Leviticus 17 – Prophecies

A Prophecy of Acheri Mot (After Death) – Leviticus Chapter 17

Are you asking enough ‘why’s’ in this Planned-Demic?

Are you asking why is this happening to you, your family and friends? And especially why is this happening to people who LOVE God?

Why is our world putting up with a Plan For Death? Why are they cooperating with a plan that has them stand in line to end their life…even in two years from now! I call it The End Game.

We are living in an experiment that began with, The Shot. No animals have survived ‘The Shot’. So, why are humans telling each not “do not be afraid”…it won’t hurt you? Who told them to be your Eternal Gate Keeper?

We all have a smell. Some people release more body odder than others. I personally have never needed to use body deodorant. Hispanic people buy a special soap to clean their clothes. I think they have a similar smell. Yes, it is a very clean smell. And, then we have the TIDE detergent users which my husband forbids us to use. He can not stand chemicals on his skin. We do not even use dryer fabric clothes. And yes, he may smell like garlic as he consumes it chopped up and swallows it whole quickly. Does he smell? Absolutely…but only at his mouth.

Our Creator is a Spirit and has another smell. We can smell his earth’s freshness after a rain. We can smell when something just doesn’t seem right. This word smell carries different meanings and so when we learn that Elohim can ‘smell’ you…it is that he knows your heart and where it is leading you.

YHWH is interested in smell. When we are obedient, we a nice aroma to our Creator. We are going to look at ‘incense’ on the altar and what it means. If the right incense are used as instructed by ADONAI then it is a sign of obedience and the smell is correct. The incense that the priests Nadab and Abihu might have been their own mixture because they were disciplined with death for doing things their way.

Correct worship – correct prayer is important from a sincere heart…that is what is acceptable unto The Lord. Smell is a heart issue.

Just as a mode ring shows different colors on each person because of their body heat level, so each human can smell different when applying different essential oil and oil blends. Thus, we can see that smell affects people even making them well or making them sicker.

Pride is what goes before a fall. We see several Patriarch’s seeing what was the representation of God. Several were eating at a banquet meal in the presence of Elohim at Mt. Sinai in Arabia. These leaders realized that God was real.

Question! Did all of these leaders cross over to The Land? Or, does the prophecy hold true that once you see The Father you will die. We consider physical death a tragedy but in reality it is a release from a world that confines us and keeps having opportunity to bind us to its ways.

We know that all the men twenty years and older would die because that generation listened to eight leaders who returned from spying out The Land and thought the people living there were too much for ADONAI to handle. TRUST was missing thus they all died over the next forty years. Yes, those young twenty year old were now sixty years old…just as our earth changes at year 6000 going into it’s Purified Land. The Purified Land is still on earth and has purified people living on it…Yes, for one thousand years called The Millennium. What we are experiencing right now is that purification. Evil had to be revealed so it can then be cast out…or DIE off.

Our earth is like a big scab that keeps sloughing off until it finally shows no sign of leprosy. Biblical leprosy is a spiritual condition seen by our Creator. It is allowed until the priest of that area, in our case Yeshua Jesus, declares the person (our world) clean.

Lev 14:34  “When you have entered the land of Kena`an which I am giving you as a possession, and I put an infection of tzara`at in a house in the land that you possess, 

These patterns in history were lived out by generations of people before those living in the ‘last days’. I believe there was a gradual die off of those that would not move forward into The Land. If that pattern holds true we may see a forty-pattern happen at this end of our world’s history. It could line up with the Tetrad happening in the years 2043 and 2044.

Two Penumbals precede the Tetrad in 2043 and 2044. They appear on:

Passover 15 Nisan April 5, 2042

Succot 15 Tishri September 29, 2042

Yes, this is my favorite number…42. It is the last year of the Sixth Shemittah cycle..year SIX. Yes, then we go into the 7th cycle which holds years 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 with year 50 being the jubilee year. And, we must note that President Trump is our 54th president which shows us our presidents are operating in the Seventh year already. Who will be The Jubilee President? King Yeshua?

The Dates of the 2043-2044 Tetrad: Days of Judgment for World…Sabbath Rest for Esther at Purim.

Fast of Esther Eve, Purim; March 25, 2043 Total Lunar, 123 Saros Series 13 Adar II (extra month)

Sabbath, September 19, 2043, Total Lunar, 128 Saros Series 14 Elul.

