Gentiles Jealous For – Feasts Fasts Foods

July 27 2019, 24 Tammuz Sabbath John 2:13-25, John 17-18. The previous verses set the stage for The Third Day – a wedding in the Galilee. This is likened to The Third Day when our Groom Yeshua comes for his Bride that carries the name, Israel. The guests include Gentiles who also believe in the Jew’s Messiah. A very special woman was at this wedding…Yeshua’s mother! A WOMAN – named Miriam seems to be presiding over this wedding and asking for more wine for their guests.

Miriam means bitter as it associates with Mosch sister, Miriam. When Miriam died, there was no water…and they shed no tears for her. The people do not mourn for Mosch and Aharon’s sister Miriam. She played the harp but became known as a grumbler along with the people. We will also see three Miriam’s at Yeshua’s execution…all embittered by his death.

Yeshua’s mother is not grumbling but requesting a sweet drink. Yeshua is the sweet wine that shared his red blood for us to partake in and qualifies us to be at The Wedding Banquet. More wine means that more and more people were coming to The Wedding.

Ceremonial water was in 6 stone-water jars each having a capacity of twenty to thirty gallons. This means that Yeshua made another 120 – 180 gallons of wine for those still coming. There are 16 cups in one gallon. Thus, 1920 to 2880 more cups of wine were made available for this wedding. Could it be at 6000 years we see the wine presses pouring out on humanity as it is sifted and pressed to redemption in Day 6?

I like to look at numbers. We do know that Isra’el became a Nation in 1948 which was the twentieth (20) century of our earth. This could be seen in the 120 gals of covenant wine that the (1) Aleph (God) provided. We also know that our King of Kings…our Groom is going to return for the “Eighth Day” rule…into eternity so the 180 shows the future. Or, since Hebrew reads left to right it could read 180 to 120 gallons. And, this too would be correct in that it is in ‘The Years of Enlightenment’ when Isaac Newton and his fellows leave a big impression on our world. Isaac was a Jew sneaking away to a teacher’s house to read from ancient books at night. Isaac Newton 1642 – 17–? saw the at 18th century come in. The ‘Eighteenth’ Century prepares the Jew to return where she will grow her own grapes after being pressed for centuries.

And yes, 1920 began those ‘roaring 20’s that celevrated “No more wars” at the Versaille Treatise. But Hitler would bring on Socialism in World War II as Germany had to find a way to pay for it’s WWI debt. The Jew is always blamed for financial loses and along with “Darwinian” thinking, the victims would mount to over 50 million people. These people were put in the wine press and drank by the world. Many of these people were prepared early for ‘Heaven’s Eternal Covenant Banquet.’

6000 years is 120 Jubilees (50 x 120). We all look to Day Six for Messiach to reign just as the ‘first Adam’ came on Day Six.

Yeshua answered his mother that it was NOT time for His wedding banquet. Yeshua knew history was being written for our eyes and our ears to see and hear His future plans for us. Yeshua’s lessons always speak to the future…even as He used the old law and prophecies to confirm his teachings. If we take the time to understand the Hebrew’s customs, we will understand our future. ADONAI does not wish for any person ever born on His earth to perish. But, we also see that in all the miracles that he did…it still did not convince many of them…because their hearts were wrong.

Do people want to see a miracle so they can see Yahweh working on the earth…or do they want a miracle in their own life so they can be boastful of being a special person through whom God works? We find the answer in the Torah portion this week with Pinchas dealing with the Moabites and Midianites. Prophet Balam was called from 400 miles away to curse YAHWEH’s children. There would be no success in cursing these children because they are blessed children.

It is agreed that Israel is not always obedient but then neither are the Gentile born-again believers. It is up to The Father to correct them…not our world. And, it is only with judges and authority did Pinchas act to stop a plague that had affected 24,000 people. This plague had been on-going as the Israelites assimilated with their cousins. Pinchas did not act on his own…Adonai told Mosch who confirmed it with their High Priest justice system. 24,000 have eventually died and now it would be stopped by the belly of two people…Israelite and Moabite priestess. One blow…in one day..the plaque stopped.

