Horsemen Report Horns (nations) Against Jerusalem in Shevat 2019

History: International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shevat 21, Sunday January 27, 2019;

MEGA Red Hat – 2019 Trump – Make America Great Again upsets horns; 2017 First Lady Ivanka Trump clothing removed from horns stores….and the beat goes on…and on…and on…and on.

Patriots Tom Brady MEGA hat goes to Super Bowl… Harry Potter says he’s for RAMS…(a ram will be offered up as his horn is caught in a thicket.) Sorry you’re going to lose Harry!

Shevat 1 – Moses repeats The Torah to people

Shevat 15 – New Year for trees, Feed songbirds

Shevat 20 – Birth of Asher

Shevat 21 2019 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day! (January 27)

Shevat 23 – The Israelites assembled to wage war against Tribe of Benjamin (son right hand) Judg 20:1

Shevat 24 – The prophet Zechariah predicted restoration of Zion, resumption of building Temple.

Zechariah 1 shows us the pattern set by the ‘horsemen’ in this month. ADONAI’s response to what the horsemen found on the earth…leads us to YaHWeH’s next agenda for the months to come. The Temple is to be set upon the earth to ‘Comfort/Noach’ the earth. The horns are nations that scatter. The four craftsmen will be creative in removing those nation’s peace and bringing in Judah, Israel and Jerusalem’s peace.

Zechariah Chapter 1 Shevat 24 Conversation

Zec 1:17-21 Cry out again, Thus says the LORD of hosts: My cities shall again overflow with prosperity, and the LORD will again comfort Zion and again choose Jerusalem.'”

Zec 1:18 And I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, four horns!

Zec 1:19 And I said to the angel who talked with me, “What are these?” And he said to me, “These are the horns that have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.”

Zec 1:20 Then the LORD showed me four craftsmen.

Zec 1:21 And I said, “What are these coming to do?” He said, “These are the horns that scattered

Judah, so that no one raised his head.

And these have come to terrify them, to cast down the horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter it.

The ‘umbilical cord’ of death is attached to those seeking Israel’s demise still today in the month of Shevat 2019. The cords to the ‘holocaust’ are still attached and by Christians in America. As we look at Job’s suffering and what The Deceiver was allowed to do we learn many lessons. The Holocaust lasted 7 years. 1938 – 1945. Where was America? It took Pearl Harbor December 11, 1941 to draw enough support to come to the aid of this people that had been given land in 1918 but not allowed to occupy it.

Arabs continually come against her and now today on International Holocaust Day America is freeing more and more from Arab oil. Since President Trump took office…America is producing her own oil. In my lifetime I’ve not seen this…and I’ll be 69 years old in 2019. Thank you President Trump and I thank the Lord too for making Israel the richest country to have natural gases lying below her surface. She is rich my friends….but she is not free from her tyrants…her jealous brother Ishmael.

In this author’s little realm of life, a relationship has drastically changed with what was thought to be a kindred spirit of following the Hebraic roots of our Messiah Yeshua Jesus.

Conspiracy Theorists (their name is just what it says…”conspirators with a theory.. never proven to be true” have now evolved their theory of America’s September 11, 2001 twin tower, the PA plane downing and the U.S. Pentagon demise to not only involving America doing it to herself…..but also now they’ve included Israel’s intelligence agency Mos’ad. The ‘fake news’ has gone to the extreme of almost setting Osama bin Laden terrorists exempt from the attacks and placing the blame on America and Israel themselves. Only people out of their mind would follow such ‘conspirators.

2001 – 2019

Eighteen years later…..’the conspirators’ against Israel faces are hidden but showing up in Christians who want to believe this as truth. How do long-time Christians begin to believe the worst about America (the land we love) and Israel (where God desires to reign over the earth from) to get Americans to stop supporting her. It is The Deceiver in action that draws men away from what God intended to be good for the world. His Word has always gone out from there and it is still chosen as to where it is to go out from.

Israel is 71 years old. President Trump, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Harry S Truman to name a few have set down next to her in the dirt listening to her cries. FDR did not listen to her and he died in 1945 within ten days from signing with the Arabs for them to have the rights to say who got to live where in Palestine. (From the borders of 1918 to the borders of 1948….to the borders of 1967 after The Six Day War is fractional as to what was suppose to the, The Land of Israel.

