FOUR – The Door to Discerning

Boorish Agur’s Prophecy

Who is Agur? What made him boorish? What is boorish?

Webster Dictionary: a. clownish, rustic; awkward in manners, and illiterate.

This public speaker gives an oracle of truth to his two friends. He claims that he is more illiterate (boorish) than anyone and he lacks human discernment. So boorish can mean human illiteracy?

Now who would want to listen to him? This public speaker is ready to give prophetic words to other humans, not by his own wisdom…but by the Holy Spirit. He admits to being humanly boorish to the benefit of his friends. He is a very smart person as far as in the ways of the world.

Wow…when I began reading his testimony and saw that he was claiming to be more illiterate (humanly pumped up) that anyone that he knew…and yet he was asking others to listen to what he was about to say.

I had not finished the rest of his words but I went to the end of his oracle and he again used the word ‘boorish’. What was this lesson going to be about? Don’t we need to be well educated in order to have God’s wisdom spoken through us? I guess not! Boorish Agur is now going to present to his two friends and us what God lesson he wants us to take hold of.

EXALTATION – He defines boorish as “exalting yourself.”

We can NOT exalt ourselves WHEN representing God. We can NOT add to God’s words or take away from His words he says. This means that we MUST live according to instruction and not our own thinking. Our thinking neutralizes God’s thinking.

I then ask myself, “When I neutralize God…is that the same as dismissing Him?” Oh, He’s still there in my life…but my molding of Him to fit into my life’s multi-faceted prism seems okay because I think it adds to the spark I have for Him…..even though it changed Him from being the only one that is to be ‘high and lifted’ up.

I like being lifted up and come to believe we’re both like eagles flying in majesty together. Okay, let’s fly back to earth and start at the top of the message with this Prophet; (one who declares something about God). Agur is showing the difference between ‘boorish’ and ‘truth’.

First he takes us on the guessing game, ‘Who Has’. Who has gone up to heaven and come back down?

Hmm…not John as his visions were given to him through Yeshua Jesus’ angel.

Hmm…Enoch? He went up but so did Philip who was seen in another location on earth after his flight.

Enoch had visions as John had visions. Enoch was alive when Noach was born because his son Methuselah travels to find his father in a cave. Enoch says that he traveled for several days to this special mountain. From this special ‘writing place’ he was instructed by The Lord to write down what was revealed to him. He is described as the first man to do write down the history of man. He would come out periodically from his cave to declare the revelations given to him from The Lord. People actually waited outside his cave to ‘hear’ a word from him. This went on for many years until very few people came….and then The Flood took them.

Enoch’s writings are called The Book of Enoch. He records giving these writing to his son Methuselah of whom gave them to Noach for safe keeping on the ark. Hebrews 11 says God took Enoch away and they could not find him. His writings tell us that 800 men followed him and would not leave to go back to their families. So, he came out fewer and fewer times so they would go back to their homes. He wrote about many things including a 360-day calendar via the moon and sun cycles and he speaks of ‘gates’ that the earth’s seasons flow through. He is declared to be 500 years old when issuing some of his statements.

Hmm…Who else went up to heaven and then came back? There is suppose to be only ONE that did this. Mosch? No, because he died and was mourned for 30 days. But, he is our example of a transformed body when he shows up at the time of Succot talking with Yeshua Jesus and Eliyah. It is never stated that Mosch nor Elijah came back from heaven. We could consider that they were part of the captives set free when Yeshua walked the earth. Whenever Yeshua is on the earth, The Kingdom is come setting captives free.

Mathew 5:25 “Yes, indeed! I tell you that there is coming a time – in fact, it is already here – when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who listen will come to life.” verse 28 confirms this, “Don’t be surprised at this; because the time is coming when all who are in the grave will hear his voice and come out – those who have done good to a resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to a resurrection of judgment.”

Is Yeshua sent for a certain purpose?

Yes! Yeshua continues to say in verse 30, “I can’t do a thing on my own. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment is right; because I don’t seek my own desire, but the desire of the one who sent me.”

Was it Mosch who came down? No, he came up from where he rested in Sheol and appears with Yeshua and Eliyah. I believe he heard Yeshua’s voice and his mortality put on immortality.

Was it Lazarus? No, he heard Yeshua’s voice actually calling his particular name and then came forth…from Sheol known the grave…not hell as Christians define it.