Pinchas is made a High Priest forever…which means his family line will always act in that role on earth. Yeshua comes through Pinchas and proves this covenant. And, the Covenant of Shalom is first given here…which shows our peace coming through Yeshua..our forever High Priest.

The good wine (Yeshua) is kept until the last part of the feast. This wedding feast was the ‘first’ of Yeshua’s miraculous signs that he did in that area; town of Kanah in the area known as Galil (Galilee). His students then trusted him. Who else now trusted him? His mother and brothers and his talmidim (students) went down to K’far Nachum and stayed there a few days. Yeshua has been gone two days (2000 years) and is due back.

Yeshua has come to our earth and stayed a couple days/years. He left talmidim trained in The Refined Torah. Now let us proceed to The Scriptures being read this week that connect to the Pinchas parshah portion.

John 2:13 “It was almost time for the festival of Pesach in Y’hudah, so Yeshua went up to Yerushalayim. In the Temple grounds he found those who were selling cattle, sheep and pigeons, and others who were sitting at tables exchanging money. He made a whip from cords and drove them all out of the Temple grounds, the sheep and cattle as well.”

It will be in this same month at Passover that he becomes the Pesach lamb being whipped by cords with spikes in them ripping his flesh to the rib bone. His time has not come yet…he chases the sheep and the cattle money-exchangers out. The people who came a long distance for Passover bought their sacrificial animals on location. They did not want to offer a weary animal or one that may even break it’s leg on the way to the greatest Feast of the year, Pesach.

The closer you got to Yerhshalayim, the more the ‘money-changer’ would charge. And, now they were overcharging right at the doorsteps of the Holy of Holies at The Temple yard. ADONAI has ‘zeal’ for his house. No human should defile it. The Wedding should not be defiled as it is a shadow of what is to come….The Eternal Wedding Banquet.

The Temple represented what was purposed in eternity…The Eternal Temple. It was false worship all over the earth with ‘firstborns’ deems as nothing but a sacrifice to a ‘god’. A woman’s second child had more love given to it because she could keep it. This false worship happened in Egypt and was carried through Molech. Moabites and Midianites continued their love for Molech. He put babies in bellies.

Legend says that Muhammad thought his father was considered to be offering to a god by his grandfather. Muhammad’s father died before he was born. Legend says that his mother died when he was six years of age. Muhammad’s culture had many gods as he grew up around the caravans that went between cities. He would have seen the idols of worship in these towns. How did they appease these many gods? If was by giving up what given in the woman’s belly. Life did not have value and only the strong who fought could survive.

Wow….and to think now that that same religion asks it’s mothers to offer up their children again and again for the sake of a religious holy war; jihad….all in the name of Islam. The group that hated polytheist gods now sacrifices their children to one god. Islam believes in one god. Satan keeps winning by removing ‘God’s image’ from the earth. Satan doesn’t need a specific location (altar) for an execution. This ‘Deceiver’ will remove life on any altar via execution. And, the same ‘old lie’ from the Gan of Eden is used….You shall be as ‘gods.’

I John 2 – The Hebrew instructions are not to murder another human being. Man is made in God’s image and is NOT to be removed from the earth….Do Not Murder was seen with Adam’s firstborn killing Adam’s ‘second’ born. The Hebrew depiction of these killings are showing that there can only be one death to resolve all sin. Adam through Abraham describe that event in the distant future. They knew there was a Seed coming. The Seed was planted in the ground (death) at 4000 years. That seed is sprouting all over the earth right now and will come into full bloom soon. That Seed will reign in the strength of the Aleph/ox…as He is the Aleph to the Tav…the beginning and the end. The I AM.

We know that Seed today as The Messiah Yeshua who was “The Lamb of God” slain. It was planned from the foundation of the world. This is NOT a Jew bashing time as The Crusades and Hitler both deemed as their excuse for cleansing.

We have a God with a humble spirit as a lamb. But, he is also sacrificed as a bull of strength and might…an ox. The first letter of the Hebrew aleph-beit is the ox pictured as an ox yoke or plow; ַַא

I John 3:17 quotes Psalm 69:10 (9). “Zeal for your house will devour me.” Yeshua’s zeal for The Temple on earth to sweep it clean of cheating money-changers shows His zeal for us. This is the picture Ya’cov portrayed as his wages with Laven’s animals was always changing. Yeshua’s zeal for the Heavenly Temple was to be seen in the earthly model. We see shadows (patterns) everywhere if we would just make the connections.

