Crown of Glory

Hybrid Men in Hybrid Years

What do men do with ‘Hybrid’ men?

What do men learn from ‘hybrid’ solar eclipses?

A Hybrid solar eclipse function in every type of solar eclipse in it’s eclipse.  It will act as an annular, partial and total eclipse.  A tetrad is four consecutive Total lunar eclipses. I’m comparing ‘hybrid’ men to this description of being very rare in history as I see them showing up when there are greater numbers of Hybrid Solar Eclipses.  I believe we can also then determine that there are less ‘hybrid’ men stepping up during high Tetrad years.  It saddened me that in the 1900’s there are more Tetrad than Hybrids in our generation.

Year                  Men of God                    Approx Birth            Hybrid      Tetrad 

BCE                                                                            Solar         Lunar

-1999 to -1900 Avraham  175 (100)    -1948 –  -1773        22             1

-1899 to -1800 Isaac        180 (41)       -1848 – -1668        17            0

-1799 to -1700 Jacob        147 (60)      -1807 –  -1660       21            0

                           Joseph            110             – 1747 – -1637

-1699 to -1600                                                                          24            3

-1599 to -1500                                                                          21            8

-1499 to -1400                                                                          18            6

-1399 to -1300   Pharaoh Amenhotep III builds Luxor Temple 6           2

-1299 to -1200   Exodus lead by Mosche                         7            0

-1199 to -1100   Joshua Tel Shilo Temple (369 years)   7            0

-1099 to -1100                                                                            0             4

-0999 to -0900                                                                           6            7

-0899 to -0800                                                                           4            7

-0799 to -0700   -722 to -626 Assyria holds Israel, Kings/Prof        3            1

-0699 to -0600   -606 to -536 70 yrs Babylon, kings/prophets         7       0

(Josiah -640 to 609)   

-0599 to -0500   -536 Daniel dies, K Cyrus-Israel Returns                 8             0

-0499 to -0400  -597 to -473   Mordechai dies 124, Esther       17            1

-0399 to -0300                                                                               23             7

-0299 to -0200                                                                               24             6

-0199 to -0100                                                                               21             3

-0099 to -0000                                                                               17             0


0001 to 0100       Yeshua Messiah (Jesus) born and died 25              0

0101 to 0200                                                                               16              3

0201 to 0300                                                                               5               6

0301 to 0400                                                                               7              4

0401 to 0500                                                                               2              3

0501 to 0600                                                                               6               0

0601 to 0700                                                                                4               0

0701 to 0800                                                                                2               3

0801 to 0900                                                                                6               8

0901 to 1000                                                                                1               6

1001 to 1100                                                                                 6               0

1101 to 1200                                                                                 15              0

1201 to 1300                                                                                18              0

1301 to 1400                                                                                24               6

1401 to 1500                                                                                19               4

1501 to 1600                                                                                19               6

1601 to 1700   Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727                      24              0

1701 to 1800                                                                               19             0

1799 to 1900  Abraham Lincoln 1842-1865                     15              0

                    Count Lev Tolstoy, War and Peace 1829-1910

1901 to 2000                                                                               6               5                                                

2001 to 2100                                                                                7               8

2101 to 2200                                                                                4               4

2201 to 2300                                                                                3              0

2301 to 2400                                                                                 8               0

* more prophets

-649 BCE Jeremiah Born, age 89 in 560 BCE

-741 BCE Hosea

-739 BCE Isaiah

-733 BCE Micah

* more kings

Ahaz – Reigned 16 years -747 to -731 *  bad king 2 Chronicles 28:23

Hezekiah – Reigned 29 years -725 to -696 * bad king then good, 2 Chronicles 32:26

Manasseh – Reigned 55 years  -697 to -642 – bad king then good 2 Chr 33:16

Amon – Reigned 2 years  -641 to -640 – bad king, 2 Chronicles 33:22

Josiah – Reigned 31 years  -640 to -609 * Great King, Re-established Torah

2Ch 35:18 And there was no passover like to that kept in Israel from the days of Samuel the prophet; neither did all the kings of Israel keep such a passover as Josiah kept, and the priests, and the Levites, and all Judah and Israel that were present, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem

2Ch 35:25 And Jeremiah lamented for Josiah: and all the singing men and the singing women spake of Josiah in their lamentations to this day, and made them an ordinance in Israel: and, behold, they are written in the lamentations.

