Passover 2021

Passover 2021 – Thirteen Months

4.26.2021 – Unleavened Bread Day 1 – Pesach – Sabbath Nisan 15 – Super Pink Moon

3 Days * Pigs * A Date * Dis-information * Two Daughters * Two Brothers

Mar 8:2  “I feel sorry for these people, because they have been with me three days, and now they have nothing to eat. 

Our world has been told the ways of the one known as The Word and yet after 3 days old known also as 6,000 years, they will still be hungry. The Torah (The Word) has been removed from the earth. The world is hungry for: TRUTH. The world must: TRUST.

The full measure of The Word can be revealed after ‘the unclean (pigs)’ are cast into hell.

Two Thousand pigs can equate to two thousand years. Two thousand years ago The Seed’ planted in the ground because it was seen as ‘unclean’ by the unclean priests themselves. They rejected Thee Clean Yeshua casting him out of their cities.

Yeshua Jesus experienced rejection in this ‘PIG’ scene to show the prophecy of our earth’s citizens still rejecting his ways of how to become spiritually clean. Two thousand years from this casting out what of were demons (‘unclean’) we will experience another purging, but this time it will be humans. The ‘unclean’ demons were even cast into what is considered ‘unclean animals’ by Elohim.

After two thousands years we raise ‘unclean’ pigs in very ‘clean’ confinements. Our world consumes pork probably in more ways than any clean meat. Pork is the gelatin in jello. Pork bones are crushed and put in salt. It is hard not to find pork in most items…even refried beans have lard.

Our earth has grown so use to not being ‘set apart’ unto The Lord that the Universal Catholic Church has decreed that it has the authority to set The Sabbath to be Day Eight instead of Day Seven.

The churches that follow the Universal Church have agreed to remove the pattern that points to The Kingdom Age that Christ spoke of before he left the earth. Removing Day Seven from the church calendar removed the pattern to years 6000-7000…known as Day Seven..the Millennium. The 6000 years should close with The Davidic Kingdom reigning on earth. That is the transition that YHWH is having happen right now. Those that observe Day Seven (The Sabbath) will now how to teach others in the Millennium because they will also understand about the special appointments of God. If you don’t care about this then you won’t be here to do it. COVID is a cleansing for Day Seven.

The ‘unclean’ people of our nations will drown (die) because of listening to the ‘unclean’ (deceivers). Read this story…these demons don’t ask to go into other human beings…but ask to go into what is already unclean…just like themselves. The ‘unclean’ sick together and sadly die together.

Mark 5:13  Yeshua gave them permission. They came out and entered the pigs; and the herd, numbering around two thousand, rushed down the hillside into the lake and were drowned

A Date with The Lord…not a day! The Lord’s Feasts are specific dates.

Patterns to Pesach – The Lambs Chosen on Nisan 10

The Lambs are slain on Nisan 14-15

The Lambs consumed Nisan 15 – 22

Our Lamb Yeshua Resurrected on Nisan 17 (Month One Day Seventeen)

Month Seven became a spring Month One when Mosch lead them out of Egypt. The fall Month One thus also became a Month Seven. After the days of Babylon the original Month One would be called Tishri and Month Seven would be called Nisan. Nisan is also known as Aviv representing the barley harvest. In the heavens the correct new Month One (Aviv) will have the moon sitting in the hand of the woman holding the barley. If the barley is sitting in her hand, we do NOT have the correct Month One to note Passover / Pesach.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 Missouri host at least three to four inches of snow which brought the trees blooming in pink flowers to a soft pink landscape across our 36-acre property. It was beautiful.

The equinox occurring on March 17 pushed the Hebrew calendar to host thirteen months instead of twelve…making April Month One and pushing the true Passover to be April 25, 2021.

I learned this in Arizona where there is no snow and no blooms in March. It would be after the equinox of March 17 that blooms came forth and we had flowers three weeks later with allergies kicking in.

Yes, Pesach is a time when they were to bring their ‘first’ fruits to The Temple. How can you bring fruit from any plant if it’s just budding? There was no fruit yet from any barley around the world on March 27, 2021..the declared sundown of Passover.

The equinox is when the moon and sun cause our day and night to have the same amount of time. Once the day becomes longer it also becomes warmer and the seeds begin to sprout. Over time a few weeks time fruit can be harvested.

