Mourning Oak Grove

The MOURNING of Oak Grove at the MOURNING of Mosche and the MOURNING of Esther!

Do we mourn with those that mourn? Oak Grove Missouri lost 400 homes 10 businesses tonight, March 6, 2017 as ten to twenty tornadoes passed through a large swath of land. Fire trucks arrived searching for survivor. 

In Sunday we flew back from Arizona to attend our grandson Caleb’s 9th birthday celebration. A historical 1969 fire engine arrived to give the children a ride. It has given rides to 25,000 children rides. Our two sons are independence firemen. 

We returned home in time to take cover from large hail and high winds that flattened our aluminum flagpole. This same flag pole was flattened a year ago. 

Need a steel flagpole – Need a steel foundation!

Mosche – A man of steel!

On the Hebrew calendar Mosche died on 7 Adar. They mourned for him for thirty days. After that Joshua and Caleb led the new generation of ages of forty years and younger into the promised land.

On the Hebrew calendar 2017, 11 Adar (March 9 6:07 pm) The Fast of Esther is observed.   In Arizona children are putting on a PURIM play in Mesa at Beth Emanuel. Esther mourned with her people. She put on sackcloth as did all the Jews for three days. Since The Fast of Esther is moved back on the calendar so as not to fast on a Sabbath, right now would be their three-day fast. March 7, 8, 9 2017.

Could it be that we are being called to mourn for those that have lost their homes and will continue to lose their homes this night. Will there be a three-day pillage of tornadoes screaming at people to seek God’s face? I haven’t heard a survivor speak of thanking our Creator for sparing their lives. A woman with her boyfriend and her child barely escaped as the entire home collapsed around them.

Does judgment fall on the just and unjust alike? It seems so! But the unjust did not die, but their souls should have been quickened to think what would have happened if they had died.  Is living outside of marriage approved by our Creator. Who established marriage and then who said…”We’ll do that in our timing!”

Do people recovery from surgeries? Do people just one day fall backwards down a flight of stairs and remain in a stupor state not knowing who their family really is? Do pregnancies reveal a babies heart that is not properly functioning and it turns parents to seek Gods face?  Yes, I’m thankful for that!!!  Our Creator desires to hear from us. 

These were the subjects of concern that I heard during our Caleb’s ninth birthday party. We do not know what a day will bring. Mosche knew he disobeyed by striking the rock instead of speaking to it. Thus, he could not lead the people to the other side of the Jordan to help establish them into their new land. Esther also was put into her position of authority being married to the King of all of the provinces of Shushan. She was also told that she and all her family would be removed by Haman if she did not sacrifice herself by going before her husband king.

My concern still is that men on the earth do NOT know what day it is. Why do we not know when Mosche died and Esther’s life and all the Jews were about to die? Why does ‘The Church’ believe they are grafted into the Jew and yet not believe that it means that they, the Gentiles, are grafted into the Jews ways of worship? When it says To The Jews First….why do people immediately think: “The Gospel is to the Jew First.” Why do they not think, “The Torah was given to the Jew first and to the Gentile next.”

Because of this misthinking….’The Church’ does not know what day it is today.

March 5 2017 is 7 Adar 5777 on the Hebrew calendar. We should all know that it is the day that Mosche died. We should know that in thirty days they will cross over….and it matched the time of the Passover crossing out of Egypt as well. It’s a pattern of crossing over.

Mourning for Oak Grove, March 6 2017; 8 Adar 5777.

Mourning for Mosche begins March 5 2017 7 Adar to 7 Nissan 5777.

Mourning for Lazarus stopped on 7 Nissan….because our Savior raised him from the dead.

The anointing of Yeshua Jesus is 10 Nissan as oil is poured over him and he is now the chosen lamb. He rides into Jerusalem on a donkey on 10 Nissan. He is honored and praised to be worthy to be king. But, the Servant Messiach was not received and was rejected by the authorities.

Esther mourning is at Adar 13 and Purim at Adar 14 is thirty days from The Messiach’s mourning in the Garden at the Mount of Olives and Purim is 30 days from The Messiach as the Lamb being slain.

Esther is exactly 30 days before the death, burial and resurrection of The Messiach.  It is such a witness to the Jew, but the Christian can’t witness what they do not know.

Mosche and Esther picture the Meschiach that came as the Suffering Servant. The Suffering Servant pictures The Messiach coming as King. These tornadoes this week are representative of sin that needs to be corrected on the earth.

The Torah judges sin.. God’s Word spells out the offenses and man decides what to do. Men will either get on their knees and cover their heads in fear of the wind that was sent to them. Men think that they are worthy of God and pray when it is necessary to get what they desire. Some parents even return to God for the sake of their children and yet not for themselves.

All around the world pastors may struggle with what to preach on Sunday.

All around the world, the Jews know what Torah readings are to be read and discussed all during the week. The week of the storms Terumah (heave offering) was discussed. The Scriptures studied were: Exodus 25:1-27:19; I Kings 5:26-6:13; Mark 10-11. The next Sabbath week study brings us to Tetzave, “You shall command”. Exodus 27:20-30:10; Ezekiel 43:10-27, Mark 12.  (Who commands the winds?)

Hebrews know that our Creator works in patterns. These scriptures are read all around the world. All around the world, our Creator responds to the prayers of His children. They are praying according to these Scriptures. What a powerful thing to witness our earth in response to our Creator hearing the prayers of men.

Mosche, Esther and Tornadoes to the day are bringing men to their knees. What else is God allowing in your life because of this cycle of God’s schedule of events? Will you be protected and blessed or rejected and cursed….because you still think “To the Jew first”…means: The Gospel. If men of the earth knew Adonai’s Torah, they would then know how to show The Messiach to the Jew….through The Torah that is to be first in our lives. All of The Lord’s Feasts are part of The Torah. He instructs men to honor them.

I MOURN now for they do not see clearly….and yet soon they will….as the Jew will. Both Jew and Gentile will soon be joined together in one praise on the earth. It will become a ‘steel’ pole where the Menorah flag will never lie flat on the earth.

Let us all mourn this week, remembering NOT to alienate the Jew.,,,but be blessed by what they offer us…The Torah (instructions).

The Torah was given to The Jew first….and then The Gentile was allowed to accept it’s way of salvation…of how to live safely on the earth….anchored by The Suffering Servant’s acts accepted by both for eternal salvation coming on the earth….

The Suffering Servant comes as Ruling King.

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