You already knew the answer didn’t you? Yes, it is Yeshua! He left heaven after a four-thousand year wait to came to earth. He rose up at around 4000 years from Adam and then The Father rose him up from death. He DID go back to heaven’s location to show his atoning blood to Heaven’s Altar. And, then he returned still never being defiled by any human being touching him. After being glorified, He then bore witness to Himself for FORTY days. He came at year 4000 and could have lived at 40 years and then is seen returning after 40 days from His resurrection from the dead. It is on Iyaar 25 that Yeshua Jesus ascends back into the spiritual realm until the set time for His return.

The number four (dahlet) is represented by a door. That number is visually seen operating in The Father’s program of redemption. God’s spirit became flesh so it could reign on earth. But, it is only in a resurrected immortal form that could dwell in Heaven’s Throne as well as on earth. The King of Kings as taken on two forms in order to save mankind from the penalty of their sins. Tishri 1 is known as the creation of Adam. That first human flesh sinned and went back to being worms…but The Second Adam (being) rose up and put on immortality that can dwell in two realms.

Rosh Hosanna is always Tishri One which crowns new kings. Thus, one year this day will be when our King of Kings will leave heavens realm and return because the peoples of the earth will herald His return and crown Yeshua King of all Kings, “so as in Heaven as on earth.” He alone qualifies to reign because He alone suffered, died and rose up…filling up every prophecy spoken of Him since the day foundation of world.

We have a 7000-year program that He returns to reign for one thousand years and then we see The Watcher’s judgment as year 8000 comes. Their relocation brings in the New Heaven and Earth…right here in this part of the universe…on earth…revamped earth.

Heaven’s Throne will be revealed to all in The Eighth Day (8000 years). Four thousand years will have passed from His glorification Day of placing his Blood Atonement on heaven’s altar.

The keys to this realm is now in The Father’s hand…of whom Yeshua is the key.

John 4:35 Don’t you have a saying, ‘Four more months and then the harvest’?

Hmm.. Yes, as The Suffering Servant came 4000 years from the first Adam, so too it is programmed for another 4000 years of history for the completion of an 8000-year program. Eight is always Day One on God’s calendar…a new beginning. Eight thousand years full of ‘boorish’ people, full of earth’s wisdom and no spiritual wisdom…constantly seeking to leave earth’s realm instead of enjoying life to God’s glory.

Yeshua called himself, a ‘Green Tree’ while on earth. He is wondering what they are going to do when he leaves if they can’t follow Him while He is with them. The Green Tree is Torah. Torah has to return to earth so He can return…because they are the one and same thing. He is The Living Words of God the Father.

A new tree’s fruit is to be given to priests / Temple in it’s FOURTH year. It is that trees ‘first fruit’ as Yeshua was God’s first fruit. It is not until the Fifth year that the tree’s owner may keep it’s fruit, after tithing it.

Agur is moved by the HS to ask more questions. “Who has cupped the wind in the palms of his hands?”

Abraham’s warriors were chosen by whether they knelt down to drink the water from the creek with their tongues lapping like a dog, or if they cupped their hands together to bring the water to their mouth.

Abraham’s men that drew the water to themselves were the ones that went to battle to conquer The Five Kings that had also taken Lot and his family. Water is known to represent the Ruach HaChodesh (HS). This shows us the power of the Holy Spirit on us as we draw Him close to us. Abraham had The Spirit on his men….as do many OT boorish people.

Are there any other palms that have cupped the wind? Hmm…Peter walked on water…and Yes, it was Yeshua that cupped the wind and told it to be quiet. Yes, it is Elohim that controls all the winds of the earth…they are obedient to His voice.

Next question: Who has wrapped up the waters in his cloak?

Was it Noach who controlled the waters of the flood that rose up 22.5 feet above the tallest mountains of the earth? No, he only rode the waters…. never controlling them. But, he did represent the veil that would cover the Tabernacle doors. The veil would be 22.5′ long just as Noach’s veil of water was 22.5′ above the tallest mountains of the earth. Beit Beit…House House… First the Ark…Second the Tabernacle…Patterns of 22…Son Son that came to The Temple (House). (I like the year 2200 for His next Temple to be up.)

The question connects to the question right before it so it’s the same answer. YHWH is again the answer. In this double statement so are to recognize that this answer is important for us to know. It also shows us the language of the writer. In Hebrewism, this double phrasing confirms what is being said and thus the writer is a Hebrew.

