God’s Pattern on Passover Day 5 – Count of Omer Day 4 – Nissan 19

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Nissan 19 Happenings

Chod Hamoed (Passover interim) Day 5

Counting of Omer Day 4

2022 Shemittah Year – April 20

1865 Andrew Jackson inauguration – 17th President of United States – President Abe Lincoln 16th president assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Vice President Andrew Jackson becomes president.

1865 President Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot on Friday evening, Nissan 18 while watching a performance at Ford Theater. He dies on the Sabbath, Nissan 19, April 15.

1867 5.1 Kansas earthquake felt in EIGHT states. Two-year anniversary President Lincoln death. 300,000 square miles. Lawrence, Kansas; Lincoln’s home state Illinois. Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio.

1947 F5 Tornado swept three states. Canadian, Texas through Woodward, Oklahoma to Leo, Kansas. EF-5 spun SIX tornadoes 220 mile path costing 9.4 million. 184 die in TX, OK. 82nd Anniversary Abe Lincoln’s assassination. 80th Anniversary 8-state KS 5.1 earthquake. (1945 Holocaust ends in Nissan)

1995 Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy McVeigh kills 168 people as terrorist.

2012 8.2, 8.6 – TWO earthquakes over 8.2 – West coast of northern Sumatra.

2014 4.0 Earthquake Perry, Oklahoma. Earthquakes have been swarming for several months but this is a large one. On Sabbath

2014 4.3 Boldfish, California on Sabbath

2014 5.0 Earthquake – Northern Mexico on Sabbath

2014 6.1 Papa New Guinea on Sabbath. (2 of 2 over 6)

2014 7.5 PNG on Sabbath (1 of 2 over 6)

2015 12 earthquakes over 4.5+ in world

2016 15 earthquakes over 4.5+ in world

2018 Montessa (b. 2015) Black Angus cow births second calf; bull. Named Abraham, born on Abe Lincoln’s death date. We found her new calf laying on top of the breezy hill with three other 30-day old calves and their mothers. He was so big we could not tell he was the newborn. The wind blew in his long hair and he sat up resting just like all the rest. Yes, he would be named, Abe.

Montessa’s third calf, a heifer born in February 2019, would almost die from the below zero temperations. Once again, she would take her calf back after being with humans for days. Montessa is about death and resurrection. Her third calf Miskan (Temple) is now pregnant and due at Feast of Tabernacles 2022. The herd is now two mothers: Smokey Mountain and Miskan. Yes, El Shaddai Estates now has representation of, The Temple on the Mount.

2022 Our firstborn son (47) announces on Pesach Day 5 the third female in their family is pregnant. This will be their firstborn sons third child. Jedediah (9 months) wears a BROTHER shirt to announce.

Nisan is known as a month for miracles in the Hebrew mindset. People expected God to show up when they brought their offerings. And, yes, God showed up with Yeshua impregnating our earth with The Father’s way to salvation.

The year 2022 indicates The Temple, the building, the house in which the Holy Spirit endwell mankind. THREE new babies in 2022. Two announced this week: Pesach Day 2 and Day 5.

Our son’s firstborn daughter will hve their first child at The Feast of Tabernacles at the time when she was born. Her husband was born the day after The Day of Atonement; Tishrei 11. This couple truly…more than most couples I’ve ever met, desire to serve The Lord. Their marriage made everyone cry because of the spirit that endwells each of them. This child will surely walk in The Lord’s Feasts.

The second pregnancy is from our firstborn’s third child, a son. This couple also desires to walk ‘in the light of The Lord’. Their pregnancy due date is very special…Feast of Dedication also known as Festival of Lights also known as Chanukah…and it is Day One…December 18, 2022. Truly I see the miracle of God on our family whose hearts simply want to serve. May this couple feel blessed as they learn more about Chunakah.

The third pregnancy announced is our firstborn’s firstborn son. Their third child is scheduled to be born one week before Chanukah. They too love to tell people about Jesus. This grandson is an assistant pastor at their church. He organized Friendship Ministry and together this couple serves food and clothes to the poor every Friday evening. They are a ‘Light to the World’. Just before Chanuakah the Macabeeans were fighting for The Temple so God’s presence would once again be with them. Messengers were sent out to come and fight. This pregnancy is announced on Day Four of Pesach. They truly are atoned for in His blood and tell others how to be saved. This firstborn grandson is an entrepreneur of many talents. His children will also be multi-tasked and fighting for The Temple of the Holy Spirit to endwell others. God’s blessing on them as they live humbling today and seek His Temple to come. Their mansion is not in this world as they truly stay focused on heavens rewards. Scriptures for this child are: Vayishlach

