Alignment Series 1 – Lesson 3 – Priority of Authority – Ministries New Life

Ministries of New Life Marilyn Griffin shares the third or six lessons of Alignment. They are sincere in heart for our world to return to God. She is 81 years old and just five years ago….after loving Jesus since a young girl and age 17 walking out her life for Him, she found a correction. She tells her journey and how she doesn’t want you to miss what she misunderstood.

This lesson: Priority of Authority, Yehovah Elohim’s Calendars.

She is teaching live from the fireside room at a local church. The Sixth series will be held on March 15, 2020….just as the Corona Virus has closed down many churches, we pray she will finish this tomorrow. Our Creator began this series and He shall finish it….it is invaluable to our eternal spiritual well being.

Thank you for listening through the entire series. I drive 40 minutes to attend her class every Sabbath. This group earnestly digs into correct interpretation of The Scriptures. You can count her words as trustworthy. We all can have personal experiences such as Marilyn continues to have, if we seek His face in sincerity wanting TRUTH.

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