God’s Signature Appears at ‘He Appears’

John Hancock was a Signer of our Declaration of Independence. He declared November 17, 1791 (Cheshvan 20) the day of Thanksgiving. Your signature states who you are and what you believe.

In Arizona it is your signature (your John Hancock or is it your John Henry) that proves your validity to vote. Signatures can be a matter of “place your ‘X’ here” for those that can’t write. Distorting a signature is very easy and not a fair way to qualify to be able to vote in our frail United States of America. Your ‘John Henry’ can distort depending how you feel at the moment. Your signature can be your handshake confirming an agreement.

At this writing on November 14, 2022, Arizona has yet to announce its Governor because of mail-in balloting allowed to be processed after the day of voting. When mail-in ballots arrive in other states they are opened, verified by picture ID and sent to tabulation. All states but Arizona and Nevada know the results of their elections by the next day. But, not so with two states that now control whether republicans or democrats control The Senate. These states should invalidate all ‘John Henry’s’ and go to pre-printed ballots as do other states in our union.

The letter Aleph – It is silent but mighty. It’s shape is like a Large X. In 2024 God’s signature will cross America finalizing the right side of the letter Aleph. The upper left corner began at the top left corner of the United States and swung down through SEVEN cities named Salem… Yes, God’s peace was removed along the path of that Total Eclipse crossing America in 2017.

That diagonal path saw severe drought that year. Missouri allowed farmers to harvest the sides of its roads. That year Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. No other president dared do this for fear of war. President Trump’s Administration refused to start any new wars and ended wars.

What is God’s signature? In 2024 YHWH will finish placing His mark on America. Aleph will complete itself when a Total solar eclipse starts at the bottom west corner of America and ends at the top right of America. That X marking America is God’s signature, the letter Aleph. God will put His chosen into leadership. People say they don’t see America in the Bible is because they don’t see God through His language.

His language is signs and wonders, and He uses the Hebrew language to confirm his signs and wonders. In the Original Writings (OT) and other historical writings we find man fearing eclipses. Today, we honor them and want to stand under them in awe. If man won’t fear The LORD, then other disciplines to put the fear of God in them occur. Floods, drought, volcanoes, and most feared– Earthquakes.

The ALEPH is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is also the number one which means first, strength, strong. ELOHIM created all things as seen in this silent letter. The letter ALEPH is God’s John Hancock…God’s signature on us insuring us He is real. It is in this silent letter that we hear God’s quiet voice within us. This voice ‘marks’ us as a child of God. God is silent yet moving his creation to work out His purposes.

Yes, it is God’s spirit in us that moves us to act out His will on His earth. We choose to act when nudged. God is disgusted with his children being lukewarm. Sheep are considered on the Right and God puts goats on the left. There is not a position for liberal because we are to liberal in all that we do when serving God and others. Liberal is open thinking toward a subject which should line up with God’s instructions.

If the liberal idea fails God’s alignment, we turn away from that left thinking. Yes, God is always on the right standing for righteousness for us on this earth. He is liberal in giving us free will. We are to guard our thoughts by staying in line with God’s thoughts starting in The Torah.

Human beings have choice which leads them to where their spirit will spend eternity. The body is no longer needed so we return to a realm where our spirit began. It is here on earth that we choose to stand in line to vote on righteous issues or stomp our way through life, “I want things my way.”

Thanksgiving had many nudges to finally become a regular holiday in America. It is a time of family coming together around food and laughing. It is a time of thankfulness as people take time to talk about their lives and what God has done for them this last year. It is a time that aligns with God’s festival known as The Feast of Tabernacles. He calls us all to come outside. Our earth is huge, and we all fit outside very nicely…Yes, you can bring a coat. Adam had a coat which was given to Noach taken by Nimrod… and Joseph had a colorful coat. Their coats were powerful when they loved God.

As Thanksgiving approaches in 2022 America’s Mid-Term Elections have ended, but not closed. Arizona still has not certified the ‘John Henry’s’ from their mail-in and walk-in ballots. 600,000 ballots needed their John Hancock’s verified. Arizona law does not follow most U.S. election guidelines that require picture ID. Illegal border crossings bring false, ‘John Hancock’ into Arizona’s and other U.S. state elections.

