Violence In The Torah – Ezekiel 22:26 – Part I

Since then the reign of Elohim is being announced, and everyone is doing violence upon it.

“They have not distinguished between the set-apart and profane, nor have they made known the difference between the unclean and the clean. And they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths, and I am profaned in their midst.”

Luke 16:13 “No servant (caretakers of the sheep) is able to serve two masters, for either he shall hate the one and love the other, or else he shall cling to the one and despise the other. You are not able to service Elohim and man (world). 14 And the Pharisees, who loved silver, also heard all this, and were sneering at Him, (money is made in the pulpits by promoting books and church training materials).

15 So He said to them, “You are those who declare yourselves righteous before men, but Elohim knows your hearts, because what is highly thought of among men is an abomination in the sight of Elohim”.

God is talking to his listeners and the Pharisees (leaders) of His day. They represent world church leaders, deacons, elders and anyone who cares for the flock.

In the following verses Yeshua is speaking of God’s Torah. Is he talking about man’s religion?

16 The Torah (God’s instructions)and the prophets are until Yohanan (John). Since then the reign of Elohim is being announced, and everyone is doing violence upon it (Torah).

What Violence?

John is announcing what The Torah is about; the kingdom of God. He is announcing Yeshua/Jesus, the one whom he is not fit to unloosen His sandal. John is saying that the Kingdom is at hand with Yeshua Jesus’ coming but everyone is doing violence upon The Torah which shows mankind how to live in that kingdom.

The leaders are doing violence to the Torah (God’s instructions) that contained what The Prophets had said. As Christians we say that these leaders built a fence around The Torah to make sure that The Torah was not violated. Perhaps that was true, but we must also look at it’s destruction. Did they destroy parts of it to rebuild it to their liking? The answer should be stated in bold letters…YES!

They added to God’s instruction. In their own selfish intentions, they are making money selling the people unworthy (marred) sacrificial animals at inflated prices. Today, we seem to have so many Bible versions because man thinks he can write it just a little bit better than the last man. Plus, everyone is taping into The Jew Revolution. Books are not only written on self-help, but taping into ourselves to get to the spiritual guide we can ask to come in.

The Torah is Yahweh’s standard to live like Yeshua did. He never violated it in one part and filled every prophecy about Himself…thus completely showing He is worthy to return as King of Kings.

Added or Removing – Belittles The Torah

Some churches collect money to shortening the time a soul spends in damnation.

Some religions support suffering on earth to shorten suffering in eternity.

Some advance to a higher position in the afterlife, even leaving a woman at a lower level.

Some support building temples as they think they are Israel on the earth. (Replacement theology)

Some nations and groups believe Israel should not be a nation.

How should the nations respond when a prophetic nation and language return? How should the prophetic nation act when trying to complete it’s commission of going to all the nations?

Two Things Come Through The Jew: Yeshua Jesus and The Torah.

It is the Jew’s position to bring Yeshua (the Living Word) to the world. It is also the Jew’s position to bring The Torah (Yeshua’s lifestyle) to the world.

At this moment in this discussion I want to reveal who is writing this article. I married a Lau whose mother was a Meretz. My mother is an Adam whose grandfather married a Berg. My lineage is Jewish. Perhaps this is why the ‘burden of my heart’ is for, The Jew. Within my being I burn for the righteousness first of Yeshua as our Savior in our lives and second for the lifestyle that was determined for us since the days of Adam.

Righteous living which comes from OBEDIENCE to whatever ‘instruction’ is given to us from our Creator. Adam remained in faith to see The Seed, Noach moved into action by faith, Abraham moved into action by faith, Isaac’s family moved into action by faith. Let our ‘faith’ be counted unto us to righteousness….and yes, in Yeshua’s saving blood.

FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real!

FAITH – The Assurance in things hoped for. (For Assurance in Things Hoped – FAITH)

PEACE with all nations has assimilated our world into Islamic beliefs and other religious cults. Even the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has now given ‘Satanists’ tax-exemption status as a Christian group.

So, what is a Christian? In Latin Cristos means ‘anoint’. Thus, satanists want their ‘deceiver’ to be an ‘anointed one’.

Themes and icons are purpose driven.

One Purpose Driven Church- Rich Warren, ‘Come as you are’. People don’t dress up for The King of Kings any longer…shorts and sandals are the norm. The ‘come as you are’….a sinner…turned into a disrespect for our King Yeshua Jesus. It removed any judgment of this King Jesus as He is pictured only as free grace.

Open Agenda – ‘Come as who you are!’ Transgender to LBGT to xyz.

Called Gentiles – Eat as you want – Sabbath as you want.

Jealous Jews – Mad Jews – We’re set apart (holy). The Jews are mad at grafted-in Gentiles.

Zealous Gentiles & Zealous Jews – Want to tell everyone about Yeshua Jesus, The Living Messiah.

