Fleecing God…Eye-to-Eye Months give memorial thru Quakes December 2016

Today is Kislev 13, December 13, 2016.  These months see eye-to-eye so every man can give witness to The Hand of G-d.  The earth shakes because our Creator gives memorial.  Rarely do the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars line up…but now a new ‘pattern’ appears I had not yet witnessed until December 8, 2016…the 75th Anniversary of declaring war with Japan because of their bombing Pearl Harbor December 7, 1945.

A new pattern shows up that we will call Eye-to-Eye:  The Kirakira MaKira Solomon Islands earthquakes of 2014 were date-for-date, or eye-to-eye; in April and Nissan 2014.  On December 8, Kislev 8 2016 Kirakira  MaKira Solomon Islands was issued a 7.8…aligning a pattern theme of eye-to-eye days once again.  Plus, they were the same exact location, intensity and days God wants to give memorial.  Since our Creator controls even the hair on our heads, He also allows every movement within our earth and it is all according to His time schedule to bring about His purposes.

Our first granddaughter, Kira Marie, was born on The Feast of Tabernacles Day 1, Tishrei 15, 1998.  Our fourth granddaughter, and only red-headed grandchild of eleven, was born Pesach (Passover) Day 1, Nissan 15, 2010.  Over the last years I have learned that these two dates are key in The Book of Zechariah.  There are three times we are to celebrate with our families and come to The Lord’s Feasts.  These two dates begin a seven-day celebration in each of the months.  My two granddaughters are now ‘markers’ to The Lord’s Feasts.

The other date in Zechariah 14 that we are instructed to come together is on Shavuot, known as Pentecost.  My two sisters and I each had one girl.  This date gets marked by my oldest sister’s daughter of whom is born ten days ahead of Pentecost.   My only red-headed niece was born on 25 Iyyar that is known as The Ascension of The Suffering Servant; the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer.  Ten days later, on the 50th day of the Counting of the Omer, the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) arrives.  It is the Spirit of Yeshua that rests on over 3,000 humans enabling them to speak in other nation’s languages.  They are told to go out and make witnesses to what Yeshua Jesus had taught them.  Yeshua Messiah was no longer dead and the Living Torah was now within them.

My niece loved Jesus and was destined to pass into eternity on the Sabbath and will also be buried on the Sabbath; days of commanded rest.   She passed from a blood clot to her lung seven weeks after giving birth to a son.  I did understand The Lord’s Feasts days at her passing,  but kept things silent in my heart as her family was too grieved to bear what I would say.

She was a young 38-years old leaving three children (ages 8, 7 and 7 mths) in the hands of their father.  Her leaving is still difficult to talk about, but I know G-d gave honor to her in many ways.  She will always be another ‘marker’ in our family to His special feasts that continue into eternity.  She was born on The Lord’s Ascension, she passed into eternity on the Sabbath at the reading Nitzavim, ‘standing’ and her funeral was on the Sabbath reading Vayelech, ‘He went.’  She went and stood before her King.

Ten days had passed from the time of her death and burial in Iowa just as there was ten days from her birth at The Ascension to Shavuot.  We had felt the stress of losing her as the New Civil Hebrew calendar was being celebrated.  We passed through Rosh Hoshanna to Yom Kippur.  I was celebrating my new life in Messiach and the calling out of His Bride as we all celebrated her life and her passing into His arms.  It was a bitter sweet experience for me….and I could feel the pain of all those around me that loved her..and kept asking, “WHY?”

After the funeral in Arizona my niece was flown to Iowa and was buried as Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement began at dusk.  She was definitely a marker of God’s time table.   Her life began at His Ascension and He called her back at The Feast of Trumpets and then showed us His atoning blood at Yom Kippur.

Did my niece understand His feasts?  No!  But, she is ‘marked’ by them into eternity.  My precious niece heard her ‘shofar call’ on 28 Elul.  It was also just as the days of creation began.    The six days of creation started on 25 Elul to bring Adom  forth on Day Six (Tishrei 1).

We should all listening for the ‘Last Shofar’ call known as, The Lord’s Day.  That trumpet call leads to the day of atonement and judgment.  It represents a new beginning for mankind with The Second  Coming of The Messiach of whom is known first as The Suffering Servant.

