INTENT – Whose Intent Matters?

Thanksgiving is approaching with the ‘intent’ of being thankful. Families are being invited or they are disappointed by not being invited to friends and relatives. I do not believe it is ‘intentional’ to leave anyone off the Thanksgiving guest list, but it has become harder and harder to accommodate gathers.

People are older and just don’t have the energy of what it takes to host…cleaning the entire house inside and out…just like for a ‘graduation’ party where they could stay outside but it may be too cold. Plates, napkins, cups, drinks, silverware are no longer cheap items. The menu can be overwhelming and exhausting as to who will peel that many potatoes. It’s easy to just say, “Let’s go out and eat.” And then there was and may still be, the ‘mask’ situation still holding people in fear. Some will say their ‘intent’ was good and yet still stay away because of fear. The ‘INTENT’ of getting together to experience being ‘thankful’ should not be lost. The ‘intent’ of mourning death should not be lost.

This week’s Torah Portion ‘Sarah’s Life’ has ‘Intent’ to bring forth The Seed that would lead to The Spiritual Seed. Last week’s Torah portion showed us Avraham and those that wanted to be part of the covenant of The Land. They all circumcised their flesh. It was on The Third Day, when that camp was disabled from swelling, that The LORD himself showed up with two other messengers of God.

On that Portion called, “He Appeared’ we had a calf appear Sabbath morning. Then it ran into the woods when seeing a human being for the first time. It would take TWO days to finally have him Appear again. He knew where he was, and ADONAI knew where he was. The Flood Thursday (rain) ended on Friday, and he stood on dry soil when born on Sabbath.

Calves do not have scent when born, so not even the dogs sent out could find him. Our firstborn son Aaron filmed his appearance on Monday morning. He called it an ‘answer to prayers’ and a miracle. This black Angus bull calf appeared (born) on the Sabbath Parshah Reading titled, He Appeared, at 9:00 am ish, He was lost for 48 hours. He miraculously Appeared Monday at 9:00 am ish.

Gen 18:1  Adonai appeared to Avraham by the oaks of Mamre as he sat at the entrance to the tent during the heat of the day. 

Yesterday, November 19, 2022, after Sabbath fellowship, I stopped by to meet this bull calf. Now, he is very attached to his mother after being penned in with her for five days. He was 7 days old when he was finally released to his new herd…consisting of another pregnant Angus cow and a yearling bull.

YHWH’s intent was for us to humble ourselves and Teshuvah (return) to His ways. On Sabbath, September 3, 2022, we had our calf, Shoftim (rulings), arrive twenty days early. He was very frail in the high summer temperatures. He could not cross a very tiny stream. I awoke at 4:00 am to see him at 6:00 am stuck in a small amount of mud in that stream. He had just died, before I could rescue him.

What is God’s intent in all of this? I believe it is to continue to make us aware of what His words says. If we do not honor the Sabbath, we will see our woman and cattle go barren or they may have premature births. This has been the sin.

I also see that year seven releases food supplies and famines can happen. Our small acreage only had one crop of hay come forth in 2022 when it usually has two nice harvests to carry our cattle through the winter. We have less cattle on two properties. But only two horses to feed as my Oreo died, too. We lost our premature calf my horse in what is the Seventh Shemittah cycle on the Hebrew calendar.

When people ask me how I can be sure of what year and day it is, I know because I see it in our lives and in our animals’ lives.

The other heifer on our personal property is Mattot Masai’s full sister. He was the 60-day old calf that died July 21, 2017, but rose up after praying for a sign of movement from him. Since then, my life has changed dramatically in seeing God’s Hand in many different ways.

We came to own his full sister and she was bred early in 2022. But now she seems empty. Thus, as we enter into what many deem as the 50th Jubilee year, I am seeing more ‘release’ again in our personal livestock. My horse Oreo age 24 died on July 17 this year. This property will have no calves this year or next year since the breeding didn’t take. It is judgment. It is with ‘intent’ that God is verifying His ways in our lives and He is verifying His timeline being a Shemittah year and possibly The Jubilee year. God’s ways are His ways. We are to take notice of His ‘intent’ and give Him the glory for it.

Drought – One crop of hay over possibly three.

Two calves missing – One missing in the womb, one died outside the womb.

Grandson Caleb’s calf appeared to disappear on The Torah portion ‘Appear’, Numbers 18:1-22:24. Appeared two days later on Day Three of The Flood.

