosevelt died.

Everything is an ‘Act of God’. The insurance companies use to say that but now it’s just good old ‘mother nature’.

Zec 11:8  “In a single month I got rid of three shepherds, because I grew impatient with them; and besides, they detested me.” (Complete Jewish)

Yep, APRIL 12, 1945 the 30th President of these incredible states that were to be set under freedom were now bound for destruction because of sneaky FDR.

The wrong electricity had been set in place instead of Tesla. The wrong energy set us to become slaves. Slaves to nations who believe in human death to keep their honor. The Anointing Oil…exchanged for Black Oil.

Americans are learning what honor means. The movie Kasari (translated saffron) in 2019 teaches a tremendous lesson on honor. It is better than being a slave.

In the day of Britain’s Lawrence of Arabia, a line had been drawn to keep people from killing each other in the middle east. The line was for those in Afghanistan and those in India. As we know see India lost thousands and thousands as they did NOT want to be slaves…as far bad a Mohammad who raided caravans and died in that means of war in 642. This is where Islam begins their calendar. Yes, as 42 brings closure to a matter, it also saw the beginning as followers of a belief grew across our world to what? To honor one man.

EXACTLY twelve hundred years later in 1842 this group had grown to still honor abuse. The British had 700 soldiers with the Hindu Indian soldiers making up a 4500-member troop that could not hold back the new regime takeover. Shuja Shah would be executed by the challenger Dost Mohammad pf will die of natural causes, something unheard of.

Britain listened to the wrong leaders in supporting to return the ousted leader Shuja. Things only got worse as the new leader dost Mohammad and his son Akbar Kahn agreed on January 1, 1842, that the 16,000 could leave Kabul. But, as we just saw in the recent departure in Afghanistan, everything had to be left behind as booty. Even the ammunition…sounds familiar in 2021?

They could only take what it was needed to travel to Jalalabad 25 miles away but through narrow snowy passes. The trip was agreed to on January 1 and the trip with 16,000 humans being began on January 6, 1842, in the freezing cold. One person survived to answer the question, “Where’s the army?” He said, “I’m it.”

Forty-Two closes a matter or looks for change. This changed Britain’s outlook, but they still did not understand honor. It was not about playing ‘cricket’ and owning a garden. Britain did return in the fall of 1942 to bring back their hostages.

Now we can move forward to honor in 1897. We are almost to World War I years and now it will be these Indian soldiers who will stand for honor. They all wore turbines as the honor on their heads.

The enemy took Kandahar 25 April, 1838 (

Kabul fell without a fight on 6 August 1839

Massacre of Elphinstone’s Army 6-13 January 1842 (During 1st Anglo-Afghan War, British and East India Company are retreating in peace. But all killed Tevet 24 to 2 Shevat. (Cold, dark, no moon; Zechariah 1, 2: God removing man’s peace from earth. Zechariah desires God’s Temple to be built.)

21 Indian Sheikhs hemmed in. No ammunition can resupply them. Six hours…. honoring true God. Shur Siug12 September 1897, 15 Elul.

Jihad called to fight for Allah’s ways. Ten thousand arrive to honor Allah. At Britain middle fort only used for signaling messages to the third fort, only 21 Indian Sheikhs were found protecting it. These men decided that instead of being insulted as ‘being slaves’ they would rise up to the ‘honor’ of dying for a cause. The cause was not to be ‘enslaved’. They wanted their lives to have purpose. I suggest you watch this movie. They saw that people who kill people are bad people. People who fight for the right to live…is a life of honor. Watch it soon. It really left an impression on me. This is 120 years after the fact…and look where we have tumbled…and yet Roe V Wade is going down. Yes, life has to once again become valuable.

September 12, 1897 – 15 Elul

And, who deserves all The Honor? Yes, The Father.

Who has been discredited and disrespected? Yes, The Father.

When we talk about The Lord’s Feasts, we are talking about God’s Honor being restored to our earth. Unless, we understand God’s Honor and return to His calendar, we will continue to see judgment brought to our earth.

Babies have been tortured and burned inside their mothers’ bodies. They have had their brains sucked out. They have had their bodies cut into pieces while in their mother wombs. This will be a measure for measure. How you kill you will die.

We will NOT be allowed a proper burial…as C-vd did to us. And our earth will just BURN because we have gone against The Torah which says, DO NOT MURDER which means do NOT abort life.