Does “Zeal for his house devour him?” Yes, even as he tells them that in three days He will raise it back up. He was speaking of his death, burial and resurrection but they thought he would build back The Temple in three days. They had never witnessed someone raise up from the dead before so they thought what took 46 years to build back in three days truly would have been a miracle. (I think it fun to think that something about Yeshua’s life took 46 years to pattern The Temple. Hmm…perhaps it was his mother Miriam’s age at His resurrection. ?) And we have Israel becoming a nation in 1946…That is a good pattern to The Temple.

The pattern of independence came from Independence, Missouri. The very place from which I write this. Harry S Truman of Independence, Missouri was the brave soul to congratulate Israel on their independence. It had taken those 46 years that hosted two world wars. The world wasn’t ready to help with any more wars and yet when Harry did that…more war was threatened. This time the ‘wars and rumors of wars’ was strictly about Israel. Against all advice, Harry S Truman went ahead and gave them America’s support just a year after the end of the Holocaust in 1945. 1946 was a year of finding homes for of Jews in Israel. The search for their families in all countries and hidden churches continued in 1946 and after. 1946 was truly the year of building Israel back into her land. Once they had gained enough population, it was announced to the world. Immediately war came from Egypt and Jordan until the fall of 1948.

Jews came from countries to fly make shift aircraft. Israel did not have a military..they were too young. These are the days of miracles…just as Yeshua spoke of His miracle resurrection after three days. We know too that ADONAI has another three-day plan at the 7th day.

Yeshua came at year 4000 and in 3000 years it is 7000 years. Enoch talks about that day and it’s last one hundred years. If you’re interested in timing…read Enoch 92 and you’ll see history laid a 700-year ten-generation plan.

People don’t take resurrection very serious. Even Yeshua said that if they don’t believe one that resurrected from the dead why would they believe any other things done. He was speaking about Himself that would be the ONE that resurrects up. Thus, he would not give them any other miracles but only the sign of Jonah…three days of being in the ‘belly’…and then resurrection.

Thomas was too busy with life to believe his friends. Thomas had to actually touch Yeshua in order to believe. But those that have faith much better. I believe that it is in faith (steadfast confidence in Him) that causes miracles. It is being baptized into what Yeshua is. Prayer transcends into other people. Laying hands on someone or something transcends the power of faith into that being. The person or animal that hands have been placed on are just the vehicle for new faith…a renewal of faith for those that will hear with their ears and see with their eyes.

Who is our food? Yeshua says that “I am the bread of life.” He is our spiritual food. What he is about should absorb into us…to love righteousness, to do good, etc. Food is a BIG in our day because many don’t think it necessary to eat according to Leviticus 23. And, Gentiles do agree that they should not eat strangled food as instructed by the early council which included Shu’al and Peter. Petros (Peter) told the Gentiles that he had never eaten anything unclean or common.

Food is clean or unclean according to Leviticus standards. Scavengers are not good for us and that seems to be on the major list of do not eat. It makes sense and so if people eat these things and get…and die sooner than their time, they are NOT to blame ADONAI as they violated the food torah (instruction). Adam violated the ‘food torah’ and died early. Did he repent? Yes, as he is still named as a righteous man….but he did die at 950 years because he sinned. Man was scheduled to live beyond a thousand years in that beautiful Gan of Eden, but man chose a path of early departure.

Who is Israel and how should she be treated? Today, there is a sect of religion that wants to bring The Kingdom to the earth and yet they are confronted by jealous Jews for doing that. Our earth is experiencing something that they have not had to face in the past two thousand years. In that Second Day (2000 years from Yeshua) we have ISRAEL proper back in her land as of 1947-1948. What position does she have on the earth? We should read Romans 11 as it tells why Israel had been cut off and yet she has resurrected from the dead…(my words). She got haughty and was loped off. Now the Root of Jesse has sprouted back up, right on schedule…according to prophecy.