This my friends is where we probably learned good communication skills. You say something and repeat it again to confirm what you said. And you also ask the other person to repeat it back to you. That is a basic step to communication and should not be considered…nagging. lol

Next question from Boorish Agur: “Who established all the ends of the earth?”

Hmm….I know, I know…many will profess…BIG BANG! Hmm…what do you think about Big Bang? There is even a Big Bang Television program throwing insults at God, Adam’s Creation and more. I saw Mr. Green Jeans throw a large Noach’s Ark under his science table as ‘not true’.

I believe in the Six Days of Creation. Mankind still rests on the Seventh Day. Mankind still operates on a 7-day calendar.

The question from Boorish Agur is about the earth….NOT the universe. We are in Proverbs 30.

(Pro 30:4)  Who has gone up to heaven and come down? Who has cupped the wind in the palms of his hands? Who has wrapped up the waters in his cloak? Who established all the ends of the earth?

Thus, as in Genesis 1 we go with the answer being ‘God’ once again…because, “He said so.”

If we deny this, we deny God….and that my friends is a real ‘ouch’ for anyone!

Next question is about a name. Why is a name so important…why can’t we call God by any name…after all we are just illiterate people at best, right? Yah! .. make your Yes, Yes and your No, no. Yah is God’s name in Hebrew…Yahweh. (Similar to: Yah is the way)

Hmm. So, when we say ‘yes’ and change it to slang, ‘yah’, to mean ‘yes’….think about it. We’re saying “GOD” (Yah)’s name….in slang.

Even Yahoo. Are we calling out to Yah via email carrier? Hmm…think about it! Are we sending up a question? Yah Who? God Who? To what god are people searching the internet for.

What is his name and what is his son’s name? Surely you know!”

Wow….two names and we’re suppose to know both of them. This is no secret and this was known at the time of King David. These names are not hidden from anyone or waiting to be revealed in the New Testament era. OT people got to know both names…amazing that both OT and NT people knew or should know these two names.

Now instead of continuing with the ‘guessing game’, boorish Agur tell his two friends about YHWH. He gives the answer to the questions he’s been asking them. YAHWEH has been the answer to all the questions.

Next he defines who God is:

Every WORD of God is PURE. Thus, his friends can believe God. God is NOT a covenant breaker since the time of Adam, Enoch, Noach, Abraham, Mosch, Moabites, David and Messiah. As men grew larger in number on the earth more confirmation of God’s plans for his children were revealed through covenants.

Next confirmation: He shields those taking refuge in him. There is no living God like him.

Next comes ‘instruction’. Are these the words of Boorish Agur or are they words from a pure God?

Proverbs 30:6 “Don’t add anything to his words; or he will rebuke you, and you will be found a liar.”

Hmm. Who is the father of lies?

God said that The DECEIVER in the Gan of Eden is THE FATHER of LIES. Satan is the Father of Lies.

Hmm… I want to ask who is it that causes humans to add and take away God’s Scriptures (words)? People today are taught that the OT is no longer valid….Father of Lies says this to ‘take away’, The Torah.

Hmm…Men are found to be liars…they don’t want to follow the OT even as the NT totally references it.

Boorish Agur is now telling his pupils Ithiel and Ucal to do two things for him as long as Agur shall live.

Wow…what would you ask your friends to do for you the rest of your life? Help me to get rich….Help me to pray for my kids so they follow God?

Now, let’s see what Agur requests for them to help him with for the rest of his life. (I’m enjoying this…are you? I’ve had some serious issues in our enlarged family as to whether college is more important in life or raising babies. I think we’re going to find God’s opinion may not be what the modern-dayers believe.)

Agur….oh excuse me…Agur is not asking his to friends to do this…he’s asking God to do this. Okay…God will always be there to help with it. Now what is it that Agur must have from God in order to be happy?

Pro 30:8 Keep falsehood and futility from me.

Whoa….I love it…FALSEHOOD – Yes…no FAKES allowed in my life…I love it.

Whoa….Futility….Hmm…what does it mean?

The next verse repeat the first…and gives us another meaning to falsehood and futility.

“and give me neither poverty nor wealth.” There it is ladies and gentlemen….is this going to be a cry for socialism where everyone is equal? I don’t think so!

Agur is asking not to be poor or wealthy…that is what is futile.

I love it…he is asking for God to provide his food (all his essential needs) for that day. Hmm…he’s sounding like Job…who lost it all…gave it up…and then it was given back plus more.

