A ‘false passover’ March 23 2016 at Fast of Esther, solar eclipse, & False Pass Earthquake!

UPDATE:  Since writing this post on the day of the second ‘solar’ eclipse for 2016…I’m going to refer you to the next post I’ll write…because our GOD is truly amazing….  That post will confirm the ‘false’ passover.  Man’ intention can mean well…but we can and MUST not change God’s calendar…everything hangs in the balance because of the HIllel calendar…..

Please reference the study, “False Pass Earthquakes for 2016.”

This blog will be an intro to the full study I show you on the Alaska False Pass earthquakes


There were six eclipses in 2011 that we just studied to see if the eclipses gravitational pulls affected earthquakes.  It was a more than a revealing study…go to Eclipsing Earthquakes on this blog site…I’m still amazed.

And, the final eclipse is on September 16, 2016.  This eclipse begins it’s cycle as the Sabbath begins on Friday.  The Sabbath begins the evening before the Sabbath which is Saturday.  Thus, these eclipses are definitely pointing in a direction.

Three of the last eclipses in 2011 were as the Sabbath began, or ON it.  The second of the six eclipses was on Jerusalem Day. And, our very next eclipse to review in 2012 will again be on Jerusalem Day.  Don’t think this is a coincidence!  Our Creator designed the universe and set the eclipses in place…and then he put His special days on them.

Some believe it is beginning their Feast of Tabernacles since they are on a different calendar.  Let’s see if we can find some evidence hidden in these signals.

People fast on The Fast of Esther

Four eclipses occur in 2016.  The first signal was a solar eclipse on March 6.  It is the second eclipse that will be reviewed and was a lunar eclipse on March 23 which celebrated Esther; The Fast of Esther.  The Hebrew date was 13 Adar II.  There are two months of Adar in 2016 to help adjust for earth’s rotation around the sun and moon.

Our earth experienced 13 4.5+ earthquakes that day.  The lunar penumbra would have a small pull. Purim was the next day and Shushan Purim the next day on Friday.   Shushan Purim is Purim celebrated outside Shushan…  Thus we will look at Adar 13 14 15 to see what it was signaling.

I had written on my calendar for that date, “false Passover.”  When the calendar has an added month, it is this last Adar that becomes the main Adar of the month.  But, if groups argue with the rabbinic calendar and desire to go by their own calculations of the calendar, they would be having Passover instead.    Thus, I labeled it a ‘false passover’ as I don’t see that man should replace what was established in the land of Israel by men appointed by their Sanhedrin in Israel.

We see the Sanhedrin being established when Mosche’s father-in-law, Yithro, suggest Mosche set up leaders of whom  become judges for the people.  They set up seventy leaders of which the Sanhedrin today still has ‘seventy’ leaders.  These men set the calendar in the days of Hillel and we see God honoring it to this day.  The School of Hillel and The School of Gamliel were highly respected in the days of Yeshua Jesus.

My goal is to never think myself higher than I might and to give respect to what God established as a set apart (holy) people on the earth.

March 1 2016 hosted the first eclipse.

This ‘False passover’ earthquakes occurs with the second eclipse of 2016 on March 23 which occurs ON The Fast of Esther.  The Hebrew date is:  13 Adar II.  It is the second Adar and the one counted for activity purposes of staying on task for the rest of God’s appointments on the calendar.

The story of Ester shows us hidden things just as this eclipse hides something and casts a shadow on other things…land, earthquakes and more.

Now, that I’ve studied the False Pass earthquakes they are amazingly positioned on God’s calendar.  Please see that report as I suggested at the beginning update.


The replacement of the Jews then was total annihilation which was granted by the King through Haman.  It would be through fasting and prayer for three days by all Jews and Esther that Esther would then go before the King to make her request known.  She will have to reveal who she really is at that time.

Adar 13 was the day that the lot was cast for the total annihilation to those that would not bow to the King.  Jews can bow to only one King and that is The Creator ADONAI.  Every Jew was to die on 13 Adar.  That date was NOT canceled; but it was determined that the Jews in the entire 120 Providences of Shushan could defend themselves.

This brings me to my favorite pattern in 120.  If you’ve been reading my posts, this number is certainly brought forward into history from the beginning to the end.  Even Strong’s Concordance gives Adam the number 120 as his reference for ‘mankind’.  We are fast approaching this fall of entering into the 120th Jubilee of the earth… The year 2017 that begins this Jubilee does not start in January, but in October.

There were 120 providences in Shushan.  We know Esther’s location of her reign to be known as Persia which is Iran today.  God allowed this empire to reach  a huge land mass to the Mediterranean Sea.  It included even the islands…there was not much it did not cover…it almost sounds like Abraham’s view of the land that he is still to acquire.  It consumed our China Turkey, Iran to Egypt Turkey Syria…and islands.

Even the governors of these 120 provinces helped remove  the Hebrews enemies… 75,850 souls died over several years time.  They preemptively struck close to home first as we see the first number coming from inside Shushan.

