’The Day of Blessing or Cursing’ is Day 75.. 1335th of Daniel… and Cheshvan 14, 2017

Daniel 7 speaks about the 1260th day.  Zechariah speaks of the 1290th day.  Daniel speaks about the 1335th day and calls it ‘The day of Blessing’.  So when did this day begin in our time-line?  Aren’t we always looking to see as to why the earth seems to vomit?  Can we know the days?  Here is my guess…and it is NOT set in stone…after all, Mosche had to break the first set and had to inscribe on new ones…When?  The day of our 2017 eclipse.

The Paridym of these prophecies are seen going in and out of history.  Since the Great Eclipse of 2017 crossing the United States on August 21, 2017, is it at our door?  Is it a day of blessing or are we in a time-period likened to Belshazzar that he did not hear from God for seven years…and ate as an animal in a field?

If The Book of Jubilees is true in it’s dating of The Flood beginning in the year 1334 from Adom, then it was the year 1335 that Noach got off the temple-shaped ark.  Building the ark was a blessing that saved them through their troubled waters.

He made it to the 1335th year from Adom.

What was Adom blessed with?  CHILDREN.   They would once again start to populate the earth.  CHILDREN are the blessing…just as The Scriptures declare that the heritage of a grey-haired man is his children….they are his glory!  They are his heritage to whom will be given inheritance.  (People can lose their inheritance but never their heritage.)

And now, let’s think about these numbers in terms of pregnancy.

1260 days is 42 months.  42 weeks is a full term baby.  Could it be that whatever troubles are going on that they last 42 months…or 42 years…or 42 days.  It’s all the same, but just in different time zones…you might say.

1290 days is 30 more days.  One more month (4 more weeks)…  which is getting us to the point of survival…but not blessing.

1335 is 45 more days from 1290.  It is 75 more days from 1260…full gestation.  Full gestation plus 75 days.

This picture of Virgo giving birth is making delivery at full-term 1260 days.  This child is lifted into the heavens for the keeping and yet the virgin remains and is hidden for some time…while the dragon (Satan) is free to chase the Virgo’s family…a remnant being tortured by the dragon his one-third of the hosts.

The eclipse of August 21 2017 was a marker for pains to increase or ‘come into fullness.’  The next 30 days of hurricanes have been fierce and non-stop.  They are bankrupting the ‘relief’ system around the world.  One year after Haiti were dead bodies that still had not been buried.  Three years afterward the funds only built a gymnasium for workers and no true housing that wouldn’t blow away again.

People are waiting for Jupiter to pass through the skirts of Virgo but in fact Jupiter was half way out as the hurricanes were hitting hard…Harvey and Irma decimated the southern United States…worst ever seen in history.  America’s skirts were lifted to bare her sins of continued foreigners who just moved further north.  Drug dealers were just shifted north of Houston…making their way further into the United States.  Drug money and all that goes with it was halted so the ‘children’ could re-evaluate their lives.

Av 29 – 1260th days of hard birthing on an overdue woman; Moses chiseling tablets

  • 30 days – birthing hurricanes (2 Cat 4, 2 Cat 5); 2 earthquakes (Mexico 8.1, 7.1 300 d.)

Elul 29 – 1290th day * King Jupiter out on 9.23.17.  Caught into the heavens while Draco chases woman.  Woman hides in wilderness.  Dragon now harasses her followers..Torah keepers.

Tishrei 29 – 1320 days (30 more days)

Cheshvan 14 – 1335th day – in 2017 it is Friday, November 3.  It is the Erev before the Sabbath…a safe day.  The Torah reading is Vayera “He appeared”. Genesis 18:1-22:24, II Kings 4:1-37; Matt 8-10.

This time period is beautiful.  We find Noach tucked safety in the ark and yet accessible.  In the KJV the door of the ark was shut on Cheshvan 10…  In the Book of Jubilees we find the door closing on Cheshvan 17…  There is a seven days difference but the theme is the same.  They are in the ark…settling in…making Sheva…resting in remembrance…for those that have left or are being left behind.

The days of Cheshvan 10 to 17 show a pattern of trial and rest.  Days of light and full light for all to see.  There is nothing hidden on the full moon of Cheshvan 17.  The Suffering Servant would go to an early Passover on the day 14 and die for the penalty of sin before a full moon for all to see.  He would rise three days later on the 17-18th.  They represent Sabbath (7) to the ‘eighth’ day of ‘new beginnings’.

Cheshvan 17 is when The Book of Jubilees declares the woman was deceived.

Cheshvan 17 is when The Book of Genesis and The Book of Jubilees declare Noach’s flood waters released from the Abyss.

Cheshvan 14-17 looks to be the beginning of the end but it turns back into life.  The days of blessing are revealed to them that have searched The Scriptures and made themselves approved workman of the L-rd.

As I seem to type and think about the detail in all of this…it is then that I see more and more of the patterns of God.  They are NOT to scare men, but to bring them to understand the true meaning of man’s existence.  Men are to confess with their mouth their love for the one who created them.  He first loved us…so now we confess that we love Him.

Patterns that help undertand


The Virgin Virgo has been in pain since the first birthing in -3 BCE with Herod murdering babies when ‘The Suffering Servant’ baby was born.  We are now 2020 years from that birthing in -3/-4 BCE. (-3+2017=2020-2021)

We are 516 years from the First carrying off to Babylon in the year 586 BCE.  Seventy years later is 516 as most of the Israelites return…but not all of them.  The remnant that stayed behind would influence the next generation to hold fast during their labor pains to bringing The Suffering Servant.  Daniel and Esther would remain on the outside to guide the children back home.  Perhaps that is what the Jews in the United States have done….they have helped guide back their grandchildren to make a difference for the ‘Holocaust.’  Antiochus Epiphanes is seen in 167 BE removing Jews again and it would be half-Jews (Maccabees) that helped the Essene’s to fight again after 3.5 years had passed.  Three and one-half years is 42 months….the full term pregnancy of a human being.

Patterns show the Pregnancy Paradigm

as usual…to be continued….

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