Earthquakes Memorialize Presidents Trump, Lincoln and Noah Flood

God Put His Hook Into These Men

Earthquakes with Lincoln, Trump, JFK

Happy Thanksgiving…2016….In ALL things we are to give praise!

Let us give thanks for men who were willing to be ‘Appointed Leaders’. They each could have said, “No.”

Lincoln established Thanksgiving.

Lincoln birth memorialized by earthquake

Lincoln elected President in 1860 memorialized

Lincoln assassination memorialized

Lincoln’s Sabbath death memorialized

President Elect Trump memorialized on Cheshvan 10…Noach in ark…door closes on all other life.

President Elect Trump wins election November 9 early a.m. when only one 4.5+ Middle East earthquake Iran.

Trump is revealed as Jew, November 22, 2016 by Breaking Israel News.


JFK assassination memorialized. Dies on Friday, Torah reading, ‘He went out’

written on November 22 2016.

Today, on November 22, 1963 I was sitting in a Catholic grade school class and the sister told us about our President being killed.

Today, November 22, 2016, fifty-three years later I am preparing Thanksgiving for 21 relatives arriving Wednesday evening. The outside windows are washed but not the inside. The floors are swept but not mopped.

My AZ friend, Elaine, text me about John F Kennedy’s memorial of being assassinated today and where she was when it happened. He died on Friday, known as Erev Shabbot as the Sabbath begins at dusk. JFK was a Catholic and probably would not have known that the Torah reading was called Vayetze, “He went out.”

God appoints leaders and He alone knows the days of how long they will reign. On Monday, I was reviewing with my friend Karen about an earthquake pattern that I saw between 2012 and 2016 with earthquakes only 7.8 in magnitude and over. I was dealing with thirteen earthquakes and then Tuesday in Japan tsunami warning were issued for the entire east and northeast coast of Japan. It was a critical time for our world as once again the Fukoshima site became a concern as one reactor went out due to the 7.3 earthquake that occurred at 5:59 a.m. Japan time, November 22, 2016.

I found a live-weather broadcast and watched as it unfolded in the hours to come to the people in Japan. They ran for their lives as even the first of three expected tsunamis was 1.4 millimeter. That is like three to four feet above normal and higher tsunamis were expected. “EVACUATE NOW” people were told!

Thus, now we have another facet to add to our equation of earthquakes happening within the last several years.

Today, was also like an epiphany to me as my soul leaped for spiritual joy as I learned from ‘Breaking Israel News’ this morning that our President Elect Trump is a Hebrew. The article was not about Mr. Trump’s religious affiliation, but it showed a picture of Mr. Trump when he was twenty years old with his father fifty year ago when Fred Trump was donating land in New York on what now stands a synagogue. It goes on to explain how the Trumps were the ones who gave the money to re-establish Jews in other locations when they were booted out of their homes at the time Gaza was given in exchange for peace…which never happened. The picture of President Elect Trump’s father is a small man with dark hair, fine features and totally looking Jewish.


I am thankful for God’s sovereign hand on our nation and world. I am thankful that Adonai has just endowed a man to be in charge that is a Hebrew. He is a man that has the opportunity to take Yahweh’s Torah to the Nations. There is so much peace in my heart about this that I don’t know what to say. I am truly thankful that whatever moved people to vote for Mr. Trump, that if also was our Creator drawing their minds to righteousness.

To think if he would have stood on that platform…the anti-semitism that goes on in our world would have jumped all over his campaign. Instead, God held them strong and in His hands and the only thing that kept being said was….This is Historical. Yes, it is God’s history and He writes the book and puts the hooks in men’s minds to bring about His purposes….which will be to have the Davidic Covenant bring in it’s king. They must say, “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the LORD.” from Jerusalem….or He does not return. It all starts with Jerusalem my friends. And, the world leaders must be convinced that the one returning is a Jew. He came as a Hebrew, left as a Hebrew and will return as a Hebrew. He can’t change into a Greek Jesus…. Thus, when enough Gentiles attach themselves to the talitt of the prayer shawl we are under way for the King’s return. The fringe on the talitt represents the Torah.

It is not about how many heads can be chopped off by ISIS. It is about how many will return to The Torah of Adom, Noach, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. These are The Patriarchs….not the twelve apostles. The apostles endorsed everything Yeshua (Jesus) was filling up to it’s fullest. It was Torah that He was filling up because He is the Word…He is the Torah…(Instructions) from Yahweh.