Wow…my niece gave witness to Zechariah 14 to two times that G-d states for us to give memorial.  She is truly a memorial to our family to learn the deeper things of our Creator.  These memorials are marked…whether we understand them right now or not.

There was another ‘marker’ in my life, and it was when I married my husband.  In 1970, October 10 was Tishrei 10 and it was Yom Kippur and a Sabbath.  It was date-for-date on the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar…eye-for-eye.  Forty years later I would realize the hand of God on my life and give witness to this pattern even in my marriage.

Yes, we were married on ‘The Fast’, known as The Day of Atonement and also known as, The Day of Judgment.  Yom Kippur is not suppose to ever land on a Sabbath because that is a day of commanded JOY.  The Fast is always honored as it is Yahweh, our Creator, who commanded us to honor it.   This day is very prophetic and not to be messed with by men.  Men have tried to move the calendar just to avoid the Yom Kippur landing on a Sabbath problem…but it will take the new Sanhedrin in Israel to figure this out.  On October 10, 1970 (our wedding day)  I do not know if they moved The Fast to the next day, Sunday.   We were married in a small Catholic church in the Midwest and certainly were celebrating…not fasting!  Had I known this, I would have moved our date to give honor to the one of whom created us and bound us in the covenant of marriage.

There is usually a positive and negative to all things.  Is it any wonder that my soul continues to search these things out?  I feel ‘marked’ to be a ‘witness’ to The Lord’s Feasts and to the patterns He places upon the earth so all of us can be eye-to-eye in His thinking…and not our own!

I began writing a book in 2014 which turned into three books and now has turned into my blogging at yhebrew.com.  This website is able to get timely information into people’s hands and it is free!   But, because it is free, you must not take it any less serious than if you had to pay for it.

(original article)

Today in 2014, I woke up thinking about Johnathan Cahn’s book again, The Mystery of the Shemittah. The stories on the Yood of Elohim have been written, but now his thoughts on the Shemittah and the Day of Remission keep haunting me. God brought the question to my mind this morning about God’s children and their prayers to Him. What affect do their prayers really have on our world? When God’s children pray, what are they praying? Are there days when they pray more? Are there days when they fast? Is this really the Mystery of the fight against evil? Should we call it The Mystery of Evil? I like Cahn’s book title, The Mystery of the Shemittah. Something is a mystery because we have not understood it before.

We can never lay a fleece before our Creator and not expect to feel it’s recompense.  How do we lay out fleeces?

We have been sold down the road of Babel. We are doing what is right in our own eyes! We favor men’s laws and not our Creator’s laws.  I was taught through a missel and told that Bibles stories were just that…stories.

I’ve been watching Nazi Hunters on NetFlix and it has amazed even the hunters that when men are brought to justice, they don’t seem to have any remorse for their actions. These Nazi’s cling to the excuse that they were just ‘following orders’. If those orders were not wrong in the world’s view, then why have they had to change their identifies and hide in distant countries?  If governmental systems do NOT align with God’s Torah (instructions), sin has to be found out and men are to answer with justice as righteous men continue to pursue what God has established as the righteous way of living on His earth.

The Holocaust taught us that when men believe they are so special and they can remove themselves from being ‘under’ the law.  King Solomon thought he was so wise that being under God’s Torah didn’t surely apply to him…he was a man of wisdom.  As kings are to read the Torah three times a day and read it to the people once a year, Solomon changed the wordage to say, ‘that even I, King Solomon, would not be hurt by ….. and then he multiplied horses and wives….to align with the world and build his empire….and his wives sacrificed their/Solomon’s babies to Ba’al and Molech in fire offerings.

Hitler’s evolutionary Arian thinking did just that… men place themselves above The Torah (instruction) of God.  Hitler used Christianity to justify his schemes as saw what Constantine did in 325 AD…killing the ones that ‘killed our Jesus.’  If they knew his name was Yeshua…a Hebrew name…and read the first chapters of Genesis to know it was a planned Suffering Servant that was first coming…then WWII would not have happened….and Constantine and his mother would not have founded the Roman Church and  Constantinople (now Istanbul).  The fleece has been laid down by the churches throughout all these years and we expect The Creator to NOT respond?