The misunderstanding of the word ‘jealous’ has lead to grafted-in Gentiles trying NOT to upset the world’s Jewry. And then, we have the Jews in Israel that are trying to set themselves apart unto The L-rd. So, how do we fit together as one body – Jew and Gentile together? This appeasement has lead to the opposite of what our Creator commanded…”Go to all the world with The gospel of Yeshua and The Torah.”


The disciples were all Jews. They were commissioned to go to the nations. They obeyed their being sent out as is proven in their recorded trips. Gentiles did listen to these Jews. Cornelius in Italy was already praying at the times of hours that The Temple had it’s official prayer time. This is interesting as his prayers were being answered because he was generous in his giving to the Jew’s poor. If we look at the definition of what to do on The Sabbath, it is giving to the poor and needy. Cornelius (a Gentile) was already observing Sabbath correctly.

So, how did ADONAI bless Cornelius and his entire household? He would now confirm to all Gentiles that they would be blessed through all The Torah. There would no longer be two separate ways of worship. All Gentiles were to be grafted into the ways of The Torah. The Hebrew had been given the keeping (guarding) of it.

But we are to be one in thought and mind and worship to our risen Savior, Yeshua. The Jew was chasing after the Jew in all nations with Yeshua’s resurrection story. These Jews were already obeying Sabbath and eating kosher but now they would hear that their Messiach had come, risen and said He would return again. The Gentile in those days wanted to chase after the Jew and so they would tried their best from their own locations as did other Jews outside Jerusalem pray during The Temple’s ‘time of prayer’. The Jew did not need to be at The Temple to pray but turned toward it. Gentiles could pray towards it as God’s chosen city. Today, we can do the same…praying toward Jerusalem. We pray that direction because that is where we are told He will reign from. (The earth is His footstool and he will reign from Jerusalem.)

This city has always been the focal point of our earth all throughout history. In these last days more ‘anti-christs’ (against the anointing) are ever increasing. There were people who didn’t want Yeshua anointed as king then and it is even more so today.

Just two weeks ago I was with a group that said Jesus is like a receptionist and you must go through him to see the Big Boss in the next room. This is an example of what, “The only way to The Father is through the son” means. And, Adam was also called, son of God…and thus Yeshua is “Son of God, but not God.”

So, who is Emmanuel…God in the flesh? Who was this little babe born to a virgin impregnated by the covering of “The Ruach HaKodesh?” Anti-Messiah’s were and are everywhere.

The Gentile today chases after a Greek Jesus and they wonder why they can’t get the Jew’s attention as they promote Greek Jesus. The Jew was to be happy that they were called to give the nations, The Torah. When they gave the Gentiles the Torah, they got killed for killing “their Jesus”.

Whose Jesus is he? He was a Jew..set apart in the flesh so one day we would live out The Torah given to the Jews…first…for them to give to The Gentiles. Today, the Jew miraculously is back in ‘The Promised Land’. These Jews are confused about a Greek Jesus and retreat back into The Torah to protect it. The Jew will continue to be zealous for The Torah as they obey it as they await The Messiach. The sad part is that some old-fashioned religious Gentiles keep calling them -legalistic and bound up by The Law when it’s just the opposite. They are living out the instructions since the beginning of the a little more. It is the fundamentals of God that can NOT be done away with or we are Torahless (instruction-less).

Do Christian want to throw out The Bible? I don’t think so. Then quit telling the Jew to throw out the first five books for St. Peter’s sake…lol!

I must add right here that the sign of ‘circumcision’ was to connect The Hebrew to the land. The Israelites were circumcised thirty days before they crossed over to take that land beginning at Jericho. The Promised Land was being taken by ‘second’ generation Hebrews. Their parents had all died because of disbelief that ADONAI was strong enough to establish them in it. It is said that they knew that it was time to go in because the last person of that generation had finally died. They could quit digging graves every night and see who they would throw in it the next morning. Their parent’s were left in their own Diaspora (outside the land).

If Jews in today’s Diaspora don’t want to connect to The Land…there is no need for this circumcision ‘sign’ on their bodies. They are saying they don’t care about, That Promised Land. They don’t care if they are connected to it or not….which I think is a very sad thing. Will their bodies lie outside the New Jerusalem and we will look upon their worms that don’t die as a reminder of their choices?

The Gentile today does NOT limit themselves their reading materials. In the historical books, Gentiles found The Messiah; who WAS, who IS, and who IS to come and claims the name, I AM.

Choose the correct meaning: ‘The Fullness of the Gentile has come in’.

When all Gentiles have been saved.

When the Gentile has converted the full amount of Jews to Jesus.

The Gentiles have fully abominated The Temple Mount.

The Gentiles have fully come to Yeshua via His blood sacrifice and now living in Torah.

Question – What does “make the Jew jealous’ mean?

Choose two.

Christians make the Jew mad because they are always talking about Greek Jesus.

The Gentile makes the Jew mad because the Gentile wants to act Jewish.

The Jew loves that the Gentile has become zealous (jealous) for The Torah.

The Gentle knows so much about The Torah, The Lord’s Feasts, fast days etc. that it makes the Jew zealous to want to live it too….both in unity…both set-apart to YHWH to bring His Kingdom to earth.

