Bohemia Grove Tammuz Calf


Fast of Tammuz

The Dire Straits is 17 Tammuz until 9th of Av – July 4-25, 2015

17 TAMMUZ  July 4, 1776 and July 4, 2015

written July 6, 2015, 19 Tammuz

The Bohemia Grove Idolatry, The Bilderberg, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and all the struggles for power in our world is part of the Babylon harlot on a world-wide scale.

Dubai towers
Dubai towers

Abraham’s father was, Terah. They lived at the time of Nimrod of whom had constructed tall structures trying to have the biggest and best of everything for the people to keep them under his control. Man built the Sears Tower as being the tallest in the world at the time and it made a powerful statement in the world. It would begin as the symbolism of man’s authority on the earth. The Saudis now claim to have the tallest building in the world at Dubai. The towers each prince has built to show off his wealth is incredible. This was not God’s plan for his children. God broke Nimrod’s scheme with confusing their languages. The world’s goal of having a One World system is simply Babylon reforming. It is on sinking sand and God will have it collapse into nothingness one day.

Today, the government released the two-year old secrets of China. They have been using machines to draw the sand up to the surface and have built land masses well beyond their borders. When America’s military flies near, they are told many times to leave. These islands are military bases that extend China’s nuclear and war capabilities. Dubai builds island for the pleasure of the princes and China builds military bases as a serious world take over.

I look to the wonder of super hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes and the such to destroy these islands of sand.

This story is not only about the ‘Yod of Elohim’; but also the ‘hand of Satan’ who comes to steal souls.

I was with my regular Bible study group today and the teacher mentioned something very unusual that he saw when picking his daughter up near the town square. People were walking quickly as if rushing to see a group of men dressed in black suits with faces looking like demons. He said it reminded him of ‘crimpers’ that he has heard about in Europe. He certainly was taken back by peoples enthusiasm over demons in the Midwest.

He said ‘crimpers’ are people who dress like demons/devils who helped St. Nicolas. They are common to see in Europe but not in the America. The ‘crimpers’ are where America picked up the elf idea for Santa Claus. I believe Coca Cola created the elves.

This reminded him to tell a story that I had not been familiar. He actually pulled it up on his i-phone and showed our group. Alex Jones broke this story in the year 2000 and every year it is followed up on by off-media groups. The major media is controlled by the elitists who are Bohemian members.

Have you heard of, Bohemia Grove? I had not not had my very conservative husband. This occult group has met for over 134 years; every year in the summer in the Redwood forests of Monte Rio, CA. It is hidden in a cove with narrow roads blocked off from non-members. They offer a human sacrifice to appease a forty-five foot owl which possibly represents the god Molech. There are three different effigies in the actual offering to the owl and so it is being assumed that is not a real child human sacrifice; but that has not been confirmed.

Texe Mars, who has studied the occult is interviewed by Alex Jones . They have discussed why they believe it is an offering like unto Molech.

It is likened to the Molech sacrifices in that there is a child sacrifice, but the goal of the offering has the “Golden Calf’” mentality. Caring for others is burnt up in an effigy and to have the power as gods is forefront. Many world decisions are made by these Bohemian members at this gathering.

This goal of being ‘like god’ began with Cane; it is seen in Nimrod at the Tower of Babel, it is evidenced in Lot, the ‘golden calf’ worship with Moses and is perpetuated with Israel wanting to be ruled by kings instead of Yahweh.

Moses arrives back down Mt. Sinai with the instructions from Yahweh on how to live their lives. Loud orgy-like activities were going on. Moses drops the the tablets with the words on them. Their stiff necks and hearts were not soft enough to accept the instructions (Torah).

The Hebrews had not seen Mosche for forty days and nights and the strangers that came out of Egypt with them were complaining, as well. They resorted to creating something they could see and feel. The Hebrews witnessed the Egyptians worshiping the cow. They saw the constellation Taurus/Ox in the heavens and wanted to be lead by the figure that the Egyptians worshiped.

The Bohemian Elitists are declaring they will run the world their way and through their wisdom. Their forty-five foot owl god will represent them as world leaders.

Mystery Babylon is connected with the owl as an ancient mystery figure. Double horns represent deity in the occult. We see horns added to many animals as we see gargoyles and even the latest television serials with the best sellers being vampire films and “The Walking Dead’ series. These themes desensitize people to satanic forces. It has become a game that man thinks he can handle without jeopardizing his soul.

These organizations have a ‘secrecy’ to them that makes man feel he has the secret to something no one else knows about. They use horns that represent the power of a bull that gores its prey. Leaders wear these costumes representing their desire to be ‘like a god.’ Some religions teach you will be ‘a god’ in the afterlife. Men today dress like priests and do similar offerings to Buddha. Nimrod and his desire to build a kingdom where all men depended on him is still strong on this earth. It is not a new concept and has built on itself through the last generations.

In the dark night, the Bohemians dress like priests in white robs and resemble the Klu Klux Klan or occultist priests. They cremate ‘CARE’ through an occultist ritual which is suppose to justify their future ‘non-caring’ actions for the sake of the power they will have together. It is their elitist view that is precedent. They vote on who will rise to power. World decisions are made during this two to three week period. On U-Tube you will see men in attendance who later become presidents and world leaders.