My heart sinks as I continue to write you this letter dear friends. Since I finally ‘grew up’ and began to realize who Israel was in 2009…just ten years ago…my fingers can’t type and post enough in support of her. I’m so blessed as Job was…that we made our money in the Egypt of Phoenix and then left…to not work a day again except to build our home and land being debt free. And, our cattle produce babies on special days…all so that we can give God the glory for it all. Job never recanted in his belief of knowing that it is God who allows everything in our lives…good and bad. We’ve had death in animals and seen them resurrect or their offspring point to resurrection and The Lord’s days.

Job was conspired against by The Deceiver. Job is our example of a test of faith…he would not recant…and he trusted God to leave him or take him. He did not fight to stay or to go… He could only admit who God was and he was but a worm and could never admit being righteous on his own…as that alone would be sin. Job knew God.

I think of the Jews of the Holocaust and the many questions every day they would ask God, “Why?” There is no answer because God gave and it is God’s to take. God’s purposes are higher than anything we can understand. I look for patterns in hope that I can get people to be in ‘awe’ of God and yet I think I’m the one that has become the most ‘awed’ than anyone else I tell about the connections. My faith grows stronger and stronger every day…and my disgust for those against God’s Torah returning to the earth is likened to The Deceiver invading Eve’s space….but it took that for both to realize they needed a savior….they too were mere humans as Job…made of clay…returning to dust and worms.

Humans are made in God’s image with a spirit. All of the 62 million aborted children in America since 1973 have a spirit. The 6 million slaughtered Jews had souls. They dust is crying out in the ground or landed on homes to remind them of their participation of not stopping it. Today….on Shevat 21…we are to remember these lost human beings…exactly when the Horsemen reported back to Adonai….and what did they still find the earth doing? Did they find the earth ‘forgetting’ to give memorial to ‘International Holocaust Day? Were the shepherds too busy to remember? It’s on my Hebrew calendar but is it on the your calendar? After all the church says, Israel? That’s old stuff…and we’re under The New stuff.

Will the churches know how to treat Israel? It seems our President knew how as he lifted up their Prime Minister and was patient with the world…not Israel…they were ready to know Jerusalem was their capitol.

If our churches don’t know what to do with her…how we expect the world to know? I sat at a funeral on January 18 and the pastor stated that he did not believe in the ‘kingdom’ on earth. The kingdom would be in heaven.

So, what is the Kingdom? Where is Jesus Yeshua suppose to return to? Why does Scripture say that he will have a thousand year reign from Jerusalem? This will happen as the 6th day closes in the day light with blessings of Torah (bread) falling from heaven. The 7th day of rest begins in the dark so we can light candles and welcome it in. He is The Light of the World coming in a flash of light with thundering of voices…it will be a scary day to some but to those already doing his instructions…it will be a day of security. Today’s Torah lesson is called Yethro (Jethro – Moses father-in-law). He helps him set up a government system that we still see working on the earth today. Our King of Kings will return as set up a government placed on Yeshua’s shoulders who is known as The Living Torah.

We must not run in fear just because we don’t know what to do with her new standards for the earth. Israel is guided by Elohim Almighty. His ways will be right and not wrong. We know it’s God’s government…with new General Gedaliah’s installed as leaders. My prayer is for HaShem (The Name above all names) to keep her safe and guide her in His righteous ways…so His Word can return to the earth and peace will come.

Shevat 24 2019 finds:

The spirit of deception is in the minds of theorists (horns) of whom are taking action to ‘conspire’ to bring about the downfall of Judah, Israel and Jerusalem (Zechariah 1:19)

How is it that men who look at themselves to be ‘defenders of the faith’ have come to believe they are to ‘save’ the world because others won’t open their eyes and ‘save’ themselves? Gun toting men have put fear in the people that no these guns are feared by many. How is it that they think they are above justice which God set in place for us to honor? And do they think it is their righteous act to remove their own friend’s from the earth who don’t desire to follow them?

Job’s wife (bride) spoke one verse of death to Job. Job 2:9 His wife asked him, “Why do you still hold on to your integrity? Curse God, and die!”

But he answered her, “You’re talking like a low-class woman! Are you to receive the good at God’s hands but reject the bad?” In all this Iyov did not say one sinful word.