2Ch 35:27 Now the rest of the acts of Josiah, and his goodness, according to that which was written in the law of the LORD,  And his deeds, first and last, behold, they are written in the book of the kings of Israel and Judah KJV

I love Josiah. He found God’s Word and gave it to the people. God told Solomon that the kingdom would be taken from him because of his whoredom with the world. But, it would be done in his grand children’s day. Even though Josiah paid for everything for the people, their heart had not truly returned to Yahweh. Their removal to Babylon for seventy years came after Josiah sacrificed himself on the battlefield to his King Jehovah.  Josiah bore the sins of his people and pictures King Yeshua coming who bore our sins and will return soon as King of Kings.

The curse of the father passes down through the generations and this story is proof.   Josiah did not stop loving God.  When there is sin in the camp it can be forgiven, but just punishment must still be met out.

Josiah is called the “Greatest King’ that God established.

My prayer is that many Josiahs will raise up in my families generations.

NASA website allows me to copy their information directly to you. 

Actually, after I found out about the patterns in the Hybrid Eclipses, I went to bed sort of depressed and thinking all my efforts have been for naught. “Why, You say?”   I’m a very upbeat and hopeful person in the Lord.   Being raised in America I grew up thinking life would get better for my family in my life time and for their children’s children and into the future.   I think we all just want to wish the ‘bad things’ would just go away.   But, because of sin man chooses not to live in he safety of God’s Torah life spirals downward.  

We see that spiral down happened with Adam and then God had to start again with Noah.   Now in the near future there is going to be a remnant with which He will start again.  There can not be more and more clubs like Bohemia Grove be established on this earth.  The Nimrods now cover the face of the earth as money and power corrupt and control God’s children.

I’ve asked myself, and probably you have as well, “What will the end of the world as we know it, look like?”

What will we do with that much change?   Man fights change because he thinks he knows what is best.  Men don’t believe in going back to Adam’s time because they think he was a caveman.  He was not…as he was given dominion over all the earth and Im sure he was better than David Webster in describing every creature as He used the Hebrew aleph-beit which is also a picture language.

God has changed something big on our earth.   What is it?

Truly, write down what you think has been the BIGGEST change that you can think of that has happened to our world since the year 1900 to now.


My answer is: ISRAEL

God has established His children, known as ‘The People Of The Book’ back in their land.

If you are a bible believer, divorced from Replacement Theology, I believe you will agree.

There are books written on 88 reasons why Jesus will return in 1988. 40 Reasons why he’ll return with 40 prophecies that have been fulfilled….etc….and I’m joking, but not joking!

Here is the question I propose to my Christian friends who do NOT want to take the time to study this issue because they are comfortable where they are in their lives . “Anyway, God is in charge” they tell me.

Another question, “What do we do with Israel?”

I know the answer, but do you? The bible gives us the answer over and over again in many ways, but the simple version is, “When you bless them you will be blessed, and when you curse them, you will be cursed.”  

I believe my generation is the first generation to be able to bless them.  We are the generation to set the standard so others can rise above it in blessing whom God has set up to carry The Torah of instruction to the world.  It is not about denying that Jesus died for our sins…and what do we do with that?  We accept that fact for ourselves personally and we are so thankful, but we do nothing about it.  God can only bless people when they are in obedience to his instructions.  Just honor your parents has a blessing attached to it.  But, guess what…you are cursed already by not honoring them.  How many speak against a parent?  You see The Torah convicts of our sin and corrects us into right living.  That right living makes us walk the path of Isaac Newton who never married but gave his knowledge from God to men and then wrote two biblical books to testify of God.  I’ve tried to learn about Lev Tolstoy and I find that his wife hated his Jewish friends he welcomed into their home.  I desire to tell you his story line one day.  But, for now he will remain on my list of, “People most likely influenced by God.”

There are many books that talk about the history of our founding fathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. But, I’ll use the book that is tremendous for time-lines. The Timechart History of Jewish Civilization. I’m not using a Muslim book because Yeshua did not come as a Muslim. He did not come through the line of Ishmael; but Isaac. He appeared on the stage of earth as a Semite/Hebrew/Israelite/Jew.

I filled in some of the names that I believe lived in those time periods. I’m not going to try to go find every great King and write their names down. I used who God laid on my heart since  June, 2013.  It is now July 7, 2015.   Perhaps we will see a few more ‘hybrid’ people show up, but for now this will be kept simple.

Consider this: God does not think like we do but it is good of  man to search out the ways of God . He sends men that will help change the world to RETURN to their Creator. God loves His children and yet He disciplines them; all to their good.

 NASA  “Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak (NASA’s GSFC)” is given credit for the Hybrid/Tetrad information.

It was the second night of talking to God about these findings that I could say, “Thank you.”  God had given me one more way to show men that God’s hand is on us.  My faith has grown so strong because I see His hand in all of history.   Do you?

Dark Skies
Dark Skies

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