At Pesach on April 25, 2021 there is now fruit from the barley that could have been brought. If we get this wrong, we get the entire year wrong…and that is what has happened to the majority of our world right now. Our earth’s celebrations will be thirty days early and especially to be affected are The Lord’s Festivals.

If we are looking for The Messiach’s return and he doesn’t show up…it is because we’re looking too soon. The Lord’s calendar is precise. We should be feeling on our earth what is described in The Scripture readings.

A Clean People Deceived – NASA

This to me is a clean people…being lead astray because of following calculations according to NASA. This clean people group will now be seen as unclean…even professing good things unto The Lord…but just off by a month.

Many on our earth are aware of 2021 having Month One declared too soon. They have printed their own calendars so as to remain true watchman. Thus, tonight on April 25 I am celebrating Pesach with the moon in the Hand of the Virgin. Last month the moon sat far from her hand which holds barley…right now it sits in her hand. Our Creator speaks through the heavenlies and confirms his dates…tonight is Nisan 15 Passover…’Come out of her’ is the plea. Come out of The World…my yoke is instructions are to keep you safe…and if you do them…I will bless you.

The Lord blesses obedience because it glorifies the works He began since the foundation of our earth.

Many are looking up at a PINK Super Moon on April 26, 2021. It is named correctly from all the ‘pink’ on the earth from flowering blooms. April 26 is Day One of Unleavened Bread. Yeshua is the bread in full bloom from which we feed of His words. The Seed has been planted in the ground on Nisan 14 to rise up on Nisan 17…a Date..not a day. The Date 14 begins the three day count…to Date 17.

It all begins on Nisan 17 – Three days in the belly of the earth setting

captives free…of which at least 500 dead people rose up with Yeshua showing us he truly sets the cleaned captive free.

Mark 5:2  As soon as he disembarked, a man with an unclean spirit came out of the burial caves to meet him. 

Fact: Man came out of burial cave.

Fact: Son of Man, Yeshua came out of burial cave (Nisan 17)

Fact: No one could chain up this man who dwelt amongst the dead.

Fact: Nothing could stop Yeshua from breaking off the chains of spiritual death.

Fact: April 25 2021, Month One Day Fourteen (Nisan 14) Yeshua in burial cave.

Fact: April 28, 2021, Month One Day Seventeen (Nisan 17) Yeshua out of cave.

Who will believe this?

Luke 2:34  Shim`on blessed them and said to the child’s mother, Miriam, “This child will cause many in Isra’el to fall and to rise, he will become a sign whom people will speak against

What did Yeshua say would be the only sign given to those in unbelief? The sign of Jonah’s being in the belly of a large sea creature for three days. After which, Nineveh did repent even as Jonah himself was not zealous for the citizens of Nineveh to repent. It seems they killed many of family members. It is up to ADONAI to change the hearts of a nation…It is up to us to present, The Sign even if they speak against it….even as they may have killed our own family members with The COVID plague.

Luke 2:35  moreover, a sword will pierce your own heart too. All this will happen in order to reveal many people’s inmost thoughts.” 

We must ask ourselves how pierced are our hearts when we here our story to redemption.

His parents took him at their purification time…after he was 40 days old. Again, for thousands of years people did this to point…to point…to point to year 4000 when one seed would be born to PIERCE and PURIFY all hearts.

A prophecy is told here that this child Yeshua would have his heart pieced. Not a bone would be broken during his execution on that Roman stake but they did run a spear through his heart to make sure he was dead. This happened on Day 14 at 3:00 pm just as the first Pesach lambs were slain on Day 14. At dusk the lamb’s blood would be brought to the priests to be sprinkled on The Temple altar.

Purification –

Luke 2:22  When the time came for their purification according to the Torah of Moshe, they took him up to Yerushalayim to present him to Adonai 

Luk 2:23  (as it is written in the Torah of Adonai, “Every firstborn male is to be consecrated to Adonai”) 

Luk 2:26  It had been revealed to him by the Ruach HaKodesh that he would not die before he had seen the Messiah of Adonai. 

Luk 2:34  Shim`on blessed them and said to the child’s mother, Miriam, “This child will cause many in Isra’el to fall and to rise, he will become a sign whom people will speak against

They had to speak against him so we could speak for him. He first had to be lifted up…just as Noach’s ark of wood was lifted up…over 22.5 ft off the earth’s highest mountains…just as The Wilderness Temple entrance veil was 22.5 ft…just as Binyamin was born at Ya’cov’s 22nd year of being with Lavan.