Job’s three friends came from different locations to join together to give Job sympathy and comfort and when they each saw him from a distance they did not recognize him. They wept aloud, tore their coats and threw dust over the heads toward heaven. They sat with him on the ground for seven days and seven nights and no one spoke a word to him.

Elifaz was the first friend to speak and he spoke 48 verses of life over Job. “How happy the man God corrects! So don’t despise Shaddai’s discipline.” Job 5:17

Bildad was the next to speak 22 verses of life over Job. 8:22 “Those who hate you will be clothed with shame, and the tent of the wicked will cease to exist.” Job 10 “I am just worn out.”

Tzofar the Na’amati spoke next for 20 verses. He also praise Job for his righteous ways of being a good leader to his world…and yet Job has become impatient. I like what Tzofar tells him, “Isn’t your fear of God your assurance, and the integrity of your ways your hope?” Job 4:6

His friends had righteous advice never suggesting he kill himself. We do NOT murder and must advocate against suicide.

Right now at the very moment of Shevat 24…the time of the four horsemen…man’s peace is being removed.

Israel’s peace is being stolen…because ‘truth’ is denied who has legal title to The Land of Israel. Truth is being stolen because our world does NOT want to return to original Torah. The name change to ISRAEL is threatening to the world and Christians now join ‘theorists’ against her, too. These were her friends at one time and now The Deceiver has turned her friends into her enemies…and mine.

Isra’el wants to return to Torah and implement the life style that kept man safe on the earth. She is criticized for having a people that is ‘unrighteous’ and when she implements ‘righteousness’ according to The Bible…even Christians rebuke her. Thus, to implement Torah or NOT to implement Torah seems to be the question.

Who had the say in this? YHWH. In fact, it took 70 years to make the announcement. Israel has been patient for seventy years…and now in 2017 her name is ISRA’EL. Her goal is to grow her citizens through the original Hebrew language, calendar and The Lord’s Feasts. The Torah tells her to rest on The Sabbath and that standard should come back to the earth. Noach’s family stopped it but Shem and Abraham and Moses restored it. And, it was the sign for those living in The Wilderness…actually living out The Torah…being fed a double portion on the Sixth Day and none on the Seventh Day. They would not forget what double portion meant…and what REST meant.

What does John Hagee of CUFI encourage her to do? What does TBN encourage her to do? What does Joel Olsteen and Joseph Prince preach? None of them are going back to the beginning…God created for Six Days and on the 7th God rested…so that day would be set apart forever for all mankind to recognize who God was…The Creator. Will Christians come together and stop fighting about The Sabbath? It still resounds in our day….being year 6018 on Gregorian years and 5779 in Hebrew years.

If we calculate the feel of the earth according to Hebrew years…we are out of the fifth day and into the Sixth Day…which double portions of manna were given. Do you feel the doubling of cursings in your life or doubling of blessings. Job first felt blessings with 7 sons, 7000 sheep and each son would take a turn and host the special feast of Shavuot in the spring. The fields are being plowed and the cattle are grazing. Then Job would host the big Shavuot in the Jubilee year in case any of his children had sinned in the eyes of God. He had 3 daughters that each came to the brother’s festival. Read Job and you’ll see patterns jumping out.

Shavuot – Give of Holy Spirit (Ruach haChodesh). We know that even Enoch honored it and Methuselach and passed it on to Noach as did Shem. But some had stopped it and then Shem had them start it again…and then we have Abraham continuing…and his faith to it could have been part of his being called ‘Righteous.’ Today, we call it Pentecost known as the ‘gift of the Holy Spirit.’ So, why don’t all Christians celebrate Pentecost? It is called Shavuot in Hebrew…both The Torah and Holy Spirit are connected to this festival. People came from all over the world to Jerusalem to celebrate it.

Shem’s Assignment: Bring back The Sabbath rest. Bring back Shavuot

Christians Assignment: Ditto plus bring back The Temple and all of The Lord’s Feasts. These are the things that shows the Jew and the Gentile…that Yeshua Jesus is The Messiah. (Amein)….

CUFI, TBN, David Jeremiah, Perry Stone, Johnathan Cahn and more must help Israel to learn Torah…as it is from there that it is to go out to the world. For when they say from Jerusalem, “Blessed be He that comes in His name!” Whose name? Jesus….Yeshua the Messiah…Yeshuah ha Messiach!