What happens when our world walks in the ‘fullness of The Torah’ in their lives?

My first thought: The Messiah will return, because The Time of the Gentiles is complete to accept Torah. Do I have a second thought?..No! When our world fully operates in the Torah, The Messiach has a kingdom to governor. He has given out these instructions since Adam. He has had to expand them as man grew as the number of the stars. The heavens have their Torah (instruction) and mankind has been given their instruction. This instruction has made them a holy (set apart) people.

Every king has legislation to keep it’s subjects safe. The people voted to have a theocracy rule them. That vote put them under the authority and protection of a righteous king. The people agreed to the King’s manifest. Yeshua Jesus is our king and his Torah keeps his friends safe. He calls us friends and not a slave because he wants us to know everything that is going on.

Our King has been waiting for the Gentile to join, The Torah. The Gentile had the Torah, lost it through religion but now will have it again. Israel back in her land has caused an explosion in Torah.

The Gentile is to study to prove they are workman of The Lord. They are to testify of how Yeshua Jesus walked out His life through the vehicle of Torah and The Lord’s Feasts. They were the first to see his first arrival to earth was a humble one which the Jew know The Messiach will be a ‘suffering servant’. The Messiach can never violate the Torah in one part to qualify to be The Messiach. He had NO violence against The Torah (never removing one part of it).

It is in Yeshua’s filling up not only of the Torah, but also in the ‘sayings of the prophets’, that He proved that He is the Messiach. He wants his children to follow in those paths of righteous so that they can now be called, His friend.

We are Yeshua’s friends that help teach His righteous ways to our world. The Jew and Gentile are joint heirs to living righteously through every word spoken by Yeshua known as, The Word. Yeshua is The Living Word. Jew and Gentile are now also friend’s in helping grow a kingdom of righteous people on the earth through His instructions (The Torah).

Gentiles are grafted into two things: The ‘Good News’ of Messiah’s atoning blood, and the ‘Good News’ that they can be grafted into The Torah. The Jew was given The Torah first and now the Gentile.

Man’s definitions of: “To the Jew first.”

The Christian gentiles are to go to the Jew first with, ‘The Gospel of Christ.’

The Jew had the Torah first, but lost it’s authority when they killed our Jesus.

The Jew is the caregiver of The Torah grafting the nations into it because it confirms Yeshua as The returning Messiah.

The Jew should be zealous to give these instructions to the world. The world chases them to receive it as it confirms who The Messiach is. Both are joined together in happiness of this revelation.

The Jew and Gentile are grafted into the same olive tree whose root is Jesse. Jesse produced David so David’s throne will be occupied by The Messiah.

The Gentile that does not fully graft into the Jew will be loped off. Gentiles are haughty to think that they do NOT want to make the Jew zealous. In not understanding the word jealous to mean zealous, the Gentile is backing away from the Jew. Therefore, the ‘hidden mystery’ to see The Messiach in The Lord’s Feasts, the fasts, the Sabbath readings etc. is no longer sought. The Jew is no longer challenged to search their Scriptures to find Him.

The Time of the Gentiles will come to an end. Making the Jew zealous for their own Torah to see The Messiach was the Gentile’s commission. Both groups were to become one in Messiah and in The Torah thus bringing in The Messiach. When the Jews says from Jerusalem his name…Blessed is ______ that comes in the name of ADONAI (Lord), He DOES return.

The Jews have seen in part and the Gentiles have seen in part. The glass is becoming clearer for each group. The Torah also seen in parts. Some parts are just for the land of Israel, some just for priests, some for a man, some for a woman, and some of it we all can participate.

Israel’s land has been and will be privileged to host the King of Kings as He reigns from there. Israel’s people are privileged to ‘try’ ADONAI in many aspects so the world sees that He does operate through them…because they obey Torah. We are to “try” Him (on) and see that He is good. Setting the land to rest every seventh year is for them to give witness to His sovereignty and to the Jubilee. The Lord’s Feasts also look forward to The Temple that glorifies YHWH at The Eighth Day. The Temple is so massive that it will look like a phylactery sitting on the head of the circle of the earth similar to the one on an Orthodox Jew’s head.

Jeroboam was king of the northern tribes. They wanted their own temple so he duplicated it exactly. It became a power play for him with it’s gold utensils. He did NOT observe The Lord’s Feasts accordingly nor did he do things accordingly. This kingdom was torn down with the ‘ten tribes’ being dispersed. His brother Reaboam ruled The Southern tribes accordingly and succeeded at Jerusalem.

Isaiah 66:22 allows us to look into the future where a new temple and new earth continue in Adonai’s presence…”so will your descendants and your name continue.” Verse 23 shows the practice of meeting on the Rosh-Hodesh (head month) and every Shabbat to worship in my presence, says ADONAI.

Many are practicing this in our world today because they look forward to this time period. On August 1, I hosted a small group to meet for Rosh-Hodesh for the month of Av. One person read these verses as to why we are meeting. In her own personal time, YHWH spoke to her about the next verses.

