JERUSALEM DAY – 43 Count Omer – 28 Iyar Samuel Dies

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Count Omer Day 43

28 Iyar

Reclaimed Jerusalem in Six-Day War – 1967 Jubilee Year

Death Samuel The Prophet

86 AD Hybrid solar eclipse 31 May, 28 Iyar 3846, Counter Omer 43. (Hybrid: Total Annular together)

1865 Grand Review of General Sherman’s Army Day Two Washington, D.C. May 24. 43 Omer

1909 Nick Winton b. Winston Wertheim movie tells how his family helped saved 564 Prague Czechslovakia children before WWII. Born dark night Erv Yom kippur katan. Saved 102+ from darkness.

1932 8.1 Jalisco Mexico earthquake June 2, Erev Sabbath Bamidbar ‘in the wilderness’.

1967 Jerusalem Day – Six-Day War ended June 7. (7000 year finds rest) June 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

1987 Ramadan ends – April 29 to May 27, 30 Nisan to 28 Iyar, Shmittah year ends on Jerusalem Day.

2001 Allison cyclone forms on Jerusalen Day June 19. Freeport Texas, 20” – 36” rain. First non-hurricane with 9B damage. Count Omer 43 to 50 Omer Shavuot (High Sabbath). Aleph strong hand of God. Holy Spirit seen as blowing. Water seen as baptism.

2011 Partial Solar June 1 Jerusalem Day. 21:17:18 eAsia, nNorth Amer, Iceland, Easter Isld, Japan.

2011 8 7.5+ earthquakes June 1 Jerusalem Day

2011 6.3 Chile earthquake June 1 Jerusalem Day

2012 Solar Annular ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse follows 8500 mile path for 3.5 hours. S.China, N. Taiwan SE Japan to US west coast. Covers 33 National Parks, Partial at 125 National Parks on Jerusalem Day!

2014 5.8 Dominic Republic earthquake

2015 12 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide May 17, Sunday, Jerusalem Day.

2015 4 nuns canonized by Pope Francis. Two 19th century Arab nuns: Mystic Miriam Bawandy b. 1842; Carmel Monastry age 33. Marie Ghattes b. 1847, est. Holy Rosary. PA Mamoud Abbas attends.

The Death of Samuel

1Sa 25:1  Sh’mu’el died. All of Isra’el assembled to mourn him and bury him at his home in Ramah. Then David set out and went down to the Pa’ran Desert. 

Immediately we read about the next chapter in David’s life. David acquires his ‘second’ bride, Nabel’s wife, Abigail. ADONAI struck Nabel down with a disease where his heart finally failed him after TEN days. Nabel would not accept this son of Jesse as the next possible king of Israel. Nabel would not even give David a wage nor food for his men for caring for his sheep.

Samu’el is the prophet that anointed Shu’al as king and he would also be the one to remove him because of his rejecton of David as well.

The Lord Rejects Saul

1Sa 15:1  Sh’mu’el said to Sha’ul, “Adonai sent me to anoint you king over his people, over Isra’el. Now listen to what Adonai has to say. 

1Sa 15:2  Here is what Adonai-Tzva’ot says: ‘I remember what `Amalek did to Isra’el, how they fought against Isra’el when they were coming up from Egypt. 

1Sa 15:3  Now go and attack `Amalek, and completely destroy everything they have. Don’t spare them, but kill men and women, children and babies, cows and sheep, camels and donkeys.’ ” 

1Sa 15:9  However, Sha’ul and the people spared Agag, along with the best of the sheep and cattle, and even the second best, also the lambs, and everything that was good—they weren’t inclined to destroy these things. But everything that was worthless or weak they completely destroyed.

1Sa 15:18  Now Adonai sent you on a mission and told you, ‘Go and completely destroy `Amalek, those sinners; keep making war on them until they have been exterminated. 

1Sa 15:19  Why did you seize the spoil instead of paying attention to what Adonai said? From Adonai’s viewpoint, you have done an evil thing.” 