Back to the earthquake patterns with kings of the earth. John F Kennedy’s assassination occurs on the Gregorian calendar at the same time the Hebrew calendar shows us the pattern of kings…assassinated, born, die, and become presidents.

I will post the entire article after Thanksgiving but for now please hear this message given to us through these earthquakes and tsunamis and our future president.

Today, November 22, 1963 (53rd Anniversary) assassination JFK. The Hebrew date was Kislev 6. It was nineteen days before Chanukah Day 1…Kislev 25.

Abraham Lincoln is the president that listened to Mary H for she thought the people needed to be thankful even during the Civil War of which were so many lives lost.  It would be Lincoln who established it to be the ‘last’ Thursday of November beginning in the year 1863, It would be FDR, Franklin D Roosevelt, that changed it to the fourth Thursday, so there could be an extra week of spending for Christmas.

In 2013 Chanukah Day One (Kislev 15) was on Thanksgiving. That had never happened before nor would it happen again. We were calling it Thanksgivingachuh.

Another Historical Time in History…. Chanukah on Christmas 2016.

In 2016, Chanukah Day One, Kislev 25, is also Christmas Day, December 25. Yes, Kislev and December line up exactly day for day. This too will probably never happen again. There will not be ONE eye that can not see what day it is. Those who follow the Hebrew calendar will be giving Chanukah gifts and those following Santa Claus will be giving holiday gifts. Christians who still believe they are celebrating Jesus’ birthday just may be doing that. Because they have a Greek Jesus born out of Europe. But, those following a Jewish Hebrew Yeshua will be celebrating Chanukah….the first day known as, The Festival of Lights…dedicating our human temple to our Savior of whom died on the stake, being God in flesh, saving us from our sins.

Calendars are important and even in Hebraism there seem to be four different ones. The Sanhedrin in the land of Israel is where the calendar should be confirmed.

The Sanhedrin is once again being established as you and I breathe . This Sanhedrin will be responsible for the dating of the Jubilee year, as well. In fact, this newly established Sanhedrin has given witness as to why they are declaring the year 5777 a Jubilee year to start now.

Tishrei 1 5777, their first day of the year, began on October 3, 2016 on the Gregorian calendar. There are four criteria they use in order to establish a Jubilee year and Israel met that criteria in April 2016 when BB Netanyahu annexed in the Golan Heights.

I am thankful for being at a time in history that we see Israel proper being set up with more of it’s ecclesiastical responsibilities. We need to be praying for all of these changes that are occurring right before our very own eyes. The building of the Temple is a very important issue, too.

It is not for us to keep determining who might be The Anti Christ. Yeshua Jesus told us that there were many of them already in the world. The fact is that anyone not doing Torah is thus anti-Torah. Anti-Torah is the same as being Anti-Christ…which is anything or any one against the anointing of The Messiach.

I say all of this to come to the point of the thirteen 7.8+ earthquakes from 2012 to 2016 plus the current Japan tsunami. Japan ranked it a 7.3 earthquake on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. The Hebrew date is Cheshvan 21.

What we’re going to do next is show you today in history. I was shocked and then not…as I always stand amazed at the Hand of God. What I want you to know is that Abraham Lincoln is quite involved in being memorialized as we see his birth, death, assassination all at the time of his establishing Thanksgiving. The earthquakes are also going to give witness to another man assassinated but not in our day.

General Gedaliah will be assassinated by a band of Jews after the majority in Israel decided he should not be killed. Their sin was against Torah that said not to murder. And, they knew Adonai had set him over them and by killing him it was being defiant directly to G-d. The sins of a few remain on the many. God had King Nebuchadnezzar set up a Hebrew governor over those that remain in Israel during the 70-year captivity of Babylon. Tishrei 3 was the date chosen to be a fast for the sins of the fathers. This is a man ordained fast and thus not required to do. But, as I see G-d honoring this fast through other means, I do participate in it.

To cut to the chase on this, let me give you the earthquake dates and what historical markers have been set.

