Tim McCurdy spiritual abuse – YouTube

I was raised Catholic and learned to love Jesus.  Then I went to a Baptist church in 1977 and found a God that had order and helped me to grow personally.  After many many years of studying the Bible and 22 years of a separate weekly bible study called Bible Study Fellowship I now have moved to see G-d as being a spirit that comes into our world taking on many forms.  The form that was the most important was the form of man of whom died at the stake for all of humanity to save those from eternal damnation for those of whom would believe that The Creator G-d came in the flesh as first The Suffering Servant and will return as King of Kings.

38 – 40,000 religious sects later there is much confusion.  Men add to The Words of G-d and even admit it when we see words italicized in bibles.  Men add and remove G-d’s word not just in print but in action.

My heart has gone out to a woman who has two sons of whom will no longer walk into a Baptist church.  Then her daughter with two children that are hindered from being around their grandmother…she sent me this clip as this is her daughter’s father-in-law speaking.

The pulpit has become a wicked thing in that the preaching goes out and no comments can be made…because the pastor has all authority over the people and women are even silenced in the home.

Let us slide back to the time of Constantine 323 BC where the ultimate climax for the church change was occurring.   He would kill his children and wife and with his mother establishing their beliefs on the earth.  Crusaders marched and murdered any that stood in their path.  The seven hills of Rome were burnt by Nero (666) in 64 AD.  This left a vacuum of remodeling and new icons would show up on the earth at the time of Constantine.

The hills of Jerusalem are small and yet they are hills.  Rome had seven hills that were won in war and remodeled by Constantine….of whom then stretched out to another sea coast of seven hills and named it Constantinople.  The sea coast hills were taken over by Islam with Turkey and named Istanbul.  Around 700 AD Mohammad birthed a religion that believed in one god. Today, if you are a Christian that follows the trinity theory of the three in one godhead, you could have our head removed by this group.  As the Jews believe in one God so does Islam.

In 70 AD Rome burnt down Solomon’s Temple and left a few stones in remembrance.  Jews believe in one God.  Men burn cities and books to remove from the earth what they believe to be a wrong belief system.  They do these things in the name of their god.

As the world has just moved into the 21st century, Mr. McCurdy is a retired pastor with many sermons under his belt.  I personally sat under his preaching in the Spring 2017. The doctrines have not changed since I sat under these teachings in 1977.  It’s been 60 years of that thinking for me and now I am taking a stand against against it.  I am not taking a stand against the blood of our Messiach and what it does for us….He is the ultimate goal for our salvation.  And, I can agree now that there is One God and since he is spirit he takes on many different attributes…one being human flesh.

But, after 66 years of living on this earth and being an avid chaser of my Creator, what has changed in me?  What has changed is… the language.  I no longer can view the words of The Creator in any misunderstood language.  I can’t view the bible in a narrow mind that does not take all of the bible as valid.   Our entire earth and it’s history give witness to the patterns that run through men’s lives.

Our living on the earth does not depend upon a religious leader who came and announces himself to be a special spokes person from G-d.  I’ve followed popes, priests, ministers, and laymen and trying to be in submission to their authority.  Since there is one authority over all men, under the heavens and on the earth, I choose to listen to that one authority, YHVH.

When men spiritualize G-d’s words they then begin to add and subtract even those meanings.   These men spiritualize their own words and then their words come to be their ‘truth’ that they speak.  They actually speak and believe their  words as they are coming from their inner souls.

What Mr. McCurdy has done here in this Utube in just one minute with his tongue is an example of the beating down of people that goes on and on from the pulpit across our nation and world.  It is destroying people’s lives.   Unless there is another set of 613 commandments known as The Torah somewhere, I don’t see that men have to vote according to the deacons and the woman has to vote according to how her husband votes.  This thinking is totally out of whack with our free-will given by The Creator.

First off, the Bride spoken of is Israel…the twelve tribes.  It is spiritualized as The Gentile is grafted into God’s Torah (instructions) first given to The Hebrews.    The ‘church’ has taken over The Jews and now we have these situations abounding….resulting from Replacement Theology.

Christ (The Anointed One) Messiach is head over the Bride…(Israel) the assembly.  The Messiach is responsible for the bride.  Men are to love their wives…as The Messiach loved the assembly and the bride is to respect her husband.  We become entwined into one flesh the bride and groom love and respect each other.  If this Torah instruction is  removed, there is nothing left but FIRE in a the marriage.