And, yes…we are looking for President Trump to rise back up in 2022…but will it be another pattern to The Messiach that builds The Temple / House / Letter Beit / Number 2 pictured as a House?

It is the 21st year of the 21st Century…just as Ya’cov left Laban after having his wages changed ten times over twenty years. In 2020 COVID changed our world’s wages paid to it’s citizens. This was inflicted upon man by it’s leaders…and yet permitted by ADONAI to point to what is ready to come.

If ‘The Churches won’t tell us, the patterns will.

If ‘The Churches’ remain closed or remain silent on the issue of The Messiach’s return, nature speaks for our Creator Elohim.

Harvest Time –

Do you think Yeshua Jesus is UNCLEAN?

Mar 3:29  however, someone who blasphemes against the Ruach HaKodesh never has forgiveness but is guilty of an eternal sin.” 

Mar 3:30  For they had been saying, “He has an unclean spirit in him.”

Mar 3:34  Looking at those seated in a circle around him, he said, “See! Here are my mother and my brothers! 

Mar 3:35  Whoever does what God wants is my brother, sister and mother!” 

Yeshua Jesus is teaching how to live according to the standard The Father has established on the earth since the beginning. He can NOT add or take away from it. It is Torah that remain on the earth as it patterned to The Messiach’s death, burial and resurrection and it continues to pattern to The Messiach’s ruling on David’s throne as King of Kings. Yeshua is always teaching about The Kingdom of God soon to come on earth…which is right here with you (he was with them) but had to leave in order to return at at later time. When Yeshua Jesus returns to earth it should already be operating in these instructions….books are not needed as the history remains in our hearts and we act upon that historical cycle…called, The Lord’s Feasts.

Mar 4:1  Again Yeshua began to teach by the lake, but the crowd that gathered around him was so large that he got into a boat on the lake and sat there, while the crowd remained on shore at the water’s edge. 

God teaches the sea of nations which has grown into masses of people. They remain on earth while he is seated (meaning in strength) in the heavenlies.

Rich Soil: Those that HEAR, ACCEPT, BEAR fruit.

A Future Prophecy:

The Parable of the Seed Growing

Mar 4:26  And he said, “The Kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seed on the ground. 

Mar 4:27  Nights he sleeps, days he’s awake; and meanwhile the seeds sprout and grow—how, he doesn’t know. 

Mar 4:28  By itself the soil produces a crop—first the stalk, then the head, and finally the full grain in the head. 

Mar 4:29  But as soon as the crop is ready, the man comes with his sickle, because it’s harvest-time.

So when does he come? At harvest-time…when all of mankind is done producing fruit…and sin has come to outweigh righteousness. The harvest-time comes when the ‘iniquity’ (sin) of mankind has reached such a high point that only grace is left to keep it going. And then so even a small remnant won’t be lost…where ELOHIM told Elijah that he still had 7000 prophets hidden away and so to have hope. Will there be 7 million righteous left at the end out of the billions of people on the earth?

Elijah heard ADONAI in the quiet of his mind. That is where we have to go. The Lord hide Elijah in a cave while the earthquake that brought the fire that brought the winds consumed the area around him. And when it was done, ADONAI was right there able to feed him so he could run for forty miles to tell others the messages from ADONAI. Our strength will come from ADONAI. We will show up for the correct Passover because we know the time of the spring Equinox sets the first month.

Your spirit must be of God’s spirit…that is in whom He is well pleased a we see in Mark 3.

If you reject the spirit of God in you….that will have a terrible consequence for you. Mark 3:28-30

Good News in Mark 3:24-25

Parables are to give a clear picture –

Mar 4:33  With many parables like these he spoke the message to them, to the extent that they were capable of hearing it. 

Mar 4:34  He did not say a thing to them without using a parable; when he was alone with his own talmidim he explained everything to them. 

When you are a disciple you will understand what is being said. The more you read and study your Bible you will see how one thing connects to the next…and even the parables lesson shows up again and again. It’s like iron sharpening iron.

In Mark’s story we are seeing events that happen quickly. The crowds are so large large that Yeshua teaches from a boat even as many people are in their boats to get closer to him. This is how our earth should be…seeking and hanging on every word from The Lord.

