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Enoch Markers: Trump Earthquakes Eclipses 2017

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Sabbath * Earthquakes * Presidents Trump and Cleveland * Young Brides * Gold Standard * Enoch

ADONAI instructed Enoch to instruct us to mark four of the twelve months. If we do not mark the Rosh Chodesh of those months we will be off when it comes to calculating ADONAI’s celebrations. Special attention is given to the Rosh Chodesh of Month One, Month Four, Month Seven, Month Ten.

Enoch wrote the instructions before Noach’s Flood so we calculate Enoch’s months as Adam experienced them. Month One today is known as Tishri which began in the fall around early October. Month Four today is called Tevet. Month Eight is known as Nisan. Month Twelve is named after the god Tammuz. Two of the three 7.5+ earthquakes we’ll see happen in the months Tevet and Tammuz.

And so what is the Elul earthquake about? It occurs at the full moon…when Moses is fully on the Mountain of God getting the ‘final’ instructions. It is known as The King is in The Field. Trump is God’s man in the field of the earth in 2017, yet being taken down by evil people. It’s like Moses never had a chance but offered up his own place in history if God would just stay with them and not leave.

What else might we miscalculate? Hmm… How about a president! Yes, President Trump is more than what I called, “The Last Trump of God.” Trump is a ‘marker’ in history. He became prophetic to me when I learned that his life aligns with only one other president that cared about the common person.

My close friend was told by God in 2016 to support Donald J Trump. He ask God who the other president was that ‘cared about people’ and he told him Grover Cleveland. When you do your own research, you’ll find that Donald J Trump and Grover Cleveland are very similar in their lives. They each would have their own wealth and not allow themselves to be influenced by others. Both would be accused of sexual immorality in their lives and both would marry young wives later in their lives.

Grove Cleveland fought for the gold-standard. Grover Cleveland saw the Big Bankers exploit the United States keeping us in war debt. Grover Cleveland rose up to stop them from taking control which caused him to lose a consecutive second term. He is the only president to marry in The White House. The nation loved his young wife of whom they stood in line for hours weeping that she was not returning to the White House. People wept over losing Melanie Trump as their First Lady. She turned a jubilee of age 50 as she left The White House in her colorful military dress. Her dress gave citizens hope that Trump was still in command. Trump fought against The Central Bankers and retreated from NATO which is supported by The Central Bankers. Less Debt means Less Bankers is God’s wisdom.

The 22nd President Grover Cleveland came back to be the 24th President of the United States. Trump too seems to be skipping a term because of the ‘same controls’ Cleveland had. Our 45th President may become our 47th president…which yes…follows the pattern of Ya’cov completing a full life at age 147. His children, known as Israel, were recognized in that very same land in the fall of 1947. From Independence, Missouri the recognition came from Harry S Truman and ‘The Wars’ began immediately in the spring of 1948.

President Trump won The Presidential Election of 2020. COVID 2019 was released to keep a nation at home listening to false media. We are discussing political figures right now in 2022 where the days are finally seeing each other for what they are. Deception has been running deep but commitment to democracy is resounding throughout the nations. The ‘Covid Operation’ continued in 2020, 2021 and now 2022 fall elections see false officials again being trained to ‘deceive’ the voters.

The mark of the beast has always been political and it has been about religious beliefs. It’s power is stronger than a multitude of 8+ earthquakes. The beast that controls the monies of the world stomps out democracy making men as ‘gods’…never needing to answer to a higher authority.

God’s righteous children should say, “We will do all that God says even as The Deceivers seem to overcome our earth.” God crushed Moses Uncle Korach because he wanted to control the gold coming into the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. These ‘markers’ from ancient past ring in our ears today,

God establishes governments described in the Book of Daniel. Children witness the patterns that web and flow through our history. They dress up as Julius Caesar and Esther. This year March 15 2022 was 12 Adar. Julius Caesar got his own calendar because he was considered a god. His death on the Ides (15) of March is still celebrated. Queen Esther revealed herself as Haddassah on 13 Adar which was this years March 16. The calendars were so close seeing other I call it being face-to-face with history.

Haman is booed as the bad guy on 14 Adar. On March 15 my granddaughter age 11 dressed as an ancient Queen Theodora. I then wore her same outfit to become Esther at Purim on Friday and Saturday, March 18 and 19. Our Creator sat the celebration of Julius Caesar and Esther on the same days this year as she holds a three-day fast. Amazed…and yet we don’t know to be amazed because we aren’t following The Hebrew calendar. Oh how sad for our world to only recognize Julius and Pope Gregory and not Abraham’s children’s time lines.

Two is the letter Beit meaning dwelling place or house. It is closely related to the word son. God sent His only ‘begotten’ son. That human flesh was God in the flesh. And, it is the ONLY begotten son that put on flesh. What did that son do? He put on The Lord’s Feasts. He honored The Rosh Chodesh. He walked out every festival as they pointed to his birth, death, resurrection and patterns to how He will RETURN.