I just heard it said from our current United States President Obama that people are not able to decide for themselves what is right, and therefore they must submit to the authority above them. He was speaking to the nations of the world to bring men under a One World authority.  In my opinion…man deserves the leaders they are given…because they have fleeced the ‘true’ assembly and do NOT follow the ‘ancient’ paths…even thought they sing about those ancient paths…calling them, ‘The Twelve Apostles’ instead of Israel’s Twelve Tribes.

Our world has fleeced The Tribes….and demanded they become just apostles….watered down Galatians and ‘not for today’.  Jacob was a herdsman and now his fleece is no longer recognizable….truly a ‘fleeced’ man today.

God’s laws were established from the beginning and  have NOT changed, but actually increased as mankind grew in populous.  Enoch would keep the first records passing them to Noach and then Mosche was told to record man’s instructions.  The printing press gave everyone their own instruction book known as, The Scriptures…The Holy Bible.

Is there a manual that proves Satan, Allah, Buddha or any god besides Adonai can answer prayer?  Our Creator states that these gods that men carry around and sit up in their houses and decorate with lights can not help them because these gods are not real.  He also states that if you give honor to them, and then try to bring that item to God it will be called, common.  Therefore something, common, can never to ‘set apart’ (holy) to God as it’s been neutralized.  He desires our offerings to be holy and only set apart to him.

This Christmas tree thing needs to be separate from God….do not give our Creator honor through it.  In fact, there are no trees allowed on The Temple Mount.  Trees are where sacrifices were made to other gods….Adonai desires not to be reminded of the babies slaughtered under trees and the Hebrews that were hung on trees.  Trees are to be by rivers that produce fruit.

Things that make us unclean and things that are unclean for us to eat are found in Leviticus.  But common things are different.  There is nothing wrong with something being common…but since our Creator Adonai is special…nothing that is meant for another type of worship can be blended in to what you desire to be special to Adonai.  Therefore, our Creator does not desire to share Christmas with Tammuz, Ba’al, Zeus, Diana and any other Equinox god in December.  He laid out his special days and shows us his past and future history with us through those days.

Another fleece I just caught were the words sung by Elvis Presley in his deep baritone voice as if in worship, “And let us thank the Lord that Santa is coming tonight.”  This lends us believe that God approves of this worship of Santa Claus…Saint Nicholas..whose origin is Nimrod from the Tower of Babel.  Study up and don’t be deceived lest you also fleece The Lord.  It is a vial thing to be placed in the hands of the LORD…ask King David.

It is the Final Verdict that was important to the Nazis and it was important to the Nazi Hunters of whom tried to bring them to justice. It is the Final Verdict that matters with your soul as it departs this world and stands before our righteous judge, YAHOVAH.

God says that He is not happy with repetitive prayers. This verse has been used to condemn prayers such as what are said with a Catholic rosary and/or Muslim prayer beads when the same prayers are repeated…perhaps without much meaning. Or, did God say this because He didn’t care about any prayers lifted to Him… if the heart of the one saying it was not righteous before Him?

Do we ‘fleece’ God when we pray things out of His will?  When he said that you can make requests on earth and they will be agreed upon in heaven is because the prayers agree with Torah.  As in heaven, as on earth…is a pattern of instruction (Torah).

All requests according to Torah will be agreed to because the Father and Son are ONE.  They are The Torah….Yeshua Jesus is known as The WORD/TORAH.  If your request is outside of Torah…I would say you’re fleecing God….you are putting words into His mouth…and some even say, “God said this…” and others  believe these false prophets.  God’s will is His Torah to be on the earth…period.  This is when men can live peaceably together….in G-d’s instruction.

Remember…Hebrew does not really have verbs because every word is an action word.  The word Grace is an action word. It is God who sees the heart. Man can only examine another’s heart by their actions. The Book of James tells us:

Jas 2:22 You see that his faith worked with his actions; by the actions the faith was made complete;

Jas 2:23 and the passage of the Tanakh was fulfilled which says, “Avraham had faith in God, and it was credited to his account as righteousness.” He was even called God’s friend.

Jas 2:24 You see that a person is declared righteous because of actions and not because of faith alone.

Jas 2:25 Likewise, wasn’t Rachav the prostitute also declared righteous because of actions when she welcomed the messengers and sent them out by another route?

Jas 2:26 Indeed, just as the body without a spirit is dead, so too faith without actions is dead.