Let’s continue to see if we can find out more about being wealthy….is that bad? If not…then why did he want to refrain from being wealthy? And, I think we should consider that the next and LAST chapter in Proverbs is stated by Solomon’s mother Bathsheba of whom hated all Solomon’s excess in wives and horses.

I’m thinking that instead of desiring to live like a Solomon we should be praising this prophet Agur and desire to be non-boorish…but let’s see…maybe I’m wrong. Hmm again!

Review: Two Things Agur Does NOT Want: Falsehood, Futility.

Review: Two Things Agur DOES Want: Not to Deny God, Not to Steal.

Wow….These are the two things that he summarizes and says that does something so terrible that he could never live with himself for. Have you opened your Bibles yet and read it? Open to Proverbs 30:9….it just might be my favorite ‘life-verse’ here on out. This is powerful!

PROFANE the name of my God.

Wow…people…who would have thought! In our generation…men profane the name of God and now speak so plainly as they ‘god damn’ this and ‘God damn’ that. Whoa my friends…but there is more to it…it’s not just our language that has turned so foul…but it’s our actions.

Let’s get back to these powerful lessons on what profanes God.

To review once again…Agur does want food daily…a house, car (donkey), etc.

Pro 30:9  for if I have too much, I might deny you and say, “Who is Adonai?” And if I am poor, I might steal and thus profane the name of my God. 

He’s saying that he never wants to forget that Adonai provided everything to make him rich. He is also afraid that if he is too poor that he might steal……and so what is wrong with stealing besides being against The Ten Commandments? Because people know that Agur is a follower of God…and if he would steal…that would make God’s name be trodden down. It’s as if God ‘could not take care of his own’ could be one thing…and deeper is that Agur would feel like a hypocrite…in loving God but having to resort to dishonoring his Creator in some way.

These are good prayers my friends. To NEVER defame God.

WHOAH is me as it reminds me that I am but a worm before The Lord and yet He wants to elevate me and lift me up on our earth…because He is set apart…we are set apart to great things. This reminds me of to whom much is given..much will be required.

Yes, if we’re going to represent our Creator…we MUST do it in an ‘unboorish’ human spirit that does NOT lack spiritual discernment. 30:2

First we saw Agur repent of having no human discernment. He has NOT learned enough wisdom to know the Holy One; Prov 30:3. He sounds like Job who knows everything comes from YHWH. He describes God…thus giving Him glory above all else..

Now we come to the action part of his encouragement to all of us. DISPARAGE

The word DISPARAGE needs defined. Never disparage a slave to his master. If we do this the slave will curse his master and the master will deserved it.

Webster: Disparage, v. t.

1. To marry one to another of inferior condition or rank; to dishonor by an unequal match or marriage, against the rules of decency.

2. To match unequally; to injure or dishonor by union with something of inferior excellence.

3. To injure or dishonor by a comparison with something of less value or excellence.

4. To treat with contempt; to undervalue; to lower in rank or estimation; to vilify; to bring reproach on; to reproach; to debase by words or actions; to dishonor.

Thou durst not thus disparage glorious arms.

That is a lot of definition by Webster but I printed it all so you could see what is going on.

We should always look at Scripture to the God-lesson first. God is our master. We were first a slave and now we are considered a friend, when we come to love God through his Son Yeshua. Thus, a slave does not always know what the master is doing, but as a friend, we do know God personally. A slave, (who is not close to God) should not be treated in dishonor as their value being of less excellence than ourselves.

If we dishonor those around us and act as if we are NOT ‘boorish’ humans, then we deserve the ‘curse’ that it brings.

Curse? Yes, curse! (Trouble) When we read how to be blessed…which is always fun to think about…we must also think of what is it’s opposite. The opposite it not ‘neutral’ but ‘curse’. ‘Neutral’ can Not be related to ‘mercy’, ‘grace’, ‘peace’, and a ‘non-judgmental’ NT God.

The other side of the coin that says curse, must say: blessing! It is only one or the other. We can either live in PEACE with God or give him a ‘flip’ and wait to see how long before we experience ‘curse’ in our lives.

WHOAH….mothers and fathers is next. Why does he start with this? First God is shown as our Master and now he’s also our Father and Mother.

When we don’t honor parents…it is a trickle-down from first NOT honoring God.

Proverb 30: 11 “There is a type of people who curse their fathers and don’t bless their mothers.”

Honoring our parents is the first instruction that also comes with a blessing. Honoring God brings blessing…dishonoring him, as your first parent, brings a curse to our lives. Honoring parents and blessing them is Heaven’s trickle-down economics, you could say.