Yeshua Jesus spoke about Enoch while on earth. Yeshua Jesus spoke about many prophets because they first spoke of Him. He filled up every instruction ever spoken about himself. He truly can only fill up what was spoken to qualify to be The Messiach.

Enoch was the first man to write God’s history down to pass it to his father Methuselah of whom then passed it to Noach to preserve it on the Ark. Noach’s father Lemeck dies age 777 confirming a real REST coming to the earth…in 120 years.

Enoch taught us how the gates open which teach us about the earth’s seasons. His heavenly visions were so real that it took a year for him to recuperate to tell his family. The ‘Day of The Lord ‘is not Sunday. Pastors who teach this lead the sheep astray. Enoch describes what their day and our Day of The Lord look like. Enoch 92-93 describes all TEN generations of 700 years each.

Trump is set apart…yes holy…unto our earth right now. There is NO other that we should contend to be the rightful president right now. Americans should be re-instating him because God ordained a righteous election which was taken away by total deception in the dark of the night. Other nations have had their elections stolen as well by these same tactics. If America wants to be like Venezuela, then we should keep accepting deception and do nothing.

Those involved in deception will be locked up in an Abyss of darkness only to be released for a little while, so they can stand trial and finally be cast off into eternal Abyss. Their bones being seen because the wild animals of our earth have eaten them. Yes, like Jezebel where her final bones were carried off.

Donald J Trump campaigned in 2016. Today is March 22, 2022. We will now speak about Enoch and his pattern that shows up in 2017. It is a very very rare thing to have an 8.0+ earthquake happen on our earth. And, it has been even harder in the last years because USGS increased the qualifications. Thus, when you see a 7.8 it probably use to be classified as a 8.0. I have been drawn to study earthquakes since 2009, I now share with you some startling finds.

2017 Earthquakes are ‘Enoch Markers’. Trump is an ‘Enoch Marker’.

The Hebrew letter Beit is also the number two (2) and represented as a house. Donald J Trump is first President of the United States in Shemittah Cycle Two. His name was established by God with his aunts praying God’s providence on him. His very name declares God’s action on our earth. The Trump or shofar was blown giving signal to our earth of great change. No one can deny he is, The Man of Change.

The year 2017 first shows a new 21st century with the number 20. Twenty is how many years Ya’cov worked for unfair wages from his father-in-law Lavan.

The year 17 patterns to how many years Jacob beheld his son Joseph until this ‘firstborn’ son, by his favored wife Rachel, was sold off to the world known then as Egypt. Ya’cov is 71 years old when he is told his son has been killed. Ya’cov is 59 years without this son and once found will only enjoy him for only another 17 years. He stands before Pharaoh at age 130 bragging that his lineage is accredited with longevity. (Trump may seem old to some but he is NOT.)

Yoseph is portrayed as YHWH’s Only Begotten Son in Egypt that rises to power. Ya’cov finds Yoseph second in command only next to The Father (Pharaoh). Ya’cov (130) sees his son in full power for seventeen more years until the Patriarch Ya’cov dies at age 147. Ya’cov’s family is known as Israel of whom all the world can be grafted into God’s teachings. Eternal blessing occurs when we believe in resurrection of ‘The Begotten Son”.

Four is the letter Dahlet pictured as a door. Gematria is the study of numbers. The pattern for 4 and 2 is plain gematria. Other languages use pictures as well. Hebrew uses three things: Letter, number, picture. The Hebrew language is spoken by angelic beings and should not to be taken for granted. Aramaic was spoken by Abraham. These two languages are the foundation languages of our earth. We should not fear it but listen to the spirit in you to discern it.

Donald J Trump became the world’s highest righteous pharaoh beginning his rule on 23 Tevet, 5777, January 21, 2017.

The very next day on 24 Tevet, our earth shook with a 7.9 earthquake. It was Month Ten Day 24. Month Four from Adam and Month Ten from Sinai. YHWH began a ‘second’ New Year start that would pattern to The Messiah’s death burial and resurrection. The spring Nissan month would now calculate the months; whereas, the fall month of Tishri would crown kings and change the year.

Month Ten – 24 Tevet – beheld ‘The Trumpet Man’ with the earth shaking upon his feet standing in The White House with his young bride.

Donald J Trump born June 14, 1946 (Sivan 15 full moon) Erev Beha’alotcha (On the Mount). Numbers 8:1-12:16, Zechariah 2:14-4:7. Zechariah wants the temple brought back. Trump helped Israel.

Malanija Knavs Trump born April 26, 1970 (Nissan 20). 24 year difference in their age. Twenty-four elders judge.

Israel is seen as a young Bride waiting for her Wise King. We are part of Israel if we follow Abraham.

Haddassah (Esther) was a young bride prepared for a year before being given to King Asharus for his bride. Marriages unite kingdoms. We should be a bride prepared in God’s instructions to recognize our King that is coming soon. We should know God’s calendar…which includes His activities (His festivals) that reveal who The Messiah is.

