Pope Declares Year of Jubilee

Daniel 12:10. “Many will purify, cleanse and refine themselves; but the wicked will keep on acting wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand. But those with discernment will understand.”


September 1, 2015 17 Elul


December 8 2015 to November 26, 2016

Pope to allow all priests to forgive Abortion during Holy Year

Pope Francis will give all priests discretion to formally forgive women who have had abortions during the Roman Catholic Church’s upcoming Holy Year, in the Argentine pontiff’s latest move towards a more open and inclusive church.

In Church teaching, abortion is such a grave sin that those who procure or perform it incur an automatic excommunication. Usually only designated clergy and missionaries can formally forgive abortions.

But from Dec.8 to Nov. 26, during an extraordinary Holy Year or “Jubilee” on the theme of mercy announced by Pope Francis in March, all priests will be able to do so, he said in a letter published on Tuesday by the Vatican.

In the letter, Francis described the “existential and moral ordeal” faced by women who have terminated pregnancies and said he had “met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of this agonizing and painful decision”.

Francis is the first non-European pope in 1,300 years and has also marked himself out for his tolerance regarding taboo topics. In a remark that has become emblematic of his papacy, he asked “who am I to judge?” with regard to a gay person who seeks God.

He has shown no intention of retracting the Church’s opposition to abortion, but has alarmed conservatives by taking a less forceful tone on the issue than his predecessors.

“This is by no means an attempt to minimize the gravity of this sin but to widen the possibility of showing mercy,” Vatican chief spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told reporters.

Deputy Vatican spokesman Father Ciro Benedettini said that “for now” the change would apply only during the Holy Year.

Usually only a bishop, missionary or the chief confessor of a diocese, known by the Italian term “penitenziere”, can formally forgive an abortion, Benedettini said.

The pope’s letter did not mention people who perform abortions.

The Holy Year is one of the 1.2 billion-member church’s most important events, and sees faithful make pilgrimages to Rome and other religious sites around the world.

The event usually takes place every 25 years unless a pope decrees an extraordinary one to bring attention to a particular topic or need. It will be the 29th Holy Year in the 700-year history of the tradition.

(Additional reporting by Philip Pullella,; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)


December 8 2015 to November 26, 2016

What Hebrew dates are they?  Incredible!!!!!

Kislev 26 2015 to Cheshvan 25 2016 

Chanukah to 1335 the day (Dan 12:12) the Sabbath study on Life of Sarah 

(If you can make it to the 1335 days – Cheshvan 25 – you will be blessed…Dan 12:12)

The 700-year history of the Catholic Church proclaiming Jubilee years is averaging one every  24.1379 years. This is the 29th Jubilee proclaimed….

The Pope’s Jubilee has been chosen to be in the same year as the Hebrew’s 1st Shemittah cycle – Yes, the year that could announce the Jubilee year of the Kingship of Messiah Yeshua.  Now who is stealing whose thunder?  WOW…..  An abomination that desolates for sure.  Why could he not wait until next year?  Well, it sure makes sense to start the week (7 years) of desolation with this……

The Hebrew year of Jubilee would begin on The Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hoshanna, Tishrei 1. Many believe it is on God’s schedule to begin in 2015. I will leave that up to God as He alone knows the year, but He has told us the season (appointment/festival). We do know it begins a new 7-year cycle, known as a Shemittah cycle.

Abortion is now going to be forgiven in this year only…so far…to show mercy. This Catholic Church intent of mercy will endorse ‘do it’ and just go to confession.

Today, on September 1, 2015, 17 Elul, Priests are now being ask get involved to issue a license of freedom to murder.

Today the Supreme court ruled against the woman clerk who has refused to issue a marriage license in her city to same sex people. Her religious conscious tells her she can NOT do it. She does not desire to be part of what her conscious tells her is sin. On this same day, priest around the world will be required to participate in forgiving murder. Can, they refuse?

This will be the prayer to the priest,

First people declare themselves God’s child by making the sign of the cross.

Miriam is nervous to go into the confessional. She is thinking that how could God or a man forgive me of this horrific sin.

Katie is not nervous as she goes into the confessional as she knew her abortion was the right thing to do and this just confirmed it. Her priest can no longer look at her with condemning eyes. In fact, she is pregnant and needs another one. She walks in, makes the sign of the cross over her body and begins to tell how many abortions she has had in her life. After all, doesn’t God want her to be happy in this life and children take money and work in raising them.

