Total Eclipse March 9 2016, 29 Adar I same day 35 AD ‘hybrid’ celebrates ‘Son of man’.

Eclipsing Earthquakes 2016, First of Four

March 9 Total solar ‘hides and reveals’ – 29 Adar I

This is one time that I might suggest you go to the end and come back and read the beginning…    We have two Adar I lining up…and one is a ‘hybrid’ eclipse from 35 AD and the other celebrates the ‘hybrid of hybrid’ men that ever walked our earth.

So, what is up with this title?  What a way to begin the eclipses in 2016!  Yes, we have something very interesting going on besides the ‘hybrid’ that showed up at the end of this report.

This all occurs in a Hebrew month that is likened to the Gregorian calendar that gives one extra day to the calendar every four years:  February 29.  My friend was born on that day and thus she chooses when to celebrate her birthday…

This eclipse is doing the same thing.  And, it is the sun that is hiding it’s face from the world.  Yes, God does say he will NOT hear the prayers after a time….  And, I remember a preacher so upset that God was no longer with us…at that time last winter in 2016.  Perhaps he saw this, too.

Adar I is an extra month that only happened every two or three years.  In 2016 an extra 30 days is added to ‘catch up’.  This solar eclipse’s anniversary will be hidden on calendars when Adar I is not present to reveal it happened.  It is a lost eclipse…truly hidden from man…and it is a solar eclipse representing the Son…and it was a TOTAL eclipse.

And the next confirmation of God turning away is that the next eclipse to occur happens on March 23 2016….Just 14 days later (2 weeks).  But, this eclipse will have always have an anniversary as it is Adar II that will always be the main ADAR even though it will be called Adar I next year.  It is the second month that will be the main Adar….just as the last is first…could be a truthful pun.

I suggest you read that study on this blog site.  It truly stands out.  You will learn that if people of our earth decide to not go by the calendar set by Hillel, they will have Passover in Adar II in 2016 and thus as the calendar goes forward, they are celebrate The Lord’s Fall Feasts a month early, too.  It causes confusion among the people and The LORD is against confusion especially when you are saying that ‘He said so.’

That is part of this topic because no matter how I’d like that to go away, it won’t.  The second eclipse was on The Fast of Esther…a true meaning of being hidden from the  world.  Queen Esther was really hadassah…her family and other Jews came out of Babylon and moved to the Shushan Persian area.  Our quote “Bible scholars’ did not want her book to be added to their version of the revised Bible materials as it never mentions God, but it is all about God.  In 1885 there were 88 books in our Bible, and now there are only 66…Esther got to stay…by The Hand of God…she stayed…and we now look at her example of the Jews being able to defend themselves…and thus they do today.

The March 23 2016 was The Fast of Esther…  A truly hidden day with a lunar eclipse…showing the story of Esther.  And, we now can flow correctly into the Fall looking to the patterns of Rosh Hoshanna, Yom Kippur and The Feast of Tabernacles in the month of Tishrei.

Now….with all that said…let’s look at the FIRST eclipse of 2016 and the last one to be reviewed for 2016….The first is last again…for some reason of God’s hand…and now I see why…I would not have seen the deception uncovered…And, isn’t that what eclipses are all about…signals that warn of deception?

FOUR eclipses in 2016.  

Two Solar: March 9, September 1

Hebrew Dates: 29 Adar II, Av 28

Two Lunar:  March 23, September 16

Hebrew dates: 13 Adar II, 13 Elul

March 2016 held two eclipses: Solar March 9 and Lunar March 23.  The dates on the Hebrew calendar were 29 Adar I and 13 Adar II.  It was Yom Kippur katan (Day of Little judgment) and 13 Adar II (The Fast of Esther with Purim the next two days.)  The YKk will hide from us not to be remembered the next two years and Esther will always be there.   These eclipses are 14 days apart and yet one hides itself in Adar I.

Since I became curious as to know if eclipses had affects on earthquakes in the month of September 2016; I saw the end of 2016 before I saw the beginning.  All of the three other 2016 eclipse patterns were exciting that I am now ready to do the first eclipse with already great revelation about how ‘secret’ they are.

March 9 2016 was a Wednesday.  There are only THREE earthquakes over 5.0 in magnitude.  And, there were eleven earthquakes over 4.5 in magnitude.


Russia would feel the last 5.2 magnitude earthquakes before the TOTAL Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016.  It would hold it’s peak eclipse for four minutes 09 seconds.  People need help looking at solar eclipses and use other websites to view them.

MARCH 8 2016:  Tilichiki Russia 5.2 is the last earthquake at 18:18:45 UTC.

Seven hours and 40 minutes after the Russia earthquake, the Saros Series 130 Solar eclipse would be holding it’s peak for four minutes.

Isn’t it interesting that the seven hours is likened to the time of sitting sheva at someone’s death.  Your mourn them or you sit and review your own sins…that number seven of sifting and severing is very interesting…7 hours, 40 minutes..Yes…a time of sifting and then bringing something to completion (40).

MARCH 9 Total Solar Eclipse 1:58:19.

Where would the next earthquake of valuable measure strike? It would be Aratoca, Colombia about four and half hours later and then Guam ten hours and 46 minutes after the Total Solar began.  The day finished with a 5.4 at Grytviken, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

March 10 2016 – FIVE 5.0+ earthquakes:  Vanuatu, Drake Passage, Putre Chile, Visokoi Island S Georgia, Shikotan Russia (5.0).