Another interesting pattern that just unfolded was that our two properties holding the hay and cattle saw 1.2 inches of rain on The Day of The Flood…Cheshvan 17. We received 1.2 inches of soft rain Thursday night as Month Two Day Seventeen began. Now, after one week of drizzle, we still only have had 1.3 inches. Thus, we see The Flood date of Cheshvan 17 is the correct date on Israel’s Hebrew calendar. Mark it. Thursday, November 11, 2022, is confirmed as 17 Cheshvan in MO/KS.

Israel’s Hebrew calendar was spot on when the 2014-2015 Four Total Lunar Eclipses occurred with two total eclipses occurring on Pesach Day One and two total eclipses occurring on Succot Day One. Thus, God’s is marking the correct timing in His heavens with eclipses and weather according to the themes He has placed on this earth. If we get on His calendar, we can give witness to our earth moving according to His patterns and traditions…as He honors Mother Israel.

His ‘Intent’ is for us not to be ignorant. His intent is to show Himself real through His Creation. It must be our ‘intent’ to observe and stand in awe.

My intent is to give Him glory to move his children to observe and give more glory for what they see in their lives. We must be in joy over everything, giving thanks for it all. This space we live in is temporary, but eternity is eternal. What state do you wish to personally be in during eternity?

God’s intent is to remove evil from the earth. God’s intent is to hide His children under His wings as an eagle hover over her eaglets. The Torah is God’s wings. The Jewish wear a tallit representing God’s protection on them. The Menorah sits in homes, not to give light, but to accept Yeshua as The Servant who gives His light to the world. Yeshua Jesus is represented in the middle candlestick that is set a little higher than the rest.

Gen 18:1  Adonai appeared to Avraham by the oaks of Mamre as he sat at the entrance to the tent during the heat of the day. 

Gen 18:2  He raised his eyes and looked, and there in front of him stood three men. On seeing them, he ran from the tent door to meet them, prostrated himself on the ground, 

We too should prostrate ourselves to the ground when we see God present in our lives. We will raise up our eyes and see The Messiach standing in front of us. Yeshua will arrive among men on earth. The oaks represent strong people who follow the ways of God.

I want to add a witness about eyes. My friend DW and her son JW both attended a conference this summer with rabbis speaking about The Torah. During the music worship autistic JW claimed to see Yeshua Jesus sitting close to the dancers approving their worship. Yeshua Jesus’ eyes were like red coals on fire. When worship was done, he told the leaders and many others about his sighting. When we ask his mother what she thought, she said, “I had my eyes closed in my hands, but I did see two red glows coming from where he said. She was the ‘second’ witness confirming his reality.

Since then, DW has had a very severe stroke and can only sit up with help as her left side is still paralyzed since September 17, 2022. JW is autistic and now lives with a brother out of state. Both of them are struggling being apart from one another. Both are reminded of what Ya’cov’s Joseph went through when thrown in a dry well with snakes. Dar has raised JW up in The Bible loving Yeshua Jesus.

When we draw close to God, he will not give us more than we can handle. We are praying for their being joined back together. They are now witnesses to the ways of God even in their personal health struggles.

In the ‘Appear’ Torah Portion we find FIVE cities (letter Hei / behold. Breath, spirit) do not have The Holy Spirit in them. There is not one person found to be following God’s instructions. The School of Shem is available to all of them. Abraham was hidden in their caves and taught until the age of ten.

Abraham intercedes for these cities, but all FIVE cities burn up. Why did they burn? Because evil is removed before Isaac can come. Evil is removed before The Messiach can come. We know our earth burns. Yes, we know He watches it burn. Scripture says that bones will continue to be picked up after the burn.

Isaac’s birth would be in one year and all the remnants of this fire would be ashes. The Temple’s gold was burnt off it in 70 AD by the Roman soldiers for their tribute. One year later The Temple Mount was salted again to remove the blood spilled on it. Five cities would have to be salted because they lost their saltiness for the ways of God. They followed the gods sold to them by Nimrod, the son of Kush….the son of Ham. None of them in the ark were black. The sun had not yet affected their skin color. The sun had a water vapor between it and the earth. That is the water that released over the entire earth.