When is the Time of Gentiles time full? I believe they are getting fuller everyday. Israel was to give the world to deliver The Torah. It is what keeps us safe on the earth. It has good eating habits and it teaches good lifestyles. This certainly was not the way of life coming up from Adam and even to Muhammad were multiple gods were still trying to be appeased in the Middle East…Egypt, Cairo..Mecca, Medina, etc.

The Gentiles are to make the Jew jealous in that they know a lot about them. The Gentiles have been given the revelation of Jesus Christ. This name was by the Greeks and Rome; Jesus (Greek) cristos (anoint) (Rome). In Egypt Jesus is called, Isa. Thus, when a Christian speaks to a Jew about Jesus…they don’t know who that is. It is when they apply Hebraic words that they can understand. And interestingly, the word Yeshua actually means, their salvation’ in Hebrew.

I stood next to a widow in a synagogue whose husband’s inheritance built that synagogue in Las Vegas. It was at the Feast of Trumpets and I wanted to see how they brought in that festival. As we read from The Torah books, I could hear the word Yeshua spoken by everyone in the room at once. I ask her if she knew that The Messiach’s name is Yeshua? She said that she did not. I told her that every time she read the word Yeshua, she was saying her Messiah’s name.

I did not force my Christian views into her life. I stood in praise of ADONAI as they all went up on their heels when praying and then bowing when YAHWEH’s name was spoken. Oh what reverence to The Scriptures I felt among these Jews on The Feast of Trumpets. I had vowed never to go to Las Vegas and then I gave in to a business trip with my husband. It was the ‘hand of God’ that our hotel was next to this synagogue and that I enjoyed several days of worship with them. It was delightful and truly anointing. And, this WOMAN now knows His name.

The Orthodox Jew is set apart to ADONAI and wears the black phylactery on the head and arm. They are not allowed to read anything outside of Torah’s five books. It is a narrow road for them. The road gets a little wider when the Tanak can be added to a Jews reading list. The Torah (5 books), Prophets (early, later) and K’tuvim (Writings) make up the books that are called, The Tanak.

These books all point to The Messiach. Since we can look back and see that pattern in history that point, it is exciting to see so many coming to the saving blood of the Jews Messiach and claim him as their way of salvation, too. It is in this lens of looking back that confirms The Tanak. And, it is in The Tanak lens that constantly shows, The Messiach. It’s not my point to prove either direction in this writing but only to wonder what ‘grafted’ into the Jew means.

We are all to be holy (set apart) to ADONAI. As a Gentile, the patterns confirm who The Messiach is. The Gentile knows his name and has witnessed miracles in their lives through his name as they are covered by His name.

Romans 11 speaks about the Jews stumbling but only for the sake of The Gentle to be brought in. The Root has always been Jesse with the Branch (Israel) now growing strong again on the earth. Isra’el is actually 71 years old as a nation with The Gentile trying to redefine their position on the earth. We do NOT want to take away from Israel what is special to Israel. We do NOT want to build other Temples on the earth when there is just one location for The Temple that shadows the one in the Heavenlies.

We’re witnessing The Jews of the earth wanting to be ADONAI’s Torah givers. We are witnessing the Messianic Gentiles letting go of small groups where almost anything goes as 38,000 different religious denominations come together and argue their doctrinal cause. If our believer in Yeshua Jesus don’t learn and participate in the Jews feasts, fasts and food…we are going to just be ‘another’ religious cult on the earth. Cult means a group that believes the same thing. Will it take 40,000 cults to finally be One with the Jew?

August 2019 until 2020 the Hebrew and the Gregorian calendars are aligning. As this happens, the Gentiles are going to be on the same page, you could say, as the Jew. They are going to participate as The King is in the Field in the month of Elul. Our world is going to be on the same page of history exactly as the Hebrew calendar changes to the year 5780 on Rosh Hoshanna which is the Feast of Trumpets. Whether other churches or heathens in our world want to watch our world does not matter…what going to happen is going to happen. This alignment will not happen again until the year 2026…day for day alignment.

All eyes are going to see and all knees will bow. ALL will eat the same food, Yeshua’s being ‘bread of life’. We will drink from the wine press of the wedding wine. It is time for the Gentiles to take their position in Torah…but only after they have the heart for it. It’s always about our hearts…both Jew and Gentile hearts need circumcised. We MUST forget about our lives on this earth and move our hearts toward righteousness that is coming to the earth.