Cheshvan 21 – 2016 – Japan 7.3 – Honshu; Tsunami entire east and northeast coast, November 22, 2016, Tuesday 5:59 a.m earthquake Japan upgraded to 7.3. usgs has it 6.9 Namie Japan; 11.21.2016; 20:59:49. You could say 21:00:00. (7.3 quake or 7×3 = 21)

November 22, 1963 John F Kennedy assassinated. Kislev 6 (Nine days before Chanukah, Feast Dedication)

Cheshvan 21 – 2013 – Japan Honshu 7.1, Three-year Anniversary, to-the-day. Same location, Hebrew date. Erev Shabbot

Cheshvan 21– 1860 – Abe Lincoln elected 16th President, Shemittah year; first republican President to oppose slaver in the territories of US.

Three IDAHO earthquakes same Hebrew day:

Cheshvan 21 – 1884 IDAHO, Paris – earthquake

Cheshvan 21 – 1942 IDAHO VI earthquake felt 25,000 sq miles. 58 year anniversary.

Cheshvan 21 – 1983 IDAHO 6.9 earthquake, Erev Shabbot Life of Sarah.

Cheshvan 21 – 1905 8.0 earthquake

Jacob leaves Laban’s house in his twentieth year with Laban. He has Benjamin in the 21st year.

If we just completed the 120th Jubilee of the earth, then we are starting the 121st Jubilee…the year of the Second Adom could come. Benjamin means; Son of My Right Hand.

He comes in shaking power and strength the second time….shaking all that will be shaken.


Thirteen earthquakes over 8.0

And one 7.3 earthquake November 22, 2016 Japan time causing tsunami

connecting governors/presidents:

8.3 Chile, September 16 2015 – Tishrei 3Fast of Gedaliah; (Hebrew: Month 1 Day 3) Jews assassinated Governor Gedaliah sent by King Nebuchadnezzar by Adonai. This fast is to remind us that we are NOT to remove who God has set up to rule over us.

8.3 Sea of Okhotsk (Russia), May 24, 2013 – 15 SivanDonald Trump born 1946 (70 years ago).

(He is born as the Sabbath begins, called Erev Shabbot. The Parashah reading was called, Beha’alolcha, ‘when you set up’.

Thursday, November 10, 2016, President Elect Trump and his wife met President Obama and his wife to hand over the White House. Mr. Trump left satisfied. Cheshvan 10 began at dusk officially starting the day that Noah was in the ark with God closing the door as they awaited the flood to begin. As in the Days of Noah, Donald Trump met President Obama on that same day to now sit Sheva receiving those whom will give counsel in the exit of the ones left. President Elect Trump is receiving many to receive their counsel at this time. Mr. Trump will be 70 years, 7 months 7 days old in the Hebrew year 5777 when he takes office as President of the United States. He is age 20 in a picture with his father Fred Trump when Fred is giving land in New York of which today sits a synagogue. The Trump’s have given handsomely over the last 50 years to the Jews needs every where and in Israel.

Mr. Trump – is a finance warrior for Israel since age twenty…the age minimum allowed in the IDF, Israel Defense Forces; Numbers 1:1

Fifty years later, he is seventy years old and will help elevate Israel to a position of strength in the earth. “when you set up’ is his prophecy unfolding today in 2017 as the 121st Jubilee of the earth begins with Israel being 70 years old and 50 years since recapturing Jerusalem in 1967.

God’s hand is all over this ‘Hybrid’ man….in the year of Jubilee 5777 2017 that has been declared by the new Sanhedrin in Israel. You can remove the five because it’s stationary and always there..for now. So it could read 777 and 17. Zayin Zayin Zayin, It can mean weapon weapon weapon..pierce pierce pierce, war war war, cut cut cut. “It looks like an axe you can see, a weapon so sharp it can cut a tree.”

Remember it takes a huge piercing and war war war that brings in this special number 17. Cheshvan 17 is the day that the worldwide flood of Noach began. The flood was one year and ten days long.

Joseph had dreams at age 17 and sold into Egypt. Jacob will get him back for the last 17 years of his life. Thus Jacob enjoys his son for a total of 34 years.

Seventeen is an important number as even Nissan 17 is the Feast of Unleavened Bread when you take it three days from the crucifixion. It’s about resurrection and being lifted up…looking to our Messiach…first to his suffering and next to His Kingdom arrival. Yeshua, the Suffering Servant arrived on time in the 80th Jubilee of the earth and was here when it began in 17 AD. We are 2000 years (2 days) from that time in the year 2017. Can we deem this to be the 120th Jubilee which makes it 6000 years from Adom? It is 40 Jubilees from when the Suffering Messiach came. Thus, there is much excitement in my heart that this next fifty years (1 Jubilee) will be a similar picture as to what Adom encountered with Adonai in his first fifty years (1 Jubilee) on the earth.