God is the master….we are still slaves until we grow into knowing how to live in God’s instruction. If we show disparage to other humans…especially non-believers…we profane God’s name….that is sure trouble that trickles into our generations.

Pro 30:11 “There is a type of people clean in their own view, but not cleansed from their filth.”

Here we see a people that see themselves as clean and holy before The Lord…but like the Seven Churches in Revelation…we are found wonting…even lukewarm is spewed out. They are not good for anything because there is nothing being done that glorifies The Father.

30:13 There is a type of people – how haughty their look! – utterly supercilious.

Webster: supercilious, a.

. Lofty with pride; haughty; dictatorial; overbearing; as a supercilious officer.

2. Manifesting haughtiness, or proceeding from it; overbearing; as a supercilious air; supercilious behavior.

Hmm….am I losing you? Hang in…this is the bad part as none of us want to look within themselves and see what God is saying. How can God judge his own children who are trying to walk out his NT ways, you’re telling yourself. Is he never going to be happy with me? Hmm…again..Hmm…Yes…there is an answer..and Solomon’s mother hits the nail on the head as she tries to correct the errors of her son in Proverbs 31.

Types of People:

Curse fathers, Don’t bless mothers.

Haughty look – supercilious = performing church…yet life occupied in defaming God’s name.

Children are a curse to their fathers when they defame the family name. Children are NOT a blessing to their mother when they don’t take care of them. Blessing someone is loving them even as you might disagree with them. You never give up on each other and you always return with hugs. You listen fully to parents and then seek God for His solution…never leave in anger…blessing parents as you leave each other. Anger is the issue. Let’s see if that comes up with boorish Agur.

30:14 “There is a type of people whose teeth are like swords, yes, their fangs are knives; they devour the poor from the earth, the needy from mankind.”

Hmm….we know the Words of God are considered like two-edged sword coming from the mouth. But these are knife-fangs devouring the need on the earth.

What is their need? The Word of God is their need. These people are so strong in their holy words that the ‘poor in spirit’ get chopped to pieces and seem like they are in the wrong. The Lovers of God will be devoured by those that have the money to spend to press forth their literature proving they are the supreme religious leaders. We saw this in the Holocaust where Hitler used ‘religion’ and it’s beliefs to bring down six million Jews…really consuming 50 million people in WWII.

Religion…those more righteous for Jesus than the last generation…has deep fangs. Give Give…Never saying: ENOUGH

WoW and Whoa is us….NEVER ENOUGH?

A leech sucks blood….from where? The Father.

30:17 The eye that mocks his father and scorns obeying his mother will be pecked out by the ravens in the valley, and the vultures will eat it.

I’m not sure what Agur friends thought of his words, but right now I don’t like thinking about anyone’s eyeballs being eaten out of them.

This reminds us of The Scriptures that describe the future Battle at Armageddon and where the people that have been in battle have their bodies eaten by vultures. Here we see that it’s the eyes that are removed. These are signs showing that we can’t see anymore. We are blind by our world’s programs.

Hmm..Now we have to have help! Who will help the blind (Torahless)? The rich are too busy to obey Torah that says to help the poor and the widow. Let the church take care of them…give money…give them a hotel to stay in…and now the poor of the earth grow and grow in number. The Church becomes more blinded by it’s own puffing up in it’s bright ‘peacock’ feathers. Pride certainly goes before the fall! Hmm, again!

I’m ready for some good reading…aren’t you. Eyes dissolving from eye sockets is not how I’d like to be cursed. Okay…three things too wonderful for Agur son of Yakel. I’m just thinking that I’d like to be related to Agur…because he surely was a blessing to his father Yakel.

Agur does not leave three alone but adds one more wonder beyond his knowledge. Let us too get into a ‘beyond my knowledge’ moment as we go back to John’s: ‘Four more months and then the harvest’ theme.

John is saying to open our eyes and the fields are ripe for harvest. The Temple priests receive ALL the fruit from the trees that are FOUR years old. Others have done the hard labor (John 4:38). The story is about eternal life so the Proverb will hold true. “One sows and another reaps,’ holds true.” It also shows Yeshua being the fruit to arrive at the earth’s 4000th year. And, fruit again at the next 4000 years known as, The Eighth Day.