El Shaddai shakings – His Name El Shaddai is revealed. The Lord of Hosts

The Trumpet is blown in the 2nd cycle. It is a signal to the earth (house). Two solar and Two lunar eclipses do not happen every year…but this year was special…FOUR eclipses with one Total SOLAR. A darkness crossed our earth on AV 29, August 21 2017.

2017 – Second Shemittah Cycle: Trump President Inauguration – 3 7.5+ EQ, 4 Eclipse: 2 lunar, 2 solar (1 Total Solar)

January 21, 2017 – Trump President – 23 Tevet

January 22 – 7.9 PNG – 24 Tevet

February 11 Penumbral Lunar – Shevat 15 5777 Sabbath Beshalach

February 26 Annular Solar – Shevat 30 Rosh Chodesh 1 Sabbath

July 17 2017 – 7.7 Russia Ostrova Tammuz 13 Erev Sabbath Balak

August 7 – Partial Lunar – Tu B’Av 15 – special celebration – done cutting wood for temple

August 21 – TOTAL Solar – AV 29 Yom Kippur Katan, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sabbath

September 7 2017 8.2 Chicapas Mexico Elul 16

What do you see as a pattern in 2017? If you don’t believe in honoring The Sabbath, what do you see that our Creator honors?

The Sabbath is honored at every Rosh Chodesh (head of month).

February 11 – ON Sabbath Beshalach – lunar

February 26 – The Rosh Chodesh is a Sabbath – Solar

August 21 – Yom Kippur Katan is a dark day. A TOTAL Solar blackout at Rosh Chodesh.

The Partial lunar occurred on Tu B’Av 15. There are four celebrations added by The Jews to the Hebrew calendar. This eclipse shows God recognizing their hearts. It is the day that the final wood is cut for The Temple. The trees are celebrated for giving life to the Temple.

Wow – Every eclipse had purpose to celebrate our Creator.

How about the earthquakes?

President Trump has and is still causing great political earthquakes on our earth. He was celebrated by a 7.9 earthquake the day he entered the White House.

When he left The White House in 2021 his birth date of Sivan 15 had a TOTAL Lunar eclipse on it. On the Gregorian calendar it was May 26, 2021 so no one noticed but probably myself. Our earth is judged for stealing his rightful position. He could be likened to Jeremiah and Joseph who tried to help their kings, but were instead thrown into prison for years. Trump 2020 Election Protesters are still being held in jail without cause. The patterns hold true if we fully examine them.


Who would have thought? A 7.7 on 7.17.17…. That pattern is El Shaddai signal He is in charge of all things.

Was Yeshua on the earth in 17 AD? Absolutely! Seventeen is a number of strength totally Eight. It’s first letter is Aleph (God) and Seven shows a twisting to bring things to rest.

Letter Aleph (strong like an ox, first), number 1, picture: ox. Our Creator is in charge of Day Seven…the Sabbath that gives His rest to the earth. Our Creator is showing us Day Seven seen in years 6000 – 7000 from Adam. This is what we are entering into…a time of twisting to finally rest in our Creator’s ways.

2020 is over…Ya’cov left Lavan’s house after twenty years. He had relatives chase him and a brother take half of his wealth he earned over those twenty years. Donald J Trump lost half his wealth in order to help our world be a better place. Grover Cleveland also was wealthy and lost a lot of it to pursue righteous ways.

After leaving Laven year 20, Binyamin was born between year 21 and 22 of leaving Laven.

Yes, I believe he patterns The Suffering Servant first. But, he will arrive in Egypt having TEN sons. In this we see his HOUSE (Beit) 2 did not die but grew. We are to grow our children toward Abrahamic ways. We will suffer first and go through The Tribulations. If we trust our brother Yosef, seen in Yeshua, we will survive and be kept in safety in our Father’s house…as Binyamin was kept safely. The other returned to their father Ya’cov leaving Binyamin behind.

Our savior is done being in Heaven with The Father. He is returning to rule our earth as the highest Pharaoh ever known to this earth. It’s the last generation of a thousand years split up by 700 years as Enoch tells it.

Earthquakes…I love them…because our Creator is in the detail.

7.7 Earthquake on July 7 of 2017. Again, Trump’s first year and he headed quickly to Jerusalem recognizing it as Israel’s capitol. Trump should reign again as did President Grover Cleveland…as our 24 President. President Trump is growing his force just as Grover Cleveland rallied his supporters who loved their personal freedom. Trump will be back in office as President. He is likened to Cleveland. God had both men be of this world but took them out of it at the end of their lives. They both will end well. It is in our experience that wisdom comes and with wisdom comes understanding to know what to do. We must also ‘understand’ God’s ways…as they truly are NOT man’s ways. He has ‘eternal’ goals for us and I’m so glad for that.

I will continue with earthquakes and eclipses for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 next. I believe there are more patterns that prove we’re following the only God of this earth…YHWH. Stay tuned!! It’s only going to get more interesting as time get closer. Pray for good leaders who trust the ways of God.


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