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God’s Patterns Count Omer 13 Jericho Falls Nissan 28

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2022 Shemittah Year – April 29

Counting Omer Day “Thirteen”

Gimel (3) & Yud (10) = 13

Jericho’s Walls Fall

1912 Kim II-sung born, April 15 Monday. Omer 13. Heart failure 82. Dies July 8, 29 Tammuz 1994, very dark night. Erev Sabbath Mattot Massei & Rosh Chodesh. He took control in 1948 as North Korea was created. He ruled by a strong hand of communism for 46 years. He installs younger son Kim Jong il of whom still rules in 2022 by threatening to blow up the world with his missiles. Yes, he matched Jericho’s walls falling as he traps his people behind his walls.

1929 John Bogle born May 8 Vanguard founder. 89 Dies January 16, 2019, Shevat 10. Low cost returned money to investors. (28 Nissan b. 10 Shevat d.; b. May 8 ’29 to d. January 16, ’19)

1986 Alaska 8.0 earthquake; eight months from another 8.0. They are happening quicker.

2001 5.3 S. Idaho, April 21 – US 4th largest earthquake. First starting: January 10; February 28, January 13, April 21 and then the earthquakes progressed to September, October, July, September, January, May, September, September.

2015 Johnathan Cahn United Nations chastised for not recognizing holocaust. Gave Aharon blessing.

2015 7 4.5+ earthquakes, Low number. Evening before Sabbath Sh’mini which only had 8 4.5+.

2015 6.5 Sigave Futuna earthquake

2016 5 4.5+ earthquakes...low again on Count Omer Day 13. May 6 Erev K’doshim (Holy people)

2017 6.9 Valparaiso Chile earthquake

2022 KS MO tornado likened to 1991 April 27.

I had to quickly shut down our two computers April 29, 2022 as I was typing up this report as The Sabbath came in for April 30 called Achrei Mot (after the death). It is about us The Bride. Winds rose and registered 30 mph and over 65 mph at the KC Airport.

It was still daylight on April 29 as we watched a tornado wipe out part of the town in Kansas. They reported that the town had also been hit 31 years ago in 1991. My husband thought we should head for the basement. It was Count of The Omer Day 13 when this happened.

Now, I’m back after going to my Sabbath group and reporting to them about The Independence Fire Department having their 2020 to 2022 firemen promoted by being pinned on Holocaust Remembrance Day April 28, Nissan 27, Count of Omer 12.

Many in this group are connected to The House of Prayer which began 24/7 prayer in 1999. It would be Jewish representation that were moved to give IHOP land that was granted to them by Harry S Truman. The IHOP people were coming off a 40-day fast seeking God’s will about that land. We all realized God’s Hand was still on Harry’s love for Israel. They will now brush up on the history of what lead to Harry S Truman not to just inherit the office of President of the United States but also to win a second consecutive term. Independence, Missouri just renovated The Truman Museum in 2021 on 23rd St.

Today, I saw excitement in their eyes to see God working through what I will now call Harry’s Firemen. I’m sure no one knew it was Harry S Truman that told King Saud no to them having a say to the land to be issued to Israel to become a nation. When President Franklin D Roosevelt sent a letter of confirmation to King Saud that the Arabs would definitely have a say in what land the Jews would acquire, Roosevelt died exactly 7 days later on The Vice President then was Harry S Truman. Now in April 1945 he was president of the United States. When King Saud expected our new president to honor the old president commitment, Harry responded. “I am not the old president. I have more constituents that support Israel than want your oil.”…something to those words.

As I processed this with my class today, I realized that we must look at when Buchenwald Camp was released. I immediately connected 1945 with President Trump who is our 45th president. These numbers add up to nine which is the letter “Tet” meaning twisting like a basket or snake. 1945 was a twisted mess with world leaders figuring out what land would now make how nations. Even North and South Korea would find a line of division by 1948. 1945 was about setting even their borders. From 2017 to 2022 Donald J Trump the United States 45th president borders were finally being dealt with again. In 2022 Russia wants to go back to her WWII borders…we may just call her the USSR again. She is entering Ukraine convincing Americas she has the right to clean up the garbage happening there…and at the same time shutting down oil supplies to Europe. This is War of a new breed and yet not…as lives are being lost. Yes, Russia stopped Poland’s oil on Ha Shoah…A Day to be Remembered as billions may now starve to death.

It was in 1945 that the president of our United States grandmother had taught him that Israel would one day be a nation. Harry knew it would be in his lifetime and now it may just be his hand that helped them return to The Land.

Ha Shoah (The Remembrance) began in 1945. The day the camp in Buchenwald got its independence as Harry S Truman was Vice President of the United States.