I’m glad James added the information about the spirit. It truly is the Ruach HaChodesh that brings life to us and not death. Just so we’re not confused about works ahead of salvation; it is the opposite. It is the Holy Spirit in us that creates that desire to do the works that please God so that we can be called God’s friend.

The five virgins left to find oil for their lamps. They were cast out into the darkness because they did NOT have what gave them light.  The Holy Spirit is the oil and the lamp is The Torah.  It is the Ruach HaKodesh that places that instruction of truth in our hearts.

The question remains, “Does ADONAI answer prayer?”

We know that every hair on your head is important to the God that created you. Every human is created in the image of God. Animals do NOT have a soul that can worship their creator. They have a torah (instruction) of instinct as birds fly south for the winter and some animals hibernate.

Humans can stand on God’s promises because His words are even above His name. There is nothing more powerful than to declare His words/instruction in our lives.  Yeshua Jesus only spoke the words of The Torah and the prophets to the people when He lived on earth.

What are the prayers in Jewish prayer books? What are they praying? Hebraism is the closest thing, in my opinion, in how to worship our Creator. He started with this sect that now is recognized as the oldest viable language still in existence today.   Adonai is still using this people group to be glorified through on our earth. The People of The Book are still set to be an example for us even as we close out the earth’s 6000th year.

President Elect Donald Trump entire family is connected to Jews.  I believe him to be a Jew and I believe our Creator has heard the prayers of His people.  I believe our Creator is going to use Donald Trump as He did Mosche.  Mosche was raised by Egyptians and then Midianites and still God used him to guide and develop the new nation as it came out of the world and into training into the wilderness for forty years.  Perhaps our next forty years will be with leaders that return The Kingdom of Yeshua back to the earth.  This is my prayer for our world….returning the world to Torah.

I agreed to go on a business trip with my husband to Las Vegas in September 2014.  Our hotel room window looked directly at a building called, Young Israel, Ha Torah. It was The Feast of Trumpets, Tishrei 1.  I brought my shofar with me that I had purchased in Israel in 2009. This shofar hung around my neck , in it’s velvet carrying case, as I ran to this building hoping not to be late just in case there was a program at noon. I found that it was a synagogue and they were blowing their own shofar. What an experience to be in worship with them… for the next two days I skipped the meetings and worshiped with them. They welcomed me. I was the stranger, a gentile Goyim, that is spoken of in The Scriptures.

I believe Yeshua is the Messiah. They are still looking for the Messiah.  I stood on the woman’s side of the partition and I could still see the heads of the men and hear their prayers and readings being said in Hebrew.  The woman were moving their lips as well. The Rabbi was a man of whom gave a type of sermon and lead the prayers. The men took the Torah Scroll out of it’s cabinet several times and brought it to the people. The Torah is treasured, respected, loved and made available to the people to even touch. They want people and the children to know that they can come near to God’s words.

When I was listening to the reading of the prayers for The Feast of Trumpets I heard the words of The Standing Prayer, known as the Amidah.   The Hebraic word for Jesus/Yeshua means, ‘my salvation.’ So, when Mary would call her son, Yeshua, she was saying, “Come, my Salvation.”

When these Jews would say, yeshua, they were saying The Messiah’s name, Yeshua. They were calling on him to save them.

People ask me, “Why are you excited when you see troubles on God’s special days?”   When I first realized that God was allowing and actually performing these events on His days, I did have many thoughts on why this was happening. I told myself that it is NOT for me to judge or tell God when to perform His deeds. He created all of creation and He is the one in charge of it.

A year later, I came to the firm realization about prayer.  It was Adonai that does respond if the requests are in His will according to Torah.  I remember that day waking up realizing the power of proper prayer.

What else did I get? I realized that God is answering the prayer of those seeking His face. It is the Jew that is sincerely praying the Amidah three times a day. (And it is not the short version I read.)

The AMIDAH….Put together by the prophets around 450 BCE such as Ezekiel, Nehemiah, Ezra, Isaiah and more.

A few thoughts I wrote down quickly that morning in 2014 on prayer:

What prayer does God answer:

A. Those that follow Torah.

B. Who gets punished?

  1. Jonah would not obey God and go to Nineveh.
  2. Jonah got in a boat and went the opposite direction of Nineveh.
  3. Jonah did not want what he considered evil people to be blessed by repenting.
  4. Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
  5. Jonah was puked up after three days; his body slimmed from digestives juices.
  6. Jonah then ‘turned back’to make the long trip to Nineveh.
  7. Jonah preached to RETURN, ‘turn back’ to Torah.