In Mark 2:2 we see ‘four men’ carrying a paralyzed man to Yeshua. We can ask why four? It is ours to search out. Four is the letter ‘dahlet’ pictured as a door or opening…meaning to open..door…entry. This paralyzed man makes an entry through the roof..a dahlet (opening). You can count on patterns flowing with objects matching what is going on. Four (Dahlet) men used a dahlet (opening) to help their friend to reach Yeshuah who is the door (dahlet) to our salvation.

After sitting on The Lake with boats now crowding in next to them, we see a storm come…with Yeshua asleep…(exhausted from his teachings)…and he now performs a ‘miracle’ by controlling the heavens. It was a shock and awe moment for them…and yet more is to come…because of the word TRUST.

Crowds were coming from every direction when the word got out that he had healing powers. And, he had to even tell the demons strictly to not make him known.

Mar 3:10  for he had healed many people, and all the sick kept pressing forward to touch him. 

Mar 3:11  Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they would fall down in front of him and scream, “You are the Son of God!” 

Mar 3:12  But he warned them strictly not to make him known. 

Let’s push forward to look at some patterns that involve 2 which is the letter Beit seen as a house. Be’it means, in the beginning.

We have Yeshua beginning a ministry that explodes and he has to travel into cities where he’s not known so he can rest. It was so intense that a roof was removed from a home and a man lifted down through the roof just to be touched. His clothes were pulled at and the disciples are upset.

The setting is defining the Kingdom of God.

Mar 4:26  And he said, “The Kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seed on the ground. 

Mar 4:27  Nights he sleeps, days he’s awake; and meanwhile the seeds sprout and grow—how, he doesn’t know. 

Mar 4:28  By itself the soil produces a crop—first the stalk, then the head, and finally the full grain in the head. 

He is speaking of himself that was promised to Adam in the Gan of Eden that The Seed would be planted in order to rise up and consume the world with salvation.

And, our Moses was instructed to make Month Seven also a new Month One. Why? Because this seed would be planted in that Month Seven (to reign and rule at 6000-7000 years) and be the first fruit out of the ground as seen declaring it also Month One. This new Month One declared to the world a pattern that would hold that special time of sacrifice…Yeshua would be chosen as The Perfect Lamb slain at the same hour all the other lambs began to be slain on Nisan 14 at 3:00 pm.

Four thousand years from Adam The Seed was planted. Moses followed instructions and taught the sacrificial system exactly as instructed. Why? Because every aspect of it would be enacted at 4000 years…just as Abraham was told it would take another 400 years for your family to increase to become that Kingdom that was likened to a mustard seed…that would grow huge on the earth.

Pattern after pattern connects to give us HUGE PARABLES…huge visionary weapons to defeat our enemies that try to take our hope from us. If we know and study YHWH’s ways we have HOPE in this dark world…to not even contemplate suicide much less act upon it. Our Healer is on his way back to us.

Before crossing the lake in the Gerasenes he had to rebuke demons not to reveal that he, Yeshua, was the Son of God. Now, the first thing we see on the other side of the lake after a storm is a man running out of cave and falling at Yeshua’s feet. These demons have abused this man’s body as no chain could hold him and the demons kept collecting more and more demons from these graves until we see there were two thousand that came out of him. Wow…what a terrible thing to happen to you.

This is cemetery by the lake which certainly could have defiled Yeshua walking amongst the dead. But, he can NOT be defiled as He is the ultimate cleanser.

Mar 5:5  Night and day he wandered among the graves and through the hills, howling and gashing himself with stones. 

Mar 5:6  Seeing Yeshua from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him 

Mar 5:7  and screamed at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Yeshua, Son of God Ha`Elyon? I implore you in God’s name! Don’t torture me!”

AFTER TWO THOUSAND HOGS DROWN – The People Cared More About Their Livestock Then A Tormented Human Being.

Mar 5:15  They came to Yeshua and saw the man who had had the legion of demons, sitting there, dressed and in his right mind; and they were frightened. 

Mar 5:16  Those who had seen it told what had happened to the man controlled by demons and to the pigs; 

Mar 5:17  and the people began begging Yeshua to leave their district. 

Mar 5:18  As he was getting into the boat, the man who had been demonized begged him to be allowed to go with him. 

Mar 5:19  But Yeshua would not permit it. Instead, he said to him, “Go home to your people, and tell them how much Adonai in his mercy has done for you.” 