I believe we can count on Adonai’s consistency in patterns for men even though it be in reverse. What was first good (the gan Eden) and then Adom got the cursed ground, then we may be ready for the first seven years of real battle to bring in the blessing of The Messiach.

As with Adom, of whom was in the perfect gan (garden) for seven years only and then cast out on day 42 (6 weeks from sinning on Cheshvan 17) was silence; we will be in the reverse with seven years of tribulation. The Book of Jubilees was removed from our reading in 1885 ish. It would behoove all to seek out it’s patterns and lessons.

One last point on this…There was no human born through a womb until Adom was 51 years from his creation. Cain was first at the beginning of the second Jubilee, Week 1…which consists of 7 years. His brother Abel was born in the next week of 7 years and Awan (Adom’s daughter was born in the third week of 7 years. Cain will marry Awana.  Is there a pattern that needs investigated that shows us what type of children will be born (or removed) in each of the seven weeks of 7 years each in the next 121st Jubilee.  Does it take the shape of a menorah with three weeks of 7 years each and then the worst begins in the middle?  Another topic perhaps, but the evil Cain does marry the first born girl…to create a grand city.  Is it the opposite that after the first seven years of stress that the girl (Bride, Israel) marries her husband, the Messiach represented in the middle menorah service candle?  Do we live out the next Jubilee o fifty years in setting up The Kingdom?  Children will be born as in the days of Adom and the earth will be filled with The Torah.

We have three sets of seven years for twenty-one years. Even in this earthquake article we see the number 21 popping up. Cheshvan 21 is a strong date. Jacob has Benjamin 21 years from leaving home at age 40. Jacob is now 61…another tie in to numbers of Noach (600) and getting off the ark at age 601). Numbers don’t have to be perfect but they be similar enough to pattern.

Jacob has the son of his right hand at age 61 and after 21 years of being with Laban. We are entering the 121st Jubilee of the earth and now walking into the 6001st year from Adom.

So, what was Jacob’ life like. Adonai removed the idolatrous woman from his life before Benjamin could be birthed. Rachel did conceive still personally holding unto the idols. It is after the birth that the idols are buried under the timbreth tree at Beth El. We did see The Messiach come and suffer and then removed our sin. We see that picture very clearly. But what next? He fights with Esau giving up half his goods. We see Israel always being asked to give up half her goods. Jacob also had to have an agreement with Laban to not harm his daughters or family. Israel today must not harm the enemies families unless out of self defense. Jacob had to open Abraham’s old wells. Israel had the Six Day War over water rights and that is presented in these earthquakes. But, we know there will be more water needed as more land is acquired. This process took Jacob a long time and it will continue to take Israel time.

Water and Burning at the same time……….is prophesied about the end times.

November 13 2016 7.8 New Zealand earthquake with 90 4.5+ in five days. Noah also hears the earth quaking and the outsiders can not get in…the door is closed. Our earth just acted in similar fashion patterning Noach’s flood. Instead of not flooding the earth the rainbow covenant promises burning instead. As I type on Cheshvan 21, November 22, 2016, Israel just broke out in fire not yet contained. North Carolina had twenty fires burning on Cheshvan 17, November 18, 2016.

7.9 Little Sitkin Island, Alaska, June 23, 2014 – 25 Sivan, 1949 James Polk 11th President dies Erev Shbt; 1908 Grover Cleveland 22nd President dies. 1964 Israel National Water Carrier begins…this water that now feeds Israel from the north will bring the Six Day War in 1967, 6.6.67, which recaptures Jerusalem on the last day. Next, we will witness an earthquake memorializing Egypt’s words of war.

7.8 Khudi Nepal, April 25, 2015 – 6 Iyyar, Shabbot Tazra ‘holy’ ‘after death’, Day 21 Counting Omer, Mt. Everett disaster; 1967 Cairo Egypt welcomes war with Israel over water rights. (Three years earlier on 25 Sivan the first water poured into the Negev causing the desert to bloom.) As in the days of Abraham when they fought over wells. 6 Iyyar is Israel’s Independence Day. The 2010 BP oil Spill costing 40 Billion started on Israel’s Independence Day.