God desires all to hear the Torah as it sets men free so they find Yeshua.  Without Torah men would still be held in bondage…In Torah they find The Messiach.

Now, let’s look at judgment through a different eye glass. It is through God’s eye glass that He declares what is The Apple of His Eye. This eye piece, through the goyim Abraham and his family, became known as Hebrews. They left Egypt under the eye of Isaac and were called the Israelites. They were blessed through the line of Judah and became known as Jews. King David was in that line and we know The coming Messiah Yeshua came through the Davidic line. It is prophesied that the throne of David will be established once again from Zion/Jerusalem. It will be Messiah Yeshua that will reign as King during the Davidic Kingdom.  The Suffering Servant now arrives as King of Kings for His SECOND COMING!

The Kingdom is set in place by one of the most incredible earthquakes ever recorded.  It will be through our Creators patterns that we look to see the earthquakes that lead to that BIG One.  And more questions about The Hand of God….

Why does the stock market drop in the Hebrew month of Tishrei?

Why do earthquakes occur 13 percent more at the Sabbath?

Why do special men raise up at special times on God’s calendar?

Why are men given great power and then literally ‘removed’ by God?

Why do fires begin at similar times and only go out when God says they are to go out?

What did DNA Dolly the sheep have to do with Corrie ten Boom and the Holocaust?

What do five presidents dying at America’s Fourth of July have to do with God’s justice?

What do three kings being removed within a Chodesh to a Chodesh have to do with three kings being removed in 1945?

What does the Bohemian Grove group in California have to do with the Nimrods of today?

The ‘WHYS’ created in these books are many. But, the answer was confirmed to me personally this morning as I awoke and thought once more about these books that I’m writing called, The Yood of Elohim.

The first book is subtitled, WITNESSES.

The second book is subtitled, Clean Scavengers

The third book is subtitled, ‘It is Finished….When the Great IAM Says It Is Finished!’

The yood is the smallest letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet. It’s picture symbol is on the front cover of the books. It is a closed hand of strength with ten as it’s numeric value. The Kaf (k sounds) is pictured by a open palm of the hand. It comes after the yood in the aleph-bet with a numeric value of twenty.

It is our Creator hearing the prayers of His children that brings His powerful strength to discipline our world so the Kaf can show up and wrap His arms around those that prayed. He is our living God who answers prayer. His ways are NOT our ways. His yoke is easy and yet we live in a world that considers His laws a bondage. International Law, American Law and laws set up by countries should be designed to protect people and Yahweh’s laws (instructions/torah) does the same….thus they are not burdensome and are light.

Does God answer prayers? Yes! Think about it! Think again! Think again, again, and again.

Did you hear the answer?

One more time….. When do these calamities come upon the earth? When? When?

When His children pray.

When are they praying?

On Shabbot in 2014….there is a 13 percent higher chance for an earthquake! On the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hosanna/Tishrei 1-2. On the Days of Awe, Tishrei 3-9; On Yom Kippur which is called, The Fast, Tishrei 10.

The Fast – Yom Kippur

After Mosche returned from Mt. Sinai declaring the Hebrews had been atoned for after their idolatrous deeds with the golden calf, his instruction was that no one was to leave the camp and for five days they would go into the wilderness and bring back five species of trees. They would wave these species to Adonai in thankfulness for The Creator remaining with them…remembering them. Then The Feast of Tabernacles would begin for eight days, Tishrei 15-22. They are told to set up succots outside and welcome the stranger in. They were having so much fun that God gave them one more day to party. On 23 Tishrei they would Rejoice in the Torah. It was called, Simchat Torah.

This a pattern that shows the future….our future in 2016 and beyond.

Wow….what a beautiful time of celebration that God set up for His children.