Mar 5:20  He went off and began proclaiming in the Ten Towns how much Yeshua had done for him, and everyone was amazed. 

In this area they did NOT see his healing attributes in action but they saw what only a Son of God can do…cast out demons. This act alone should have told them that this was the Son of God. Today, God’s children are also able to do this because of whose name they do it. Yeshua the Messiah. This fills up prophecy spoken by Yeshua telling what will happen in their future.

Now Yeshua has crossed over in water again…showing us his power is worldwide and to applicable to those in power.

Mar 5:21  Yeshua crossed in the boat to the other side of the lake, and a great crowd gathered around him. 

Mar 5:22  There came to him a synagogue official, Ya’ir by name, who fell at his feet 

Mar 5:23  and pleaded desperately with him, “My little daughter is at the point of death. Please! Come and lay your hands on her, so that she will get well and live!” 

Mar 5:24  He went with him; and a large crowd followed, pressing all around him. 

Mar 5:25  Among them was a woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years

Mar 5:34  “Daughter,” he said to her, “your trust has healed you. Go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” 

Mar 5:35  While he was still speaking, people from the synagogue official’s house came, saying, “Your daughter has died. Why bother the rabbi any longer?” 

Mar 5:36  Ignoring what they had said, Yeshua told the synagogue official, “Don’t be afraid, just keep trusting.” 

Mar 5:41  Taking her by the hand, he said to her, “Talita, kumi!” (which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”). 

Mar 5:42  At once the girl got up and began walking around; she was twelve years old. Everybody was utterly amazed. 

Mar 5:43  He gave them strict orders to say nothing about this to anyone, and told them to give her something to eat. 

Two ‘Daughters’ immediately healed because of TRUST.

Two ‘unclean’ daughters – Both now clean. One Yeshua’s daughter – with 12-year blood issue..always unclean.

One synagogue official’s daughter – 12 years old –

One Daughter now clean to come to The Temple.

One daughter was dead (unclean), now alive to come to The Temple.

(Yeshua went to Temple at age 12.)

  1. Aleph – God
  2. Beit – house Twelve – (10 + 2) Ten ‘yud’ hand.

The Hand of God healed their House (12).

Let us also remember just earlier this day that the man holding 2,000 demons (two is beit is house) also had his house cleansed by the strength of God because of his belief falling before Yeshua begging.

All three had their personal bodies (temples) cleansed because of TRUST.

I close with this…it is what I began with today on this precious Sabbath of Pesach Day One April 26, 2021….

We read where after all the crowds and people touching Yeshua with their faith healing them…He only takes THREE with him to the synagogue official’s house.

TWO BROTHERS – I believe these are Yeshua’s half brothers, Ya’akov and Yochanan. They now see their brother in action raising a girl from the dead. This should give them hope to know their half brother Yeshua can and will also rise up from the dead after he is crucified.

And, Yeshua calls a woman he does not know, ‘Daughter’. His brothers now see who are Yeshua’s real family. It is not about bloodline…but relationship.

Mar 5:37  He let no one follow him except Kefa, Ya`akov and Yochanan, Ya`akov’s brother. 


Mar 5:38  When they came to the synagogue official’s house, he found a great commotion, with people weeping and wailing loudly. 

Mar 5:39  On entering, he said to them, “Why all this commotion and weeping? The child isn’t dead, she’s just asleep!” 

Mar 5:40  And they jeered at him. But he put them all outside, took the child’s father and mother and those with him, and went in where the child was. 

We are to remove the ‘hirelings’ from our lives. These woman are hired to mourn making the situation even worse for the living as they are swept up into believing that their child is gone…and without hope.

We should never give up hope because when we TRUST in Yeshua’s resurrection and discuss our disbelief in a death…we may just see LIFE return. I did on July 22, 2017 when our 60-day old calf rose up after being drug through mud and a fireman and nurse declared it DEAD. I chose not to believe it…and prayed for a miracle because after all…His father is named after you ADONAI. You are the Aleph…the strength…the ox…that is what we named our bull after you…Taurus..our first bull full of your strength. This herd is your herd to give you alone glory. I do not understand this calf’s death as you gave us only three bull calf’s out of all those born. They are born on your special days…except this one.