Genesis 32:4 (3)-36:43 (2), Obadiah 1-21, Mathew 10:21-38

Gen 32:4 “Ya’akov sent messengers ahead of him to ‘Esav his brother toward the land of Se’ir, the country of Edom, with these instructions; “Here is what you are to say to my lord “Esav’:

Let us rememver that Esav and Ya’cov were twins. Ya’cov would only call him ‘my lord’ because Esav won the battle of coming out the womb first. Rebecca described the battle that was fought inside her womb and truly was wrought. Her battling womb show us the ‘battle wombs’ of the war that we must go through to push through evil intent.

What do you think of Nissn 19? In just this short history lesson that has been placed on my computers since 2015 it seems it is a ‘war’ day. Days where humans are turning to plead with God and many times, asking “why”.

17th President – again shows us Joseph battling with his family with his dreams and visions they didn’t want to hear. Jealousy over a coat given to a favored son just as ADONAI put a blood stained garment on his favored son, Yeshua. And, Yeshua walked upon our earth in the year 17 AD. Perhaps he was twenty by then and of an age readied for military according to Jewish standards today.

Men hire people to kill other men….John Wilkes Booth…a hirling. Judas a hirling to be a traitor. Abraham Lincoln a leader of a war that took more lives than any other American battle. Lincoln is known as a ‘Man of Sorrow’ just as Yeshua is known as ‘Man of Sorrows’ as was Joseph….and then they all three were lifted up off our earth and ‘remembered’ as heroes.

Earthquakes shook EIGHT states as when Yeshua Jesus died. We can be sure those earthquakes shook all the seas of our earth….this was the Son of God that died for the penalaty of our sins, friends. Nissan 19 is a ‘day of shaking’ and a ‘day of storms’….as seen in the F5 Tornado that spun off SIX other tonadoes to cover 220 mile path. Yes, beit (2) house. Our Creator will be exact in what happens here. Two is the letter Beit which means, beginning…yes, Genesis 1:1 and John 1 – “in the beginning. We are in the Year that means, “In the beginning. The Path to New Beginning.

The Oklahoma bombing caused terror and now we learn about terrorists with 168 dying. Jerusalem was gained back into the hands of Israel in the Six Day Way in 1967. My sister graduated high school in 1967 and myself in 1968. Do you remember the OK bombing or the Six Day War? Today, I take Israel being on our earth very serious. When I grew up they were wondering why she should even be allowed to be a nation.

Today, in 2022 her house is now offering the world ‘natural gas’ as she has found the largest supply in the world. the United States has always tried to bless God’s land and thus the United States also has great resources of natural gas.

We see the ‘Esav’s’ of this life wanting to take the children of Abraham’s riches…but in the end Ya’cov quietly wins even during drought times other nations come to their aide. Nations have hooks put in them by ADONAI to draw them to war causing sanctions. Which could in time bring the ‘riches’ back to God’s House…Israel. ADONAI builds up Israel even when she is miserable in His sight. He will not let her go because she has a specific purpose for us to recognize.

ADONAI bring the ‘shaker and movers men’ that shake our earth to ‘care about His children’. Tornadoes, Earthquakes, bombing and wars are tools to bring us back to The Counting Up to the Omer of 50. Yes, Yeshua did leave on Day 40 but said, “Don’t Leave Jerusalem”. We are NOT to leave Jerusalem. Why? Because that is where Yeshua will return to physically. Because that is The Apple of God’s Eye. Why? Because some one invisible to the eye showed up. Yes, and that small voice that can speak inside of you…will now show up again thundering…His name? The Holy Spirit….arrived on Day 50. Day 50 in 2022 is Sunday, June 5. We best be observing The Sabbath on June 4 called Nasso (Take Up). All over the world we should by studying the lessons from Numbers 4:21-7:89; Judges 13:2-25; Luke 1:11-20. It is the evening before Shavuot…where we even see Adam, Noah and Abraham showing up….and yes…The Lord showed up and told Abraham would conceive and have a child the next year. POWERFUL time we’re in my friends….

Nisan 19 – War and rumors of War – Our Civil War Chief assassinated as Yeshua was openly assassinated.

2014 – Sabbath Earthquakes at Passover.

This is a Sabbath Year. 2021-2022 began the 7th Shemittah cycle on the Hebrew calendar. We are being set free from Esav. Yeshua is NOT Esav….He is our Savior with every Gentile and Jew grafted into that promise of salvation.

Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.


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