66:23 “As they leave, they will look on the corpses of the people who rebelled against me. For their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; but they will be abhorrent to all humanity.”

At this future time in history we are looking outside at the Diaspora. As people leave ADONAI’s presence on the Rosh Chodesh each month and as they leave his presence on the Sabbath, they are going to be reminded of something. They are actually going to see “corpses of those people that rebelled against me. For their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; but they will be abhorrent to all humanity.”

We have to ask ourselves who are these people. We see who they are several verses before. They are people who wanted to enter the garden. They wanted to be part of Adonai as they even ‘consecrated’ themselves and ‘purified’ themselves. So, who are these people that set themselves as ‘holy’ men of God and yet find themselves in judgment? These are the same people whose worm will never die and their fire will never be quenched. These are committed church people…who said they were doing God’s work. They changed their mind and sat (in the Diaspora) outside the presence of ADONAI each month and did NOT celebrate Rosh-Hodesh or the Sabbath.

Many in our world have called themselves, kingdom people. They even celebrate Rosh-Hodesh and the Sabbath…but what went wrong? Let’s now read all of Isaiah 66:17.

“Those who consecrate and purify themselves in order to enter the gardens, then follow the one who was already there, eating pig meat, reptiles and mice, will all be destroyed together,” says ADONAI.

He continues in saying that He knew their deeds and their thoughts. These are Gentile separatists. There are Gentiles who don’t take ADONAI serious about how to be ‘set apart’ (holy) on the earth. They don’t want to make the Jew mad at them so they back away from what makes ADONAI’s children set-apart. Church leaders begin to change the Shabbat, they don’t honor ADONAI’s creation each month during the dark days…as darkness came first and then light…which pointed forward to Yeshua and now we look back to Yeshua Jesus being, The Light of the world.

These people are backing away and hanging unto a cliff the pigs were thrown over. They retreat from eating clean as they eat scavengers. Catfish, shrimp, mice, reptiles, fish with no scales, etc. and PIG.

Who was the one that was already there in the Gan of Eden? The Deceiver, ‘you shall not surely die.’

Isaiah looks into the future and also looks back reminding us that this began as a ‘deception’ of food from the Gan of Eden. It’s the food test…the belly test…the sex test. This week we saw Pinchas authorized to throw a javelin through the belly of the woman…because of sexual sin. No more babies would come from a womb that Israel fornicated with foreign woman. People were dying everyday until 24,000 had died in that Sex Plague. Pinchas’ staff caused him to be named, High Priest forever.

Do you know why it was forever? Because Yeshua Jesus was son of David was son of Jesse was son of Pinchas. It is Yeshua that is being named, Eternal High Priest….forever.

At the time Yeshua was on the earth, there was a group that kept themselves separated from their world. A tikkun group is said to have missed Yeshua when he walked our earth because they were separated doing things ‘their way’. Yeshua even stated that there were many ‘anti-christs’ already at work when he was here.

Today, men quote The Jerusalem Council decision in Acts 15 and Paul’s ‘rule in all the congregations’ in 1 Cor 7:17-24 as their reason to start anew. They want to be the first of their type so as not to offend the Jew. They base their decision on starting this new sect because they want to be in agreement with UMC, MJAA, IAMCS.

I do NOT know who sits within these organizations but it should not surprise us that Jews are protective of the Torah while many refuse to share it Gentiles who are known as dogs. They don’t want The Torah to be torn apart by the dogs. And today, that is exactly what is happening. The Gentile today even builds Temples in replica and call themselves, Israel. The Jew today does not want a Greek Jesus as he does not fit their Messiah’s profile. Thus, today’s Gentiles are dismissing Scriptures that says the Gentile should be chasing after The Torah as is evidenced with Ruth chasing after Naomi’s God. And Gentile Cornelius and his entire household turned to The Torah. They would now honor The Sabbath and eat kosher.

But circumcision was not theirs…it was set apart to The Jew. It would be the heart of both sects toward The Messiach’s final sacrifice that brought them into it’s presence. It will give remembrance to each tribe above it’s twelve doors that are one and one-half miles wide at each gate at the 8000th year of our earth. This is known as The Eighth Day.

The Jew should have been happy to see mankind refrain from ‘eating pig meat, reptiles and mice.’ They should be happy to see our world eating, ‘CLEAN’. The Jew is to be ‘zealous’ for the Gentile to come to understand and DO Torah. It is the Jews responsibility to bring Torah to the four corners of our round earth.

The nations that produce war machinery have been touted as ‘kings of our earth’. These wars spoken of in Daniel have already taken place in our world’s history. I believe we should stop telling these nations they are war heroes. Wars come become of the ‘violence’ against The Torah.

Where is the real ‘violence’ in our world? It is in removing the Torah. If Torah would be walked out in the lives of the Gentile and the Jew, then we would come together as friends. Torah is against jealousy but it is for being zealous. Our nations should be zealous for Israel and not ‘jealous’ to annihilate her.