Nancy is confused and will wait until the last day, Cheshvan 25, November 26, 2016. She may have to stand in a long line at the confessional, but she will wait to see how this really plays out for others. In fact, her boyfriend should stand in line with her because he is the one who paid for it and encouraged her to do it. In fact, her parents need to be in that line with her, too, she’s thinking. This has become a really big mess she says to herself…and I wish I would have just had the baby. She saw the ultrasound and knew she was having a boy….she named him after her boyfriend. Every day she talks to him and cries. No, she would not go to the confessional as her guilt was really still with God Himself. This baby was created in God’s image and that is what she had destroyed. She did not feel any single man called a priest could forgive her. It was all an act….and she knew her peace would only come from the Holy Spirit within giving her peace from this horrific sin.

Nancy would read the Chayei Sarah scriptures that would resound throughout the world on the last day of forgiveness by the Pope. She would read these scriptures to learn what God’s word said, not an assigned Pope.

Genesis 23:1 – 25:18; I Kings 1:1-31.

Yes, November 26, 2016 is the 1335th day from the abomination that brought desolation. It was June 7, 1967 that IsraEL re-captured Jerusalem. He gave it to them in the Six-Day War. On the last day 6.7.67 above all odds…it was theirs. God placed it into their hands. But, they feared that it would be violated in the future by the enemy so they lent it into the hands of the Arabs to protect. It was Israels but under the protective guard of the Arabs to this very day. No prayers can be said on it by a Jew. The Catholics and all other religions have their places on the Mount of Olives. But, the Jews only have one single short wall to which they are allowed to pray. This Mount is in desolation.

Dan 12:11 “From the time (ayin tav, עת ETH) the regular burnt offering is taken away and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. June 7, 1967 to September 23, 2015 is 1,290 days. What day is it? Yom Kippur….the day the Pope stands with Obama…as a courtesy picture…to say to the world….we’re taking Jerusalem.

Dan 12:12, “How blessed will be anyone who waits and arrives at the 1,335 days.”

The 1,335 day is Cheshvan 25. November 26, 2016 is Cheshvan 25. It is the Sabbath with the reading of Chayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life). Gen 23:1 – 25:18; I Kings 1:1-31.

On the Hebrew calendar 2014-2015 has been the 7th year of the 7-year Shemittah cycle. On September 13/14 2015 we enter into the next year. It is Rosh Hoshanna (Head of the Civil Year). It is also The Feast of Trumpets…the day we blow the shofar for declaring God and we listen to see if we hear His last long trump to announce the King. It is known as the Coronation of the King. Study the story of David and how he gets his bride Abigail. It is a picture of Messiah returning for His bride (IsraEL).

I stand with my mouth dropped open today.

On the study of Shoftim, (judgment), Pastor Biltz found a difference in the bibles that transcribed Daniel 12:7….

“The man dressed in linen who was above the water of the river raised his right and left hands toward heaven and swore by him who lives forever that it would be for a time, times and a half, and that it will be when the power of the holy people is no longer being shattered that all these things will end.

The word ‘time’ in the other verses in this chapter are spelled Ayin Tav, which is eth. Eth is time as we know time.

The words are not Ayin Tav at verse 12:7 declaring time, times and a half. People have used this to mean 3.5 years into the tribulation that peace will be declared. This thinking has lead to book after book and argument after argument as to who is going to be raptured or tormented and when.

This is why Hebrew is important for you to learn. I do not trust in men’s words, deeds or their books. I trust the original text and it was written in Hebrew by entirely all Hebrew men.

Satan always sets up what looks right in a pattern copying God’s pattern.  Now, in what could be the Hebrew’s JUBILEE YEAR…since we are entering into the FIRST Shemittah cycle…. we read the Pope declaring this date as the end of HIS Jubilee year for his 1.2 billion followers.

Not following the Torah is the same as being Torahless or Lawless.  We are warned about the ‘lawless’ ones that were already on the earth in Yeshua’s day.  They are anti-torah and against the anointing of the Messiah of whom is Yeshua (Jesus).  Yeshua is the living Torah.  He is our example of walking out the parts of it that we can.

The Pope is declaring Cheshvan 25 (1335th day) as the last day of forgiveness…extending mercy to millions on the ‘abortion’ issue. He chose the Life of Sarah to close the Jubilee. Believe, me this is darkness looking as Light…and that is what we’re told to look for.  This is a mockery of these scriptures.

Let’s read Daniel 12:9-10 to see why man has not understood this until now. Remember, you have to see God’s words through Hebraism and not Greek thinking. Men have thrown the baby out with the dish water. God’s People of the Book hold the words and will share them when the nations are no loner haughty.

Dan 12:9-10, “ But he said, “Go your way, Dani’el; for these words are to remain secret and sealed until the time (Ayin Tav, eth) of the end. 10. Many will purify, cleanse and refine themselves; but the wicked will keep on acting wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand. But those with discernment will understand.”

