What is Passover

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The Passover Story is the pattern God uses to remind us to remember Jesus crucifixion and resurrection.  We too will rise up and be saved as Israel was saved out of Egypt (this world).  There is a personal salvation and there is a final salvation that our world is yet to experience.

We should never doubt Gods foreknowledge. He tells us to remember the past. Even giving us the rainbow reminding us of Noah’s journey of judgment on the world.  He was lifted up off the earth in wood sitting 22.5′ above the highest mountain top to save eight human beings.  Yes, this is a world wide message.

Yes again, as our earth is programmed for 8000 years as seen these eight human beings that agreed believe God.  If not this eight, God would have found another eight.  It’s not about us, but about His Plan of redemption being shown to mankind in history future.

Noah could have said, “It is finished” but “It was the beginning” again confirming our Creator’s plan for our world to redeem it.

Abraham had been in The Promised Land when living with his father Terah at Haran.  He left The Land at age 75.  In 25 years when Abram was age 100 The Land would again be acquirable.  But, the prophesy said that his growing family would not acquire it for another 400 years.  In this prophecy we can calculate how long they were in Eqypt which could show us similar patterns how YHWH will close out earth’s history as we know it.

Abraham gets new name – Age 100 when Isaac is born.  The Land Promise was a covenant God established with The seeds of Abraham repeated to Isaac and Ya’cov (Israel).  The 400 years of living with people who give them trouble starts with Abraham’s circumcision age 99 agreeing to it.

Isaac is 60 when Ya’cob born.

Ya’cob – is 130 standing before Pharaoh.

60+130 = 190 years outside of Egypt proper.

400 years of problems with other nations leaves 310 years to go.

40 years in The Wilderness which is outside of Egypt proper, leaves 270 years of growing a nation in the area of Goshen in Egypt.  Do you know that Egypt is not to be provoked?  Egypt helped raise up this family and they also helped protect Yeshua as a child.  Our world is not a bad place to grow up in.  If you help raise up God’s children, you will be protected by God.

The Land Promise was personally given by The LORD to Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cob.  Joseph was not involved in this promise is why we always declare our fathers to be Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov.

What is Pesach about? It’s about us having faith to walk away from this world because we have chosen to be covered by The blood of God’s firstborn son fully  brought to future remembrance by The Torah.

Seder means to be organized.  The Seder is handed down to be a testimony.  The Seder shows the things to come.  It is a type of shadowing of the marriage supper from the Garden of Eden.  It’s about food.  It’s about Sabbath.  It’s about timing.  It’s about Seed.

Do you want to have a Seder in your home?  Go on line to find out how.  We are those children asking the questions.

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