NASA ADMITS NIBIRU IS COMING, it can collide with a planet in solar system 2017 – YouTube

BE ALERT   WATCH   REPORT  –  It’s not Superman….it’s Nibiru’s debris.

Arizona skies went half dark during the day last week….what is happening our skies?

Arizona wakes up to chilly morning September 25 2017 while Missouri is 79 degrees and climbing to 90.  These weather and skies abnormalities are due to Planet X Nibiru pulling at our north pole magnetic field.

Be observant of what the sky is doing around you.  Nibiru’s tail is pointed at the Atlantic ocean.  It is full of debris…as it sits between the earth and our sun.  It’s been there nine years and will go up and around our sun.  It ha an entire solar system attached to it….7 of it’s own sun and moons.

It can look like we have two suns.  Please report if your get a picture of two suns….one of them is Planet X’s tail.  Planet X is covered in red dust/debris so you can’t see it but we do see it’s tail…

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