Pilgrims setting sail for America on September 6, 1620 (18 Elul) for two months braved the harsh elements of a storm-tossed sea disembarking at Plymouth Rock where they held a prayer service.

America’s stories of it’s founders were all based on freedom to vote…each citizen got one vote. The English did not get to vote. The British did not get to vote. The inalienable right for freedom of speech comes by voting. Does it go further back? “Yes.”

1620 is 1550 years from the destruction of The Holy Temple in 70 AD. Jerusalem is the ‘apple of God’s eye.’ God sits in his Heaven’s Temple and ‘laughs’ about false gods. The Temple is His John Hancock. His signature on our earth determines our ‘inalienable’ right to vote to enter the mansion called, The Eternal City.

Gen 17:10  Here is my covenant, which you are to keep, between me and you, along with your descendants after you: every male among you is to be circumcised.  (This shows us that our hearts must be on fire for the ways of God…circumcised hearts.)

Psalm 2:4  He who sits in heaven laughs; Adonai looks at them in derision. 

Psa 37:12  The wicked plots against the righteous and grinds his teeth at him; 

Psa 37:13  but Adonai laughs at the wicked, knowing his day will come.

Job 5:22  you’ll be able to laugh at destruction and famine. Also you won’t have to fear wild animals, 

Job 5:23  for you will be in league with the stones in the field, and the wild animals will be at peace with you. 

Job 5:24  You will know that your tent is safe; you will look round your home and miss nothing. 

Gen 21:6  Sarah said, “God has given me good reason to laugh; now everyone who hears about it will laugh with me.”

Who is speaking to Sari? Who changes her name? How is her named changed? What is added to both Abram and Sari name?

The letter “hei’ meaning breathe, behold was added to their names. Once they circumcised their hearts, they had a name change. Abram became Abraham and Sari became Sarah.

When saying ‘hei’ you breathe out. YHWH breathes out when adding the ‘hei’ to your name. His spirit is exhaled into us making you whole. Did Adam choke and spit God’s spirt out of him? No, Adam took a big breath and was resuscitated just like a newborn baby.

We are to welcome The Holy Spirit to dwell within us. Our bodies are like sacred temples not to be violated by sinful acts. Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent and when he saw the three holy men, he ran to invite them in.

It was a very uncomfortable day for Abraham and his entire household of men servants. It was their third day of being circumcised. The swelling would make the pain almost unbearable when moving about. Abraham hurried (ran) to prepare the food. He hurried to tell Sari to prepare food.

In Abraham’s pain, he was thankful for this plan. In Yeshua’s pain he was thankful to set captives free. Ishmael also had his flesh circumcised that day…all the camp was in pain. In this week’s Torah portion named Vayera (He Appeared) we first see the promise of Isaac and then the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah happens with Abraham being an intercessor. Only Lot came out with two daughters. Lot was going to hand these daughter’s over to be raped that night, but instead we see them raping their father which become the nations of Moab and Amon.

So, the good news is presented first of The Seed arriving to earth through 90-year-old Sarah in exactly one year from their circumcisions. It was bloody and painful but everyone who wanted to be part of The Land inheritance submitted to God’s request.

Abraham’s bloodied flesh was cleansed to bring forth the last seed in Sari’s body. Sarah would bring forth life. Abraham was 99 years old. The number nine is the letter ‘tet’ seen as a basket, snake, twist. We see enhanced pain for Abraham in the double letter of ‘tet’. His pain was great while preparing a ‘Thanksgiving Meal’ for God. We see him standing under the tree to relieve his pain. Yeshua was hung on a tree and finally relieved of pain. Yeshua was offered drink as Abraham offered his guests drink. Abraham’s bride made the bread. Yeshua was the bread…Yeshua Jesus is the Seder meal offering.

Isaac is born at Passover. Isaac was offered at Passover but doesn’t die. Isaac will later die at Passover. Isaac is, was and is. YHWH says I AM… always was, is and will be. Isaac pictures the essence of Yeshua as Son of God.