1Sa 15:32  Then Sh’mu’el said, “Bring Agag the king of `Amalek here to me. Agag came to him in chains and said, “Without doubt, mine will be a bitter death.” 

1Sa 15:33  Sh’mu’el said, “Just as your sword has left women childless, so will your mother be left childless among women.” Then Sh’mu’el cut Agag in pieces before Adonai in Gilgal. 

1Sa 15:34  Sh’mu’el returned to Ramah, and Sha’ul went up to his house in Giv`at-Sha’ul. 

1Sa 15:35  Never again did Sh’mu’el see Sha’ul, until the day he died. But Sh’mu’el grieved over Sha’ul, and Adonai regretted that he had made Sha’ul king over Isra’el. 

David Anointed King

1Sa 16:1  Adonai said to Sh’mu’el, “How much longer are you going to go on grieving for Sha’ul, now that I have rejected him as king over Isra’el? Fill your horn with oil, and set out; I will send you to Yishai the Beit-Lachmi, because I have chosen myself a king from among his sons.”

David will be anointed but not established as king. Sh’ual will rule 40 years as David ruled 40 years as did Solomon. When God removes ‘the anointing’ we are left with leaders who operate in their flesh.

1Sa 16:7  But Adonai said to Sh’mu’el, “Don’t pay attention to how he looks or how tall he is, because I have rejected him. Adonai doesn’t see the way humans see—humans look at the outward appearance, but Adonai looks at the heart.” 

1Sa 16:13  Sh’mu’el took the horn of oil and anointed him there in his brothers’ presence. From that day on, the Spirit of Adonai would fall upon David with power. So Sh’mu’el set out and went to Ramah. 

David in Saul’s Service

1Sa 16:14  Now the Spirit of Adonai had left Sha’ul; instead, an evil spirit from Adonai would suddenly come over him. 

1Sa 24:2  When Sha’ul returned from pursuing the P’lishtim, he was told that David was in the desert at `Ein-Gedi. 

1Sa 24:3  Sha’ul took three thousand men chosen from all Isra’el and went searching for David and his men on the cliffs where the mountain goats are.

After David cuts of a piece of King Sha’ul cloak and does not kill him, Sha’ul:

1Sa 24:19  You have made it clear to me today that you have done me good; for when Adonai put my fate in your hands, you didn’t kill me. 

1Sa 24:20  A man finds his enemy and lets him go unharmed?! May Adonai reward you well for what you did to me today. 

1Sa 24:21  Now I’m certain that you will indeed become king, and that the kingship of Isra’el will be established in your hands. 

The Counting Up To The Holy Spirit Coming are a very special Fifty-Day period. Day 43 looks to be a day to remember history so it does not repeat itself.

We begin by seeing God’s prophet Sh’me’el instructed to set up the first kingship for Israel since they didn’t just want to be ruled by God. God had set up judges guiding them through The Torah as the foundation of all judgments.

Israel’s first king failed to follow what his prophet said to him. God did not want any assimulating with an Amalkite. This old enemy from the distant past, that would NOT have peace with my kids when they left Egypt, were now to be entirely removed.

God had grown these children to now be lead by a king that was to go to war for the sake of ‘Independence’. There is a time that our enemies are scheduled to be removed once and for all. Anything ever connected to that group would never have anything God would consider worthy to be presented to Him. God sees our heart through sacrifice. It is we ourselves that need to come to God, He does not need our sacrifice, we need him to accept us…as He does want our heart to do things correctly.

Yes, it would take a strong nation to remove people by death. Every beautiful woman, lovely child and perfect animal didn’t matter because it is all superficial.

The intent of God is to help us not to assimualte into a perverse world. Even in the study of what happpened on this day in history, we just witnessed Israel’s arch enemy of our day, the PA leader Abbas, come together with The Pope.