If the Kingdom people are just interested in the logistics of growing a body of Messiah believers that won’t make the Jew mad in this transition, then the Gentiles will NOT participate in the miracles as it happens. They will NOT join in The Torah that celebrates Yeshua’s presence in them that is to meant to heal the nations.

Will our Kingdom groups just become another source of ‘come as you eat’ not understanding that The Torah is life? Living out Torah is living in The Light. Yeshua is the spoken Torah (instructions). Yeshua is The Light of the World that sets standards so we can identify with Him. He is clean so we are to be clean and that includes eating clean.

We can NOT eat as the heathen eat….scavenger food. What an insult to ADONAI who set up the food laws from the beginning with Adam. This is not about some Leviticus Torah Law….this is about ADONAI’s children being healthy to live long on the earth. The food laws set mankind apart for long life. The Sabbath sets men apart for long life. It is hard to rest on a set day. It is easy to work but it is hard to rest…it has to be scheduled and finally we can worship and ‘be still and know that I am God.’

I think ‘kingdom groups’ that promote ‘come as you eat what you like’ have good intentions, but it violates The Torah. Scripture never says to remove the ‘food instructions’. Romans 14 gives the final answer about food. But, before we go there we must decide what food is. Our Creator gave us examples of food in the New Testament. It is the same list of what is in Leviticus. Food is clean when it does not come from an animals that is a scavenger. If people want to continue eating scavengers they will have cancer. Our bodies are designed for clean food as our organs can wear out trying to continually filter pork, shrimp, catfish (bottom eater) and birds that eat roadkill. It is true that you are what you eat….meaning…if you eat healthy, you will be healthy.

Now, if we can agree that food is only clean if it is not a scavenger, then we can move on to what is strangled. Road kill has been strangled. Road kill has not has it’s throat killed for it’s blood to pour out and not fester up in that animals body to bloat. No matter how good you try to clean up that animal, it’s blood has permeated it’s meat. Drinking or consuming blood is harmful. Why would a type A accept a Type B’s blood….much less why could a human’s blood accept an animal’s blood. Remember, the life of anything is in it’s blood. Without blood there is no life. We have to be very careful about NOT eating blood…human or animal.

Review – food is eating non-scavenger and non-strangled.

So, what is Roman 14 and 15 talking about when it says, (Romans 19:20 b… ‘all things are clean’? This is a clean meat, clean food and clean drink discussion. Romans 14:19-21 closes with: “What is good is not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.” This is a vegetarian diet versus a meat diet discussion. This is a sobriety conversation.

Those taking a Nazarite vow do NOT drink wine during that period. Those in sin may not partake of the sacrificial offering because of being unclean. The Temple system was still in affect until 70 AD at the time of this writing.

I love verse 15:7 “So welcome each other, just as the Messiah has welcomed you into God’s glory.” The Gentiles are to be welcomed by the Jews.

Romans 15:8 “For I say that the Messiah became a servant of the Jewish people in order to show God’s truthfulness by making good his promises to the Patriarchs, and in order to show mercy by causing the Gentiles to glorify God – as it is written in the Tanakh.”

Our Messiah made his promises good to the Patriarchs. Our Messiah also caused the Gentiles to glorify God…..according to the Tanakh. Everything was written down as a prophecy. Our Messiah proved himself to us by filling up those prophecies…no other human being has done that.

My question to The Kingdom Living group is this. If ADONAI created The Torah to keep us safe on the earth then why would we want to violate any part of it? If The Sabbath was kept by Adam, then why we stop now? If a food law was established with Adam and expounded upon with Mosch and observed by Yeshua while He was on earth, then why would that change now?

Are we changing Israel’s position on the earth by eating like heathens just so she’s not jealous? Heaven forbide as ADONAI will never change her position of who she is on our earth. She is suppose to be jealous and accept it. Any haughtiness by either group will cut them off. And, that is each individuals choice…as each person can read The Instructions for themselves. And, if someone makes them feel bad for not eating clean, not eating meat, only eating vegetables, drinking wine or not drinking wine…etc. then they will stand before ADONAI…who is our final judge.