Yeshua is offered at Passover. Yeshua resurrects at Passover after three days. Yeshua is, was and is. Abraham and Isaac believed in resurrection. Their hearts were circumcised to trust God. If God wanted Isaac’s life, then they also trusted YHWH to resurrect him back.

Abraham heard about the joy of the seed on Day Three. Yeshua Jesus is The Seed bringing joy by resurrecting on Day Three. Both Abraham’s dead body would rise up as Yeshua dead body rose up to then produce spiritual souls to enter God’s heaven. Both Abraham and Yeshua Jesus bring a multitude to The Father’s righteous ways.

The Father’s will to resurrect on Day Three brought joy. God’s ‘laughter’ of joy of bringing ‘The Seed’, spoken of in Genesis 3:15, through thankful people was accepted. Isaac’s parents and servant (Ishmael?) prepared a meal and set milk and curds before the three men in heat of the day shows us a festival of Thanksgiving, with ‘laughter’ usually over three days.

The Father’s joy to remove evil on Day Three shows us a cleansing of His enemies so the righteous lineage would survive. The Lot Pattern has held true throughout our earth’s history. YHWH even went after one lost sheep, Lot.

Who knows your heart? We stand in YHVH presence.

If cities go up in flames or are covered up in rubble, it is God who is merciful in sins removal.

No matter if humans go to their grave early or even if they go late, we still laugh together with God. It is that bloody circumcision seen in Abraham’s and his entire community’s flesh that shows up in Yeshua Jesus entire body bloodied for us. The Seed was put in the ground to rise up as a righteous seed line was put in Sarah’s womb. It is the Spirit of Truth in this revelation that gives us peace with YHWH.

Gen 18:6  Avraham hurried into the tent to Sarah and said, “Quickly, three measures of the best flour! Knead it and make cakes.” 

Gen 18:7  Avraham ran to the herd, took a good, tender calf and gave it to the servant, who hurried to prepare it. 

Gen 18:8  Then he took curds, milk and the calf which he had prepared, and set it all before the men; and he stood by them under the tree as they ate. 

Gen 17:10  Here is my covenant, which you are to keep, between me and you, along with your descendants after you: every male among you is to be circumcised. 

Food offerings at YHWH’s Thanksgiving? Bread cakes, beef brisket, cheese curds, milk.

The circumcised heart remembers God’s food. He remembers because we remember Him.

A Personal Witness to Torah Parshah 4 – He Appeared – Numbers 18:1-22:24

Grandson Caleb’s heifer, Ellie Mae, delivered her firstborn male on Sabbath, Vayera (He Appeared), November 12, 2022. It was 26 degrees in Missouri when this calf was born. It was 16 degrees Sabbath night with the calf disappearing. He knew where he was, and YHWH knew where he was.

When Caleb’s mother first approached the newborn calf to give him human touch, he came forward to her. Then suddenly he changed his mind and bolted off going through lose electric fence. He headed northeast at 9:00 a.m. Since he did not return to his mother, the hunt began Saturday afternoon. Dogs searching failed. The early night shift was called retreating at 9:00 pm. After Sunday church, searching miles of thorny woods and dogs still failed again. Newborn calves have no scent to them. Posters went up and neighbors revisited.

‘He Appeared’, Monday, 9:34 am. God knew where is was and he knew where he was. He came back through the wires to his mother. She never gave up calling out for him. Family, friends, neighbors prayed for this little black angus to return and not be hauled off by coyotes. I personally named him Appear as he appeared twice on that Torah portion. He was born into this world on the Torah Portion named, He Appeared. This calf disappeared for 48 hours and then He Appeared again. A miracle that came with the story of Abraham being told.

At this Thanksgiving we can be thankful that we have a Creator who talks to us in many ways other than verbal. He uses Scriptures to guide us. He uses them to console us. He uses them to direct our path knowing He is right there appearing to us. His ways are to look how circumcised our hearts really are. Our Creator wants us to see Him in all things.

