Truth about last Lunar Eclipse 2016. ‘Truth About NY Bombings, MN and Israel stabbings.

A call for ‘lone killers’ went out across the world.  And, on the same day the European Union met to organize their own military force to combat their foes.  These ‘lone wolves’ reinforce the need to world military….resulting in more military…that does not solve the problems…because they are the problem.

Britain has removed itself from the European Union.  They do NOT want to be part of a group that has different friends.  When you are part of an organization, you are required to fight what they consider their enemy.  The United Nations has become Muslim dominate and the European Union is Muslim dominate.  If Muslims consider any religion other than their own, their enemy….then it is necessary for those to depart the organization that no longer is what they joined.  Organizations change as the ruling majority change.

The infiltration from within is what we see in world governments. just posted an excellent video on Islamophobia by Breaking Israel News and what Islamophobia really is.  How can anyone be blamed  for being afraid of what kills them.  Some people may be afraid of heights and thus have a phobia.  When the one group seems to be at the head of all killings, that is just cause for becoming a phobic.  The human being has an instinct to live and not die.  When this reverses and the human desires to die rather than live….there is a problem in the society.

I am a phobic to evil Muslims because I never know which one has a car that desires to run over me or one that has a knife up their sleeve to stab me.  And, if all the videos show who is behind the killings…it can be assumed we all should become phobic to what might kill us.  I have some  Muslim friends, who also have become phobic of their own relatives…gone radical.  So, how about the word RadicalISphobia?

I am voting for a person who recognizes the truth and will do something to set me free from my phobias.  No one likes to be afraid of ‘heights’ and no one likes to send their child off to school or go into a mall and feel that if they shop they will attacked.  This is not the way of the world that was established from Adom.  In fact, The Scriptures indicate that after Cain murdered (premeditating is murder) his brother Abel, God marked him so no one on the earth would kill him.  God was the avenger and would deal with Cain down through history.  It is then noted that Adam was the first to be buried in the earth.  That means that since Adom was 930 years old when he died, no man had seen a man die.

In our ‘end of days,’ men see men die every day.  There is nothing new of evil that has not been seen by man.  I watched the movie “Nanking’ showing the taking over of that area by the Japanese.  The orphans and women  were violently molested and brutally killed.

We like to think we live in a world that has respect for each other, but we do not.  This is why ADONAI kept telling the Israelites to not follow the other nations as their gods would lead to much trouble.  And, we see these troubles as NO respect for life other than what they think is their ‘correct’ view of their god.

This goes back to the fact that there is ONE God.  The living God who interacts with man.  God is Spirit and not visible but through actions.  But, the man Yeshua Jesus will be back.  Until that time, men like their own  understanding and doing what is right in their own eyes.

We MUST talk about ONE God!  We talk about tolerance and needing more tolerance.  This is true until the Messiach returns, but what is also true is allowing the real debate to come about that shows who the REAL God is.  Israel are known as The People of the Book.  Israel must ‘grow up’ and be able to present TORAH to the world.  But, they do NOT present it because in the past they have been persecuted for it…as it was something of OLD and not for today….and after all, ‘they killed OUR Jesus’ is what has been said.

Ezekiel slew 450 bad prophets with a donkey’s jaw after God consumed his fire…even after Ezekiel saturated it with water.  The debate came to a climax as Ezekiel called ADONAI to intervene.


When times are the worst is when the Creator will shine.  But, he is waiting for the people to take sides.  Mosche told those to move away from Korach’s tents or they would die.  And, we see the earth opened up and swallowed them up and then closed up again removing them forever.  The stories in Scripture continually show two paths, one of following Torah and one following their own ways.

We know that the middle of Jerusalem will split in half when the Messiach’s feet land on the Mt.of Olives.  It is a battle likened to Ezekiel’s war where sides are chosen.  Many evil people will die and many will still be left.   Men will always have free will to choose as still do the  angels.   Men will continue to be born on the earth during the Millennial Reign.

These anti-Christs will be locked up for a thousand years and The Torah will reign in men’s hearts as The Messiach Yeshua will teach it from Jerusalem.  Thus, anything that was against ‘The Anointing’ is gone…replacement theology won’t exist because it’s done…or we could say, “It has begun.”  The Davidic reign is no longer debated as it is alive on the earth.  Yeshua Jesus is the son of David and reigns…and as King he will teach Torah every day.  Kings were to write their own Torah scrolls once a year and read to the people once a week and themselves every day.

So, who do we battle now?  Scripture tells us that anti-christs were even in Christ’s day.   Today, they have multiplied greatly and are even  seen more so in the church.  The seven churches in Turkey are well defined for us to learn what God thinks of churches….none of them was perfect…but they were told to RETURN to what they knew.  RETURN means they were doing something right at one time.

Many men today proclaim to be the Messiach and many look forward to their own messiah coming such as Islam.    Isn’t it interesting that both Christians, Jews and Muslims await a Messiah.  He is the one and only Messiach.  Many will be surprised; but all will ALL ‘bow the knee.’

Satan follows the patterns in the Scriptures and unless men study The Scriptures, they will not know when they are being deceived.  If you study a dollar bill long enough, you will then recognize a counterfeit when you see it.  It is the same with God.  He hates sin and loves life…but you must study the correct scriptures to see that.  The question that has to be answered then is, “What is truth.”