It is not the color of one’s skin, but it is the uncircumcised heart that brings one to a negative judgment. Abraham’s men suffered for a while so they could resurrect to protect The Seed coming. Their suffering of swelling at this time would not allow them to go retrieve any family or friends from The Five cities. It truly was a bitter/sweet day for Abraham. His interceding did not find one person righteous. They all were taken by the hand and pulled out of their hell.

Lot’s wife turns to see if their two daughters were coming. She became what was missing from all the cities…clean salt. They chose not to be salt and light of God’s ways to their world.

It was a sweet day as Sarah would bring forth The Seed to Messiah, Isaac, with Isaac’s enemies destroyed. Laughter a special word to remember.

Psalm 2:4  He who sits in heaven laughs; Adonai looks at them in derision. 

Psa 37:12  The wicked plots against the righteous and grinds his teeth at him; 

Psa 37:13  but Adonai laughs at the wicked, knowing his day will come.

The pattern of evil being removed first is a strong pattern. Good remaining is what we can count on. The iniquity of man always fills up, and then we see it removed.

People say they don’t like to read the Old Transcripts because there is so much violence. Isn’t this God’s mercy? God will not let evil reign on earth. This fact gives us peace to know God is the avenger and we don’t have to be.

I have a word of advice that is important to each of us. My sister and I have decided to never let our children put us in a hospital or rehab center. We must die in our own beds quietly and without hospice help. We want God to choose the day we die and not ourselves.

What we have since Obama Care has been in place is a system that requires all people to get on their system. Social programs are many. When you bow to social programs, you will give something in return. Medicare may decide your quality of life. If you don’t rise up quick enough, Medicare runs out in about four to six weeks from what I’ve just witnessed in 2022 for a serious stroke victim.

When we had insurance companies responsible for our care, they made sure the best care was given so their responsibility would soon end.

Under the Obama Care programs, a spouse may not even be allowed to visit their spouse unless the spouse has been assigned as their Power of Attorney. During COVID our friend’s wife could not even see him over that 21-days. He signed that he did not want to be vented and she ask that he not be vented. They vented him anyway. After venting he was given an 11 percent chance to live.

It was only through tearful pleading prayers that his lung crystals began to break up. He made it out of that hospital. His return to bailing 2022 hay is a miracle.

Intent to not let spouses and family be with loved ones during traumatic times, violates God’s ‘law of love’. Families are to love each other. It is when we encourage, that people will rise up. LIFE is part of God’s spirit in us.

Long-term care is another huge problem. Families are discouraged from visiting in patients’ rooms where the lack of care is witnessed. Why lack of care? Why lack of restaurant workers? Why lack of anything in America? Baby boomers have aged, and the next class does not want to change our Depends.

We have turned to getting rid of those taking up space. If you are not productive, you are considered unworthy. Rehabilitation and long-term centers find people in wheelchairs with no one to push them to their therapies. People are left in bed and in their wet. In their wet they get sepsis. Within 24 hours they can die.

Doctor’s determine what percent chance a person has of full recovery. That one determination then determines life or death for that human being. I have just met people who have defied the doctor’s averages. She had regular insurance and fully recovered in 2015. Obama Care had not yet set in. She pushed herself three hours a day, six days a week. In five weeks, her husband said she could come home because she did not have to be in Depends.

The “Intent” has been evil. Are we all automatically assigned a ‘hospice’ case worker? Will it take 7 minutes, 7 days, 7 months or 7 years for a ‘holocaust’ of an individual or a nation?

Sepsis is poison in your blood. My dad had a urinary tract infection while having a catheter in. It is easier to have a catheter in than helping someone to the bathroom. It is easier to use Depends than helping someone use a bedpan.

When the catheter comes out, the bacteria can back up into the person. When a person has sores on their bottom, any Depends is their enemy.

My Dad seemed fine as my sister and mother ate ice cream cones visiting him the night he died. They had removed his catheter after it had been in for only five days. My mother followed the ambulance to the Washington County Hospital, and he was dead upon arrival.

Our neighbor’s daughter worked at that hospital, and she saw her father pass from sepsis after they removed his catheter at six days just a year before. Both men who enjoyed neighborhood card games now gone from sepsis…and my Aunt Lucy died in the hospital from it as well.

Since my dad died in 2000 and then my mother died in 2000 from her urinary tract infection that spread infection throughout her body, what have we learned in the last 22 years?