Loping off comes to the Jew or Gentile that becomes haughty. We see them laying outside the Kingdom. This mad jealousy by either side brings the pruning shears. But, we know there was a stump left in Jesse and it’s now growing and is called, The Kingdom of God.

What else is growing? Let’s reread Isaiah 66:22 “For just as the new heavens and the new earth that I am making will continue in my presence,” says ADONAI, “so will your descendants and your name continue.” “I am making” means there is something being made. The ‘new heaven and new earth’ are full of Torah. As more people accept the Torah, it causes the descendants and Israel’s name to continue.

“To do Torah or NOT to do Torah…that is the question.”

Wars and rumors of wars are heard because The Torah is violated. Violated means ‘removed’.

Israel has a part to play, but not entirely. Two thousand years ago we heard what is called, ‘The Great Commission’ given to all disciples. It is Yeshua’s message of salvation was available to all that would hear it. Along with this message was another message. It was the message of how to be consecrated and holy while now living in Yeshua Jesus. WWYD – What would Yeshua do? He did Torah.

Everyone looks for The PEACE of Jerusalem. It does NOT have to come through war violence. The violence that removes her peace comes from NOT giving The Torah to the nations. Without ‘the nations’ participating in The Torah, there is only chaos in the world. If we all believe it is time for the millennial reign of Yeshua, then it is time for Kingdom Living…which is The Torah.

Peace by appeasement does not work – Israel can NOT keep Torah to herself. Israel can NOT keep The Sabbath to herself. She can NOT eat ‘clean’ by herself. But, she can keep Abraham to herself. That covenant to her land was by circumcision. Thus, every Jew that wants to be part of ‘the land’ might want that circumcision. But, this is not to be confused with a ‘heart circumcision’ first. For, it is by ADONAI’s grace that we accept our Messiach. Then, it is our mind that moves the hand to show our fruit from walking in His ways; because we believe Yeshua is God come in the flesh, Emmanuel.

Our Creator is a Spirit. God is a spirit! He has made Himself known to mankind in different forms all throughout history. He spoke to Adam promising The Seed to defeat ‘the deceiver’. That seed would be God in the flesh. Man could now see The Savior. But, if they became too separate (tacum) they would not.

Adam, Noach, Abraham, Josiah, Yeshua, Paul, Peter, Luke, and Isaac Newton ate clean. These ‘hybrid’ men kept The Sabbath. They all kept the Torah that was specific for them at their time in history.

Adam was told what to eat and what not to eat. Noach entered the ark with seven times more clean specie than unclean specie. They were eating clean. These people lived to be close to one thousand years old. (Eating clean will be proven in the millennial reign as men will be eating ‘clean’ and they will live to be a thousand years old! Hurrah!!!! No more cancer or disease! No more tears!)

Peter’s vision of unclean animals coming down three separate times showed him that he would go to three different Gentiles to tell them about joining Messiah’s Torah. In fact, three of Cornelius men knocked on his door while he was still trying to understand it.

This vision had nothing to do with the Jew or Gentile now able to eat ‘unclean.’ But, it had everything to do with being CLEAN. Gentiles were considered ‘unclean’ even called, dogs. Peter had never eaten ‘unclean’ or with the commoner a Gentile. Cornelius was an unclean Gentile as was his entire family. They could pray to The Jews God but they were not allowed in. There was a ‘court for the Gentiles’ so they could come. Only the Levite priests were allowed inside the main court to serve ADONAI. This pictures Yeshua being our High Priest.

Cornelius’ entire household would walk in Torah being baptized in the name of Yeshua The Messiah.

Peter, Luke and Sha’ul (Paul) were all Jews hanging out in the Temple area. Dr. Luke wrote the text that told of Paul defending himself that he had never had a Gentile come into The Temple…which the penalty was death. Luke was a Jew as were all the disciples. He is the one that wrote the book of Hebrews. If Luke were a Gentile, he certainly would not be in The Temple, much less writing about Paul’s experiences of almost being put to death. Luke is even thought to be a Levitical priest since he details activities of The Temple in depth. Luke was probably Miriam’s physician as he writes about the things kept in her heart.

The Massoretic text was not written until 600 AD and finalized 200 years after that. Thus, the disciples could only reference the Septuagint (250 BC) which was transcribed into Greek by Hebrew-reading Jews. Alexander the Great had made Greek the language of the day. Thus at 250 BCE the fragments of writings that were found were authorized to be written by 72 Jewish men that were each put in a separate room. One from each of the 70 nations. Thus, the name Septuagint…seventy.

The disciples and Yeshua were referencing ancient writing first written down in 250 BC Greek. In early AD the Hebrews could not have been referencing anything other than the Septuagint because the Massoretic had not been finalized until about 800 AD. Therefore, problems with words and their meaning came from using the wrong text (Massoretic).

And then, we have the English language which causes even more problems when the word ‘jealous’ can either have a positive meaning or a negative meaning. Therefore, may we give grace to the deception that zealous means the negative jealous. In Hebrew, the word is zealous.