How do we hold to our hope? Romans 15:3 “For even the Messiah did not please himself; rather, as the Tanakh says, ‘The insults of those insulting you fell on me.’ For everything written in the past was written to teach us, so that with the encouragement of the Tanakh we might patiently hold on to our hope.”

Romans 15:5 “And may God, the source of encouragement and patience, give you the same attitude among yourselves as the Messiah Yeshua had, so that with one accord and with one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah.”

What sets ISRAEL apart on our earth? My first thought is The Torah. My next thought is her location. My next thought is her people. These are what was promised to the patriarchs….which we just read was to be accomplished by Yeshua. Israel has the land for The Messiach to return. Israel has the Torah which is The Messiach…known as The Word. Israel has Jerusalem from where our King will rule. A people, a land and A Seed.

The Torah is to fill the earth. It is NOT the food laws that are to be done away with. It is NOT the Sabbath that is done away with. It is NOT The TORAH that can be done away with because, He is The Torah. Yeshua is not Yeshua without The Torah…He is the Living Torah…The Living Word. So what can be done away with? Nothing! He completely fills it up and we are to be like Him…completely clean and set apart…so others see how we are blessed and not cursed. He wants us to ‘try Him’ so others can walk about these same paths in order to see Him in their lives.

The Land, Jerusalem, The People are Israel. No one can take that from them. But, we can ‘try’ our Creator and see what He will give as a blessing when we request it according to His ways!

The ‘circumcision question’ is personal. Circumcision not commanded in the Torah. And, it is not until the time of redemption did Abraham’s new crop of 40-year old children adhere to it. It was even hard for Abraham’s children. But, this group ready to cross over the Yarden did circumcise themselves thirty days before crossing.

It was and is a sign that one joins to be part of The Abrahamic covenant. If the Gentile does not want to be part of that covenant, than that is his choice.

Resting the land every seven years was specific to Israel. It set them apart likened to them being fed during their 40-year Wilderness experience. It proved to them and all the nations watching them to whom was providing their every need. Truly the nations were in fear as they saw them be sustained miraculously. Rehab the harlot was saved and her household. She told how everyone feared the Hebrew’s god. The Gentile world should live in awe of the Hebrew’s Elohim. We should tremble when told raising to life stories.

This is when they ‘try’ the Lord which means to ‘try his ways’ and see He is good. When we ‘try on’ the LORD by obeying His instructions, we can see Him. If we never ‘try His ways’, we just go about life and wonder if ADONAI is real.

I want to close this with the word ‘violence’ because it was brought up in the Parash class on Sabbath. The word violence of the Torah is the removing of The Torah. There will be ‘violence’ toward it. People call it legalism. ADONAI’s legislation leads to righteousness to those who find Yeshua in it’s purposes. If we are blessed through it, then I want to ‘try on’ more of it. It makes me jealous that the land of ISRAEL gets to see the blessings….but it is right that she alone is set-apart in certain aspects of,The Torah.

It was not for Jeroboam to set up his particular altar for the northern kingdom to save them travel time to go to Jerusalem. Thus, it is NOT right that temples and cathedrals stretch out across our lands and try to be ISRAEL. There is one Israel and there is one land piece that has always been marked out as The LORD’s.

In 2015 I did set our land apart. I wanted to ‘try’ God out. I wanted to see what would happen. I ask our bale person to keep all the hay for himself. My husband wanted it baled and so I could not just let the land rest on it’s own. My husband hates weeds. Our hay man said that he would do what my husband wanted as far as sharing the hay produced. This farm also feels it is proper to leave some corners for the animals to eat.

The hay that would have been our share was cut per my husband’s instruction. That hay was continually rained and lost its value. It was really worthless that year but we still stored it along a back fence line instead of destroying it. And actually, it was the hay that helped bring our cows through last winter (2019).

The Great American eclipse passed over our property and instead of bringing joy it brought disaster to the farmers that lay under it’s path. I’m not a superstitious person in the least. But I lived to witness and hear about that path in Missouri that no rain fell and crops were failed with no fruit on the plants. The first cutting of hay was sold to feed summer cows. There was no second or third crop in 2017 and thus cows were sold cheap so as not to feed them in the 2018 next winter. We sold out most of our herd at a huge loss because of the hay shortage.