PURIM March 13, 2044, Total Lunar, 133 Saros Series 14 Adar

Creation in Chaos – September 7, 2044, Total Lunar, 138 Saros Series 15 Elul (10 days before Creation Day One: 25 Elul)

Tetrads are four consecutive blood moons seen as markers occurring on The Lord’s Feasts. They seem to announce themselves just after Israel became a nation; just after Israel took back Jerusalem as their capitol in 1967, just as Israel had no support from the Obama Administration in 2014-2015.

An unexpected shift happened in 2017 with a dark horse winning The White House…Donald J Trump who was born on the full moon of Sivan 15, 1946. He is raised up at the same time Israel was raised up to be a thorn in the world’s side. I could liken him to the apostle Paul of whom people are just now in our world’s late history realizing he is totally Jewish and new violated The Torah. The Gentiles were the thorn in Paul’s side. They wanted things their way and still do today. It is the foreigner and stranger to the covenants of Yahweh that seem to cause the most spiritual trouble for our world.

Donald J Trump’s thorn in his side became his own people. They are called RHINO’s…Not Really Republicans. Donald J Trump is from the House of David. He will reign over our earth preparing for the next King of David’s House to be established. The one holding that office is: House of David – Yeshua Jesus King of Kings…Lord of Lords.

If we do not TRUST that YHWH can deliver us than we will NOT have our land purified and readied for King Yeshua Jesus to reign on it for the next thousand years. But, if the earth’s ‘iniquity’ is filled up and sin is so encroaching that even the ‘remnant’ is in danger of being lost, then the timing is correct…even as the Tetrads are signals. The 2043-44 last Tetrad will signal the Jubilee year 2050, (y’vell means 50).

And, yet there are more wars that can play out as the 2033-34 Tetrad signals them. Yes, everything is on schedule and these wars must happen because the sheep and goats are to be separated. The goats may seem to have the upper hand and slay many sheep but The Final Battle before the Millennium will be won by YHWH with His feet touching our earth at that original East Gate.

The Israelites did NOT believe The Land would accept them that very day in history. It was their day of salvation and they refused it. But, once they were denied access because of lack of trust…they then tried to force their way into it. It did not work as many died trying to enter without the right leader.

Leaders Are Appointed –

Mosch was not permitted to touch The Land. Moses was a great leader but he also told things his way many times in hopes of appeasing the people. He will now suffer through their trials with them while preparing their hearts for the next opportunity to cross over. Leaders do suffer so they can help all to rise up in success.

In these days of churches being closed down…we see lazy pastors collecting their wages without even holding services…without any extra effort to begin prayer sessions or home meetings. It’s as if Pastors have put themselves on ‘sabbatical’….leave with pay. Not many pastors are suffering with their people in 2020 and 2021.

There are always two patterns to follow…one suffers and one rises up. Cain Abel; Ishmael Isaac; Esau Jacob; Lot Abraham; Moses Aharon. Leviticus 16 is our story line for this writing.

Moses now represents suffering as did Isaac and Yeshua Jesus life. Moses could not enter The Land. Isaac stays in The Land. Yeshua dies outside The City. All pointing to The Father that never leaves Heaven’s realm. The sons are sent outside but the fathers stay to guard the home land.

The man Joshua is destined to lead the Israelites into The Land after forty years. His name is a very similar name to Yeshua Jesus that comes 4000 years from Adam. Joshua leads them into The Land that is established in earth’s real time whereas Yeshua Jesus leads us into eternity’s real time where The Father is. Scripture says that “The only way to The Father is through The Son.”

Y’shua is the name of our real King of Kings. In fact, if you just add an ‘h’ to the end of his name…you have the Father’s name: Y’shuah. The letter hei (h) is also the number 8 showing us The Eighth Day which occurs after The Millennium. The Father is waiting for The Eighth Day to reveal himself…because then you can behold him because you also are full in The Spirit. The letter ‘hei’ means breathe, behold. Say, hay and you see that you only breathe out in saying it. This even shows us that it is YHWH that puts His breathe into us. His soul or spirit becomes part of us.

That my friends is worth waiting for. We must not leave this earth before our due time. We must stay in order to give witness to all that is happening right before our eyes.

The Land occupiers were not quite ready for cleansing because their iniquity (sin) was not yet full enough to justify that cleansing. Thus, the forty years Moses waited with the Israelites and the 4000 years Yeshua’s waited to be born on our earth was because of Elohim’s MERCY and GRACE.

The Herod’s had to be put in place with the killing of children being an abomination before The Lord.

We have horrible leaders who have grown children in any womb just to use these children for their genetic properties, endorphins, DNA, sexual perversion etc. We have harvested humans just for their organs. I would say that today’s Herod’s iniquities have been filled up.