The Hebrew understanding of the word ‘common’ food is that it was set apart to another god, thus making it unacceptable to bring to the Lord’s table. Anyone could eat it but it was not ‘separate’ unto The Lord. It would just end up in the toilet stool and do your body no harm…but once again…it was worthless as a ‘special’ offering unto the Lord. There is nothing wrong about being a ‘common’ person, but you are NOT (holy) set apart unto The Lord. Each person will have to decide what they want to be to The Lord.

Ezekiel 22 – Subject: Violence

24 “Son of man, say to her, ‘You are a land that is not cleansed or rained upon in the day of displeasure.”

25 “There is a conspiracy of her prophets in her midst, like a roaring lion tearing the prey (The lions are the shepherds that are destroying the sheep). They have devoured life, they have taken wealth and precious matters, they have made many widows in her midst. (torn them away from God’s instruction.)

26 “Her priests have done violence to My teaching, her prophets are reckless, treacherous men. Her priests have profaned the set-apart (holy) place, they have done violence to the Torah and they profane My set-apart matters. They have not distinguished between the set-apart and profane, nor have they made known the difference between the unclean and the clean. And they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths, and I am profaned in their midst.”

30 “And I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the breach before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it –but I did not find one!”

31 “Therefore I have poured out My displeasure on them, I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath. And I have put their way on their own head,” declares the Master Adonai.

Not following God’s instruction (Torah) means they are violent against Torah. No Torah is Lawless.

Who was in the world when Yeshua was on the earth. The lawless ones – The Torahless ones!

Luke 16:17 It is easier for the heaven and the earth to pass away than for one tittle of the Torah to fall. Some say that the jot is the letter Yud (‘) represented by a hand, and the tittle is the letter Tet which is represented by a snake or something that surrounds. There is also a dagesh (:) marking that tells where to place the emphasis on the word. A few samples of the vowels are: _ ah . e .. eh .

I would like to think that Luke 16:17 is speaking of the Yud, God’s hand. If God’s hand does not surround us, the Torah would fall apart. Not even a Tet can be missing from the Torah as the meaning would be changed.

27 And he said, ‘Then I beg you, father, that you send him to my father’s house, 28 for I have five brothers, let him warn them, lest they also come to this place of torment.’

29 Abraham said to him, ‘They have Mosch and the prophets, let them hear them.’ 30 And he said, ‘No, father Abraham, but if someone from the dead goes to them, they shall repent.’

31 But he said to him, ‘If you do not hear Mosch and the prophets, neither would they be persuaded even if one should rise from the dead.’

What incredible verses. We see one of Abraham’s children asking for one to raise from the dead and go tell his relatives not to come here. This verse is also referencing Yeshua as being the one to be risen from the dead. Yeshua’s resurrection is seen via Mosch and the prophets. It is key to understand these pictures because Yeshua is The Torah. It is the Torah (Mosche) that points to Yeshua, The Messiach. The Seat of Mosch and Yeshua are synonymous in meaning. The Torah points to The Messiach.

James 1:2 is to the twelve tribes in the Diaspora…outside the land.

James 1:2 Regard it all as joy, my brothers, when you face various kinds of temptations.

The Jews and Gentiles outside the land of Israel (Diaspora) find it easy to play church. We can try to decide which parts of The Torah are for inside and outside the land of Isra’el proper. But, let us remember that ‘the land’ is going to consume a much larger area than it is today.

We in the Diaspora see Yeshua as the Messiach. Israel and the Diaspora had something to offer each other. Israel should be happy that her example is spread out across the earth. There is only one High Priest and He is returning wearing a garment dipped in blood. It is a garment showing His blood covenant that we are to accept. This same garment covers those that were slain for His sake.

Adam was uncovered until sin found him out. God provided Adam’s cover presenting The Seed to come as our blood covering. As priests on the earth we should claim His covering. It may be a personal prayer shawl or head covering. It is what is special to that person to feel covered in Him.

In 2015 Nathan was fifteen-year old and he died on the 15th of Tishrei. This Jewish boy lived in Israel and was in a bedroom at his grandmother’s home on The Feast of Tabernacles, Day One. He chose to return to warn others that The Messiach was coming soon. He also knew that he wanted to have done more with his life for ADONAI.

He warned that it is NOT the black box that you wear on your head nor the black straps worn on your arm that was important to ADONAI. It is your heart that YHWH looks and he can see right through you.

He was convicted to wear a tzitzit after his death experience. And, what does that say to us? It means that The Torah is key to our Creator. Anyone, Jew or Gentile can wear what they want because Torah (represented through the tzitzit) was to go out to the nations. It is seen as a covering given to Adam, Enoch, Noach, Ham, Abram (a Gentile)…Joseph even had a special coat.

The word Jew came through Judah through whom The Messiach came. Thus, Jew became a word that stuck, but today it is all The Tribes of Israel (all disciples) that are given responsibility to spread the Torah.