In 2015 it became more than evident whose side the major relgions are on today.Thesse religions merged showing us the Islamic prayer beads aligning to the rosary at Mt. Carmel. The Church canonized this dead person for her great effort to endorse prayers of ‘repetition’.

If we start at the beginning of this day in 86 AD we see a Total and Annular solar eclipse at the same time. This is very special and thus called a ‘hybrid’ eclipse. Then in 1865 we see another Grand display of General Sherman’s Army over two days in Washington DC as the Civil War ended.

I’m not an expert on the Hebrew number but we can all look at the numbers and see the Strength the first one in the letter Aleph. Eight definitely shows us ‘bew begnnings’ as it comes after Day Seven of rest. Six if the letter that comnects. Vav displays itself as a staff connected man with God. Five is the letter ‘hey’ for ‘behold.

Behold man new beginnings in God’s strength.

The Hybrid Eclipse, General Sherman, Winston’s saving childen, 8.1 Strong earthquake, JERUSALEM DAY, Cyclone Allison $9B cost in 2001 just ahead of our 911 tragic twin towers are a taste of what Day 43 is about.

All of these are like, ‘Ground Zero’ events.

War ended with children missing their parents…even at the Holocuast years. My friend Shene grandparents were part of those that escaped.

And where was America back in 1945? How in the world did we ever authorize firing on Israeli torpedos boats. They blame it on poor communications, but I see our Creator wanted to make sure that not even America was secretly helping. No….there was ZERO help at their Ground Zero when Jerusalem was captured.

It will take another jubilee of time in 2017 when the Trumpet is blown and that same Jerusalem would not be fully recognized as the official capitol of Israel.

Yes, the shofar has to be blown so the people will looks up. The Trumpet as set in place and it called out and now America could join God’s War that began in 2015 as per the signal in the skies of 2014 – 2015 Tetrad.

Day 43 – Massei – the Journeys – Let us learn from their journeys. The patterns flow from each Parshah that week. The Count of the Omer 43 and Parshah 43 can flow together. Not one word comes back void when taken from The Torah.

When the Isaelites step into ‘The Land’ it will be their 42nd move.

Recounting Israel’s Journey – Numbers 33:1 – 36:13, Jeremiah 2:4-28

Num 33:1  These are the stages in the journey of the people of Isra’el as they left the land of Egypt divided into groups under the leadership of Moshe and Aharon. 

Num 33:2  Moshe recorded each of the stages of their journey by order of Adonai ; here are the starting-points of each stage: 

Num 33:3  They began their journey from Ram’ses in the first month. On the fifteenth day of the first month, the morning after the Pesach, the people of Isra’el left proudly in view of all the Egyptians; 

Num 33:4  while the Egyptians were burying those among them whom Adonai had killed, all their firstborn; Adonai had also executed judgment on their gods. 

Num 33:5  The people of Isra’el moved on from Ram’ses and camped at Sukkot. 

Num 33:6  They moved on from Sukkot and camped at Etam, by the edge of the desert. 

Num 33:7  They moved on from Etam and turned back to Pi-Hachirot, in front of Ba`al-Tz’fon, and camped before Migdol. 

Num 33:8  They moved on from P’nei-Hachirot, passed through the sea to the desert, continued three days’ journey into the Etam Desert and camped at Marah. 

Num 33:9  They moved on from Marah and came to Eilim; in Eilim were twelve springs and seventy palm trees, so they camped there. 

Num 33:10  They moved on from Eilim and camped by the Sea of Suf. 

Num 33:11  They moved on from the Sea of Suf and camped in the Seen Desert. 

Num 33:12  They moved on from the Seen Desert and camped at Dofkah. 

Num 33:13  They moved on from Dofkah and camped at Alush. 

Num 33:14  They moved on from Alush and camped at Refidim, where there was no water for the people to drink. 

Num 33:15  They moved on from Refidim and camped in the Sinai Desert. 