As I put some of the Bohemian meeting dates on the Hebrew calendar, there is definitely a mastermind behind this which understands the Fast of Tammuz is in the month of Tammuz. It is evil to try to keep a day evil that the Jews are trying to ‘fast’ and turn back into a good day or time period.

In the Complete Jewish Bible by David Stern he has the dates that men are ‘NOT’ to fast because God has accepted them as good. When reading the bible, that is a book on correction, you may wonder why the Bohemians are orchestrating their activities at a time that the Jews are trying to it change back to being a good season. How long will the Jews fast to see God change His heart. This one may take many centuries of fasting and prayer as it is so awful and it is not repented of by man.

We can look to see what Jehovah’s judgment was about and to whom, but it remains that all of Jehovah’s children may feel the pain because of some. If God’s children are not getting the others to return, then judgment continues to fall.

Look at these dates. I repeat, whoever is orchestrating the ‘Bohemian Grove’ understands how and when to worship Tammuz. The ‘golden calf’ at the time of Moses was built and being worshiped by the date of Tammuz 16. Yahweh gives the date of the golden calf’s destruction as Tammuz 17. Moses returns from receiving the Torah from Yahweh. As Satan is a copier of what God does, The Bohemian Grove members are setting up their own instructions (Torah) to live by.

Today, Mt. Horeb is the site of Mt. Sinai. Mosche had the gold removed from the calf and it was put into the water. The people drank the water from those streams and thousands died from its poison.

There were be another spell of jealousy by first cousin Korach and that would end with people being given a choice to stand with Mosche or the Korach clan. Some of Korach’s family survive so they made their own personal decision of what side they would choose. The earth opens up and Korach’s entire camp and the camps of those choosing Korach’s rebellion fall into the pits. They fall in alive and then the earth closes entrapping them. This is more than a normal earthquake…it was The Hand of God. There was a previous rebellion by Korach and where see 3000 were slain by the sword at that judgment.

The earth did not open by Mosche stomping his stick on the ground. Jehovah Elohim willed it and it happened.. It takes several chastisements to get God’s children to understand the ways of God.

There can be NO division in God’s house. Korach was from the Tribe of Levi and was already serving in the Tabernacle. Levites to this day do not acquire land nor work the soil; but they will attend the work of the temple. Korach’s family had the privilege of even handling the temple pieces. They would also tear down and set up the tabernacle as they moved around twenty-one times during their time in the desert. Korach’s family were singers who played for the Lord.

Yahweh choose Aaron’s personal family to do the actual offerings for the people. It was Jehovah that instructed that the priests were only to be from Aaron lineage. It seems the first man that trusted God to part the Reed Sea was from the Tribe of Aharon. He walked into the water neck deep until it departed and they all crossed.

I watched a two-hour version of this Bohemian group on U-Tube and found dates that I could put to the Hebrew calendar. This left me with more jaw-dropping ‘awe’ moments.

What days did I catch a glimpse of these Molech/Tammuz/Baal/Canaanite meetings?

July 15, 2000 Tammuz 12

July 22, 2008 Tammuz 19

July 15, 2011 Tammuz 13

July 15, 2012 Tammuz 17

July 15, 2013 AV 8 – The Eve of Tisha B-AV (Av 15)

It was a power struggle in Mosche’s day and it continues to be for power today. These elitists are men who have been sworn to secrecy, and probably even from their own wives. They have been willing to participate in these evil practices to accomplishment their world goals. Both President Bushes have been steeped into this. God is the ‘avenger’ as we witness President Bush’s home being seriously damaged in the hurricane “Gustav’ which means, “The Hand of God.”

The ‘elitists’ have turned repentant days back into evil days. And, my friends, these people are running our world. They are defying the Creator of the Universe. This is alarming!

The Bohemian Grove Conference of Depravity is edifing the ‘Fast of Tammuz.’

This conference can be more than two weeks long. It is one thing to hold it during the month of Tammuz, but it is another to see it held in what is known as “The Dire Straits.’

These occultists have slapped their Creator in the face by hosting this decadent thing during what is considered one of the most somber/repentant times in Israel’s history. As Christians, we should be repenting with our brother, Israel.

The Dire Straits is 17 Tammuz until 9th of Av

Jews don’t marry, date, and much more. It is a very somber time.

History shows how horrible things happened to them around this time. Do a study on the 9th of Av and learn for yourself what happens to those that do NOT repent.

The Jews somberness to their Creator is an example to all generations on how to be repentant of having false gods or idol before them. The sins of the fathers do carry on unless the children stop it.

I don’t know if I can share how my soul feels right now. I’d like to hide in my little world and not think that this is true in my generation. But, it does tell me that we possibly are that final generation. God has given man every opportunity to repent .