Those loped off are seen in the corpses where their worm never dies and we are reminded of them every Rosh HaKodesh and Sabbath. If the current day ‘church’ surrenders to ‘the deceivers’ who are ‘anti-Messiah’, then their bodies will lie in-state forever as a reminder of their anti-Torah attitudes.

As a Christian I ask myself, “How could I ever deny being an example to The Jew so that they would find salvation?” We are to make them zealous for YHWH’s Torah. The Jew is to explain it to us and help us participate in it. And, when we study all of The Books, we find their Messiah…our Messiah. It is a ‘mystery’ that our Creator planned to unfold through The Seed. This ‘mystery’ is seen in the lives of men played out patterning each other which patterns to The Messiach.

The same day Adam sinned was the day Noach’s flood began. (Month Two Day Seventeen, Cheshvan 17)

The same day Adam and Chanoh were removed the Gan of Eden was the exact day Noach’s Flood waters stopped. 40 days and 40 nights from Cheshvan 17 is Kislev 27 – Chanukah Day Two.

Mosch had three sets of 40-year life cycles. He lived 120 years. YHWH has three sets of 40-jubilee earth cycles. They total 6000 years. (40 x 50 jub = 2000 x 3)

Yahweh has two sets of 4000-year life cycles planned for a total of 8000 years.

Will this VIOLENCE against The Torah altar the plans of history? NO! The Messiach’s second coming will be right on time because everything is purposed from the foundation of the world.

History shows us Adam honoring Shavuot, Noah honoring Shavuot, Shem taught his family to honor Shavuot, Abraham honored Shavuot, Isaac’s family honored it and it is when Ya’cov returned from the land of Laven. He returned to his father Isaac and ask him to attend it with him. Isaac replied that he was too old but that he should take Isaac’s bride. Isaac’s bride is Ya’cov’s mother. This shows a Bride being taken at The Feast of Weeks also known as the 50th Day of the Count of the Omer…Pentecost..Giving of the Torah…super connecting Feast. So, why would Gentiles think they should not participate in them when there is no place that says they should stop learning about them?

honored Shavuot. Our earth has ‘days to remember and Shavuot continues as a BIG time of seeing patterns of our Creator. The Torah given, The Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) given – Feast of Weeks – 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer. And, possibly His Return.

Mosch was the first to show us Pesach as the ‘death’ angel passed over the doors with blood on them. This looked forward to our being set free from spiritual death through Messiah Yeshua’s blood sacrifice on the Mount of Olives.

Passover (lamb of God slain), First Fruits (first to rise from dead), Unleavened Bread (Yeshua had no sin) – these spring feasts had to come first. Mosch had to lead them out of Egypt first…admit their sins…circumcise their hearts first, then their flesh..allowed them into the ‘new land.’

At Jericho the trumpets blew for the walls to fall down. Feast of Trumpets is next..we listen to the sound of the shofar so we know the sound of our salvation. Yom Kippur is the only day the High Priest could go into the Holy of Holies…it is then Mosch came down Mt. Sinai in Arabia to announce they had been atoned for…they had a God of second chances. The next festival is Feast of Tabernacles where He will tabernacle with us.

Why would ‘The Church’ not want to understand these feasts? They reveal a Messiah that has arrived in the spring of this earth and his ‘second’ coming in the fall. The Jew doesn’t want to admit he came the first came and it’s his second stay. They don’t want The Torah, The Feasts, The Sabbaths, The Rosh HaKodesh to be played out on the earth…because they don’t want to admit what they are about…Their Messiah that they missed. The ‘tikkun’ (repairing or separate) group didn’t participate in the Torah and kept to themselves…and they ‘missed’ Him.

Unfortunately, they may miss him again as they are called scoffers in Proverbs 9.

Abraham said that someone rising from the dead would not save his five brothers, but hearing the Torah given through Mosch and the prophets would. WOW – It is The Torah that shows The Messiach..because The Messiach is The Word…is The Torah…not violating (removing) one point.

The Messiach is the only one that did do it perfectly…because He wrote it and He walked it out. He filled up everything that was said about Him through the prophets. If we study from the beginning we can see the end. We can see that He completely everything that put to His charge to prove He was The Messiach. There was NO question left in their minds of who He was! They knew the history, the prophets, The Torah…it all pointed to The Messiach.

Everything about The Torah leads us to righteousness.

Day Seven – The Sabbath points to the 7000-year reign. Why do leaders want to STOP their congregations from rehearsing now what happens in the millennium? The ones that will lead and teach are those that know how to because they have been involved and have taught it to their children.

The SHEMA is speaking of, The Torah – “Hear and Obey.” Christians sing a song, “Trust and Obey.” Hearing comes first and once we hear what God wants us to do, and we can obey God’s instruction (torah) to be safe in His arms.

The Torah is Yeshua in Word and deed. He would not leave this earth until he completed every prophecy ever spoken about Him. His flesh (actions) completely filled up The Torah never destroying it. They could NOT destroy Him (Torah), so they’ve been installing the ‘mad-face’ fence. (Torah is ours, not yours…leave us alone!)