Num 33:16  They moved on from the Sinai Desert and camped at Kivrot-HaTa’avah. 

Num 33:17  They moved on from Kivrot-HaTa’avah and camped in Hatzerot. 

Num 33:18  They moved on from Hatzerot and camped at Ritmah. 

Num 33:19  They moved on from Ritmah and camped at Rimmon-Peretz. 

Num 33:20  They moved on from Rimmon-Peretz and camped at Livnah. 

Num 33:21  They moved on from Livnah and camped at Rissah. 

Num 33:22  They moved on from Rissah and camped at K’helah. 

Num 33:23  They moved on from K’helah and camped at Mount Shefer. 

Num 33:24  They moved on from Mount Shefer and camped at Haradah. 

Num 33:25  They moved on from Haradah and camped at Mak’helot. 

Num 33:26  They moved on from Mak’helot and camped at Tachat. 

Num 33:27  They moved on from Tachat and camped at Terach. 

Num 33:28  They moved on from Terach and camped at Mitkah. 

Num 33:29  They moved on from Mitkah and camped at HaShmonah. 

Num 33:30  They moved on from HaShmonah and camped at Moserot. 

Num 33:31  They moved on from Moserot and camped at B’nei-Ya`akan. 

Num 33:32  They moved on from B’nei-Ya`akan and camped at Hor-HaGidgad. 

Num 33:33  They moved on from Hor-HaGidgad and camped at Yotvatah. 

Num 33:34  They moved on from Yotvatah and camped at Avronah. 

Num 33:35  They moved on from Avronah and camped at `Etzyon-Gever. 

Num 33:36  They moved on from `Etzyon-Gever and camped in the Tzin Desert, that is, Kadesh. 

Num 33:37  They moved on from Kadesh and camped at Mount Hor, at the border of the land of Edom. 

Num 33:38  At Adonai’s order Aharon the cohen went up on Mount Hor, and he died there on the first day of the fifth month of the fortieth year after the people of Isra’el had left the land of Egypt. 

Num 33:39  Aharon was 123 years old when he died on Mount Hor. 

Num 33:40  The Kena`ani king of `Arad, who lived in the Negev in the land of Kena`an, had heard that the people of Isra’el were coming; 

Num 33:41  so they moved on from Mount Hor and camped at Tzalmonah. 

Num 33:42  They moved on from Tzalmonah and camped at Punon. 

Num 33:43  They moved on from Punon and camped at Ovot. 

Num 33:44  They moved on from Ovot and camped at ‘Iyei-Ha`Avarim, by the border of Mo’av. 

Num 33:45  They moved on from `Iyim and camped at Divon-Gad. 

Num 33:46  They moved on from Divon-Gad and camped at `Almon-Divlatayim. 

Num 33:47  They moved on from `Almon-Divlatayim and camped in the `Avarim Range, in front of N’vo. 

Num 33:48  They moved on from the `Avarim Range and camped in the plains of Mo’av by the Yarden, across from Yericho. 

Num 33:49  Their camp by the Yarden extended from Beit-HaYeshimot all the way to Avel-HaSheetim in the plains of Mo’av. 

Drive Out the Inhabitants

Num 33:50  Adonai spoke to Moshe in the plains of Mo’av by the Yarden, across from Yericho. He said 

Num 33:51  to tell the people of Isra’el, “When you cross the Yarden into the land of Kena`an, 

Num 33:52  you are to expel all the people living in the land from in front of you. Destroy all their stone figures, destroy all their metal statues and demolish all their high places. 

Num 33:53  Drive out the inhabitants of the land, and live in it, for I have given the land to you to possess. 

Num 33:54  You will inherit the land by lot according to your families. You are to give more land to the larger families and less to the smaller ones. Wherever the lot falls to any particular person, that will be his property. You will inherit according to the tribes of your ancestors. 

Num 33:55  But if you don’t drive out the inhabitants of the land from in front of you, then those you allow to remain will become like thorns in your eyes and stings in your sides—they will harass you in the land where you are living. 

