God Showed Up in 2016

Listen to God Showed Up

God told Enoch to ‘mark’ four months. If we do NOT recognize the Rosh Chodesh of these four months we will miss what God is doing. God is not a scary but some times it takes making us nervous to get us to listen!

ENOCH Markers: Month One, Month Four, Month Seven and Month Ten

2016 Eclipse Earthquakes: Nisan * Tammuz * Tishri * Tevet

Will God mark any of these months in 2016? Let’s look – Yes, the first two!

  1. 8 EQ Month 1 Nisan, 7.7 EQ Month 4 Tammuz

The last FOUR earthquakes ALIGN. The Ark Door Closed by God. God stays Dedicated!

2016 – First Shemittah Cycle – SIX 7.5+ EQ * FOUR Align Day for Day

2016 Presidential Election Nov 8 / 7 Cheshvan Trump Shockingly Wins Upsetting Clinton

Earthquakes: Christmas and Chanukah face off * Temple Won Back * Pagans * Lazarus * 2 Sabbath

November 2016 – Calendars 1 day apart

December 2016 – Calendars ALIGN

April 16, 2016 – 7.8 Maisne Ecuador Nisan 8 Sabbath Metzora leper – Lazarus Rose Day 2

4.16.16 * Religious year began Nisan 1. Yeshua Jesus last ministries before resurrecting Nisan 17.

July 29 – 7.7 Pagan region Northern Mar – Tammuz 23, Erev Sabbath Pinchas 7.29.16

November 13 – 7.8 Cheshvan 13 DAY FOR DAY (10 Cheshvan ‘Ark door’ shut) Amberly NZ Hilary lost presidential election. John Carrie securing mineral rights at Iceland.

December 8 – 7.8 Kislev 8 DAY FOR DAY Kira Kira Solomon Island. Plus 6.5 EQ.

December 17 – 7.9 Kislev 17 DAY FOR DAY Papa New Guinea – 163 BC 15 Kislev Temple won

December 25 – 7.6 Chile, 25 Kislev. DAY FOR DAY – Christmas and Chanukah face off . People call it ‘Chrismakah.’

The Sabbath earthquakes deal with sin. Sabbath Metzora gives revelation of dealing with biblical sin leprosy. Erev Sabbath Pinchas Aaron’s son Phineas stop the plague that killed 20,000 for fornicating with the world. Phineas threw a javelin into a couple outside the camp after permission from his elders.

Yeshua called, “Lazarus come forth.” on Nisan 7. He died four days earlier on Nisan 3. This Nisan 8 earthquake celebrates setting captives free. The Sabbath before Passover is special. Yeshua left the area but did return to Mary and Lazarus house that Sabbath. He is the slaughtered Lamb on Nisan 14 shaking the ground with earthquakes and eclipses beyond measure ripping the Temple Veil.

Six is the number of man. It is the letter ‘vav’ meaning to add, and or connect. Pictured as a tent staff connecting man with God. Six represents man as he was added.

In 2016 we had SIX large earthquakes. The pattern for six is seen immediately in the Day Sixteen and in the year Sixteen. The numbers align with the Sabbath parshahs giving a message about sin.

The first quake is ON a Sabbath about sin….and resurrection (hope). The earthqakes continue to speak of sin with Phineas stopping a plague that removed those that served other gods. A foreigner is someone foreign to the ways of Torah. It is a person not wanting to follow God’s instruction.

Two Sabbath earthquakes in April and July. April 16.16 Yeshua showed his resurrection power through Lazarus who had been dead FOUR days. Now they would surely want to kill Jesus. He left the area to hide but returned to be anointed Nisan 10 and riding on a donkey. This Sabbath EQ on Nisan 8 is very special…it was SIX days before His Sacrifice for our sins which was Nisan 14. Yeshua Jesus was the first slain lamb at 3:00 pm when the other lambs were just being slain as well. We must believe that everything is right on schedule.

July 29 7.7 at a pagan region on the Sabbath Pinchas. Truly God has a message in this.

Then four earthquakes over 7.5+ each occur exactly in line with God’s calendar. They start when President Trump wins the 2016 Election which was contested until November 13. The Ark Door shut on Cheshvan 10 with judgment falling seven days later on 17 Cheshvan.

FOUR 7.5+ earthquakes within a FIVE-week period with dates aligned is totally out of the norm.