On this  last warring eclipse on September 16, 2016 we see ‘the charge’ that went out from ISIS to destroy life.  Those that are seeking to destroy God’s image from the earth, believe they are cleansing the earth of sin when they remove ancient idols of old.   They remove those that they recognize in their holy Koran that says sin is homosexuality.  In his very Torah portion being read all around the world, this issue is addressed.

It is God’s purpose to convict the sinner of violating His Torah (instructions) and it is He only that removes the sinner earlier than his life-path was intended.

What we forget is that if we are not to offend God in one point, than we also can NOT ‘MURDER.’  We can NOT take justice into our own hands…because it is only our justice and not God’s justice.  In these Scriptures the pattern repeats itself in showing us why the person or man and woman are to be put to death by the community…not a single person in a terror attack.  They are removed from society so this stops being an abomination in God’s community of Israel.  It is hopefully a one-time example in order to ‘set a standard.’

Godly men are to intervene in sin and make correction…but within a court system.

We can recognize sin, but it is up to the Holy Spirit to convict men of their sin (their missing the mark) of not living out The Torah correctly in order to live safely on the earth.  Man is not perfect and will violate Torah….but those are ‘unintentional’ sins….MURDER is intentional….there was no offering for ‘unintentional’ sin!  These terrorists are ‘removed’ and should not be praised and made heroes.

Cain was marked….  Man is to be marked by God’s mark, the ‘tav’.  The letter ‘Tav’ means sign or covenant.

We are marked in His sign of the Covenant  which is Yeshua Jesus’ blood on the stake, which makes him The Messiach.  It’s a covenant of faith in the Savior Yeshua and that He literally reigns on the Throne of David.  The Davidic Covenant is ready, but man is not.

It is NOT jihad that brings in The Messiach….but The Torah…obeying it means we are ready to SHEMA…hear about it and do it from a repentant heart.  He desires no man to perish, but to live in it…then it will be accepted into the minds of men and come through their hearts into action.  When you love the one of whom created you, you want to live as He lives….and lived…and will live again….In Torah…After all, His Words, the Torah are even above His name.

I hope I’ve been clear, because it saddens my Spirit to see men removing what God meant to have established across the earth.  It is by removing The Torah, that death comes and we do NOT feel safe on the earth….we have caused this by accepting old tales that TORAH is old and not valid for today….there is nothing further from the truth.  His grace is pictured as a tent over us and our faith represented as ‘tent pegs’  the action part  holding up the tent of grace over us.

Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us that it is by grace that we are saved….but do not leave out the next two verses.

Esphsians 2:10 “For we are of God’s making, created in union with the Messiach Yeshua (Jesus) for a life of good actions already prepared by God for us to do.  (Torah)  (Torah is the ancient path, known from the foundation of the world; but expounded on through Mosche as now there was a set-apart people that had grown to over 2 million people and they needed more instructions than what was given to Adom or Noach.


What is the Torah Study for this weekend as the ‘slaughterings’ prevail?  Look at Deuteronomy 21:20 – 25:19.  Ki Tetze (when you go out).

Our Creator set every thing in the heavens in perfect order according to their own torah (instructions).  This reading is no coincidence…it is from God speaking to the world.

“When you go out to war against your enemies, and ADONAI your God hands them over to you, and you take prisoners……

In Israel, the three different attempts at different locations of killings IDF and trying to kill people by running people down with their car only left the terrorists DEAD.  Shot— Dead.  In MN the attacker was shot dead…the bombs in NY and NJ are not yet found…but 29 have died.  They will find found and become prisoners…to be tried and killed…’fulfilling the instructions God set forth in Deuteronomy 21-25.  Men have established God’s Torah on the earth and apply it in their justice system.

Israel is obeying Torah….no one lost their life but the killers were shot dead.

This week, these Scriptures should come alive or us to witness….read them.  I typed them out at the end of the Lunar Eclipse Earthquake summary on this blog.  We discussed each issue in my class yesterday.  Once we understand God’s purpose behind them are they easier to obey?  But,  what it we JUST DO THEM?  Can we DO THEM Without question?

Questioning God is what the Israelites did in the desert and that generation died off and only the new generation was allowed to go in.  They no longer ask why..they just knew it was the  ‘safe thing to do’.  They didn’t say to God…These instructions were for our parents, we want some new ways to obey you.   Certainly these instructions aren’t for when we cross over and live in houses with plumbing instead of tents?

What religious cult do you follow?  Any religious group is known as a ‘cult.’  So, which one?

Mine, is from the time that began with Adom….not in 700 AD with Mohammad.  My God goes back to Creation and tells me NOT to murder….and he marks me for correction…His correction.  It is The Creator who will deal with me for the rest of my life.

That is being put in the hands the one that is called, The Avenger.

Let us let God be God….

Do TORAH because you love Him…of whom came in the flesh so you could finally visualize your Savior….He has been there since the beginning…but now in the flesh….and yet, we still don’t BELIEVE…..His Torah…His Instructions….His Words given to us…to live safely.

Numbers 21-25 are specific instructions.  If they don’t make sense to you…investigate… study….to show yourself an approve workman of the LORD.

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