Men have burned books or put them on the “unauthorized” list and cast them off.  Since the Hebrew language is spoken by angels and heard by John, we know it is a language that goes into the future.  It was translated into Armenian, Latin, Greek to English and more.  Hebrew was heard in the language of the hearer on Pentecost also known as Shavuot.  The Hebrew language was first and is returning to the earth.  If you fight this, you are fighting The Creator who spoke and holds everything together through that language.  The earth would dissolve without the Hebrew language holding it together.

Besides the language, there are patterns that are seen.  In The Book of Jubilees, Enoch, Yasher and other books; patterns flow all the way from Adom pushing through history to Mosche and into our very own future.  The language and patterns declare a style of life that protects us on the earth and draws us closer to the one G-d.  Some know his name now and others will see it written on his thigh as he comes riding in.

As, I began with Mr. McCurdy, who is one of the greatest Baptists leader in the Midwest, I find myself saying, “You just don’t know what you don’t know.”

There is always something that we don’t know, but when it comes to our pastor and religious leaders, they will be held accountable for misdirecting the sheep.  It is better not to be in that authority than to declare it wrong.

We learn how to be set apart by the patterns set upon the earth.  There are many patterns seen in just the life-span allowed for kings to rule…which is about forty years in the OT.  The forty pattern is seen as a time period that brings about the completion of a project….a life…a cleansing time, etc.

Interestingly, Chanoh (Eve) was taken from Adom’s side…specifically a rib.  This patterns to The Suffering Servant have his side  pierced through his rib cage.  It also shows that The Messiach walks next to us and can understand our pain and trials since he came in the flesh as a suffering human.    The Suffering Servant came to serve and yet will lift us up as His bride.

Adom was created on Day Six (the letter Vav) which means: and, to add.  Man is the connection between the earth and The Creator.  On Day 13 Adom had surgery and a rib bone was removed and then the original clay dirt was used to surround that bone to make woman.

On day 14, the Sabbath, they began to set themselves apart (cleansed) before entering the beautiful Gan of Eden; prepared by The Creator’s own hands.  It was prepared for a specific couple of whom also had been cleansed and prepared to enjoy it.

They are both set part for seven days, and then three days and then thirty days for a total of 40 days.  The woman is set apart twice the time; making it a total of 80 days. Therefore, Adom was set apart with his bride for forty days and then he went into the Gan of Eden for forty days without her.  They were separated for a forty-day segment while Adom was given full instruction on caring for the Gan of Eden as he walked every mile of it.  He was informed of the fruits and trees and given full authority to eat from the Tree of Life….which let him live forever.  There was another tree that he was warned not to eat which after seven years of bliss… the gorgeous Lucifer stood upright and caused them to think the Creator was cheating them of some special information.  They began to doubt the Creator’s ways.

For forty days Adom learned the ways of the beautiful gan and was to inform his  bride, Chanoh.  It would be Adom that was required to teach her just as The Messiach coming back will teach his bride and put his words into her so they are one.

On Chanoh’s 82nd day of life, she was allowed into the Gan to be with her husband.   It was Adom’s responsibility to put into her mind and then her heart the purposes of the Gan of Eden.   They were not to question the ways of The Creator.    It was The Creator’s gan and they were gifted (graced) to live there.

The gifts of the garden was perfect and it just had one tree that they could not ‘unwrap’….  ‘The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

After their deception, pride brought forth it’s fruit of sin and they were cast out.  But, they would remain there 42 more days.  They needed to complete the full time….the full seven years had to be complete…one Shemittah cycle.  They would leave the Gan of Eden at the Rosh Chodesh of Month Four.  It was 1 Tevet.  It was the future date in Chanukah, known as The Festival of Lights.  It would be known as The Feast of Dedication….just as The Creator was dedicated to bringing his Perfect heavenly City to all of humanity.

Their removal date was ‘marked.’   Even their ‘Day of Deception’ was marked.  Tevet 1 would be one of the four months to be marked so the calendar would always align and The Lord’s Feasts would occur at their correction stations.   The Great Deluge of Noach’s Flood beginning on Month 2 Day 17, Cheshvan 17 marked Adom’s deception.