8.0 Lata, Solomon Islands, February 6, 2013 – 26 Shevat – Zechariah 1-2. Shevat 24, Four Horsemen report peace on the earth. Adonai instructs craftsmen/artisans to remove man’s peace to bring in Temple. 1809 Abraham Lincoln born; 1892 7.8 Imperial Valley, California earthquake (83 years to the day of Lincoln’s birth; 27 years from his death.) He is assassinated Nissan 19 dying on Sabbath in 1865. Solomon Islands implies ‘as in Solomon’ worldly wisdom of whom Jews know him as picture of an anti-christ (against Torah). Solomon had many wives, horses and thought he was above The Torah thus having the kingdom taken into Babylon for 70 years. Imperial Valley reinforces the theme of kings.

8.2 west coast of northern Sumatra, April 11, 2012 – 19 Nissan – Chol Hamoed Day 3, Day 4 Counting Omer ; Abraham Lincoln 16th President assassinated on Sabbath 1865. The only republican president who opposed slavery. Re-elected and then killed within months.

8.6 west coast of northern Sumatra, April 11, 2012 – 19 Nissan – Same as above and also Feast of First Fruits Day 3 (Nissan 17, 18, 19) Unleavened Bread is Resurrection of Yeshua Jesus; 1867 8-state 300,000 sq mile 5.1 largest Kansas earthquake. (Lincoln was assassinated two years earlier to the day of 19 Nissan.) People miss God’s hand on Lincoln by not being on the Hebrew calendar…. There is one more thing about Lincoln.

November 22, 1963 JFK is assassinated. The Hebrew date was Kislev 6.

On November 22, 2016 on Cheshvan 21 we are memorializing Lincoln being elected President in 1860.

I find it amazing that on the Gregorian calendar of November 22 John F Kennedy is assassinated and we also note that a fabulous president with a Hebrew name, Abraham, is elected President. But, the Hebrew date was Cheshvan 21…which has many profound happenings on it.

We memorialize JFK at the time of a life-threatening tsunamis in Japan with a 7.3 earthquake which also memorializes Abraham Lincoln as he is elected for his first term as president. And, the news today is constant with President Elect Trump selecting his cabinets and what his agenda will be and how the world views him. The view I saw today from “Breaking Israel News’ is all I needed….His father, family and himself have funded support for Israel for their entire lives. His father looks like a Jew and therefore we have a Hebrew coming into office that perhaps will swear in on The Torah.

My spirit is lifted high and encouraged to the utmost of my being right now. I write this so that we can learn from NOT killing the Gedaliah that God gives us. If we live by The Torah, we do NOT assassinate our leaders….they are G-d appointed.

When I think of the anti-christ, I think of all the people not doing Torah….that is very serious in this last generation. They are sold out on living by The New Testament only. Interestingly, all the words spoken of by the apostles only quoted what was written in the Torah’s first five books…or it quotes Psalms and Proverbs and other old prophets. So, Adonai has joined them to the ancient paths. But, not to rest on the Sabbath…is even seen with Adom and Chanoh (Eve) at creation. She was also created on the sixth day of the second week as seen in the Book of Jubilees. The Sabbath is protected to help us to ‘standout’ or be holy to the LORD which means ‘set apart.’ If you aren’t set apart to something you stand for nothing. And, Adonai asks us to be ‘set apart’ to Him…and He tells us how to do it.

Happy Thanksgiving….I am not looking for the Anti-Christ….they are every where. And it will Satan himself that takes up house in the man that He chooses to do His evil work to fool men in the end.

We will know him because he won’t be doing Torah. That is the abomination of desolation. It will be anything that is not clean that will be eaten and sacrificed. Those doing Torah will know it…that others will fall for it.

Let’s all be thankful for President Elect Trump and I agree….”Let us pray over him”…It is G-d who is charge of him….He has appointed him and I am thankful….and at peace for this moment of time.

Sorry the earthquake chart is so messy.  I’ll post something clearer after Thanksgiving.  Be sure to note that Nissan 1 is also a High Sabbath.  Thus four are Sabbath.  Also, The Fast Gedaliah; Day The desert Tabernacle is set up; 2 on Feast First Fruits; Rosh Chodesh and note all the people being memorialized being born or dying on the Erev of the Sabbath. Also, Cheshvan 12 and 19 Nissan are doubled for extra emphasis of those days… Cheshvan 12 is Noah in  ark for two days waiting.  Nissan 19 is Passover Day 4.  Incredible earthquakes just in 2012 – 2016 amazingly following presidents.


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