Abraham knew his nephew Lot had eight people in his family. He challenged YHWH to not remove Sodom if there was but ten righteous living there. There was not even one. Those that left had to be pulled out.

Lot’s wife turned around to see if their other two daughters and their husbands were following behind them. They were not. In fact, their husbands laughed at the idea of leaving their city.

Lot’s wife became what she needed when she was told to serve these two visitors. The ‘salt covenant’ welcomed strangers and it is said she went to her neighbors asking for salt that night. She was the one that alerted the city of their presence. She had to be pulled out as she didn’t want to leave either.

How many were righteous? Three came out and yet it is the Moabites and Ammonites that would not let Abraham’s lineage cross their land when coming out of Egypt with Mosch. The Israelites promised not to drink their water nor would their animals eat their fields while crossing to The Promised Land. Lot’s grandchildren refused and even attacked and cursed the Israelites at Bel Pe ‘or.

YHWH remembers this and before they cross over with Joshua 40 years later, these same Moabites and Ammonites no longer would exist…their iniquity had filled up and thus removed by the Israelites….of which that bootie was given to Mosche for The Tabernacle consisting of 420 pounds of silver, gold and utensils.

Lot is spelled with Lamed (lifted up). He was lifted up and sat at the gates of his city. This showed his leadership in that area. The t in his name is the letter, tet. Tet is not Tav. Tav means covenant. The letter ‘tet’ shows the action of twisting like a snake. Lot was in leadership of a very unfriendly town toward the ways of God. Lot was Abraham’s nephew and knew about The Living God as he too had lived in the fires of the Chaldeans. Lot left with Abraham, but several times returned to cities of sin. Lot would be held responsible for directing many cities away from the words of God through Shem, the son of Noach.

Yasher 28:17 And after this Shelach the son of Arpakshad died in that year, which is the eighteenth year of the lives of Ya’cov and Esau; and all the days of Shelach lived were four hundred and thirty-three year and he died. (And what other righteous man died at age 33?)

Yasher 28:18 At that time Yitschaq sent his younger son Ya’aqov to the house of Shem and Eber, and he learned the instructions of YAHUAH, and Ya’aqov remained in the house of Shem and Eber for thirty-two years, and Esau his brother did not go, for he was not willing to go, and he remained in his father’s house in the land of Kena’an.

When someone says that bible believers are brainwashed, they are Lot. They want life their way and not according to the ways of LIFE. If God says to procreate and have children, we are to multiply and fill the earth…and not abort His babies.

Judgement happens first in the house of God. At Thanksgiving 2022 great judgment is coming to America and our world. The number two is the letter Beit. It is The Temple, your temple, house. Ben is son. God’s House has always been determined to stand for God’s righteousness through the blood of The Son.

Let us be liberal in our love for those on the Left. Even in Abraham’s pain the third day, he rose up and interceded for all the cities that would now go up in fire…FIVE cities…not one found righteous.

He Appeared – Vayera – Genesis 18:1-22:24

Abraham Intercedes for Sodom

Gen 18:22  The men turned away from there and went toward S’dom, but Avraham remained standing before Adonai. 

Gen 18:23  Avraham approached and said, “Will you actually sweep away the righteous with the wicked? 

This is the ‘shadow’ honored at Passover, Nisan 14. Yeshua was slain that day and was ‘burnt up’ for our transgressions. Isaac will be offered up this same day after a three-day journey. The replacement for Isaac was a ram. Yeshua Jesus is our ram. His blood sacrifice has been seen throughout all history in patterns.

Gen 19:3  But he kept pressing them; so, they went home with him; and he made them a meal, baking matzah for their supper, which they ate. 

These two men of God ate with them in memorial of their being burnt up. Sin will not rule our earth. Take joy this Thanksgiving and laugh that our Creator is in control. God laughs at evil, and we should too.

Yasher 29:14 And the women of Esau vexed and provoked Isaac and Rivqah with their works, for they walked not in the ways of YAHUAH, but served their father’s elohiym of wood and stone as their father had taught them, and they were more wicked than their fathers.

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