Noah and Trump both had the means of physical salvation for God’s democracy brought back to the earth. People can chose God-appointed democracy once in America or they stay outside that ark.

The November vote of 2016 closed people out or put them into God’s hand for safety. John Kerry was not present as he was at Iceland seeking mineral rights. Hilary Clinton was not in the ark either.

Solomon Islands rose up even as Trump’s win tried to secure The Temple back to Israel. A pagan island in July 2016 and Solomon in December shows disobedience to God’s Torah. Solomon started with God’s wisdom but ended listening to his wives wisdom. He lost his kingdom via his grandchildren. Kira Kira means destruction.

The 7.6 Chile earthquake to Chile on Christmas Day must have been shocking. And, yet how many knew it was also Chanukah Day One? Did one cancel out the other? Chanukah mean, ‘Dedication’. Our Creator remained true and dedicated to The Hebrew calendar, not a man-made one.

Our world has secularized Christmas saying God likes it. We are NOT to put words in God’s mouth. We are not to make our words His words.

YHWH shook our earth on Christmas Day staying true to His Torah…His instructions of having no other gods before him. No pictures of God are to be displayed. His ways are NOT our ways.

He orchestrated a choice to be made… A false flag or Chanukah..A festival of dedication that even Jesus attended. Yeshua remained dedicated to fill up everything spoken of him. When the Holy Spirit indwell us we can accept this. Yes, we are that new temple with His Torah written on our hearts.

Now, let’s look at the eclipses that are also God-ordained from the foundation of our earth.

March 9 2016 Solar TOTAL eclipse Series 130

March 23 2016 Lunar Penumbral Series 142

September 1 2016 Solar annular Series 135

September 16 2016 Lunar Penumbral Series 147

What do you see? Hmm. They occurred in March and in September. One Total Solar Eclipse. A normal number of eclipses. Solar and lunar eclipses happen together two weeks apart.

What do I see? I immediately lean into the Saros Series 142 and 147. 42 carries the message of ‘completion or culmination of a thing’. Four and two equal six…man. It has permeated my life since the miracle of a 60-day old calf rising from the dead with a plea for a sign of life. My words came out asking to have it’s head and leg to lift. I was shocked I ask it and quickly ended the prayer asking for the temperature to drop which it did. It was the Sabbath night at 9:00 pm as Mattot Massei (tribes and journeys) closed. It was Parshah 42. The matter of resurrection and God being real in our lives should be what our families (tribes) should journey about while on this earth.

Just as I work on these writings I’ll look up to see my clock has 42 on it. Or perhaps on my clothes dryer there will be 42 minutes left to dry. I put our tractor away yesterday noting that the number of hours that it has been driven ended in 42. I then thank The Lord that He watches over all that I do. May you see him real in special ways, too.

We know that Ya’cov was 147 when he died. This patterns to his children becoming a nation in 1947 recognized by a US President from Independence. Harry S Truman crossed out the word Palestine and wrote in Israel on that commemorative document.

42 is the last number in the Shemittah cycle 6. (36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42)

47 is in the last Shemittah cycle 7. (43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49)

The closer we get to 49, the more squeezing our world feels and begs for release. Donald J Trump brought change and freedom…He is the United States 45th president and will be #47. He was born in 1946 to a family who raised money to help Ya’cov’s family come back to her land. May we look forward to #49. (Presidential terms do not have to endure four years…they can move along quickly.)

Ya’cov was age 130 when he stood before Pharaoh. Many people think Yeshua Jesus was age 30 when he bore the sins of the world on himself…died and was the first to set captives free and then resurrect. Lazarus may have resurrected, but he by no means set captives free.

2016 is the 1st Shemittah cycle beginning in the fall of 2015. 27 Elul is when God started his war as reported by 15-year old Nathan on 15 Tishri 2015. Five is the letter ‘Hei’ meaning behold. Yes, ‘Behold the hand of God’ on our earth even in eclipses, earthquakes and men’s lives.

Nathan is a Jew in Israel that died on his aunt’s bed. The family was gathered for Feast of Tabernacles Day 1 which is always Tishri 15. That day was also the third or four consecutive Total Lunar eclipse purposed for just that time by God. Nathan returned saying that God’s War had begun and The Return was soon. I call Nathan our current Prophet Nathaniel. David listened to his relative Nathan and it is Nathan’s bloodline that brought Yeshua Jesus. There is never a mistake even in what we name our children. Nathan was 15 in 2015 and he will be 22 in 2022. He came back to do more…I’m sure he’s in the IDF and may just fight in those last battles over The Land. He even described the battle and that they were alone and did lose a couple million people…”but then His feet come down and it is done.”