Conspirators horns growing

The ‘deceiver’s seed’ is spewing his vengeance against Israel on the radio and television. The conspiracy grows in man’s mind and become a reality in his mind. Now he believes he is out to save the world…….from Israel’s ways. How can we go back to something that is so ancient…even though the Scripture says to follow the ‘ancient’ paths.

UNBELIEVABLE….but not………because when we come away from God’s Truth and walk down different religious roads we end up creating our own new religion. A single man can invest his hundred dollars via a radio program as the means of spreading his hate. He does this because all of his other venues of infiltrating groups via church, bible studies groups have shut tight to him.

The road blocks continue to be secured never to open their road to such thinking…against Israel. Christian persecution has increased in our world as God’s chosen leaders are brought forth to bring change and safety to the earth. Today men feel ‘the days of Gedaliah’ and are confused. Adonai had provided a strong Jewish general that would be kind to those left behind in Jerusalem. It was agreed to keep him but then a few ‘theorists’ took things into their hands and killed him in the darkness of the night. The sins of one are the sins of a nation…and therefore on Tishrei 3, The General Gedaliah fast is continued. It is in our ‘remembrance’ of our sinning that we remember whose we are. We are not self-made men carrying our gun on our hips to destroy a potential enemy….even looking for an enemy that might look at us wrong would give justice to pulling the trigger.

In Kansas City they remember that same thinking that gave way to the killing of a doctor who performed abortions. No man can murder another for any reason!

No man is to MURDER…pre-meditated…taking a life….even his own life…is murder and against God’s instruction (Torah).

The ‘conspirator’ may feel his very existence (that is tied to his message) is threatened and resigns to threatening others lives….all for the glory of God?

Solomon thought he was exempt from crossing every t and dotting every ‘i’…tittle. He removed the ‘yood’ from a sentence and said, “It will not certainly hurt Solomon who is the wisest of all kings.” and so he had many wives…which brought him fortune and horses and gold for The Temple. He married the idolatrous Pharaoh’s daughter…and much more. He was trusting in his silver and gold and not God.

The Hebrew knows the plight of the smallest letter (the ‘ yood) in the Hebrew Aleph-beit. It is the Christian that still considers Solomon as the wisest of all men. The truth is that he left God’s wisdom and his wives moved him to human wisdom. Solomon is a picture of the deceiver…the anti-Torah man…anti-Christ…against Yeshua’s anointing…and his return. The Temple was torn from Solomon…but he would finish his 40 years because that held to ‘the pattern.’ Adonai tells him it will be torn away through his grandchildren.

Conspirators feed upon being heard and followed. The verses then come true that a brother and a sister in the LORD will turn on each other. Their previous words “Let us agree to disagree!” are rescinded.

People use to sit next to each other in church following the greatest command of all, “Love the Lord your God and Love your Neighbor”…these are the greatest. Why are they the greatest? Because the next verses say that if you do these…you will also being doing all the rest…that hang off those two branches…You won’t argue, lie, steal, covet etc. and you will not MURDER!

Will the narcissistic person step beyond these instructions because in his mind those murders are for the ‘greater good’ of how he understands God? After all, he feels chosen for the job.

What am I concerned about? My concern is that Adonai’s children are being lead around like sheep without correct shepherding. I’ve witnessed Arizona, Texas gun-slinging pastors…set in their dispensational ways…on edge….and now members wear the guns and are told to lock the doors. These churches seem to want to be the enemy (for God’s sake), and now they got what they predicted…guns at their doors.

Disgruntled people take their anxiety out on those that they want to be like but can’t. If they can’t be happy then why should anyone else be happy? Happy Living magazines are written to try to help people to be happy.

Lessons from Solomon.

What can make us happy? More and more and more and more….until we’re little Solomon? If it is all vanity as he later writes…then what did Solomon learn about life? He finally realized who God was and who provided everything.

Solomon’s father David had too much blood on his hands to build The Temple…even though it was David’s desire and not Adonai’s desire. David had shed too much blood to build it looked to Yeshua’s blood that could build it. David was an earthly king but Yeshua was not destined to be an earthly king..even his blood line was not of the Levite.

A second person would build David’s dream…and he would also be David’s

second son, Solomon. The ‘second theme’ is in play just as we give testimony that The Scriptures speak of the first will come as a ‘suffering servant’ and the next will come as ‘King of Kings.” Two comings but it will be the same Messiach.