This occurs after the seventy-year captivity in Babylon…a beautiful place.  King Cyrus tried to get Jews to return, but many stayed hidden in other cities and were worse off because they didn’t have King Cyrus’ protection.

Again, a perfect picture of shadowing (hidden) in this eclipse of March 23 2016.

I love Esther’s story so much that I took Esther’s hidden name, hadassah as my pen-name.  She was for ‘such a time as this’ and I feel my fingers write ‘for such a time as this.’

We just came out the 2014-2015 years that had four consecutive total lunar eclipses called a Tetrad.  These are signs for the earth about War and they are always about Israel…and God desiring to establish her in her land.  People talk about when our WWIII began.  ost people just know there is war after war after war…but no one says WWIII…but I saw it on a news report today…WWIII.  Yes, and it’s about Israel..and that Temple Mount and Jerusalem.  We just keep fighting and killing people so that Israel will be the ‘booty’.  No one wants her destroyed because there is so much history on  both sides of our streets.

I just posted a news report that Syria struck down two Israel’s air craft.  They were taking pride in doing it.  Israel reported that rockets did try to attack but they missed and that is why Israel did a ‘fly over’ of Syria.  God’s hand protects her….and we must, too.

These last years have been so stressful with ISIS and whatever other name we can call the enemy who seeks to devour, consume and destroy the Judea Christian and Jew off the face of the earth.  We have a president of whom has only seemed to have promoted their agenda seeking his own agenda of climbing the world ladder.  I guess I still have freedom of speech on the internet…but come January 2017…Obama has handed us over to the United Nations to be ruled and thus…freedom of speech will end.  Perhaps that is why I just find myself pressing forward in life and in blogging….look at what I’ve put out there just in September….I can’t even believer it…but I’m thankful…I wish to remain hidden while speaking the truth.

Talk about being hidden………. look at this!

I just charted the earthquakes of 5.0+ for March 23, 2016…ZERO…Yes, there were not any earthquakes over 5.0.  This is just like hadassah to be hidden…this eclipse hides things and it pulled no earthquakes greater than 5.0.


Amazing….the day of the penumbra lunar eclipse of Saros series 143 there are zero earthquakes above 5.0….  I love this story-line…the lunar eclipse hides earthquakes from the earth.

Let us think about this…What is the The Fast of Esther…Fasting.  I was fasting because you mourn with those that mourn.  Our Creator heard the prayers of children and relented of destruction in the form of earthquakes.  I’m just really dropping my mouth because there is usually at least one 5.0 on the earth…but ZERO…hmm.  Yes,…. Our Creator…even hide the earthquakes.  Praise His Name!

Now, I checked to see if there were any 4.5+ on March 23 and..YES!  THIRTEEN!  Oh, and to my amazement guess what happened after the (or during) the eclipse?  I now see the confirmation in this eclipse through the 4.5+ earthquake to False Pass, Alaska.  So, for those that wanted to do away with Hillel’s Hebrew calendar which honor two Adars in 2016, we have an earthquake at False Pass….yes… False Passover.  Many honored Passover this year on this day which was a month before Passover.  And, we see allocations that if a person could not make the Passover in the first month, that he could have his own a month later.  That would make it in Iyyar of which the Messiach Jesus Yeshua was still walking around and teaching Torah.  He came out of the hidden tomb and was truly seen as the resurrected Lamb.


The False Pass Alaska earthquake probably was shadowed as we see that the west Americas were shadowed as well and False Pass Alaska is just north and sits west.

This lunar eclipse did not immediately produce an earthquake in the 6.0+magnitude range quickly after it’s occurrence..  This eclipse was hiding as Esther was hiding.

We will revisit this location as I now pulled all the Earthquakes in the United States, Canada, and Mexico since March 1, 2016.  It’s good I’m a curious person and therefore I share what I find…just in case you might start believing in ‘The Hand of God’ on His earth.

I did add ‘current events’  to the 2011 studies, so let’s see what March 23 2016 in history looked like on 13 Adar, The Fast of Esther.

1865   Sherman Union army occupies Fayetteville NC;   Sabbath Tetzaveh (you are commanded) Exodus 27:20-30:10.

1944   Japanese attack  American’s beachhead at Bougainville.

1945   19th Indian Division advance on Mandalay reaching it on March 9, Fast of Esther.

1986   Total Lunar eclipse on Fast of Esther.

2009   S&P collapse ends this day.  It had dropped 56 per cent.  October 9 2007 was peak..drastic 1.5 year collapse ended March 9, 2009, Fast of Esther.

2010  8.8 CHILE   Bio-Bio 700 die February 27 2010, 13 Adar Fast of Esther on Shabbot Tetzaveh (you are to order), Exodus 27:20-30:10.

2014   6.1, 6.3 Peru earthquakes

2016  7  4.5+ earthquakes in the world.

2016   Penumbral Lunar eclipse on Fast of Esther  (70 years ago to the day…1986 total Lunar)


Go to blog: False Pass Alaska Earthquakes Reveal False Worship!

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