Pope Gregory and Hillel Hebrew calendars align; earthquakes and men’s lives align.

This chart is for observation and to cause us to ‘watch’.  There are several patterns showing up in these eye-to-eye months.  This report shows why I will now investigate these patterns.

Can we see our Creator more clearly when our calendars align? My attention was drawn to these alignments as I noticed that December 17 which was Kislev 17 2016, was breaking records for Kansas City, Missouri for record cold. And yet,  1989, 2011 and 2014 had their own record-breaking low temperatures.  What else would they have in common with 2016?

2016, 2014, 2011, 1989

Record-Breaking Cold for Kansas City MO

I thought I remembered these years having months that aligned.  And, we also find that each of these years had an 8.0 earthquakes occur.  We just had our first 8.0 on Dec/Kislev 2016 and April/Nissan 2014 had it’s 8.0 earthquake  making both of these months in the eye-to-eye month.  That makes 50 per cent of them on their eye-to-eye month and 100 per cent of them having an 8.0+ earthquake in their eye-to-eye years.  Amazing my friends.  Record colds and record earthquakes in record years.

Cold Record Breakers

8.0+ Earthquakes

A month in that year that aligns day-for-day on the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar.  ALL eyes can see.

Thus, I will now be trying to find patterns in which we can see our Creator moving on the earth.  See what you can find.  These years are very special and their eye-to-eye months are special.

I avoid horoscopes, Wiggi boards and the such…I don’t even say the word ‘luck’, as God is in control of every hair on my head.  So, for me to think that this is just coincidental would not be  giving credit where it is due…to…Creator Elohim.

I was raised and married in the Catholic Church.  I now realize that I married my husband on a Sabbath, on Yom Kippur, in 1970, in the month that aligned on the Hebrew calendar.    I know it was not an accident.  God drew us to that date and now I find that it was what I call an eye-opening month where the two calendars align so all men can SEE!

The Spirit in me just continually prods me toward understanding The Lord’s Feasts….and I was even married on the only FAST declared by the LORD.

October 10 1970 was Tishrei 10 – known as ‘The Fast’ or Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement/Judgment).

Then, our first child is born in 1973 in an eye-for-eye year.  I remember when I was first pregnant and trying to walk in eight foot drifts of Missouri snow.  It was a record breaker storm. There were two eye-to-eye months in 1973; June and July.  Three months later on October 24 1973 we were naming our first born, Aaron (Aharon).  His name just came out of the air and we had no reason except having peace about this name.  We were both practicing Catholics at the time of his birth.  But, my boss was a Baptist and he jokingly asked me if I was going to circumcise him since we gave him a Jewish name?  We never studied the Bible, but I did know Moses had a brother named Aaron from watching the movie, The Ten Commandments.  Truly, it was the hand of God on our lives to give him that name.

Today, I find that both my husband and I probably have Jewish backgrounds….and this firstborn, has an incredible heart for the LORD as he directs his family in the steps of strong Baptists.

I graduated from high school in 1968, married in 1970 bringing forth our first born son in 1973.  All years on this profile.

My prayer has always been to ‘PUT ME IN’ the fight…Put me in to be a player on God’s team.    My life is about Him…and seeking His ways…and I feel He reveals things to me because I am constantly seeking Him.  But, it is He that will reveal it in His timing…as even as something like this could be very explosive to bringing about things on the earth.  Things like this should lead God’s children to also seek His face in ALL things….and this helps in His return as glory and praise return Him to the earth.

It is not just hearing the rumors of wars and seeing the wars….it is men RETURNING to witness who God really is.  I hope you can see Him through these calendars.



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