It is the ‘second son’ of David as the firstborn was slain by Adonai in retribution for the intentional murder of Bathsheba’s husband, Uriyah. Bathsheba’s second son, Solomon, viewed as having God’s wisdom attached to him would reign….just as Yeshua is of Spiritual wisdom and qualified to reign but He will reign over Heaven and earth. His earthly shed blood qualifies Him to reign over ALL.

The Lord’s Calendar is cyclical and whatever theme was imparted to that time will be imparted to it again. By 2019 it is still “So As to Israel, So As To America.” And, right now it rings through our presidents.

Month Five – Shevat – Month of Horsemen to bring Temple.

Our Horsemen – Sent out on the earth to see “Whose Peace.”

President Trump…from Day One…the words ‘impeachment’ rang out. Anything just anything…there has never been a presidency that started more in ‘awe’ and is still in ‘awe’ of God’s ‘last trumpet’ call.

Today, the same words ring out….even with books being written by ‘those that have worked’ for Trump and couldn’t wait to get fired. Their embitterment will now feed into others and soon…God’s chosen…God’s General Gedaliah for that time of history…may be removed.

And, As Israel has new elections….conspiracies run rampant about BB Netanyahu…’impeachment’ qualified, too…they say. Both America and Israel have resounding stories that match. What opportunity do we have to stand up for our Generals in these times of change? These are the days of Ezekiel, the days of Moses, the days of Noach, the days of Zechariah….the days of change…to bring Israel back on the earth….bringing back the ways of life that were from before the days of Noach and Abraham…these are the days that go back to Adam.

Eat…Eat…Eat…Eat…yes this tree and that tree and yes don’t forget this tree and that tree Adam….all these trees. There was only ONE forbidden tree…because it was not a healthy tree and would include ‘evil deception.’….a conspiracy tree for sure…about the woman…for sure…let’s get those woman…all the way into the 21st century…the woman was to blame…when it was all part of the picture of The Bride…not being perfect and needing a savior…her husband..from the Tree of Life…The Seed Yeshua.

It took 7 years .. a pattern that would play out on the earth. The Deceiver played his hand on 17 Cheshvan. Job’s friends sit with him or 7 days. Noach sat in the ark for 7 days before God’s hand moved to destroy all other humans. Job had 7000 sheep (representing a remnant of humans).

Then it would take 42 days to remove the deceived from ‘The Beautiful Gan. Forty-Two is full-term to bring change…a baby is no longer in dark but is delivered. Adam and Chanoah come out of Gan of Eden on 42nd day of ingesting sin. The penalty for sin…was being removed from Gan of Eden.

Month Four (Tevet 1) The deceiver crawls on his belly for man to crush his head….but not before the deceiver strikes at man’s heel. Men must admit they have been struck by ‘deceiver.’

Adam in perfect Gan and Job in perfect world….both living righteous lives. Our lives are commended by God and we prove ourselves by still loving God through adversity…not denying the man of God…Yeshua as God.

Genesis 3:15 speaking to ‘deceiver’ snake. “I will put animosity between you and the woman and between your descendant and her descendant; he will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel.”

Men do hold a snake by it’s head but not before he notices it might strike his heel. The spiritual speaks of a single man, The Seed Yeshua, that would come and suffer for all so that all ‘deception’ could cease to those that believed that it is God’s own blood that defeats ‘the deceiver’ portrayed as a serpent. The serpent is silenced….

Animals were silenced but God speaks through them when commanded. Adam as he became a hunter. being defeated in the 7000th year of earth’s history.

Shevat 24 2017 was January 20.

Israel’s Prime Ministers meets with U.S. President Trump. The world is upset.

(President Obama in his eight years as president never gave Israel honor. BB come in through the back door and then he was made to wait…and then his staff and Obama were rude to him (Israel). And, Obama refused to stamp passports saying Jerusalem, Israel…thus denying that title.

Ivanka Trump clothing….being removed from stores. Nordstrom removed Ivanka’s clothing line as people refused to shop Nostrum. January 20, 2017, Shevat 24…Day of the horseman.

The horns come against Judah’s, Isra’el and Jerusalem declares Zechariah 1. MEGA hat happenings in 2019.

Tom Brady has worn that hat since 2015. He loves Trump but bride cautious….Super Bowl 2019.. Prediction: Rams get caught in ticket for Anti-Leadership God established. Issac spared…ram killed.

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