I don’t think much, as my friend in 2022 had some prostate radiation and now has to take ‘even flow’ in order to urinate. His wife just had a hysterectomy in order to walk four miles instead of one, just came off a catheter 7 days and now is on Even flo as well. She still cannot urinate on her own. This couple submitted to surgeries that really were not ‘life or death’ surgeries. But now they are suspect to urinary bladder infections because of those surgeries. Sepsis?

We are a herd of sheep thinking if something is free it is good for us. I ask another friend why she was going to sign up for a ‘sleep’ program? She didn’t know except it was just $25.00 to do it. And now we have all kinds of people of sleeping machines. It is normal to stop breathing once in a while. Your body will start breathing. The heart is designed to beat. Babies’ hearts stop and start.

Moses got old but was still in good human form. He had been in the Lord’s presence and glowed. Do you notice that about Godly people…they breath.

Isaac’s eyes got weak that the correct blessing would be given to the ‘second’ born Ya’cov over Esau. Rivkah remembered the LORD’S words to her and helped Ya’cov, Esau and Ya’cov work through that. Deception doesn’t happen when The Lord’s in it.

Ya’cov, as a baby being formed in the womb, knew that he needed to be born first. Their struggle for position of ‘Torah or no Torah’ was the theme in their lives. It is the theme permeating our lives. (Torah means instruction.)

King David’s wife Bathsheba remembered her son Solomon was to be king. She even sat on the throne next to Solomon guiding him toward the ways of ADONAI just as his father King David was a man after God’s heart. This shows us Mother Israel. Israel guides us in God’s instruction.

And yet, our Messiah comes through Bathsheba and David’s son, Nathan. Yes, King David and Bathsheba produce the righteous seed of whom becomes an anointed prophet of God to David. Nathan anoints David as king and in his closing days of forty years as king anoints Solomon as well. Prophet Nathan is the one advising his father David of the bad report of another son stealing David’s kingship.

Bathsheba remembers God’s words and confirms Solomon to Nathan to follow David. Nathan submits to Mother Israel and anoints Solomon as King. Nathan even has young Solomon paraded through the streets on a donkey showing us the pattern to Yeshua Jesus being paraded and accepted by the people on a donkey. First comes humility and then the robes of authority as king.

King Solomon will violate Torah pulling his strength not from God but from other nations. His marrying many wives has the ‘intent’ of securing other nations loyalty. The Torah instructs kings not to align with other nations. They are not to multiplying many wives (nations) and horses is taught in, The Torah.

Solomon had his mother’s wisdom which guided him to The Torah. He left that understanding and claimed that he was ‘too wise’ for the Torah to apply to him. He failed to have the Torah written out each year which shows us he did not read it to the people every year…or even every seven years.

When we lean not on God’s Instruction we are removed. But the prophet Nathan’s intent was found worthy. He was humble in establishing Solomon as king when actually Nathan was in line for it, as well. Prophet and priest Nathan is honored by having The Messiah Yeshua come through his blood lineage.

Abraham will have one hundred in his lineage by the time he dies at age 175. He leaves his father Terah’s area at age 75. He receives Isaac 25 years later after the landscape has been cleansed enough for Isaac to survive.

Isaac and Avraham understood the intent of resurrection. They knew God could resurrect Isaac back up. They knew The Seed would resurrect up in the future.

Isaac is age 37 when he carries his own wood three days accompanied by Ishmael and Eliazar to Mount Moriah. Sarah moves away from Abraham to Hebron where she dies age 127 after hearing the news of Isaac’s sacrifice.

Abraham comes to mourn her. He then buys an overpriced burial cave for the entire family for ten pounds of silver…today probably a million dollars. There were witnesses among all the cities. The bible is its deed.

The Intent: Mourn – Bury

The letter ‘hei’ is also the number five…behold. Parshah Five even starts with Hayyei…Behold Life closing in chapter 25.

Sarah’s Death and Burial

Parshah 5: Hayyei-Sarah (Sarah’s life) Genesis 23:1-25:18

Gen 23:1  Sarah lived to be 127 years old; these were the years of Sarah’s life. 

Gen 23:2  Sarah died in Kiryat-Arba, also known as Hevron, in the land of Kena`an; and Avraham came to mourn Sarah and weep for her.