HONOR The Sabbath. God says it and patterns point to it, but we keep saying, that is for The Jew. “I’m not Jewish, so I don’t have to.” Was Jesus a Jew? Yes, totally! Was Timothy a Jew? No, but he still did The Torah. The Sabbath is NOT about being Jewish. Abraham was not Jewish. He was Armenian. Noach nor Adam were Jewish. It is not a Jewish instruction.

Honor…Yes, it’s about honored the ways of The Father. Abraham gave honor and he got Isaac. And his kids got to see The Land after 400 more years of growing outside of it…called the world.

If you come from Adam, you are told to give HONOR to Day Seven. Or do you just rip those pages from your Bible?

Okay, let us get back to reviewing the day Nissan 29 as to what God moved to build its events since probably TEN years ago.

1945 Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt dies (1st of 3 world leaders detested die)

Zec 11:8 Three shepherds also I cut off in one month; and my soul loathed them, and their soul also abhorred me. (King James Version)

So, what is this pattern we see again. Roosevelt dies…do NOT mourn because he abhorred me, and I abhorred him. And here take an EF5 America to pray to me in fear for your lives personally and quit worrying about the man in the horse-drawn box. In a few years you’ll understand he was my enemy because he keeps trying to ‘change my borders’. In THREE years’, time I will have MY land back…. I’m paraphrasing The Lord. Yes, in 1948 the old Vice President Harry S Truman will get elected by a slim margin running against James Dewy as seen in the newspaper with Dewy claiming victory. But the media does not call the elections as they want to still today.

1945 Vice President now President

1948 – President Harry S Truman recognizes Israel as Nation.

Yes, war broke out, but God said, “I knew that, and I was ready. Just watch me!” Yes, they survived.

2003 6.4 Bingol SE Turkey earthquake May 1, 177 die, 83 children in dormitory, 520 injured. Nisan 29, Omer Day 14

2003 Iraq US War Ends – Nisan 29 Omer 14; War begins Purim Shushan March 19 to Nisan 29. Stops Babylon reign to NOT go beyond 70 years.

The Seventy Pattern:

In 2003 a 70-year War with Babylon ended. It would not go 71 years. It was a picture of the Israelites being taken in captivity for 70 years exactly and then try to come back out…hmm…they loved it there…it was beautiful. Saddam killed his people to set up his strong hand. SEVENTY years and it ended with TURKEY (Ottoman Empire) not to mourn their king Hussein…but move on to peace.

Zechariah 11:8  “In a single month I got rid of three shepherds, because I grew impatient with them; and besides, they detested me.

Daniel 7:24  And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. 

This is a pattern in history that THREE kings are removed within a month.

Dan 7:25  And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. 

So, what is wrong? Yes, they removed the things of God…which wears God’s kids out that are trying to get things back on track. It is the calendar and God’s traditions that get lost in every generation. Our generation is no different, but we should be without excuse as we don’t communicate by Morse Code with a mirror as they did in 1897, but by text.

2003 6.4 Bingol SE Turkey earthquake May 1, 177 die, 83 children in dormitory, 520 injured. Nisan 29, Omer Day 14

2003 Iraq US War Ends – Nisan 29 Omer 14; War begins Purim Shushan March 19 to Nisan 29. Stops Babylon reign to NOT go beyond 70 years.

If our world would live on The Lord’s Calendar, we would see when wars begin and end. We would see God orchestrating things to be done in His Patterns. Would we not rather see God on His days instead of Him having to put wars on these days to prove to us that His days were set to a purpose?

We are like Cain who said, “I will go build my own city (world) and have my own ‘celebrations’ instead. I’ve not thought about this before, but what if Cain just showed up when he wanted to. Because it says, and then Cain brought…and isn’t that what it can be likened to as seen in Nadab and Abihu? Their offering was done at the wrong time …. and they burnt up… and don’t mourn them they were told. That was a horrible experience for their father Aaron…and we have his sister Miriam who was not to be mourned…it was about wanting to do things her way and not the way of Moses…which he was only doing things God’s way.

Joshua 6:24  Then they burned the city to ashes with everything in it,

Yes, the theme we can confirm here is that our Creator is about us doing things His way…because His ways point to safety and how to bring peace to our earth. Shushan means (outside the land).

Esther was not only allowed to kill the Hebrews enemies inside their city, but also outside in all the over 120 Provinces he ruled. Yes, we see the power of God will destroy, not just his local enemies, but he will destroy them worldwide.

