God’s Patterns on Chod HaMoed (Passover interim) Day 6, Count Omer 5 – Nissan 20

Listen to Passover Day 6

Nissan 20 Happenings

Chod Hamoed (Passover interim) Day 6

Counting of Omer Day 5

2022 Shemittah Year – April 21

Deu 16:8  For six days you are to eat matzah; on the seventh day there is to be a festive assembly for Adonai your God; do not do any kind of work. 

Yes, every day we are to eat something that has not been affected by yeast. Yeast represents sin. Yeshua Jesus was sinless. For SEVEN days we spend time remembering that ‘final’ sacrifice The Father gave us. My way of ‘remembering’ is to write every day what I see on The Hebrew calendar.

1727 Isaac Newton died. March 31, 1727 (new style Pope Gregory/Catholic); March 20, 1726 Julian calendar: 28 Adar II, Shemittah cycle 6

1952 5.5 to 7.0 Earthquakes Oklahoma; aftershocks from April 9 (Nissan 14 / Feast of First Fruits).

1970 Melanie Trump (Malanija Knavs) born. Wife to 45th President of United States to Donald J Trump, 2017-2021. Mother Amalija Ulcnik worked in factory developing patterns. Amalija met Victor Knavs in 1966.

1973 7.2 Luhuo China, Tibetan Xiangshuihe Fault earthquake

2010 7.2 Baja, California/Mexico earthquake (happens before 7.8 in Sumatra on Sunday)

2012 7.0 Baja Mexico earthquake

2013 95 car pileup – Fog – 3 die, 15 injured Carroll County, Fancy Gap, Virginia I-77. Fifth of six in 2013. Date: March 31, 2013 3 die. (3.31.13)

2015 7 4.5+ earthquakes. Very low number

2015 Tornado 2 die Fairdale, IL; 50-mile path, Two plus tornadoes

2016 12 4.5+ earthquakes

2016 7.0 Norsup,Vanuatu; Thusday April 28. Sixth of 7+ earthquake January to April 28. Norsup hosts the SEVENTH at Hunter New Caldonia 7.2 on Erev Fast of AV; Av 8.

Isaac Newton died in the 1700’s. Year 27…which I believe is the year Yeshua Jesus died and rose up. Isaac Newton was a Jew lead by God.

Melanie Trump, a young bride and playgirl…us…the church…wretched…but found grace and rose up. Yes, she is us…there is hope because it is The Father who shows us there is hope for the harlot. Hosea was even told to marry a harlot so his story could portray The Father’s children always fornicating / assimulating into the world. Yes, we have a jealous God.

Nissan 20 is always Passover Day Six. But, Nissan 20 is not always Day 5 Counting up to the Omer.

The Counting up to the 50th day of the Omer always begins the day after a Sabbath. Therefore, the Counting up to the Omer is never confusing as to when to show up in Jerusalem with their first offerings.

The Feast of Weeks

Deu 16:9  “You are to count seven weeks; you are to begin counting seven weeks from the time you first put your sickle to the standing grain. 

Deu 16:10  You are to observe the festival of Shavu`ot [weeks] for Adonai your God with a voluntary offering, which you are to give in accordance with the degree to which Adonai your God has prospered you. 

Deu 16:11  You are to rejoice in the presence of Adonai your God—you, your sons and daughters, your male and female slaves, the L’vi’im living in your towns, and the foreigners, orphans and widows living among you—in the place where Adonai your God will choose to have his name live. 

Deu 16:12  Remember that you were a slave in Egypt; then you will keep and obey these laws. 

Does His name live in you? Then rejoice in The Holy Spirit being in you! Rejoice when you, your sons and daughters, your male and female want to serve God.

Rejoice when those living in our town want to serve each other in the ways of God. Rejoice when foreigners join the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Rejoice orphans and widows that you have the presence of God and you choose to live by His name and presence within you.

We are to remember that The Torah sets us free to serve in the ways of The Torah because His presence (The spirit of The Torah) is on our minds and comes out in obedience to it.

Deu 16:12  Remember that you were a slave in Egypt; then you will keep and obey these laws. 

Let us look forward to Shavuot so others can receive The Spirit of God which moves them to live righteously thorugh God’s instructins, The Torah.

The Passover

Lev 23:4  ” ‘These are the designated times of Adonai, the holy convocations you are to proclaim at their designated times. 

Lev 23:5  ” ‘In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, between sundown and complete darkness, comes Pesach for Adonai. 

Lev 23:6  On the fifteenth day of the same month is the festival of matzah; for seven days you are to eat matzah. 

The people on our earth have been instructed to be sinless for 7000 years. This comes from The Patterns in Passover.

First comes His sacrifice…between sundown and darkness…He was put in the tomb. That was day 14

Day 15 – Let us be sinless as He is sinless. At least eat matzah to remember to try to be sinless…because yes, Yeshua Jesus is the only one that can in all things be perfect. He did The Seder which means, In Order.

2022 – Feast of First Fruits was Yeshua Jesus – April 15. Lincoln was killed on April 15 1865. He pictures Yeshua being killed. He was America’s first fruit rejected by the world’s Esau’s.

2022 – Day One Passover, Day One Unleavened Bread April 16. It was a Sabbath fitting perfectly with our Messiach beginning His Day One of rest on a Sabbath in the tomb. He did not raise up on Sunday in 2022.

The pattern shows dates that can never be changed. He is the ‘first fruit’ put in the ground on Nissan 14. Three days later is Nissan 17 which in 2017 would have been April 18.

Yeshua Jesus then walked upright on the earth for forty days and forty nights following more patterns. He stayed focused on the forty days and forty night pattern.

They ate every word out of his mouth. They were eating Mazah each day reminding themselves to stay out of sin.

These are the days we should remind ourselves to be open to being taught. Yeshua Jesus was out teaching The Torah and Kingdom message. He is returning and it will be with a ‘shaking’. The shaking will sift those that are not following Torah. They say they love Him, but they don’t do as He was teaching them….His calendar…which were The Lord’s Feasts.

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