So for eight thousand years; 4000 and 4000…it’s the same theme. Men’s lives tell the story and actually play out The Suffering Servant and The King of Kings. Noach suffering raises up Shem as king over the earth. Abram is called out of the fires of the chaldean (idol making), the son of the Armenian, Terah. Abraham’s son Isaac again pictures being raised up as Noach’s was raised up. Sarah’s (89) laughed so the name Isaac was bestowed on him. Isaac will really be the major player in bringing The Living Word/Torah/instruction to the earth. The women in these accounts remain true to their husbands.

Isaac married Rivkah (Rebekah) at age 40. Gen 24. No children for twenty years; Isaac is 60 when the man that would be known as Israel is born. Ya’cov (Israel) came at his age 60….picturing our year 6000. Isaac and his bride live at his mother’s tent (people). Sarah and Isaac bonded after his near-death experience with his father Abraham at Hebron. Abraham lived at a distance as he has more children with the woman Keturah. Abraham’s lineage numbered 100 grandchildren and children when he died at age 175. Genesis 25

Esau and Ya’cov’s birthing is likened to the 4000 years from Adam until The Seed confirms his marriage to TORAH’s children. The next 2000 years of history is described as ‘birth pangs’ with the world fighting against TORAH’s children.

Revkah deemed her death could be emanate from the horrific fighting that was in her womb. She turns to YAHWEH. Two groups of people were announced. Esau and Ya’cov already fighting that continue for two thousands years. A hard labor trying to bring forth YHWH’s righteous living on the earth.

Four is the letter dahlet known by the picture of a door. Agur gives us new imagery in Prov 30:15b, “Three things are never satisfied; four never say, “Enough!” – 30:16 “Sh’ol and a barren womb; the earth, never satisfied with water; and fire, which never says, “Enough!”

Adam’s wife Chanoh (Eve) had a barren womb for 50 years the Book of Jubilee states. And then that firstborn (Cain) will kill the second born (Abel). Abel is born in Jubilee 2 and dies in Jubilee 3. Adam is age 72-78 when his second son Abel is born. He is born surrounded by the number 2 also the letter Beit meaning house. It was earth’s Jubilee 2 in that jubilee’s 22-28 year describes The Book of Jubilees. Beit means, in the. Thus, the house of Abel was put on the earth to model Binyamin also born at year 2200 from Adam. They both carry house house in their time line of being on earth. Binyamin means, “Son of strength..right hand). Yeshua came to the House of the children of Israel…they were to carry forth The Torah to the nations and now also His Blood Atonement message.

The womb is never satisfied. It looses it’s sons and daughters to miscarriage, murder and abortion. Binyamin lost his mother Rachel at his birth. She had named him, ‘son of my sorrow’. When Ya’cov returned from being with his father Isaac and his mother Revkah, he renamed him Binyamin, Son of My Strength. I’m curious to ask him if he did it on The Eighth Day…as was custom to name and circumcise a male child. (Ya’cov’s return on The Eighth Day could picture Husband Yeshua returning on The Eighth Day after being with his Father.)

Abel is slain in Week 1 of Year 1 of Jubilee 3; 101 AM (Adam)

Abel was born in Week 4 (Dahlet)….just as Yeshua arrived to earth in Day Four (4000 years).

Abel arrived to earth in Jubilee 2. Yeshua will RETURN to his House (2/Beit) after Two Days (2000 years). There are many pointing to year 6000; 4000 + 2000 = 6000. The Sixth Day.

Abel lived on the earth between years 72 – 78 to 101 – 107. Thus, 29 years to 35 years is the most that Abel lived on the earth. This does look to what Yeshua’s life-span was on the earth. Because The Book of Jubilees gives us a 7-year window, we can guess Yeshua’s exact years only by looking at other patterns.

Adam’s first 7-year cycle was taking care of all the birds that fly in the sky and the animals on the earth. He only encountered The Deceiver after seven-glorious years in The Gan of Eden. And, it was on Day 17 that it happened…Month Two, Day Seventeen. Do you know what day The Flood began? Month Two, Day Seventeen….today’s Hebrew date: Cheshvan 17. (October)

Noach’s Ark was on an open angry sea carrying men and their brides to start a new world for one year and twenty-seven days. Thus, on Month Two, Day 27 the animals were released. This could picture Yeshua’s death being accomplished to set all captives free in year 27 AD. Many Bible scholars choose this year as well, but for other reasons. We definitely could add this pattern to their theories. Okay, one more thing: Jub 5:22 And Noach made the ark in all respects as he commanded him, in the twenty-seventh jubilee of years, in the fifth week in the fifth year….”