The picture I’ve chosen for this blog article represents Satan.  It is a person dressed as Bathomat.  This fleece was beheld by the world at the opening of the Gothard Tunnel in 2015 in Switzerland 150 miles from CERN of whom worships the goddess Cernus (dance of death).  This tunnel took 17 years to build with several deaths.  Europe’s government elite watched as Satan was portrayed with a portal also opening through the thin veil of the universe.  The Higg’s Bosom was found in 2015 showing that there was something there but it could not be seen.  Thus, this tunnel portal was associated with the Higg’s theme of finding the ‘thin veil’s portal’ to the other side of our universe.

What does This last generation believe?  The word ‘BELIEVE’ use to mean, “Believe in Jesus.”  Today in December 2016 it means, “Believe in magic!”

Does this ‘Last Generation’ come together in the Hebrew month of Tishrei to celebrate their King?   I know many people in several states who are taking these instructions very serious and coming together in sukkots .  It is the time of the ‘wedding banquet’ and known as the time the Groom comes for the Bride.  It can be calculated through Scripture that the real birth of Yeshua Jesus was in the fall at Feast of Tabernacles.

And, as I finish writing this article in December 2016 at Christmas, the months are day-for-day on the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars.  It is a very rare thing to have any month line up on these calendars.  I can tell you that in the year 2022…they come closer than most other times.  I calculate many things to see, The Hand of God.

Yes, this year December 25  is also Kislev 25.  Christmas Day 1 and Chanukah Day 1 are the same day.  And, Christmas Eve (Saturday) when people have candle-light masses, Torah believers will also be lighting the first candle on their eight-branched Chanakiah candelabras as the Shabbot Vayeshev ‘He dwells’ closes and with Chanukah quickly opening for eight days.  This is about His dwelling in our hearts.

Our Creator has set before us….ONE G-d who is the “Light of the World” and his name is Yeshua….Jesus is a name made up and seems to be indelible on English speaking people’s minds.  When I was in Cairo Egypt in 2000 they knew Yeshua by the name Isa.  Yeshua in Hebrew is said to be the only name in which to be saved.

This, Yeshua, has many attributes and three of them are father, son and holy spirit. There is ONE name..because there is ONE God.

If He is the living Word, will there be faith in the Torah (words of instruction) found on the earth?  This last generation follows Coca Cola’s elves and the Santa that was outlawed in Europe.  Europe’s old laws state that fines were imposed on those celebrating these entities and called them demons. Coco Cola changed them into elves and we fall for new traditions based on abominations.

St Nick versus Feast of Tabernacles      

If the ‘last generation’ would return to Torah, they would not be planning their vacations around the winter equinox, December 25.  Instead, it would be at a warmer time of year which is in September/October.   The Lord called men to celebrate at The Feast of Tabernacles….but they all said…”NO, we’re following St. Nicholas..Winston…he will hear our children’s requests instead.”   Or they say, “What is wrong with two requests… to share our sincere thoughts (prayers) with…God and St. Nicholas; after all, isn’t two better than one?”   That is what I saw in Haiti in 2003…A nation with so many missionaries for the ’cause of Christ’ and then the Haitians performed voodoo at night. Why did they do this? Because if was ‘better safe, than sorry.’

Do parents realize that sitting their child on the lap of ‘Santa’ elevates him to the level of God?  The children are suppose to tell this man dressed in red their secrets and their desires.  Oh…parents know it’s just in ‘fun’; but what a disappointment when the children don’t get the desire of their heart, when they thought it was promised.  And, if this visible man, even seen in movies and on television more than G-d himself,  didn’t do the job; why should this ‘invisible god’ do any better for them?

“What if”…Yes,”What if,” God’s children all celebrated Tishrei the way Adonai instructed and the Dow didn’t drop because all the world went on vacation from work at the same time?  Do people worry about the Dow at Christmas?  No, they expect the Dow to be slow during the world’s ‘Happy Holidays’.   But, the children of the world do worry every October. They don’t understand what the Shemittah year holds for them, but they know there is a pattern; but they don’t know what causes the pattern.  Johnathan Cahn is giving them clues and is revealing more mysteries to them a little at a time. Can what he is saying be true about even The Day of Remission…the very last day of the Hebrew calendar after a seven-year cycle?    Is Cahn a mystic, and not to be trusted? Or, is he directing the world to Torah and how to have it be a blessing instead of a curse in their lives?

It is not Hebraism that is mystical; but the children have become a mystery.