As we blend these eclipses into the earthquakes we see that one set comes before the first quake in April. The next two eclipse bookend the July Pinchas earthquake. The Day for Day earthquakes will stand on their own we might say.

2016 Eclipses and Earthquakes

March 9 2016 Solar TOTAL eclipse Series 130 – 29 Adar I (extra month), Rosh Chodesh Sabbath

March 23 2016 Lunar Penumbral Series 142 – 13 Adar II (FAST of ESTHER) Wow!!

April 16, 2016 – 7.8 Maisne Ecuador Nisan 8 Sabbath Metzora leper – Lazarus Rose Day 2

4.16.16 * Religious year began Nisan 1. Yeshua Jesus last ministries before resurrecting Nisan 17.

July 29 – 7.7 Pagan region Northern Mar – Tammuz 23, Erev Sabbath Pinchas 7.29.16

September 1 2016 Solar annular Series 135 – 28 AV Yom Kippur Katan...very dark night

September 16 2016 Lunar Penumbral Series 147 – 13 Elul Erev Sabbath Ki Tetze (when you enter in)


November 8 – 2016 US Presidential Election – 7 Cheshvan – Trump Wins upsetting Clinton


November 13 – 7.8 Cheshvan 13 DAY FOR DAY (10 Cheshvan ‘Ark door’ shut) Amberly NZ Hilary lost presidential election. John Carrie securing mineral rights at Iceland.

December 8 – 7.8 Kislev 8 DAY FOR DAY Kira Kira Solomon Island. Plus 6.5 EQ.

December 17 – 7.9 Kislev 17 DAY FOR DAY Papa New Guinea – 163 BC 15 Kislev Temple won

December 25 – 7.6 Chile, 25 Kislev. DAY FOR DAY – Christmas and Chanukah face off as Chrismakah.

Wow…the Total Eclipse March 9 (tet) is on a very very dark night (29) on the last day of the extra month that gets added every few years. It is a Rosh Chodesh and thus a Sabbath to be honored. This day will not show up on calendars again for a few years when Adar I is again added to the Hebrew calendar. Jacob was hidden from Joseph but then seen again at age 130. (Hmm…makes me wonder what will be happening in Israel when they are 130 yrs.)

March 9 – the letter Tet (9) means to twist like a basket or snake.

March 23 – 13 Adar II – Fast of Esther…Amazing…Yes, the last day of their fast. Freedom just around the corner with Ether’s request to hang Haman and his TEN sons on the gallows built for her uncle Mordechai. Thus, 14 Adar is celebrated as Purim.

The day of purim (cast lot) to kill The Hebrews turned into the day that killed their enemies in 120 provinces ruled by King Asharus. 850 are removed immediately with 75,000 removed if they conspired to participate in this annihilation of the The Jew. Yes, the recorded final number recorded was 75,850 that were killed over the next few years. These numbers have meaning I’m sure….just as Abraham was 75 years old when he stepped away from his father’s house in Haran to find his place on the earth.

2016 – First Shemittah Cycle – God’s War is raging and The Fast of Esther of 2016 should have seen our world fasting to prevent annihilation. But, instead we chose to stay blinded to the ways of God calling His ways OLD and antiquated.

The September eclipses show us the calendars are just three days apart. Solar eclipses are always in the dark when the moon is hidden. Lunar eclipses happen when the moon is full. To learn more about God’s meaning we can go to The Bible. Scriptures have been attached to each Sabbath. You can expect their theme to play out on our earth. Really? Yes…our Creator orchestrated men to study the complete Torah in one year. If you follow that program, you can see the Creator of Creation moving on our earth.

You can expect a cyclical movement…not a beginning and end. We move from Shemittah cycle to Shemittah cycle. Seven years to seven years with a jubilee at the 49th year. Year One is then the 50th celebration. 2016 would be considered that year of ‘new beginnings.’ Yes, our Haman’s will be defeated just as these eclipses landed on that month in March. If you don’t have your mouth dropping open, then learn about the Hebrews feasts. We have a Creator who works out His ways on both calendars. And, believe me His calendar is much more exciting!

Shemittah Cycle Two began in the fall of 2016…We will review 2017 next.

Bml March 22, 2022

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