Let me finish with the records from The Book of Jubilee as it gives us clues to womb patterns. The two other people that connect to the letter Dahlet/Door/4 is Noach’s father Lemek. He married Baraka in Week 4 of that Jubilee cycle. Her name should mean to be lifted up on a high place. Lemek dies at age 777 showing a strong completion. His prophetic death begins 120 years until The Flood. Thus Lemek is the door that open the womb that brings the son, Noach, whose name means Comfort; to comfort YHWH to remove the debauchery violating the earth.

Jubilee Four records one birth – This Chanok is born in Week 7. Adam is age 143-150 when his son Qaynin (Cain) has his first son, naming him Chanok, This Fourth Jubilee human being has a city named after him; The City of Chanok. God gives the instruction of man not giving memorial to himself. Cities and buildings should not be named after humans. Idolatry was wiped off the face of the earth with The Flood. The Pride of Man….cleansed.

One more womb is opened that aligns with Four and the name Chanok. Murderer Cain’s first son was Chanok. Yered’s firstborn son will also be named Chanok. These are two totally different Chanoks. One is born Jubilee Four…and built The City of Chanok. The second Chanok (Enoch) will be born in Jubilee 11 and will live his life in a cave on a very SPECIAL MOUNTAIN.

Jubilee Eleven records one marriage and one birth. Yered marries Baraka and they have a child they name Chanok in Year 4 of Week 5 / 532 AM. This is our famous Enoch that father’s famous Methuslach who fathered Lemek….Noach’s father. Year Four – Door; Week Five – Hei, Behold, Grace. Behold the Door to Righteous men. Enoch declares he is seventh in his generation. A generation to Enoch was 700 years…not one thousand years. In Enoch 92 he describes TEN generations which spans 7000 years. An amazing account to say the least.

Thus, in Year Six (the number of man as Adam was Created on Day Six) Yered, the second longest living man on the earth dying at age 962, gives birth to famous Enoch. This Chanok is recorded as being the first man assigned to write down heaven’s and earth’s history.

Three things…..Four beyond my knowledge he says:

The way of an eagle in the sky.

The way of a snake on a rock.

The way of a ship on the open sea

The way of a man with a girl.

Wow….a man with a girl? ship, snake, eagle. Hmm…let’s keep reading…

The eagles keeps her nest high up in the rocks and yet she must guard against The Deceiver who creeps near her eggs. A ship uses the shiny lights to guide itself and yet out of control by the wind….just as a man’s heart is thrown about by a girl. All are vulnerable and yet beautiful together.

Agur begins with the unfaithful bride that says she has done nothing wrong as she eats satisfied. Chanoh (Eve) was the first bride that did eat until she was satisfied and engaged her husband to do the same. Our world eats until it is satisfied not looking into what is spiritual. Boorish Agur’s message is definitely spiritual.

My Question: Why does he again start with three and then adds one more to get to the door of the concern. Gimel is pictured as a camel lifting up…this must be a tall door needed for the camel to enter….as in the eye-of-the needle theme…the gate is known as a needle. If the ‘gate/eye of the needle’ of the city can be won then the entire city is won….no more siege within. In war it would be hard for a camel to bend down and make it through the lower gates.

We are Yeshua’s wife that prides herself in her position and yet gives place to many idols in her life. Unauthorized festivals ignore her husband’s festivals. The Bride makes her husband quake as she becomes a tainted bride knowingly eating from a detestable table.

30:21 3 things make the earth quake….FOUR things it can’t bear –

It seems that it is the fourth that the earth can’t bear….and sends it into throw up stage…swaying about.

1, A slave who becomes king. – King Yeshua…died for our being slaves to sin…and He qualified to be The Heavenly King and The Earth’s King. The earth IS shaking trying to prevent it.

2. A boor gorged with food. – Is this the illiterate (boorish) rich human who no longer needs God’s instruction (Torah)? This is what Agur knew to prevent.

3. A hated (wife) when her husband takes her (back). Leah was not Ya’cov’s favorite but she yearned for his love. She is now totally loved (taken back) by Ya’cov when Rachel dies. Leah is buried with Jacob at McPhelah as she chose Ya’cov’s God.

4. A slave-girl who inherits from her mistress. Slave girl Hagar insults Sarah but still receives an inheritance. The earth still plays out this shaking as heritage rights are discussed since the time of Abraham.

