Dead Sea Blooms Floral Wonderland for First Time: Ezekiel’s Prophecy Coming to Fruition?

Dead Sea Blooms Floral Wonderland for First Time: Ezekiel’s Prophecy Coming to Fruition? – Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.
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Let’s remember this date and time period. We know The Lord’s return comes true when Israel blooms and what? The Dead Sea? I had the blessing to float in it May 2009. I was very young in my walk of Hebrew ways. I went to Israel as a Christian and came home only yearning to return.

Yeshus Jesus footprints are everywhere. What footprints? The prophecies he filled up and more that were to happen.

The Dead Sea was shrinking because of the lack of rain over the years. Israel blooms because of irrigation. And, Scripture says that there will be roads coming through that Dead Sea that will connect other nations to Jerusalem. Today, we give witness to a salt based land…water that floats anything that comes into it. You bob up and down and if you relax…you can float. But, you will not float face down…but FACING up looking into those beautiful blue skies that I’m sure Jesus even looked at….and perhaps spoke to The Father.

But, the problem with floating in salt water….you can NOT get a single drop in your eye. I did get salt in my eye and it took several of my friends to help me find a resting place to flush it out. I truly was needing my friends help and I also was thinking I might go blind. And, I was thinking….is this how many lost their sight…why were there so many blind people.

Truth be known now…I went there half blind already. I never knew the history and the lessons that I was to have while on that soil.

I’m updating this February 22, 2020 (2.22.20) article because our world is now being disciplined for being ignorant. We are ignorant on how to witness to The Jew that is taking care of this land. Today, March 18, 2020 the Jerusalem Post announced Israel had found the antiagent to fight the corona virus.

As I sent it out…I had a respose from a friend in Iowa that immediately said how terrible Jews are and they only want to rule our world via money….A blinded Christian…like I was.

Now I see probably still in part just as The Jews is seeing in part. Our eye sight can get misguided by losing our cornea…our focus is out of wack because of hate.

I love my President because he loves Israel. He is God’s appointed man at this time in God’s history plan for our world.

I love Israel because at Mt. Sinai Moses begged that God not give up on them. And, Moses knew that these rebellious children and himself could only go forward if God personally went with them. God spirit had to lead them….

Because of Moses intercessory begging prayer…God changed his mind. Thus, today I am encouraged to see a solution come out of Israel for the COVID 19 problem. Will our world STOP their embargoes against them…and can they finally say…..THANK YOU – Thank you..The Jew that wears circumcision on your body as the Gentiles remembers to circumcise their hearts.

I am thankful…and I will trust this oral antigen that will build my lung tissue to fight off any pulmonary virus…CV 19 or anything else coming to plague us.

I am thankful for The Jew – There are Gentiles who have done horrible things…and people forgive them. So, why not say thank you to ISRAEL whose job is to bless the world. I trust her and I hope you do too.

Why did the Dead Sea bloom on 2.22.20? Because pockets of soil sunk with it’s ancient seeds still in it’s deep soil. when it rained….these seeds sprouted.

You see, God knew he wanted to encourage us by showing us every detail is planned…and it involves Israel blooming.

I would suggest that you NOT hate her…but help her to rise up on our earth…Why? Because God has great plans through her for us. The haughty Gentile is to be loped off if she does not join in the original root. That root of Jesse links us to Messiah…

Today, I’m happy that Israel’s land is blooming.

I’m glad to see The Hand o YHWH on Israel. The nations are ALL suffering….and it will be Israel that brings the ‘anointing’ oil to heal the earth.

I’m happy because I love seeing The Hand of God….

Do you see His hand today?

Stay hidden right now because that is Scripture. Hide in a safe place….today my home is my ‘wilderness’ away from the world. I have time to fast and pray the next few days as many are.

I’m happy to see our earth experience His Mercy which shows up as Justice….for all the evil that has come against God’s children. I’m his child and if you’re reading this…you probably have accepted Yeshua Jesus paying your 1/2 shekel temple tithe. It stopped a plague as when you suppose Israel, God will remember not to send plagues and remove you from the earth.

When people pray for PEACE on Earth….it will show up as earthquakes, storms and plagues. Nature is used…and we MUST not wave our hands in the air as if ‘look at me’ it didn’t hurt me…that my friends…is testing God. STOP and hide right now…if you HONOR your parents…so that they may live longer on God’s earth. After all, they sacrifice and had you…so why would you destroy any other human!

BLOOM for Yeshua Jesus….He paid your temple’s ransom.

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