This solar eclipse does NOT immediately produce any large earthquake.

This TOTAL solar eclipse does get sandwiched between RUSSIA.  Russia was the last earthquake on March 8 and Russia held the last earthquake on March 10.

What was on this author’s calendar that has been compiling  for three years?  Let’s look…..remembering that this month of Adar only appears every few years.  It will be things that are hidden and yet now revealed again.

And, before we look, I want to say that in my study of earthquakes there has not been an 8+ earthquake in three months…in a Shemittah year.  Adar I is one of them.  Elul and Tishrei are the other two.  My calendar says that we are starting the next seven-year cycle.  A year ago last fall we came out of the Shemittah year.  I do sense though that Jubilee year of release on the earth.  And, there is such a thing as waves that feel the Shemittah year slightly before and even a year after.  That is what I believe we’ve been feeling with so much unrest in our world.  We still feel that Shemittah 2015 year with the Tetrad.

Let’s remember, too, that in the years that Israel was recognized as a nation, the Tetrad happened in 1949-50 when she became a state in 1947-48.  Tetrads are about WAR and changing of the world’s attitude toward Israel.  1967 Tetrad was seen with Israel re-claiming Jerusalem on 6.7.67; June 7 1967.  Then America was hit on September 11 2001…the year of another Tetrad…but not on The Lord’s Feasts.  Our 2014-2015 Tetrad could still be affecting the earth as Jerusalem is being fought over and The Temple Mount is under constant siege.

FOLLOW ME……with one more thing…….The calendar with anything written on it that could show us a pattern to this eclipse.  Yes……’s not an earthquake pattern….it’s not a political pattern…….but it IS a ‘hybrid’ pattern.

There is but ONE thing on this calendar of the ‘hidden’ month of Adar I.

I will type it as it is written:

35 AD (1981 anniversary)

That means that I went back to the year 35 AD and typed this in so 29 Adar I would calculate to this very date in our Adar I in 2016 (March 9, 2016).  This day only comes into my view now.

1981 years ago there was a ‘HYBRID’ solar eclipse.  They are very rare as they do one of everything that an eclipse can do…and then, over their saros series of cycles, they turn into a TOTAL eclipse.

This is NOT to sound superstitious, but something that follows a pattern…patterns in history…and it’s amazing…as it’s God doing it….as He knew us from the foundation of the world.

I worked on a report that listed every ‘hybrid’ eclipse.  I also worked on a list that showed the ‘Tetrad’ eclipses; four consecutive total lunar eclipses.  Then I compared them…and what I found should be in a report on this blog site.  It showed that the year that special men (good men) that God gave to mankind to help change their world for good…arrived in the high ‘hybrid’ years.  And there were barely a ‘tetrad’ that occurred within that one hundred years.

The nasa chart gives us the hybrids in 100-year increments.  And as you click to review that one-hundred years you have the exact dates.

There was a ‘hybrid’ man that sent to the earth somewhere around -3 to -4 BCE.  He grew to be a man…a special ‘hybrid’ man of whom the whole world has heard his name in all languages.

This man was here in 17 AD which was the year of the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  We know that eight is ‘new beginnings.’  At 17 AD he would be a young man sitting with the teachers in the synagogues.  By age 33-34 he would admit that he was the Son of God and die with outstretched quoting Scripture that they all knew…’why have you forsaken me’ began the first words that described the pain he was suffering for mankind.  He hung there and forgave them because they did NOT know what they were doing.

Let me  show you now what I have typed into my 35 AD calendar.

Pekudei Parshat Shelalin Sabbath Mevarchim, King II 12:1-17, 29 Adar I 35.   First Shemittah year after Yeshua (Jesus) rose.  Year 14 of 200 lunar, Year 15 of 136 solar cycle.

This ‘hybrid’ solar eclipse on The Sabbath Pekudei signaled the world in 35 AD of the resurrected Yeshua.  It was one year after the Shemittah year.  This year in 2016 is coming out of the Shemittah year.  This year in 2016 three days after this Total Solar eclipse the Parshat reading is the same: Pekudei.  In 35 AD the eclipse happened on the Sabbath.

Eclipses have so many years in their cycles and they burn out….But we just had a TOTAL eclipse on the exact day to almost the exact time period…celebrating eclipses that were both in hidden months…Adar I.

My heart begins to beat fast as I stand amazed continually and just drop my head as we get to witness this.  I am humbled and pray that this is how our Creator of the universe wanted it explained so men could see the man whose name means, salvation.

Yeshua means Salvation.  He was surrounded by ‘hybrid’ eclipses in his life time.  The highest number recorded (twenty-five) were in his one-hundred life frame…thus his apostles were those ‘hybrids’ went to us as well.  Rome killed them all…Religion still kills them all…

Our number of ‘hybrids’ coming to the earth is only eight in this last 100-year span.  These men saw 25 and no ‘tetrads’.

Today, God revealed these things to us.  There was nothing else on that calendar…nothing else….just one thing for us to think about.  The SON is not hidden..He is a ‘hybrid’ man sent to ‘save’ the world.  He is TOTAL…nothing more needs to be added…nothing…but obedience that shows our love.

He told us he would speak through His Creation and He certainly just is!

This is now the first report for 2016 and yet it is the ‘last’ report for 2016.  His word is never ending and we can trust Him to surround and protect…He has no beginning or end…and we are under His wings….His tallit…Torah!


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