Num 33:56  And in this event, I will do to you what I intended to do to them.” 

Boundaries of the Land God Owns

Num 34:1  Adonai told Moshe 

Num 34:2  to give this order to the people of Isra’el: “When you enter the land of Kena`an, it will become your land to pass on as an inheritance, the land of Kena`an as defined by these borders. 

Num 34:3  “Your southern portion will extend from the Tzin Desert close to the border of Edom. The eastern terminus of your southern border is at the end of the Dead Sea. 

Num 34:4  From there your border turns, goes south of the `Akrabbim Ascent and passes on to Tzin. From there it goes south of Kadesh-Barnea, on to Hatzar-Adar, and on to `Atzmon. 

Num 34:5  Then the border turns and goes from `Atzmon to the Vadi of Egypt and along it to the Sea. 

Num 34:6  “Your western border will be the Great Sea. 

Num 34:7  “Your northern border will be as follows: from the Great Sea mark a line to Mount Hor, 

Num 34:8  and from Mount Hor mark a line to the entrance of Hamat. The border goes out to Tz’dad. 

Num 34:9  Then the border goes to Zifron and finally to Hatzar-`Einan; this is your northern border. 

Num 34:10  “For the eastern border mark your line from Hatzar-`Einan to Sh’fam. 

Num 34:11  Then the border goes down from Sh’fam to Rivlah, on the east side of `Ayin, then down until it hits the slope east of Lake Kinneret. 

Num 34:12  From there it goes down the Yarden River till it flows into the Dead Sea. These will be the borders of your land.” 

Num 34:13  Moshe gave this order to the people of Isra’el: “This is the land in which you will receive inheritances by lot, which Adonai has ordered to give to the nine tribes and the half-tribe. 

Num 34:14  The tribe of the descendants of Re’uven have already received their land for inheritance according to their clans, and so have the descendants of Gad and the half-tribe of M’nasheh. 

Num 34:15  These two-and-a-half tribes have received their inheritance on this side of the Yarden, across from Yericho and eastward, toward the sunrise.” 

List of Tribal Chiefs

Num 34:16  Adonai said to Moshe, 

Num 34:17  “These are the names of the men who will take possession of the land for you: El`azar the cohen and Y’hoshua the son of Nun. 

Num 34:18  Also appoint one leader from each tribe to take possession of the land. 

Num 34:19  The names of these men are: from the tribe of Y’hudah, Kalev the son of Y’funeh; 

Num 34:20  from the tribe of the descendants of Shim`on, Sh’mu’el the son of `Ammihud; 

Num 34:21  from the tribe of Binyamin, Elidad the son of Kislon; 

Num 34:22  from the tribe of the descendants of Dan, a leader, Buki the son of Yogli; 

Num 34:23  from the descendants of Yosef: from the tribe of the descendants of M’nasheh, a leader, Hani’el the son of Efod; 

Num 34:24  from the tribe of the descendants of Efrayim, a leader, K’mu’el the son of Shiftan; 

Num 34:25  from the tribe of the descendants of Z’vulun, a leader, Elitzafan the son of Parnakh; 

Num 34:26  from the tribe of the descendants of Yissakhar, a leader, Palti’el the son of `Azan; 

Num 34:27  from the tribe of the descendants of Asher, a leader, Achihud the son of Shlomi; 

Num 34:28  from the tribe of the descendants of Naftali, a leader, P’dah’el the son of `Ammihud.” 

Num 34:29  These are the ones whom Adonai ordered to divide the inheritance among the people of Isra’el in the land of Kena`an. 

Cities for the Levites

Num 35:1  In the plains of Mo’av by the Yarden, across from Yericho, Adonai said to Moshe, 

Num 35:2  “Order the people of Isra’el to give to the L’vi’im cities to live in from the heritage they will possess, and you are also to give the L’vi’im some of the open land surrounding the cities. 