They don’t know because they have gone about life  in their own way. They do NOT know WHAT DAY IT IS!   I could rest my case right here. Do I have to continue to show God’s readers of these articles what their Creator is trying to tell them.  The MYSTERY OF PATTERNS lies in the fact that ‘If man will not remember, Adonai will bring it to memory.’

This Mystery of Patterns was just seen December 7 2016 as Pearl Harbor Day was honored by men and yet 102 people were uncovered from an Indonesia earthquake that day.  The news barely covered it…and then December 9 2016 which also was Kislev 9 on the Hebrew calendar saw California host a 6.8 earthquake they downgraded to 6.5 with 4.5 aftershocks closed to Disneyland.  And, the greatest shaking continued on the 75th Anniversary of the United States forced to declare war on Japan in 1945 when Solomon Islands lite up with a 7.8 earthquake and it shook and keeps shaking as I type on Kislev 13 2016.

And, is it another Mystery that The Kirakira MaKira Solomon Island was referenced to in the news as the same location that occurred in 2014 that caused desvastation and tsunamis?  Yes, and as I referenced 2014 it happened at the second lunar eclipse of the Tetrad that Pastor Mark Biltz brought to the world’s attention that was occurring Pesach (Passover) 2014.  Solomon’s Island shook and it is tied to WWII Declaration by the United States as BOTH years, 2016 and 2014 were ‘Eye to Eye’ you might say.  Solomon Island acted ‘date for date’ on the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars in both years.  All the world could see the anger risen by The Creator so no man would not miss His hand on the earth….and at the dates that He wanted to memorialize.’

The MYSTERY OF PATTERNS is not seen by man because as Daniel 7 shows us….the anti-christ changes the times and seasons so no man really knows what day it is.  An anti-christ is anything that is against the ‘anointing’ of the Messiach.  When you don’t know the Hebrew calendar, you don’t know when to show up to celebrate…and instead people honor Tammuz on December 25 and Zeus and Diana with the winter solace.

Once something is no longer a mystery….and trust is revealed….we should decide what to do with that mystery.  Do we investigate to see if it’s from The Creator or Satan?  Then you have a choice to make….and that decision leads to your life being cursed or blessed.  There is always a choice.  By continuing in your old ways because (it’s just an old tradition anyway) has you placing a ‘fleece’ before God.  Believe me….God takes very serious the fleece that you are leading your children to believe.  It is a belief in ‘magic’ or ‘Yeshua’?

The MYSTERY OF LIFE lies in the Torah. The Mystery of the Torah lies in The Lord’s Feasts. Each feast teaches us how to rest (find remission) in Him.

If you’re reading the last page of the book first to find the answer, then you did good. These books tell the story of mankind. These books tell the story of God. These books tell the story of God’s WITNESSES. These books tell the story of HYBRIDS allowed to be servants of the most High. These books tell us that it was Yeshua on the cross that said, “It is finished.” What was finished was His human flesh dying so His Spirit and flesh could come again. It is the Mystery of the Torah. He is the embodiment of the Torah and He is coming as the ‘Living Torah.’

God has heard the prayers of His children! If you want to know what they are praying, go visit a synagogue and listen… HEAR (Shema) for yourself, I did!  Sit and listen….hear with your heart….in silence….you will hear ‘worship.’  Don’t go to to convert a Jew….go to hear from God through a ‘set apart’ people of whom have brought forth the oldest language in the universe….it is the language that ‘angels’ speak.  It is a language that depicts how to live a life of ‘worship’ to our Creator. It is more than a language…it is a way of life.

Once you listen…perhaps you’ll be asked questions….of which your answers must prove who The Messiach is from The Torah.  Every Jew knows that the coming Messiah can NOT violate the Torah in one point….  Therefore, The Messiach will be doing Torah.  Will the Christian recognize Him?

I close with saying that our Creator hears the prayer of His children.  The desire of Christians was for God’s will.  The desire of the Jew was for Torah to return to the nations.  Our Creator just gave us His desire for the world to return the people to Torah.  Or, will they remove the leaders just like General Gedaliah at the time of Babylon?   The Tishrei 3 Fast of Gedaliah reminds us not to remove leaders that Adonai establishes.

2016 President Elect Donald Trump’s entire family understands Torah. God is establishing the leaders for the United States and I am excited to believe that it is now time for the Messiach to be a praise from JERUSALEM.


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