These are defining times, my friends. They are discerning times and we should want to purify, cleanse and refine ourselves so we can discern in times.

The 7-year Tribulation will begin in the pattern of the Shemittah cycle. It will follow the feasts and how they operate. If you don’t know The Lord’s Feasts….get a book a learn..quickly. They are not difficult. Then honor them and show up so you can learn what God is going to show you.

God uses evil intent and turns it to good. As Christians, we can look past man and see what God has allowed to a ‘Despicable Me’ generation. We are ignorant Minions attaching ourselves to evil thinking. It is God that intervenes and sets the course of man. Evil will not win out.

Up next….

I want to find the Jubilee years of the Catholic church and see when they occur. I’ll be back with an update.

But, first let me finish…..with the jaw dropper….

When does the Pope declare this Year of Jubilee ?

December 8, 2015. December 7, 1941 was Pearl Harbor. That was Kislev 25…. Yes, it was Day 1 of The Festival of Lights known as Chanukah. Kislev has shown us many things in our world. Let me show you just what I’ve added to my calendar in the last three years of ‘Seeing the Hand of God’ on it.

168 BC First PIG sacrifice on temple altar by Antiochus Epiphany.

165 BC Maccabees dedicate temple after being gone 3.5 years. 8-branch Chanukah made

34 AD Chanukah (Yeshua’s last time to celebrate it)

1811 Madrid Earthquakes – First of three..felt to Virginia. Second: Jan 23, 1812, Third: February 7, 1812

1929 6.0 Oklahoma, El Reno VI intensity felt 20,000 kilo

1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

1944 Japan 8.1 Earthquake

1957 Idaho quake damage at Galena Silver Mine fell 3400 ft underground scaring miners

1971 Roe versus Wade filed – Texas first discussion: single woman, married couple, physician

2012 Japan 7.3

2013 Thanksgivakah – First Thanksgiving on Chanukah since Lincoln est. 1861 on last November on Thursday. Roosevelt changed to 4th Thursday – more Christmas shopping.

We have a more than interesting day discussing Chanukah Day 1 – Kislev 25. The Maccabees won the Temple back on Kislev 15, cleaned it up, dedicated it on Kislev 25 with the candles miraculously burning for EIGHT days (with old materials found).

Maccabees dedicate Temple

Yeshua is walking on Solomon’s Porch at Chanukah before going to stake

Madrid – First of three quakes begins shaking America

Oklahoma El Reno quake

Pearl Harbor bombed by Japan 1941

Japan 8.1 earthquake 3 years to the day 1944

Idaho quake 1957

Roe v Wade 1971 papers filed in TX (44 years of murder)

Japan 7.3 2012

Thanksgivakah 2013

2014 Seven 5+ quakes in world

Chanukah Day 2 –

2012 7.1 Banda Sea earthquakes

2014 SEVEN 5+ earthquakes this day. Kislev 26

2015 – Pope declares 29th Year of Jubilee in last 700 years.

Priests can forgive people who have had abortions. If you’ve had an abortion, you are expelled from the church. The Church must be losing membership and will reconsider it’s ‘mercy’ in one year.

Daniel 10:13, “The prince of the kingdom of Persia (King Cyrus, our Iran) prevented me from coming twenty-one days, but Mikha’el, one of the chief princes, came to assist me, so that I was no longer needed there with the kings of Persia.  14 So, I have come that you will understand what will happen to your people in the acharit-haramin; for there is still another vision which will relate to those days.”

Daniel 10:1 says that Daniel had been morning for three weeks (3 sets of 7 = 21 days).  What day was he mourning?

Dan 10:4 “On the twenty-fourth day of the first month, I was on the bank of the great river, the Tigris, when I looked up..”

Daniel began mourning the day after the Feast of Trumpets, which is two days long… Tishrei 1, Tishrei 2.  It is Tishrei 3…which begins the Days of Awe…until Tishrei 10.  Tishrei 10 is Yom Kippur….the appointment of appointments…..the 1290 days of Daniel.  Then 45 days later is the 1335th day which brings us to Cheshvan 25….as in the days of Noah day.

My friends, this is a new study for many of us.  Our eyes are now seeing what time time and a half meant.  It is mo’ed, mo’edim.  The ‘m’ makes the word plural.  Appointment appointments.  What is man’s appointment of Appointments?  It’s Yom Kippur…the Day of Judgment.  It is the FAST.

You do NOT WORK or eat and afflict ourselves in whatever you can think of being in mourning for judgment about to fall you and befall the nations..our world.

