Obama’s Nobel Peace Covenant Patterns to 2010 Oil spill

Hurricane ALDA becomes 2010 Gulf Oil Spill on Israel’s Independence Day

Today, November 23, 2016 was Cheshvan 22 in 2009. Hurricane Alda caused damage on the New Horizon rig. It was suggested that she get replaced of which they did in February 2010.

Cheshvan 22 is the day that begins a series of events that turns the Mexico Gulf waters into oil… on Israel’s Independence Day, 6 Iyyar in 2010.

The New Horizon does replace this Alda-broken rig but, once again, it is done in tumultuous waters and it is not set correctly. Please note the full article on the 2010 Gulf Oil spill at yhebrew.com.

The April 25, 2015 7.8 earthquake at Khudi, Nepal, Mt. Everett, gives memorial to the exact date of the 2010 New Horizon spill into the Gulf of Mexico. It cost $40 billion not counting the cost of wildlife loss.

Cheshvan 22 2009 begins the year-long sago as the oil spill lasts 153 days. It begins on 6 Iyyar, Israel’s Independence Day and continues to Tishrei 11, Yom Kippur Day 2. Tishrei 10 is know as, The Fast. It was declared by God and mankind is still instructed to FAST that day. This fast usually occurs in October and that is why we see stocks dropping as Jewish financiers take leave. There are several ‘high holy days’ that occur in that month and so many vacations are scheduled.

After The Fast, Adonai approved the valve to close off the leak. I call it Yom Kippur Day 2 for understanding the timing of God’s story line.

Independence from oil has been the world’s goal. Israel has now found vast amounts of natural gas that could supply the world a clean fuel.

Noach Flood waters were released on Cheshvan 17. This date shows G-d’s hand in Hurricane Alda to bring about prophecy that shows it’s waters would be red with blood…from dead species.

2010 was a marker from our Creator. And, He marked it from Israel to a nation that elected a president that was sworn in on the Koran in January 2009. This president would be awarded a Nobel Peace Award without even bringing peace to the world. But, it was Barack Obama’s covenant promise to the world that gave him the prize. He did accomplish his goal of his PEACE….Islam has spread throughout the world and into nations where it had once been deterred. Barack Obama brought black oil to the shores of the world. Yom Kippur known as The Day of Judgment or Day of Atonement is an answer to that fasting. There are always two sides to a festival…good and bad. G-d judged America for their trust in a foreigner of different faith.

Many believe that the Peace Covenant started a 1260-day time period that leads to Daniel’s prophecy. I guess we will see what September 23, 2017 brings. It’s a Sabbath with the reading, ‘listen’. It is Tishrei 3 known as The Fast of Gedaliah. It is a fast that Israel inflicted upon itself as King Nebucknezzer gave them Governor Gedaliah to be their new leader. They objected but decided to accept him. It was then a Jewish mob that killed him. The sins of few are upon the entire nation. So, this fast is still called to remind mankind to never remove authority that God has put in place.

Since no fasting is allowed on the Sabbath, it is deferred to Sunday.

(I would want to check the figures of the authors before making too statements about a day that is already a worry to many.)

Yes, America decided to be independent of God and was chastised on Independence Day.

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