The ‘Great American Eclipse’ that people celebrated also brought flooding to the rest of it’s path into the Carolina’s and Florida. And in the northern path in the United States and it was fire that consumed it’s path. The Seven cities that carried the name Salem (meaning shalom or peace) had their peace removed. This is a lesson on eclipses that we should not forget. It is repentance that our Creator requires…not celebrating darkness.

So, how did we survive without that hay? The year before in the sixth Shemittah cycle…the year of double and triple blessing before the ‘land rest’, we had more than enough hay to carry us into the next year of the ‘ruined’ hay. It was incredible to watch destruction in America as Israel fought to claim her rights to Jerusalem that year.

Our properties have been named El Shaddai in two states in our 49 years of marriage. It began at Mt. Vernon, Iowa with an El Shaddai horse boarding sign posted. The next house on that property was a weather-all product that allowed the name El Shaddai to be put right above the front door threshold in stucco. The home in Missouri had El Shaddai engraved in our front porch cement and also a metal sign that hangs up with our address on it. El Shaddai was suggested to me by a dear Christian in Iowa who knew what it meant…God Provides all.

On July 22, 2017 a calf expired from heat exhaustion for three days. As our paramedic son and nurse daughter-in-law both looked at his vitals signs together, they assured me he was no more. I put my hands on the calf praying and begging for his life. We only had three bull calves out of eleven calves and he was one of them. I shook him trying to get breathe back into his limp body. Our grandson was standing next to our Fireman son of whom had already pronounced death on this calf. The 20 year old grandson announced, “Well Grandma, it looks like he’ll be dead by morning. Sunday is the ‘eighth’ day of the week. It was a ‘new’ day for new beginnings. My friend Joyce had just told me, “Never announce or speak death over anything.”

After hearing Andrew’s announcement on this 60-day old black Angus calf, I ask them to all stop and pray. I lead the prayer wondering if anyone else would join in, they did not…but they did all agree with an Amen at the end.

“Lord, we thank you for all you give us and this calf. We are not going to accept death on this calf. I’m asking you for this calf’s life. He is a bull calf, created in his father Taurus image…in your image Adonai of being the Aleph in our lives..the first. You created this calf…his mother carried him all that time and now to have him die just does not make sense. He’s a bull calf that is suppose to produce calves. He’s yours Lord. Please let him live! And if you would, please drop the temperature and give us rain to cool the other cows down so they don’t die. We are thankful for all your do for us. We praise you for who you are, our Creator. Lord, would it be possible to have a sign of life from this calf before we go in? Perhaps a tail wiggle I was thinking…and then said… “Could you lift up his head…and perhaps his hoof?” I heard myself say.

What had I done to place a fleece before our Creator I was thinking…and just wanted to close the prayer as it was a prayer with too many half truths. When I spoke about this calf being a father, my mind told me…no, he’s going to the slaughter in the fall. It was a hot muggy 90 degrees at 9:00 pm on a Saturday night. These three other adults had left other appointments to find their way into the thickets to help this calf with electrolytes with a tube. They had issued them at 3:00 pm and now he seemed lifeless and dead. They did not give him the electrolytes.

It was no more than 10 seconds after I closed the prayer, “And, I pray this in Yeshua, HaMessiach (The Messiah) name, Amein” that this calf lifted it’s right hoof and rested his head on that front leg. The four of us each caught our breath and everyone gasp while saying, “Praise The Lord, PTL, PTL.” I

I immediately led a prayer of thanks as this calf held it’s position and we all stared in dismay. I thanked ADONAI for his presence and for showing Himself real to my family…it was an answer to a life-long prayer. No one took a picture as no one brought their phone to this ravine. I did take a picture of him Sunday morning as he just lay there letting me pet him.

This calf held it’s head on it’s hoof for a solid minute or two and we all wondered if he would lift up. He then put his hoof down and curled his head in toward his tummy. We climbed through some thickets as the wind was rising up.

