Earth’s 121st Jubilee – Part I – What is One hour in the heavenlies?

One hundred-twenty Jubilees from Adom to now is 6000 years (120 x 50 = 6000).  What happens in year 6001? Yes, what happens in the year 2017?  On the current Hebrew calendar the year is 5777 which began October 3, 2016.

What has happened since the Hebrew year of 5777 began?  America and the world felt a ‘historical’ leadership change.   Donald Trump became President Elect and Hilary Clinton is reneging on her promise to concede.  (Is this reneging another pattern to be looked at?)  And now, we have a future president of whom has eight Jewish grandchildren and man himself that I believe has a Jewish father named Fred Trump.  But, lest to discuss it too much before his inauguration in case men issue him their own ‘Hitler’s Final Solution’. This is the month to bring memory to Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy..both assassinated….also Abel was slain by Cain.

Yes, if it is true that we are completing the 6000th year from Adom and we are walking into the 6001st year….what does it look like?  What did that patriarch’s lives look like?  Can we learn our future from their patterns?  I believe we can….  It is Day Six according to The Creator.  He brought the first Adom forth and is to return as, The Second Adom.

They say, “Timing is everything.”

Noache got off the ark at age 601.  What did Noach do as soon as he got off the ark?

Adom was created on Day 6.  What did Adom do the next day?

Adom was removed from garden Tevet 1.  What did Adom do that day?

Joshua counted the number of Hebrew male warriors from ages 20 to 40 before they crossed the Jordan.  Mosche had been mourned for thirty days (a Rosh Chodesh).  The older generation had been removed because of not believing Adonai.  Each tribe was numbered and the total count was 601,750 when they crossed the Jordan River to take the land over the next twenty plus years.  Three families remained to protect the border.  What was set up immediately as they crossed on Day One?

Issac age 60 beget Jacob (deceiver, heel) renamed Israel (Yah’s prince).

Jacob age 61 beget Benjamin, (son of right hand).

Joseph age 50 had Manassah (forgotten) for 60 years and then Joseph died age 110.

author’s pen name: hadassah miriam – age 60 – anchored self in the Midwest of America building a home likened to Jerusalem stone and cedar wood of Lebanon – leaving Arizona, land of palm trees – Egypt.

This author’s life’s dream of visiting Israel happened age 59, May 13-22 2009.

Her seven-year journey of 2009 – 2016 completes one shemittah cycle of her life.  At the end of this 7-year learning curves she had changed and now brings her offerings to a Hebrew Messiah and not a Greek Jesus.

By 2010-2011 (age 60-61) she was fully returning to the roots of the bible where Adonai has firmly planted her in the ways of The Torah.   At age 61 in her new sukkot she was able to meditate day and night on The Torah.  Her real estate career in Arizona was now ended and full focus was on the Hebrew aspects of her savior and how she should now live out her remaining days on the earth.

Today, at age 66 in 2016, she is giving praise to The Creator from her own  little Jerusalem Sukkot (tent) honoring His appointed times and not those made by man.

Chanukah Day One is Kislev 25 which is also December 25, 2016.  I will celebrate with our two sons and their eight children as they observe Christmas their way.  I will give gifts if they drop by my home from where I will give them a Chanukah gift…representing The Festival of Lights…The Temple that was rededicated by the Maccabees.  The Festival of Dedication also represents the temple that is in each of us when we claim Yeshua (Jesus) Messiach as our King.

Yeshua (meaning: my salvation) was born at the Feast of Tabernacles as observed through the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth having John when Miriam would have been three months pregnant.

Constantine in 325 AD eliminated The Lord’s Feasts and implemented Eastar and Christmas.  He and his mother built their church of authority on the five hills in Rome and later on the five hills in Turkey, calling it Constantinople.  That town has been taken over and is now known as Istanbul run by Muslims.

How can  I stand before The Judgement Seat of God and He claim He never knew me?  He will claim that I had a Roman soldiers garment on when I am suppose to be wearing a Priestly garment?  He does have the right to cast me out!  I wouldn’t really know how to participate in His kingdom.  I would probably just cause a lot of arguing and that that is exactly what we’re working through on this earth.  That is resolved by this time.

Paths of Patterns

The hook that Adonai puts in us is to show us the truth.  When I pull back away from that truth, I hold tight to Babylon’s hooks….and I deserve death.  But, it is TRUTH that sets us free….HIS TRUTH lies in ALL His words.  The New Testament and Yeshua’s words confirm the old…and don’t add anything new.  The ancient paths of patterns are Adom, Noach, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.  We learn from their patterns over the last 6000 years and they CONFIRM each other.  Our Creator designed everything to fit perfectly together and yet giving man free will to participate.