High Priest Aharon must have felt honored to have his family chosen to serve in The Wilderness Tabernacle. He was honored himself and honored by his sons being chosen as “special” to serve in the highest positions.

Parashah 29 – Beit (2), Tet (9). – 2 house, temple, divide; 9 -basket, twist, snake

As this Parshah begin Aharon’s two sons who were so special to be priests…were fried in fire by Elohim. This is a total shock and awe moment. What happened? How can we please Elohim is what they are all thinking. These two boys sat at the banquet table with all the elders when with ADONAI. They have these very special garments on designed perfectly for them……….or was it for them?

No, it was for ADONAI that they were to serve.

NOTHING was to be said…No mourning by the people…just everyone pay attention now…what just happened was definitely of Elohim.

Their deaths caused the tabernacle to be unclean. It was not their loss of life that ADONAI was concerned, it was the tabernacle being unclean. Our earth is ‘unclean’. Life was given freely to us and it can be taken just as freely. Our ways are not Elohim’s ways. Remember, Solomon clarified that all of life is vanishing and just vanity. He had it all and yet he felt he had nothing…because he fell out of fellowship with the very God of his father, King David.

The Goal: To Purify ourselves

Lev 14:23  On the eighth day, he will bring them to the cohen for his purification, to the entrance of the tent of meeting before Adonai. 

This is prophetic statement as is all Scripture. The ‘eighth day’ we will be brought for final purification at the entrance…yes, at the Bema Seat of Judgment. Who brings us there? Is not a relative meeting us in the air! It is the highest cohen (priest) our earth has ever known…Yeshuah himself…takes us to the ‘entrance’ of The Father’s house.

EIGHTH Day is for each individual person.

Eighth Day is for all nations.

Eighth Day happens at the entrance of Heaven BEFORE ADONAI.

The Seven Sequence is done. The Sabbath will be no more because The Millennium is now completed. We observe The Sabbath because it pictures ADONAI’s plans for that last thousand years of our earth’s program to salvation for many.

On The Eighth Day we will see ADONAI’s new Tent of Meeting hovering over the earth. It hovers over the earth because The Father hovers over the earth…never stepping on it since it has been very defiled by death, YHWH is holy, holy, holy. Earth must surely smell putrid, putrid, putrid.

AFTER THE DEATH – After Our Death – We are taken to a Holy Place.

AFTER DEATH…and not before…and on a human standard of time…and as a permanent regulation…

This special event may open up Day Seven of the earth’s history.

Month Seven has been remembered this way since the writing of Moses. Every year Month Seven and Day Ten have been like dress rehearsals to the very special time when The Millennium begins.

Month Seven Day Ten is the day I was married. It has now been FIFTY years that we were married on October 10, 1970 at 5:00 pm in the Midwest of the United States in a very small Catholic Church. In that jubilee of time we both have moved spiritually to God’s calendar and see prophetically the plans for our earth. I believe these things have happened so we can attach ourselves and make them part of our next generations ancestry. These things do NOT happen to us by accident because our Creator has purposed each of us to a certain mission. You must find out your mission and fill it up to it’s fullest while you still have time on earth.

My mission is The Lord’s Feasts because it is His calendar that shows us the world’s future. YHWH desires that none should perish but have life everlasting,


Do not be afraid to think deeply into these things. Pray ADONAI will open you mind to understand the deeper meaning.

The United States is a nation that is to rise up to help our world. That means you are to rise up by friends. Our world is depending upon you to stop the plague that is going on. Our Creator is expecting us to STOP people from The Shot as it will remove one-third of our population as that is the portion described in the prophecies.

We have religions today that put goat heads on and worship Bathmat.

Lev 17:7  No longer will they offer sacrifices to the goat-demons, before whom they prostitute themselves! This is a permanent regulation for them through all their generations.’ 

Lev 17:8  “Also tell them, ‘When someone from the community of Isra’el or one of the foreigners living with you offers a burnt offering or sacrifice 

Lev 17:9  without bringing it to the entrance of the tent of meeting to sacrifice it to Adonai, that person is to be cut off from his people. 

Remember, Yeshua Jesus is that burnt offering. The only way to come to the Entrance of Heaven is by The Son bringing you. If you don’t come through The Son…you will be cut off for eternity.

Lev 17:11  For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for yourselves; for it is the blood that makes atonement because of the life.’ 

Lev 17:12  This is why I told the people of Isra’el, ‘None of you is to eat blood, nor is any foreigner living with you to eat blood.’ 

Yeshuah died on the stake and shed blood that spilled upon the earth. We are saved by His blood and none other.

