US Volcanoes Go ORANGE at 9/ll/01 – More Terrorists * Abbas active today

September 11, 2001 America’s twin towers were hit by terrorists. But, did anyone notice the other terrorists that day?  They came in another form…called ‘natural disaster’ but really…let’s just give credit where credit is due….The Creator of the Universe…thank you!

The Hebrew date for both of these volcano terrorists was 23 Elul.  Elul is the month that is known as “the King is in the field”. Indicating a month of judgment as our kings come closer to their subjects. It is a time to get to know your king.  It is a time for the king to personally check into any problems in his community.  It is the month those seeking political office come and knock at your door.

In the month of Elul the shofar is blown every day to call our ‘King Messiah’ and seek His protection.

On 23 Elul 2001, two volcanoes that would deeply affect Americans were in an ORANGE watch.  They were volcanoes: Shishaldin and Cleveland. I have blogged on Shishaldin and it’s timing is very interesting.  It activates at the time of the Four Horsemen of Zechariah 1.   In Elul 2001 it will be Cleveland that explodes three times with plums ascending 39,000 feet. The day before, 9.10.01 there was a 5.9 earthquake.

I would say that these volcanoes were in line for shaking up America just as the 9/11 triple attack occurred.

As I review what happened on Elul 23 I also see that Hurricane Rita gave America a visit in 2005 costing 12 Billion dollars. My note I wrote was “Gaza 10,000..Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem.” Katrina had happened earlier to the exact day that bulldozers removed Jewish homes from Gaza so the PA could take over. That group tore down every beautiful thing that would produce food and beauty in that community. They evidently like to live as Mohammad lived in the 700’s.

23 Elul 2015  PA  ABBAS resigns to take full charge of the PLO…things have only gotten worse…no peace and safety with that man around in any position.

2017 – No one is allowed to protest the Abbas administration.  But Abbas allowed and probably orchestrated the protests that American’s envoys to Israel are Jews…they say it’s unfair to represent their needs.  Hmm…I bet their envoys are Muslim…don’t you think?  Just another excuse for ‘no peace’…they just can’t talk to anyone about it…because they only want one thing>….NO JEWS on the earth.

Now, we just had Jerod Kirshner travel to Jerusalem and ask for a two-state solution. That was the day Harvey would tell the rest of the story…and our Creator said “No” and gave America a 1 TRILLION Dollar lesson.

Hurricanes, Volcanoes and earthquakes are The Creator’s weapons.

Oh yes, one last note from the calendar I keep. In 2007 on 23 Elul; First Orthodox Synagogue of Israel at South Padre Island got their first Torah Scroll In 2004, 2005 and 2009. I wrote, “Three cords will not be broken.” This island was hit by a typroon in 2007 and this little Synagogue is about all that survived. It told me that The Creator was in it so that even today we can continue to give His Torah the glory because it is His Living Word (His son) and His Words that brings peace to the earth.

P.S.  23 Elul 2016 was the first Presidential Debates with Hilary Clinton.

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