This story was told to my husband who was in the house and they all agreed to what happened. My daughter-in-law left quickly with her son (21) as the wind blew and the rain came. I prayed for their safety as the wind registered 42 miles an hour. It was dark out and the rain poured down. All of the cattle cooled as the temperature dropped from 90 degrees to 62 degrees. Again, I thanked ADONAI for his grace on us and the cattle. In the morning that wind had taken down our flagpole and dropped two large branches across our driveway that a tractor had to remove one of the branches. The Lord was truly as in the winds that night.

I’m going to continue to finish this story of testimony because this calf’s name was changed from Montana to Mattot Massei. I had come home at 6:00 pm from the 42nd Parshah reading named Mattot Massei meaning The Tribes, the Journeys. This truly was going to be about watching many of our mother’s give birth on The Sabbath and thus there calves would remind us of those Torah portions. We even had a calf born on Sukkot Day One and Feast of Tabernacles Day One. It’s been an amazing journey at El Shaddai Estates. I could write more about Mattot Massei but I will close with saying that he sold accidentally to our hayman and he still lives. He did not go to slaughter and this hay man will be using him for his three cows this fall.

It is an amazing thing to see God in your life and to have others experience Him as well. It is because we all want Him in our lives. It is because we ask to see Him real in our lives. And, I believe this all happened beginning in 2015 when we set this property apart by not taking the hay for ourselves….I told our hay man you could have it all…but he left the rained hay that looked ruined. I was glad to see our 2014 hold us through to 2016’s crop. I now know that to try our Creator is the best thing we can do. Try him…even if it’s meant for Israel’s land…I want their blessings, too. I’m grafted into their instructions but first and most important I am His child…and I trust Yeshua for my salvation just as his name means Salvation.

Tonight I feel blessed and this week I will study and read the Mattot Massei parsah. I will tell everyone to give witness to the event that took place on July 22, 2017 in the ravine behind our house. Life goes on and I see ADONAI speaking to us through these cows even though we only have three mothers left to bear His witness on our small 36-acre property.

I don’t like having ‘violence’ against The Torah. If I can set myself apart as Israel is instructed to set herself apart, I will. But, I can NOT do what her land was designed to do. It was designed for our King to reign from there. It has to be purged from all of the idolatry that sits on it. Do we think that that Rome will give up it’s rights to The Temple Mount? Do we think Islam will allow their Dome of the Rock to be removed? I know that it will take the Hand of God to clear that mount. And, I know He will do it…in His time.

One gate is going to be one and one-half miles wide. There are twelve gates and these gates all have long walls between them. This is a tremendous city that is coming to Jerusalem. We will not build it in our day, but He will when He returns. The largest earthquake will split that land to prepare it’s borders.

So, for now….if anyone comes into my presence with a “God Story” that should be heard…I will ask them questions…I will ask them to repeat the story to others…I will ask for details…because our Creator is in the details. I will NOT be silent…because that is the only way our Creator can be heard through all the screaming from our earth.

I find that Torah teachers are so busy ‘teaching’ that when God stories come, they don’t know what to say. The people are listening and want to hear more…but the teacher moves on with a polite smile of what they heard. It astounds me….they want to learn about God but they don’t want to hear from God….AMAZING.

I pray we each get to have a ‘God story’. It is not just to build our faith but others faith that ADONAI is real. He is listening when we pray. If you are praying for His will in your life….if your prayers fit The Torah,…He will do what we ask. It is the father’s will that be done…not my own. In His name…Yeshua, the Messiah.

I’m going to close with two Scriptures that show that Yeshua was real before the time of Creation…6000 years ago. And, He’s going to return as the Sixth Day closes out…showing us his double and triple blessings if that’s the side of the sidewalk we’ve chosen to walk.

His Seventh Day will begin…and all will see it clearly as evil is removed…those wanting to remove The Instructions will be removed. Those wanting to follow The Instructions will remain…because that is how we will live. He grants each of us our desires.

We will live by His every Word that proceeds from His mouth. He puts His words in our mouths and then we must glory Him by telling others what He did. I’ll just say ‘Amein’ and show you the two verses. Please Lord bless them and show my friends that you are ‘real’ in their lives. Please show them you are worthy of ‘Trying’. Malachi 3

John 17:4 I glorified you on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. Now, Father glorify me alongside yourself Give me the glory I had with you before the world existed.”

John 17:24 “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am; so that they may see my glory, which you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.”

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