Zec 12:8 In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them. 

Zec 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. 

This Iraq War ending at 70 years shows us The Father’s 7000-year plan will operate right on time.

The Iraq War began in clear daylight for all the world to see, Adar 14. full moon. The death of all those people lost to that war was mourned. On a dark day, no moon, Nissan 29. We can see the character of our Creator showing us even how to mourn. And yet, war happens in the daylight for all correction to be seen.

2003 was about God’s word even went to Turkey as Paul spoke to the SEVEN churches there. This is a big message to The Church today. He tells them what is good about them and what is bad about them. And, then he brings it to a climax and says, “You have lost your first love!”

Rev 2:4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

What is this talking about? Check different bible versions because the scheme of the Adversary has again been deception. Read the next verse to keep things in context. It is NOT a who but a what that they have left.

Everyone assumes this is, Jesus.

Rev 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. 

Yes, they have left The Torah.

God’s instructions have always been on the earth. Every generation hates correction and wants to leave it. But it’s our FIRT love.

Today, people purposely tell me, “And I don’t believe in Torah.” All I can say, is that you are confused and have not analyzed Scriptures very words…they are NOT my words…because why would I try to FEUD with people just to feud…it is feudal! Pun intended. It’s been a long session and hopefully you can loosen up as it’s about done.

If we have a goal of “no contention’ without ourselves, why would I, for 15 years, not move away from the position that we have been deceived. The Torah is to come back upon the earth. Not only is Israel in her land, but she is also to bring us The Torah…that is why she is there. The Father knew we needed a visual support system because people don’t want ‘blind faith’, they want the science. The Torah is ‘the science’ behind God.

Even His patterns show the science behind His moves.

What if by the fall of this year, our Lord does come back to set those fiery feet upon The Father’s mountains? Are you prepared for it? You are the last generation, my friend.

IRAN – Nisan 29 – A dark night – but 14 Omer shows us a fullness as the moon is near full that day. He wants Iran out of darkness. Nisan 29 is Christopher Columbus anniversary solar of 1492.

2013 6.4 Iran earthquake Bushelar NE Iran; 521 Anniversary of 1492 Solar annular eclipse. Nissan 29, 14 Omer

2014 – Nissan 29 is 153 days after Thanksgivakah 2013. Last Chanukah on Thanksgiving. 23-states 1600-mile devastation 40 die, 40th anniversary of 1974 6.4 die 2500 miles of tornadoes.

2014 – Israel’s Two-State Solution Deadline failed. Kerry forced to apologize for apartheid comment about Israel. Tornadoes killed 25 since Sunday in Midwest 1/7% rare annular eclipse.

Thanksgiving happening on Chanukah will not happen for hundreds of years again. The 153 fish they caught point to us being ‘fishers of men known as ‘sons of God’. It is powerful to clock that forward from 2013 to 2014. It is the 153 days to The Two-State Solution put out by God’s enemies and it failed. Who stood against it? Those were the Sons of God. Tornadoes in 23 states marked God’s rejection of Americans who do not support The Land.

2014 was the beginning of the two-years of Total Lunar ellipses marking a downward spiral for God’s enemies. The first one was on Nissan 14, Fast of the first born. This is no mistake…and it will mark it exactly again in 2015…yes Fast of First born again marked with Total Lunar Eclipse. Two occur on Passover Day One and Two occur the fall festival of Sukkot Day One, Tishri 15.

Three of my close friends found they had Stage 4 cancer at that time in 2015. Two understood these feasts and honored them. One did not and that is the one still alive. Why alive? Because there is still time to repent.

Rev 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

We must repent and then TURN to The Torah… Repenting involves action. Action involves walking out The Lord’s celebrations…even Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Yes, in Independence Missouri after two years of not being able to honor Harry Truman’s Fire Dept for its promotions, unknowingly they host it on April 28, 2022, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Our two sons were in attendance, so I was there. Not one word was said about that very special day or Harry Truman. And, they did have a firemen commit suicide last fall.

How sad and yet it told me God is still honoring what Harry’s team did. God is still wanting ‘independence’ from sin. He wants “Independence’ for all his children in the world and He shows up…all He wants is for us to notice He showed up.

The covering of God’s protection comes from remembering. We MUST adhere to God’s ways, or we perish thinking we have no honor in this world.

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