Pattern: Israel draws men to itself.

When true believers spend time in Israel, they are drawn back to it.  Their minds think of it every day which brings them to pray for that land.  The earth is Yah’s footstool and Jerusalem is from where He will reign…says the Bible.

My life dream was to see the land of Israel.  When I returned to the USA in 2009 my heart remained in that land…as many will give witness to their own hearts now turned to that little place on the earth.  It truly has been magnified above all other lands from the foundation of the world.

The hooks in my nose pulled me to it’s actual land on May 13 to May 23 2009.    I did not understand the Hebrew calendar at that time.  I now see that our Creator had me walk His land at a very special time.  It would be during the Days of the Counting of the Omer.  It would be during The Sabbath readings of Behar and Bechukota meaning:  On the mountain and by my regulations.  I was on the mountain getting instruction just as Moses gave them instructions from one mountain.   Joshua (Yoshua/Yeshua) then brought them to the next mountain from where they would be the example to the world of what Moses instructed them.  These very mountains are still speaking to us today.  Hagar and Sinai represent the bond servant and the free servant.  Free to live out the Torah so we are not in bondage it’s penalty of death.

The entire world and Israel were focusing on these scriptures:  Leviticus 25:1-26:2, Jeremiah 32:6-27; Leviticus 26:3-27:34, Jeremiah 16:19-17:14.   It was the last readings for the book of Leviticus.  Therefore, at the end of each book it is said, “Hazak, hazak, v’nit’chazek!”  Be strong, be strong, and let us be strengthened!  I was strengthened as I left the mountains of Israel to take His regulations (instructions/torah) to the world.

The Hebrew dates of my sojourning  were 19 Iyyar to 28 Iyyar.  I would stand on that soil at the time that Yeshua went back to the father on the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer known today as The Ascension.  But, before the ascension, He was moving quickly giving them instructions and producing miracles to prove who He was.  I was gone on Day 44 of the Counting of the Omer.  It is on Day 50 of the Counting of the Omer that Yeshua came again in the form of the Holy Spirit known as The Ruach HaChodesh; also known as Pentecost.  It is the same day the instructions (torah) was given by Mosche to the assembly at the base of mountain Sinai.    These are mountain experiences that are written down for patterns to follow.

I stood at the Kidron Valley where the blood had poured out of The Temple for the sacrifices that were offered.  I would not make my life a living sacrifice to the one of whom gave me eternal life.  We sang songs of praise where musician Steve Carpenter lived.  It’s balcony looked north to the Temple walls that are now desecrated with false religions sitting on it.  The next day I was lead away to go back to the four corners of the earth to bring the good news of The Messiach.  The day our tour group departed was the anniversary of the  1967 Six-Day War.  It is known as Jerusalem Day.  It was Day Six of the Six-Day War when Jerusalem was re-captured in 1967.

Today, I know how to read the Hebrew calendar because the hooks in me are so deep that I know God is REAL in my life.  He has me and no matter who disagrees or tries to discourage me….I will NOT pull away.

What do these hooks produce in my life?  They have caused me to search out ‘pattern’s so I can help prove God is real in other’s lives, as well.  Men live by faith and faith comes by hearing….  Once we hear and see patterns, we will witness them all around us and see that God is Good….all the time!

Are the patterns we’re looking at enough to bring us to the conclusion that the day and year in which we live are important?  As I  look at my own life, and what it looked like at age 60 and 61 and now I am 66 years old, I see God still uses ordinary sinful people to bring His messages.  My life prayer has been that God would use me for His greater purposes.  I believe He is answering me in ways that I did NOT expect….in much turmoil.  TURMOIL?  All of the above mentioned patriarchs stayed ‘faithful’ through their turmoils.

November 26 2016 has the Hebrew date of Cheshvan 25, 5777.   The Torah study is, “The Life of Sarah.”  Genesis 23:1-25:18; I Kings 1:1-31.

Sariah was ninety (90) when Yah used her to deliver Isaac into the world. Isaac is renamed to Israel.  Israel’s family is consider the Bride and The Messiach is known as The Groom.