A slave….Ishmael, born to a slave-girl, does become a king of his own lands. Joseph a slave becomes a king. The enslaved Israelite children are filled with spiritual food (Torah) for 40 years become land owners. Naomi adopts Ruth who marries kinsmen Boaz; through their loins The Messiach arrives exactly on time.

Again….4 – Four small things that are very wise.

What would the world guess? For sure an ant. Let’s look…

30:25 the ants, a species very strong, yet they store up their food in the summer. (Prep-per Ants)

30:26 the coneys, a species with little power; yet they make their home in the rocks; (okay rock prepers can now be called coneys…with little power.)

30:27 the locusts, who have no king, yet they all march out in ranks.

hmm…interesting…they can be very noisy and darken the air as if going to war.

30:28 spiders – oh yuk…hiding in rocks? This verse says that they are even in the king’s palace…and yet so small you can catch them in your hand. A small dangerous bite.

A list of the FOUR wise: ants, coneys, locusts, spiders….little power but wise.

A list of 3 and yes 4 who have a stately gait –

The Lion – Lion of Judah – They turn away from no one.

The Greyhound – dog – stately gait. –

The billy goat – standing among the rocks proud in stature.

King with army – Standing erect with his men.

What is Boorish Agur analysis of these things?

Proverbs 30:32 If you have been boorish, exalting yourself, or if you have been scheming……

So, what should we do? LAY YOUR HAND ON YOUR MOUTH!

Okay, do it! Raise your hand to your mouth. Now raise up your other hand and cover the hand that is already on your mouth.

Whatever it is that we see, we must NOT speak. What ever it is that we hear…we must NOT speak it. Man will be held accountable for every word that comes forth from their mouth.

Pride does go before the fall. The hand that covers his mouth is no longer pointing to other people…and yet we know four fingers are pointing back to self.

How do we get a nose bleed…………pressing on your nose causes blood. How is butter produced? By pressing milk. How is STRIFE produced? By pressing out ANGER.

There is always three and then a fourth is added? It shows us that there are more and more examples…not just FOUR.

That word boorish began by meaning illiterate of God’s ways?

Webster Dictionary: a. clownish, rustic; awkward in manners, and illiterate.

Now we see the word brutish coming into play. A proud lion throws his head around intimidating in order to rule. A bull does that too. He shakes his head at you…saying ‘get back’ or I will change our situation.

My horse, Oreo and our bull, Taurus, were forced to share a field together in 2019. A bull can run but not like a horse. A horse can stand his ground but not like a bull who can throw so much dirt that you can’t even see him any more.

Two proud animals needing to make room for each other and having to learn to share a Four-acre pasture. Both are proud males…both are boorish in their own right. The chasing, pawing and kicking turned into respect. In a few days and then in a few weeks Oreo and Taurus could not live without each other.

Instead of standing alone and each almost dying of their own boredom….they united in protecting their field from their enemies. They shared their lives of staying cool from the heat by Oreo’s long horse tail flying to keep flies off bull Taurus. Taurus even let Oreo scratch his back with his teeth helping his fly bites.

Sleep deprivation from being worried about the other being their enemy turned into survival as one would watch guard as the other slept even standing over the other.

What are the lessons Boorish Agur was telling his two friends? It is not by power and might, but in the smallest of wisdom we can survive together. The tiny spider can eat in a king’s palace and so can the lowliest of humans because our webs all interconnect to our Creator who designed life so perfectly if we would work within it’s system of kindness and not pride.

Agur set aside being boorish of all men on the earth….and became wise to work on the earth while there was time to plant. He gave us the ‘first fruits’ of his labor because he listened not to his own understanding…but he knew God had the greatest wisdom of all…the very one who created Him would feed him in year FOUR.

There is wisdom in giving and being patient for the next harvest. Those priests that are given to will be the ones praying for your safety because they look to the spiritual in whom you are to trust. They will open their Eye of the Needle gates when you need to flee from an avenger chasing you.

Pro 30:5 Every word of God is pure; he shields those taking refuge in him.

I’m learning about pride in my own heart when people turn away because I roar too loud at them. My brutal ways must take flight so I just don’t fill my stomach with sweetness and become complacent with God.

Two Things I Pray For – And Don’t Deny Them To Me All The Days of My Life!

Proverbs 30:8 keep falsehood and futility far from me, and give me neither poverty nor wealth.

Yes, provide just the food I need today! PROVERBS 30

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