Congressional Embassy Factfinders: Trump Will Not Renew Veto on Jerusalem Move in May -Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.

What a privilege for the United States to recon what the Bible teaches. The Nations will go down three times a year to give acceptance to Adonai’s holy place on the earth.  And if they do NOT go down they will be like a Egypt that is given plagues. Blessing and cursing is attached to this set-apart place on the earth.  The ambassador of the United States will accept one of the 70 bulls at Yom Kippur. It is the ways of the Creator that are to be established on the earth. These are the ways that He chooses to reign from Jerusalem.  From Adom to now His ways have not changed. We are always to remember Thee Sacrifice of The First and The Last.  The Aleph (ox) to Tav (sign,  stake, covenant.)

The earth is His footstool and from Jerusalem He will reign. 

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