Num 35:3  They are to have the cities to live in, while their open land will be for their livestock, for growing crops and for all their animals. 

Num 35:4  The open land around the cities you give to the L’vi’im is to commence at a line drawn around the city wall 1,500 feet outside it and is to extend outward from there. 

Num 35:5  Measure 3,000 feet outward from the city wall to the east, south, west and north, with the city in the center. The space between the 1,500-foot line and the 3,000-foot line will be their open land around the cities. 

Num 35:6  The cities you give to the L’vi’im are to be the six cities of refuge to which you permit the person who kills someone to flee to; plus an additional forty-two cities. 

Num 35:7  Thus you will give the L’vi’im forty-eight cities, with their surrounding open land. 

Num 35:8  As to the cities you will give from those the people of Isra’el possess, from the many you will take many, and from the few you will take few—each tribe will contribute from its cities to the L’vi’im in accordance with the size of its inheritance.” 

Cities of Refuge

Num 35:9  Adonai said to Moshe, 

Num 35:10  “Tell the people of Isra’el, ‘When you cross the Yarden into the land of Kena`an, 

Num 35:11  you are to designate for yourselves cities that will be cities of refuge for you, to which anyone who kills someone by mistake can flee. 

Num 35:12  These cities are to be a refuge for you from the dead person’s next-of-kin, who might otherwise avenge his kinsman’s death by slaying the killer prior to his standing trial before the community. 

Num 35:13  In regard to the cities you are to give, there are to be six cities of refuge for you. 

Num 35:14  You are to give three cities east of the Yarden and three cities in the land of Kena`an; they will be cities of refuge. 

Num 35:15  These six cities will serve as refuge for the people of Isra’el, as well as for the foreigner and resident alien with them; so that anyone who kills someone by mistake may flee there. 

Num 35:16  ” ‘However, if he hits him with an iron implement and thus causes his death, he is a murderer; the murderer must be put to death. 

Num 35:17  Or if he hits him with a stone in his hand big enough to kill someone, and he dies, he is a murderer; the murderer must be put to death. 

Num 35:18  Or if he hits him with a wood utensil in his hand capable of killing someone, and he dies, he is a murderer; the murderer must be put to death. 

Num 35:19  The next-of-kin avenger is to put the murderer to death himself—upon meeting him, he is to put him to death. 

Num 35:20  Likewise, if he shoves him out of hatred; or intentionally throws something at him, causing his death; 

Num 35:21  or out of hostility strikes him with his hand, so that he dies; then the one who struck him must be put to death; he is a murderer; and the next-of-kin avenger is to put the murderer to death upon meeting him. 

Num 35:22  ” ‘But suppose he shoves him suddenly, but without hostility; or he throws something at him unintentionally; 

Num 35:23  or, without seeing him, being his enemy or seeking to harm him, he throws a stone big enough to cause death; and the person dies. 

Num 35:24  Then the community is to judge between the one who struck him and the next-of-kin avenger in accordance with these rules; 

Num 35:25  and the community is to save the killer from the next-of-kin avenger. The community is to return him to the city of refuge to which he fled, and he is to live there until the cohen hagadol, who was anointed with the holy oil, dies. 

Num 35:26  But if the killer ever goes beyond the limits of the city of refuge he fled to, 

Num 35:27  and the next-of-kin avenger finds him outside the limits of his city of refuge, and the avenger kills the killer, he will not be guilty of the man’s blood; 

Num 35:28  because he must stay in his city of refuge until the death of the cohen hagadol. But after the death of the cohen hagadol the killer may return to the land he owns. 

(After our Messiah Yeshua Jesus’ death we are set free.)

Num 35:29  These things shall constitute your standard for judgment through all your generations, wherever you live. 

Num 35:30  ” ‘If anyone kills someone, the murderer is to be put to death upon the testimony of witnesses; but the testimony of only one witness will not suffice to cause a person to be put to death. 