Will you please drop the temperature and help so the rest the cattle not die. It’s 90 degrees at 9:00 pm as Sabbath just closed. And, could perhaps if you are going to have this calf live…could I see even a wiggle of his tail…or perhaps…um..would you lift his head….and his hoof…oh my Lord that is certainly laying out a fleece and I’m sorry. But, I do thank you if you would save this calf’s life and I pray this in Yeshua, Ha Meshiach, Amein.

And the FOUR Christian adults standing there all agreed and each said, AMEN.

Immediately, the calf lifted up his head and sat it’s head on it’s right hoof that also lifted up. We all thought it was going to stand up. But, it held it as we each could only stand in unbelief what we were seeing right before our eyes. We could only say Praise The Lord…and I went into prayer recognizing the presence of God among us and humbly thanked him for His presence and the life of this calf.

I thanked him also for showing himself real to my children of whom I always pray. I thank you for cooling everything off and we thank you for your presence Lord.

In Yeshua name we again thank you. Amein.

The calf then put took his head and curled it toward his tummy. The wind started to rise up and we found ourselves hurrying to the house. They quickly the story to my husband and left as 62 mph winds dropped the temperature from 90 degrees to 42 degrees. It was the 42 Parshah named Mattot Massei…meaning these are the tribes of Ya’cov and their journey.

Yes, we are his children and this is our journey through life. We are giving honor to His festivals to bring them back to the earth.

We had a calf born on Pesach in 2017. We had a calf born on Yom Kippur Tishri 10…the Day of Atonement. We had a calf born on Tishrei 15 that we named Tabby. We have calves born on Sabbath which now bear that name. This calf was born on a Monday when our family was in Montana…thus it carried the name Montana…but was changed after it’s resurrection.

We have one calf to be born in 2021. Not surprisingly she took the bull on the same day that Mattot Massei rose up from the dead. Yes, his half sister is now connected to the tribes and journeys of all that walks on the property named ElShaddai since 2010.

This heifer is just two years old in May 2021 and after she gives birth soon, she qualifies to be called a cow. The grandchildren were in the Smokey Mountains when she was born so they named her Smokey. I bought her from them but she has kept the name.

We have left the cow business but ventured back into it last fall when we got a call on Rosh Hosanna from Dale T. who had bought our three mother cows from us in 2019. He ask if I was interested in the heifer that was a full sister to Mattot Massei. Since we sold Mattot Massei because we didn’t need another bull, we said, Yes. Thus, she was agreed upon at Feast of Trumpets. Two weeks later my husband announced he was going to go pick up her up.

Yes, it was Feast of Tabernacles Day One, Tishrei 15. Thus, she carries the name Mishkan…which means temple or dwelling place. She will have a womb in which a baby can dwell in her temple. I pray the best for her as she now also has begun to build her own story line.

Thus, the only two cows on our property represent The Temple Mount.

I close with much awe at the “Hand of God’ on our lives.. Do NOT ever believe in death and only speak life and beg for it with sincerity.

We see TRUST is rewarded with the woman with an issue that declared her ‘unclean’ where she could not enter The Temple for TWELVE years. Then we have a temple official’s own daughter who made his home ‘unclean’ by her dying in it. We see it became clean again through Yeshua who makes us all CLEAN.

Happy Pesach 2021… If you’ve already celebrated Pesach last month…you can celebrate it again now…because if you are defiled for any reason or not able to make the first Passover…this is the one you can celebrate for three days. The Apostle Paul talks about this as he didn’t know if he could make it to the first one in Month One.

But in 2021…this should be the TRUE Month One because of NASA always declaring the 20th as the equinox. It is proven to be the 17th. Thus, we are in Month One Day 15, with a PINK moon. I’ll let you know if we have a calf born this Pesach Week. The first day and the last day are Sabbaths. After the first Sabbath we have the festival of First Fruits. He is our first fruit out of the ground. Then we can start Counting the Omer. On Day Forty of the Count of the Omer Yeshua Jesus left to Heaven’s realm where He is residing with The Father…until the determined time.

On Day Fifty we had the Holy Spirit arrive to indwell all who would receive him. If you reject Yeshua’s spirit, you reject The Father’s spirit. They are one. Receive this spirit and enjoy a protected life while on this earth.

Operate in Torah (Elohim’s Instructions) because this is what Yeshua was teaching when he was told by The Father, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased. Do what he tell you to do.”

Remember, the Son Yeshua can only say what The Father tells or instructs him. No one can add or subtract from God’s words…..

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