These next few articles are going to explore the 121st Jubilee of the earth.  Is The Messiach coming in this next Jubilee?  What will it take to purify the earth?  What will it take to move Christians out of Constantine and into chasing the tallite (Torah)?  Does the Christian make the Jew jealous today?  Does a Greek Jesus make them jealous….because this one removes The Torah.  The Hebrew Yeshua says he is The Torah.  People have to decide which one they want to follow.  Thus, they will think Greek and not Hebrew…or think Hebrew and not Greek.

Is there a time when God becomes silence and no longer hears man’s plea.  It is a time when they are left over to their own humanity…their own thinking.  It is a time that God removes his hand from their lives.

There are times of silence seen in the patterns of men in the Bible.  There is one-half hour of silence in the heavens mentioned in the Bible.  What do we know about that hour?  Is there a pattern of it happening before?

One day to the Lord is as 1,000 years to man, the Bible says.    That makes one hour being 41.6 years that could be rounded up to 42 years.  That also makes one-half hour to be 20.8 years rounded up to 21 years.

As we learn about patterns, our Creator is not Greek and does not necessarily stick to exact meanings in the numbers.  The numbers can change to a day, a year, a number of people or whatever He choses but the consistency will be in the number itself.  In the case of six it has a picture, numerical and literal meaning.  So the number is there but it can act in other ways.  We will see this in we find that they are still guarded under Adonai’s protection until the fourth month, new Chodesh.  That places it 42-44 days away from month two, day seventeen.  It is six weeks of seven days…or 42 days.  We just learned that one hour of heavenly time is 41.8 years…just at 42 years.  Adonai uses this same formula to keeping Adom and Chanoh in the Gan of Eden, not in years, but in days.  The pattern is being set and associates itself with 40.

There are many patterns for forty years in the bible.  But, my focus has been with Adom, Noah, Moses and Jacob in these last months so I’ll try to stick with that.

A simple form would be to look at Mosche first.  He had forty years in the world (Egypt), forty years in Midian where he acquired his wife and two sons, and then forty years in the desert.  Each of these forty years represents something.

The Midianites are grandchildren of Lot and Lot’s daughter.  They would not let the Hebrews pass through their land on the way to the promised land once they left Pharaoh’s Egypt.  Since the Midianites would not allow Israel’s clan to enter through, they have been a clan that is not to be mingled with.  God brings his own judgment on them in His due time.  Moses marries a Midianite woman and lives with them for forty years.  We are going to call this God’s ‘silent’ time for Moses even though Adonai was growing Moses for leadership in the future.  Moses was away from his family and the ways of God.

We will focus on ‘silence’ from God in the next blog…Jubilee 121, Part II.  What happens in silence?  The same thing that goes on in heaven goes on in the earth.  Thus, if the arch angels are told to quit fighting man’s battles and evil does descent upon the earth…then Adonai has closed heaven and it is silent… The Heavens are silent as man now is without God sending intervening arch angels.

Do we remember the story of  the arch angel Gabriel declaring how he was held up for twenty-one days because he was assisting Michael, another arch angel, who was  fighting the Prince of Persia?

Now, perhaps we will see silence for that 20.8 years or could it be days?  No matter, it states one-half hour the heavens were silent….It was finally quiet as they all probably watched the mayhem that happens when men quit praying to The Creator Elohim.

Jacob was gone for just about 20.8 years when Benjamin was born.  He was in silence from his family and away from the altar that he first laid his head upon and was anointed.  He had a timely return and could now raise up his children…away from his idolatry wife, Rachael who was still influenced by her father’s sinful house.  Laban saw Jacob’s God in action, but like the Haitians in Haiti…they believe in Jesus Christ but at night they perform their voodoo….just to make sure ALL gods are appeased.  No, there is ONE God to be worshiped and He won’t be insulted by us having several gods in our lives.  God will go silent….so we should seek His ways before they can no longer be found.  He tells us His ways are eternal…that stretched as the stars through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  That includes those that join the family of Jacob…and the promise is forever, forever……is forever……  Do you reject the Jewish Jesus….coming as a Jew…acting out Torah…because He is the Word…Torah?   If we ask Him to deny The Torah….we are rejecting who He really is!!!!  The Messiach…can NOT violate it in one point…  We sin by violating it because we’re humans….but God can never go against His own words….that makes Yeshua, God.  The Scripture even says that even being God he humbled Himself and came in the flesh to save men from their penalty of spiritual death for sinning against The Torah.

It’s all about timing.   The Book of Jubilees confirms timing… read read read.  Then you will be ready for Part II.

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