Can the Jew claim the Sabbath as his own. No, it began at Creation…there were no Jews. Can the Jew claim ‘clean’ eating as his own. No, Adam, Noach, Job ate clean..they were not Jews. Can the Jew claim the only special garments? No, Adam, Noach, Joseph had them..they were not Jews.

Yeshua is High Priest over heaven and earth. Cornelius was a Gentile and could only stand in that court. He was praying at the hours that The Temple offerings were being done; 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. He was facing toward Jerusalem from Rome where he lived. It took two days of travel to reach Peter and the it took Peter two days to return to Cornelius. This was a long trip with Peter telling others about this incredible vision on the way. Cornelius wore a Roman garment, but he would now relate to the priests garment.

We are ask to put on the correct wedding garment. Israel is His bride. We are grafted into her ways. He is coming for His bride, Israel. He will know them by their clothing….not by those that say, Lord, Lord, but I did all of this and it wasn’t good enough?

Let us have circumcised hearts in Yeshua…because that heart will welcome everyone into Torah. There will no longer be VIOLENCE on the earth…because Torah will fill up the earth. If the Jew refrains from giving the Gentile The Torah, violence will keep the earth from filling up the ‘The Times of the Gentile.’ The violence against the Torah is taking the Torah away from man. How can there be non-violence without the guidelines of The Torah?

There will be violence as the sheep (Torah) are separated from the goat (Torahless) nations. The millennial time period will happen right on time with Yeshua reigning as scheduled. But, there will be many who are don’t attend because of the selfish way The Torah and Yeshua have been viewed…as Law Breakers. The ‘fundamentalists of our earth who demand that The Torah is done away with and only ‘grace’ abound will miss the greatest time period on the earth. They have chosen not to circumcise themselves in Torah. Their hearts love Jesus but they can’t bring themselves to see Torah as full of His grace. Adonai’s Torah is grace…it the perfect way to LIVE in the earth that was made for man to LIVE..not die! It pictures Yeshua Jesus who rose up and lived again. It has the perfect set of legislation ever designed by any man.

I like, “Do NOT kill.” I like, “Do Not Lie”. I like, “Do Not Steal”. I like do not have other’s gods before you! I like that parent’s should be given honor. I like that we should not covet other’s goods of their spouse. I like to Honor God above all else. I like being told not to worship idols…even our children can be an idol to us as we can love them more than Adonai who gave them to us.

There is nothing said by Yeshua Jesus that was not already said by these prophets. He endorsed these commandments and more of them. In fact, he made us realize that we were ALL sinners…and needed His sacrifice when he said that it is said that if you lust after a woman it is sin, but I tell you that you even think about it, it is sin. Thus, he made The Torah stronger…which the His purpose was to show that we need His salvation…because sin abounds all around us and in us. It is only through Him that we can have His grace to say “no” to sin when it creeps in. We can NOT live in sin, but if it finds us out…we repent and RETURN to Him, His Blood sacrifice…and His Torah (instructions) to start living again.

We must keep everything in an heavenly perspective and not just about ‘hands in the air worship’…which is okay…but it still does not put a circumcised heart into discipleship action that builds the kingdom. Go out into all the Nations….baptizing in the name of Yeshua the Messiah.

At the end of that Sixth Day, Enoch 92 is talking about the Tenth generation of 700 years which is 7000 years. “In the last week” the Watchers are released. At the end of their short release…tremendous upheaval happens on the earth as never before seen. Thus, what was, what was not, and what will be again…I believe are, The Watchers.

No one is watching ‘The Watchman Enoch.’ He lays out history and it fits to all that we have seen happen. The Watchers were in Generation One. They were removed in Generation Two. They will be back in Generation Ten…in it’s last week…which is the last 100 years…or year 6900. Will there be Torah on the earth that defines proper sexual activity? Or, will it be a ‘free for all’ as we’re seeing today? It certainly does seem that our days will grow colder and we could close out Generation Ten and Generation One began on the earth. Hmm!

We had best be in Torah so as NOT to sexually and spiritually assimilate into evil. Yahweh’s DNA can not strive with such evil forces. All were destroyed by water and the next time it is by FIRE!

Since this is processing on August 9, 2019 AV 8 I want to quote today’s Proverb Chapter 9:1-2

Wisdom has built herself a house; she has carved her seven pillars. She has prepared her food,spiced her wine, and she has set her table.

Torah has been built on the earth for 7000 years setting her people apart with Torah as her food. Her wine is Yeshua’s blood given at year 4000.

Chapter 9:5-6

Come and eat my food! Drink the wine I have mixed! Don’t stay unsure of yourself, but live! Walk in th way of understanding!”


He who corrects a scoffer only gets insulted; reproving a wicked man becomes his blemish. If you reprove a scoffer, he will hate you; if you reprove a wise man, he will love you.

Give to a wise man, and he will grow wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will learn still more.

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