There is now a ‘marked’ time in history to watch on our calendars….  Cheshvan 17 to Tevet 1.  It is a 42-day marked time of ‘silence’ to bring man to be cleansed before he is ready to be dedicated to God’s purposes.  Adom and Chanoh had this time to say their good byes to the animals that could talk.  Then all animals would be silenced and they would bear children in pain…but only after the earth’s first jubliee (50 years) was complete.   It all followed a pattern to be honored on the earth so man could experience their ‘invisible’ and yet very alive Creator.

Evil happened and then evil was remembered, so man would not forget how easily deceived he is.  Even as Adom made a sacrifice immediately upon leaving the beautiful gan of Eden and even as Noach got off the ark and immediately offered a burnt offering for any unknown sin that his family may have committed, these patterns show markings of what is expected from a heart that does not question, but follows the ways of The Creator.

The Creator’s ways must be adopted by men or men will ‘do what is right in their own eyes.’   It does not mean that what men are doing is wrong; it just is not what sets that person apart to the L-rd.

Today, the sacrificial system does not make sense in a modernized internet moon/jet-set world.  It probably didn’t make sense to Adom, Noach or Moses either, but their faith did it.  Their faith let them be the example that looked forward into the future that brought The Suffering Servant of whom was the first part of man’s spiritual redemption.  Now, in the ‘end of times’ The Creator desires for The Temple to be placed in it’s rightful place of Israel.  In the specific land setting of Israel men will once again come to a system that will look back to what was done for their salvation on that Mount of Olives….

The patterns ran through Adom to Noach…and that generation was removed through a baptism of water.  Noach was high and lifted up as a pattern to The Suffering Servant being lifted up.  There was no specific punctuation or words that a person had to write or say.  They all repeated the stories that showed the patterns in order to live happily into the ever after.  They saw the ‘stake’ and now we look back to that ‘stake’ of Him that came in the flesh….God…came as man to die…purposely…no Jew killed him…he just came as a Jew…our sins are what killed him…each are to accept and say, ‘thank you’ and ask this ‘special G-d-man’ to return.

After the days of Noach his sons would stop celebrating Shavuot/Pentecost.  They removed the Holy Spirit from their lives.  Without the Holy Spirit their can be no salvation because the only way a person sees salvation is being drawn by The Ruach HaKodesh (The Spirit Set-Apart).

Mr. McCurdy would also teach that any person speaking in tongues would be of satan.  The Scripture says that this manifestation will increase and be a witness while this group argues that ‘tongues’ have ceased.

This teaching against The Holy Spirit is the worst.  Because, when you quench The Holy Spirit, it is unforgivable.   There is no salvation without The Holy Spirit.  Yes, it is a repentant heart that moves man to want to  follow G-d’s instructions (torah).   There is no evidence of the Holy spirit in these type of churches….because these men have thrown him out because…”they just don’t know what they don’t know.”

We are in a spiritual battle….it is not of flesh and blood.  Islamic believers nor any group are not to be judges and kill any human being… shedding their blood.  If men do not agree with what one believes, then they should be left on the earth until ‘truth’ is shown them.  And, it has to be The Creator’s truth…not man’s truth…because man is always full of deceit…..as this Lucifer (or his servant) is now cast down on his belly and takes the form of a serpent that can no longer talk.

I will contend for a faith that lifts up the human spirit just as The Suffering Servant suffered, died and resurrected as all prophecies say.  And, I contend that He prepared the gan of Eden for Adom and Chanoh that shows the pattern of a new Gan of Eden that is being prepared for us to come down on that 8000th day.  This is patterned in Chanoh being set aside for 80 days plus two days…  She was created, made holy 80 days and on the 82nd day was given to her husband.

We see this patterned in the books that are unauthorized as Noach’s wife is 82 years old when she beholds him as a baby.  Why did our Creator want that information sent down to us through these books?  It’s because it patterns to Chanoh and Adom.  And now Yeshua…of who also came to this earth in the 80th Jubilee (17 AD) and left in the 81st Jubilee (27 AD) and will return with His special city for us in the ‘second day’; probably patterned in the year 8002 or the year 8200.  Our Creator will know the exact day and hour and it is for us to find joy in searching for his secrets that He is willing to reveal at the time He so desires.

The human is set aside for a specific pattern of time to study to show themselves a true workman of the faith.   It is by our works that our faith is proven….and yet the Book of Joshua (James) tells us that we would not do any of these works if we first did not have faith.  We have faith that He that died and resurrected will also resurrect us into His glory.

Mr. McCurdy just does not know what he doesn’t know….in his sincere heart…  and yet he will be held accountable for the lives that he has caused tears to fall.




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