Num 35:31  Also, you are not to accept a ransom in lieu of the life of a murderer condemned to death; rather, he must be put to death. 

Num 35:32  Likewise, you are not to accept for someone who has fled to his city of refuge a ransom that would allow him to return to his land before the death of the cohen. 

Num 35:33  In this way you will not defile the land in which you are living. For blood defiles the land, and in this land no atonement can be made for the blood shed in it except the blood of him who shed it. 

Num 35:34  No, you are not to defile the land in which you live and in which I live; for I, Adonai, live among the people of Isra’el.’ ” 

Marriage of Female Heirs

Num 36:1  The leaders of the clans of the family of the descendants of Gil`ad, the son of Machir, the son of M’nasheh, of the families of the descendants of Yosef, approached and addressed Moshe and the leaders, the heads of the clans of the people of Isra’el. 

Num 36:2  They said, “Adonai ordered my lord to give by lot the land to be inherited by the people of Isra’el, and my lord was ordered by Adonai to give the inheritance of our kinsman Tz’lof’chad to his daughters. 

Num 36:3  But if they get married to anyone belonging to another of the tribes of the people of Isra’el, then their inheritance will be taken away from the inheritance of our ancestors and be added to the inheritance of the tribe they will then belong to; thus it will be taken away from the sum total of our inheritance. 

Num 36:4  And when the yovel of the people of Isra’el comes, their inheritance will be added to the land possessed by the tribe they will then belong to and be subtracted from the inheritance belonging to the tribe of our ancestors.” 


Num 36:6  Here is what Adonai has ordered concerning the daughters of Tz’lof’chad: ‘Let them be married to whomever they think best, but they must marry only into a family from their father’s tribe. 

Num 36:7  In this way no inheritance of the people of Isra’el will move from one tribe to another; for each of the people of Isra’el is to hold on to the land for inheritance belonging to his father’s tribe. 

Num 36:8  Every daughter who possesses an inheritance in any tribe of the people of Isra’el is to become the wife of someone from the family of her father’s tribe, so that every one of the people of Isra’el will stay in possession of his ancestors’ inheritance. 

Num 36:9  Thus no inheritance will move from one tribe to another, for each of the tribes of the people of Isra’el will hold on to its own inheritance.” 

Num 36:10  The daughters of Tz’lof’chad did as Adonai had ordered Moshe. 

Num 36:11  Machlah, Tirtzah, Hoglah, Milkah and No`ah all got married to sons of their father’s brothers. 

Num 36:12  They were married into the families of the descendants of M’nasheh the son of Yosef, and their inheritance remained in the tribe of their father’s family. 

Num 36:13  These are the mitzvot and rulings which Adonai gave through Moshe to the people of Isra’el in the plains of Mo’av by the Yarden, across from Yericho. 


Jer 2:4  Hear the word of Adonai, house of Ya`akov and all families in the house of Isra’el; 

Jer 2:5  here is what Adonai says: “What did your ancestors find wrong with me to make them go so far away from me, to make them go after nothings and become themselves nothings? 

Jer 2:6  They didn’t ask, ‘Where is Adonai, who brought us out of the land of Egypt, who led us through the desert, through a land of wastes and ravines, through a land of drought and death-dark shadows, through a land where no one travels and where no one ever lived?’ 

Jer 2:7  I brought you into a fertile land to enjoy its fruit and all its good things; but when you entered, you defiled my land and made my heritage loathsome. 

Jer 2:8  The cohanim didn’t ask, ‘Where is Adonai?’ Those who deal with the Torah did not know me, the people’s shepherds rebelled against me; the prophets prophesied by Ba`al and went after things of no value. 

Jer 2:9  “So again I state my case against you,” says Adonai, “and state it against your grandchildren too. 

Jer 2:10  Cross to the coasts of the Kitti’im and look; send to Kedar and observe closely; see if anything like this has happened before: 

Jer 2:11  has a nation ever exchanged its gods (and theirs are not gods at all!)? Yet my people have exchanged their Glory for something without value. 