Man has been left over to his reprobate mind.   An Al-Qaeda terrorist ate the heart of a dead soldier as he stood over him. It was repulsive as I quickly watched only as a ‘watchman’ to reveal to the world the downward spiral of our world.   Now, I am finishing this article on 18 Tammuz, July 5, 2015. The serious atrocities have gone beyond measure in this last year. A day does not go by that some horrendous act has not been committed by terrorists in our world. Leaders of the world recognize that every capitol in the world is at threat. It is being called a new type of World War. The old Al-Qaeda group has resurrected from the pits of hell and are known as ISIS, Islamic State.

Alex Jones and others have exposed ‘the secret’ of what goes on at the Bohemia Cove. This forty-five foot owl, in which a human effigy (three of them at different stages), is offered to this creature that represents Molech. Molech had many names coming down through history including Zeus.  This could just be entertainment for this group of wilderness ‘frats’ but God looks into the souls of men.  He will say to them, “I did NOT know you.”

I just went to the internet to find the latest 2015 update on the Bohemia Grove.  You can read from the writer who was allowed to interview and dug into all the files on this group.  He down plays it as just rich men from most all corporations of the world that come together to be eye to eye with each other.  I guess they can say, they met so and so.  It’s like a fraternity house but on the rich boys level.

Men today just thinks it is cute and it does no harm. I will tell you that it is not a joke to our Creator. We are to have no ‘idols’ before us. What is an idol? Anything that can make you prideful. The Amish do not like their picture taken. They do NOT want to be admired but desire to be a humble servant first. I love that lesson.

Children are takers and have to learn to be givers. Our families become our idols because we are willing to do anything for them. We love our kids more than they love us. Why? Because we’ve given more than they have given; giving shows love.

My prayer is that these people will STOP thinking life is just one game of power. The government will be on Yeshua’s shoulders and these altars will be destroyed!

Your assignment

Determine what you think.  Do not be lukewarm about these issues.   I challenge you to expose and destroy altars. Destroy any altar that is between you and Messiah Yeshua, who is our salvation. Can you fast when the Jews fast and celebrate when they celebrate? The Lord’s Feasts are made for man. Let’s turn fasts days into feasting days!

We don’t do any of God’s TORAH (Bible) to be saved, but we love to do it because He first loved us. In our sinful state we can still return to Him. Sin is doing anything in disobedience to God’s instructions (Torah).

This is how He will smell the sweet aroma of your sacrifice to Him. Do NOT be a sheep lead to the slaughter. Every man will be held accountable for every action and every word that comes from his mouth.  I’m glad Jews have not been ask to this party.  Nor, have blacks been allowed until in the last several years, there has been extended an invitation to the black and to the Jew.  God forbid they partake in what has become a free-for-all party.  There has to remain people set-apart to God on our earth.

We are in a spiritual battle. ‘The Hand of Satan’ truly is active on the face of this earth. But, there is nothing that Yahweh cannot overcome as He knows all secrets and He has crushed Satan’s head.

One last thought on our founders of the United States. They left Europe to come to this new land. They say they were fleeing personal and religious persecution. The powers of darkness rode across the waters and settled with many of these men. It was hard to begin a new nation and they say that George Washington did not want to be president. But, with the help of other people, he did a good job. He owned slaves ans most did, but he did not like slavery.  We become human slaves to corporations who strive only for power.  Men kill themselves to remove themselves from this gripping slavery.

In the roots of America it was pushed to have Tammuz 17 as America’s Independence Day. On the Sabbath of 2015 we experienced the Fourth of July of 1776. It was July 4 then and it is July 4 this year in 2015 ON The Fast of Tammuz (worship of golden calf).

It is the Shemittah year where everything that should fall will fall. I say that America is falling and Obama seems to just laugh about it.  He openly talks about praying five times indicating his worship as a Muslim. He was given a Jewish kappa as he is a Jew.  He enjoys looking like an ancient Pharaoh.  He is anti-Torah and therefore an anti-Christ. He is against the anointing of Messiah as he looks for the return of the Grand Mahdi. He reads scripture that indicate he is God.  Russian President Putin even declares that Mr. Obama is NOT a Christian.

There is a big deal being made out of the Preakness winner, American Pharaoh, being on United States soil. They liken this horse to Obama.  His Jewish owners are being put to shame by fellow Jews for running his animal on the Sabbath.  I won’t go into where that conversation could go, but this worship of any god other than our Creator as Adonai provokes Him to wrath.

May Yahweh be merciful to us as we believe on Messiah Yeshua as our Salvation to rule and reign so there is PEACE on this earth forever and ever and ever and ever.

Our founders meet at Bohemia Grove at The Fast of Tammuz.

Our founders made Tammuz 17 the Day of America’s independence.

God is tearing down the walls of America because they were not built on God’s foundation, but Nimrod who fathered Tammuz.  Tammuz was killed by a boar.

The Dire Straits is 17 Tammuz until 9th of Av

July 4 – July 25, 2015

Sabbath to Sabbath in the Shemittah Year!

Many believers do NOT fast on the Sabbath as that day has been turned into good.   Even on my Hebrew calendar The Fast of Tammuz is moved to Sunday.  I did fast with the Jews and blew my  trumpet to sound the alarm….

America needs to return to Torah.

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