 Gen 23:17  Thus the field of `Efron in Makhpelah, which is by Mamre—the field, its cave and all the trees in and around it—were deeded 

Gen 23:18  to Avraham as his possession in the presence of the sons of Het who belonged to the ruling council of the city. 

Isaac lived in his mother’s tent for three years after her death. Isaac is not to leave the area. A servant is sent to bring him a bride when he is age 40. He is 37 when offered up and now three years later, The Bride arrives.

At year 4000 from Adam Yeshua arrives to earth to die for the penalty of sin. Yeshua has come for His bride but it will be in The Third Day. Many count 2000 years as one day…making year 6000 His return at three days.

The Three Pattern is so strong that it should not be dismissed. The letter Gimel is the number three and pictured as a camel. Lifted up, feet walking forward.

The Bride will come to the groom. Rivkah on a gimel (camel)

Gen 24:8  But if the woman is unwilling to follow you, then you are released from your obligation under my oath. Just don’t bring my son back there.” 

If we refuse to open the door to our groom (Yeshua Jesus) that is knocking, then that door can close. (The Son, once offered, can NOT return to original earth.)

Isaac had been offered once as Yeshua is offered up once to set His chosen free.

Gen 24:9  The servant put his hand under the thigh of Avraham his master and swore to him concerning the matter.

This gesture indicates the sincerest of promises as it has to do with reproduction. Isaac could not be harmed in his testicles. The marriage act secured the marriage bed. The fluid secured the promise of future progeny.

Gen 24:62  Meanwhile, Yitz’chak, one evening after coming along the road from Be’er-Lachai-Ro’i—he was living in the Negev— 

Gen 24:63  went out walking in the field; and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching. 

Gen 24:64  Rivkah too looked up; and when she saw Yitz’chak, she quickly dismounted the camel. 

Gen 24:65  She said to the servant, “Who is this man walking in the field to meet us?” When the servant replied, “It’s my master,” she took her veil and covered herself. 

She stood before Isaac veiled showing she is wanting acceptance. We are to be humbled as our story is told to our Master. His Blood Story upon us removes the ‘veil’.

Gen 24:66  The servant told Yitz’chak everything he had done. 

Gen 24:67  Then Yitz’chak brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent and took Rivkah, and she became his wife, and he loved her. Thus was Yitz’chak comforted for the loss of his mother. 

God is consoled from the loss of Mother Israel when His bride humbles themselves to live in Torah because He first loved us to die for our penalty for sin. Rivkah came from a family who worshiped idols. It may have taken her twenty years to convert as Isaac is sixty when she finally conceives. Just as our world will be 6000 years pregnant full of sin when our Savior births a new nation.

God consoled us at 4000 years by sending Himself as The Word (Torah) made flesh to now have that spirit dwell in our human tabernacle. When we bury ourselves in Christ, we bury ourselves into God’s Torah, too. The Son can only speak what The Father speaks. We, too, can only speak what God speaks. Anything else is heresy.

Deu 31:10  Moshe gave them these orders: “At the end of every seven years, during the festival of Sukkot in the year of sh’mittah, 

Columbus Day, October 10, 2022, was end of Year SEVEN of the Shemittah cycle.

It was our 52nd Wedding Anniversary. That ‘taking’ made us man and wife in the eyes of God. We performed that act on our marriage night. October 10, 1970.

It was 15 Tishri: Reading Leviticus 22:26-23:44; Numbers 29:12-16, Zechariah 14:1-21, John 7.

October 10 to October 16, 2022, was festival of Sukkot in sh’mittah year 7. (15 Tishri to 21 Tishri)

October 17, 2022 – Day Eight – Shemini Atzaret (22 Tishri)

October 18, 2022 – Simchat Torah – Rejoice in the Torah (23 Tishri)

On Day One of Succot 2022, I attended Ministries of New Life reading these scriptures. Where were you? Where will you be when The LORD gathers you to read them upon Yeshua’s return. He will choose the place.

Deu 31:10 Moshe gave them these orders: “At the end of every seven years, during the festival of Sukkot in the year of sh’mittah,

Deu 31:11  when all Isra’el have come to appear in the presence of Adonai at the place he will choose, you are to read this Torah before all Isra’el, so that they can hear it. 

Deu 31:12  Assemble the people—the men, the women, the little ones and the foreigners you have in your towns—so that they can hear, learn, fear Adonai your God and take care to obey all the words of this Torah. 

God is full of ‘INTENT’.



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