We also see here that by eating blood we are putting a foreign substance in our own bodies which affects our own blood. It taints our blood causing us to be kill. We can eat meat, but it must be without any thing else blood…because eating blood is like having a blood transfusion.

They never gave each other ‘shots’. Today, we violate this ordinance of not tainting our bodies with injecting into it foreign substances.

The Shots are anti biblical. In fact, there are really no shots that help us. We have been told that but it is not true. YHWH gave us guidelines on staying away from things that could taint our own blood system…like not having sex during a woman’s period…and even seven days afterward.

Our family has not had shots and we are a very healthy family. Most of our Midwest families have had the CV and after several days rest and given high amounts of supplements…were back to recovery. No shots and yet now with antibodies to fight the next bought should it come.

E-sword commentary –

Leviticus 17:11

the life: This sentence, which contains a most important truth, had existed in the Mosaic writings for more than 3,000 years, before the attention of any philosopher was drawn to the subject. That the blood actually possesses a living principle, and that the life of the whole body is derived from it, is a doctrine of revelation, and a doctrine which the experiments of the most accurate anatomists have served strongly to confirm. The proper circulation of this important fluid through the whole human system was first taught by Solomon in figurative language (Ecc_12:6), and discovered, as it is called, and demonstrated by Dr. Harvey in 1628; though some Italian philosophers had the same notion a little before. This accurate anatomist was the first who fully revived the Mosaic notion of the vitality of the blood; which was afterwards adopted by the justly celebrated Dr. John Hunter, professor of anatomy, and established by him, by a great variety of strong reasoning and accurate experiments. Lev_17:14

The Place of Sacrifice

Lev 17:1  Adonai said to Moshe, 

Lev 17:2  “Speak to Aharon and his sons and to all the people of Isra’el. Tell them that this is what Adonai has ordered: 

Lev 17:3  ‘When someone from the community of Isra’el slaughters an ox, lamb or goat inside or outside the camp 

Lev 17:4  without bringing it to the entrance of the tent of meeting to present it as an offering to Adonai before the tabernacle of Adonai, he is to be charged with blood—he has shed blood, and that person is to be cut off from his people. 

Lev 17:5  The reason for this is so that the people of Isra’el will bring their sacrifices that they sacrifice out in the field—so that they will bring them to Adonai, to the entrance of the tent of meeting, to the cohen, and sacrifice them as peace offerings to Adonai. 

Lev 17:6  The cohen will splash the blood against the altar of Adonai at the entrance to the tent of meeting and make the fat go up in smoke as a pleasing aroma for Adonai. 

Lev 17:7  No longer will they offer sacrifices to the goat-demons, before whom they prostitute themselves! This is a permanent regulation for them through all their generations.’ 

Lev 17:8  “Also tell them, ‘When someone from the community of Isra’el or one of the foreigners living with you offers a burnt offering or sacrifice 

Lev 17:9  without bringing it to the entrance of the tent of meeting to sacrifice it to Adonai, that person is to be cut off from his people. 

Laws Against Eating Blood

Lev 17:10  When someone from the community of Isra’el or one of the foreigners living with you eats any kind of blood, I will set myself against that person who eats blood and cut him off from his people. 

Lev 17:11  For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for yourselves; for it is the blood that makes atonement because of the life.’ 

Lev 17:12  This is why I told the people of Isra’el, ‘None of you is to eat blood, nor is any foreigner living with you to eat blood.’ 

Lev 17:13  “When someone from the community of Isra’el or one of the foreigners living with you hunts and catches game, whether animal or bird that may be eaten, he is to pour out its blood and cover it with earth. 

Lev 17:14  For the life of every creature—its blood is its life. Therefore I said to the people of Isra’el, ‘You are not to eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood. Whoever eats it will be cut off.’ 

Lev 17:15  “Anyone eating an animal that dies naturally or is torn to death by wild animals, whether he is a citizen or a foreigner, is to wash his clothes and bathe himself in water; he will be unclean until evening; then he will be clean. 

Lev 17:16  But if he doesn’t wash them or bathe his body, he will bear the consequences of his wrongdoing.” 

Yes, if you don’t bathe you will bear the consequence.

Yes, and if you eat road kill you get sick.

Yes, by listening to God’s instructions given 3,000 years ago…and not thinking it’s just Old Testament teachings…can save your life.

Amein as we close Leviticus 17 on April 28, 2021, Unleavened Bread Day 3.

May His Name bless you and keep you… in Yeshua our Messiach we always pray.


This week’s Parshah also covers Chapter 18 – coming soon to yhebrew.com.

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