Jer 2:12  Be aghast at this, you heavens! Shudder in absolute horror!” says Adonai. 

Jer 2:13  “For my people have committed two evils: they have abandoned me, the fountain of living water, and dug themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water! 

Jer 2:14  “Is Isra’el a slave, born into serfdom? If not, why has he become plunder? 

Jer 2:15  The young lions are roaring at him—how loudly they are roaring! They desolate his country, demolishing and depopulating his cities. 

Jer 2:16  The people of Nof and Tachpanches feed on the crown of your head. 

Jer 2:17  “Haven’t you brought this on yourself by abandoning Adonai your God when he led you along the way? 

Jer 2:18  If you go to Egypt, what’s in it for you? Drinking water from the Nile? If you go to Ashur, what’s in it for you? Drinking water from the [Euphrates] River? 

Jer 2:19  Your own wickedness will correct you, your own backslidings will convict you; you will know and see how bad and bitter it was to abandon Adonai your God, and how fear of me is not in you,” says Adonai Elohim-Tzva’ot. 

Jer 2:20  “For long ago I broke your yoke; when I snapped your chains, you said, ‘I won’t sin.’ Yet on every high hill, under every green tree, you sprawled and prostituted yourself. 

Jer 2:21  But I planted you as a choice vine of seed fully tested and true. How did you degenerate into a wild vine for me? 

Jer 2:22  Even if you scrub yourself with soda and plenty of soap, the stain of your guilt is still there before me,” says Adonai Elohim. 

Jer 2:23  “How can you say, ‘I am not defiled, I have not pursued the ba`alim’? Look at your conduct in the valley, understand what you have done. You are a restive young female camel, running here and there, 

Jer 2:24  wild, accustomed to the desert, sniffing the wind in her lust—who can control her when she’s in heat? Males seeking her need not weary themselves, for at mating season they will find her. 

Jer 2:25  “Stop before your shoes wear out, and your throat is dry from thirst! But you say, ‘No, it’s hopeless! I love these strangers, and I’m going after them.’ 

Jer 2:26  Just as a thief is ashamed when caught, so is the house of Isra’el ashamed—they, their kings, their leaders, their cohanim and their prophets, 

Jer 2:27  who say to a log, ‘You are my father,’ and to a stone, ‘You gave us birth.’ For they have turned their backs to me instead of their faces. But when trouble comes, they will plead, ‘Rouse yourself and save us!’ 

Jer 2:28  Where are your gods that you made for yourselves? Let them rouse themselves, if they can save you when trouble comes. Y’hudah, you have as many gods as you have cities! 

Jer 2:29  Why argue with me? You have all rebelled against me!” says Adonai. 

Jer 2:30  “In vain have I struck down your people. They would not receive correction. Your own sword has devoured your prophets like a marauding lion. 

Jer 2:31  You of this generation, look at the word of Adonai: Have I been a desert to Isra’el? or a land of oppressive darkness? Why do my people say, ‘We’re free to roam, we will no longer come to you’? 

Jer 2:32  Does a girl forget her jewellery, or a bride her wedding sash? Yet my people have forgotten me, days beyond numbering. 

Jer 2:33  You are so clever in your search for love that the worst of women can learn from you! 

Jer 2:34  Right there on your clothing is the blood of the innocent poor, although you never caught them breaking and entering. Yet concerning all these things, 

Jer 2:35  you say, ‘I am innocent; surely he’s no longer angry at me.’ Here, I am passing sentence on you, because you say, ‘I have done nothing wrong.’ 

Jer 2:36  You cheapen yourself when you change course so often—you will be disappointed by Egypt too, just as you were disappointed by Ashur. 

Jer 2:37  Yes, you will leave him too, with your hands on your heads [in shame]. For Adonai rejects those in whom you trust; from them you will gain nothing.” 

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