When I saw that the Pope had called a Year of Jubilee..that was a shocker because this is the year that Messiah could come back to begin that Jubilee.

This Pope is making a mockery of our Creator just as the Rainbow above God’s throne has been made a mockery on our earth.

Then….the dates of this Jubilee make a mockery of Chanukah and the 1335th Day, Cheshvan 25, The Sabbath and the Life of Sarah….who wanted children and had to wait.  Now, this Pope is forgiving all people involved in the murder of children….all in the ‘false’ name of setting men free.  He has no authority under heaven to ‘forgive’ men of their sins….it is only Yeshua’s blood on the cross that can do that.

2718 words  and I’m still fuming…..But one more thing…  I just read in Daniel this….

Daniel 7:25 “He will speak against the Most High and try to exhaust the holy ones of the Most High.  He will attempt to alter the seasons and the law; and the (holy ones) will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time.”

Finish the verse yourself as my typing seems to go on and on.

Daniel is showing how The Lord’s Feast Days have  attempted to be altered.  And, they have.  Christians do not read Hebrew as they’ve been taught that Greek is the best way to read God’s word.  Wrong!  The festivals and the law….  the law does not always mean legislation but instruction.  God’s Feasts and instructions have been altered.  Those that love The Lord’s Feasts and His Torah (instructions) because they first love Yeshua are handed over at the appointment of appointments’; Yom Kippur.

History repeats itself.  The biblical calendar flows and ebbs through the years with themes that build upon each other.  God does not desire for any to perish and wants to learn from these words.  It is not Cyrus (Persia) that  totally brought them back and helped them build the temple after Babylon’s captivity.  He was haughty and said, “Look what I did.”  God had him return the way he had come and he was not heard much of again in history.  Daniel shows how the governments are established and how they are removed.

This Pope is just another false religious god that people tell their sins to.  Obama will play into it with giving the Pope access to the Temple Mount.  The Pope has chosen Chanukah because he will be that new ruler in Jerusalem in the new Temple as it’s built.  Muslims consider Catholics Christians.  Christians have one thing in common with Catholics and that is the blood of Jesus at the cross.

In 604-605 BC King Nebuchadnezzar sent three young men into the fire and found four standing there.  God told us as in the days of Noah it will be….but the next total purification will be by fire.  Cheshvan 27 is when Noah steps off the ark and immediately on Cheshvan 28 he offers living animals, as they were his best over any human sacrifice.. which was forbidden. God saw Noah’s heart as he planned to keep on keeping Torah (God’s instructions).  He took in seven sets of clean animals…for the future sacrifices.  He blessed Noah and they all multiplied.

The Popes, priests, nuns, abortion and gays do not populate God’s earth, thus stopping God’s image.

Daniel 11:36-37  “The king will do as he pleases.  He will exalt himself and consider Himself greater than any god, and he will utter blasphemies against the God of gods.  He will prosper only until the period of wrath is over, for what has been determined must take place. 37  He will show no respect for the gods his ancestors worshiped, or for the god women worship – he won’t show respect for any god, because he will consider himself greater than all of them.”

Obama has a Jewish mother…he does not respect that.

These men will stand before the world on the Appointment of Appointments.   Yom Kippur, September 23, 2015 at the White House.

Men are to be chastised on the Appointment of Appointments…Yom Kippur….  Do we celebrate or ‘mourn with those that mourn’?  It’s another dividing line that God has set up.  Will Americans drive hundreds of miles to see their See…of whom is considered God on earth?

Yom Kippur 2015 is the exact 1290th day from June 7, 1967, the day Jerusalem was won, but defiled….no prayer on it allowed for the Jews.  But, the Muslims says, it will be House of Prayer for all nations….except the Jew.

Cheshvan 25 is the 1335th day of Daniel 12:12….if you an make it to that day………you will be blessed….but you may be purified on the way.  Yom Kippur 2015 has America being initiated with this Universal religion that believes they are Israel.  The twelve stars around Mary’s head are the twelve apostles, not the Twelve Tribes of IsraEL…  I think the disciple Paul is really upset as he already told them in Athens to stop bowing down to him…he was not a god.

Daniel 2:28 “But there is a God in heaven who unlocks mysteries….

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    I want to look at this long article written in 2015. We can look back and see God’s hand on us. And, it seems that Israel is also calling 2016 a Jubilee year….. Thus, we have a calender that can look for the patterns from the past….aligning so we look at the sun and moon as set in place to declare The Lord’s Feasts and not just for rotation of seasonal crops…etc. There already was light and then on the 4th day the sun and moon were set to declare His Glorious festivals….not the Jews Feasts…but The Lord’s Festivals for us to join in so we know His ways.


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