And there would be another ‘Remembrance Day’ with Harry S Truman again recognizing Israel as a nation. But that would come in THREE years in 1948 because Harry Truman battled within his own staff and congress members. They told him that they were too young a group of people to hold up on the war that was promised to them…and the US was not going to back them. Those wars did break out the very day he signed that piece of paper of congratulations. America was not in the mood to go back to war in 1948. They had dropped two hydrogen bombs on Japan to stop their appeasing their leader of whom they considered a god. The only one to stop their war was their ‘Imperial” leader…which he did finally relent.

Men are not to make themselves, as gods.

Harry S signed the paper recognizing Israel as having a land to build their heritage on. He called it, The Nation of Israel on May 14, 1948. They only had maybe 500,000 people in The Land. Air strikes hit them again and again. They survived and yet war after war came at them over the next years and they still survive today in 2022 under the name, Israel.

War always includes propaganda leading the public against their enemy. 1945 to 202 is seventy-seven years of boycotting Israeli goods. Since Russia has recently shut off Poland and Germany’s oil flow, many countries are looking to Israel for their natural gas and goods. Those pipelines will get built and we will see the pattern of leaving Egypt again apply. The Egyptians were more than willing to give the Hebrews their gold and goods so no more of their children would die…. of the ‘firstborn plague.’

Count Omer Day 13 Jericho’s Wall Falling – Why did they fall?

Because the people of that city were afraid of The God of Israel. They did NOT want these people that they have been watching for forty years to come near them. Yeshua Jesus came t 4000 years and the governments did not want him upsetting their beautiful apple carts…but He did.

This is where a woman molded into the ways of community (the world) hid a few men that were searching to see what the city of Jericho was about. The city was so vile that the spies knew this city would never conform to the ways of God (The Torah). They had learned from Moses early on that you might as well throw the laws of God out and not even let them see them as their minds were only on their ways of worship. The City tried to stop The Torah from reaching their ears and wanted these men dead.

This woman of flesh hid these ‘men of God’ and lifted them to safety a basket (tet). Tet is the number nine. The number 45 shows up because it equals nine. The twisted city would not accept The Torah. Joshua would have to march around it seven times for seven days…yes, seven times seventy if you have to forgive your neighbor of a problem. SEVEN…a year of testing to bring things to a rest. What was he marching with? The people were told to be quiet. This city was shown The Torah in the ark of the covenant. Could they accept it?

The Counting of the Omer Day Thirteen saw a city fall. But, before that a chance to ‘leave’ was offered. Or, we could look at it this way, they were given 7 days to accept all what The Ark was about. This patterns to SEVEN THOUSAND years our world is shown The Torah. They will either have their walls built up by it and know what Counting Up to the Omer means, or they will tear their homes down because they rely on their own traditions to keep them safe while on the earth.

We have 7000 years to hear the clanging of God’s words say, “Come help me blow the shofar to correct worship.” And, then the larger Shofars will blow…and our earth will shake at those not standing on the correct side of God’s way to worship.

Jericho was the first city, so it is, ‘The First Fruit’ of cities to be won to The Torah. Yes, it fell, but a remnant remained that did want to learn what was inside that Ark of Testimony. They did want to hear the stories of ‘redemption’ that came through The Land promised since Adam.

It is the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ that won that battle. The Shofar blowers went before the ark and more shofar blowers went behind the ark. The ark was presented…with shofars blowing and military men marching. Truly, there was power behind this message to the city of Jericho.

For SIX days (6000 years) Adonai warns us with The Torah being the guide to ‘The Agreement’ between man and God.

After 6000 years, time is up…then all of heaven will show up and it’s done! Earth’s mountains will fall on people, and they will wish they could die. It is finished when that great blast is blown. Scripture tells us to listen to the sound of the shofar. It has different sounds for different directions.

What happened on Day Seven? All the valuable utensils were to be set aside for Adonai’s treasury. At the end of Day Seven all things are set aside…all is burnt up…and the full treasury of heaven is available to those you desire it.

The Fall of Jericho

Jos 6:1  Yericho had completely barricaded its gates against the people of Isra’el—no one left, and no one entered. 

If you are against God, you barricade him from your life thinking all you have is because of your own doing.

Jos 6:2  Adonai said to Y’hoshua, “I have handed Yericho over to you, including its king and his warriors. 

Jos 6:3  You are to encircle the city with all your soldiers and march around it once. Do this for six days. 

For 6000 years The Ark of Testimony which has The Torah in it is shown to our world. At year 7000 the offer of accepting its covenants is over with the sound of that last strong shofar all will hear.

The Commander of the Lord’s Army – He is tall as Joshua had to lift his eyes.

Jos 5:13  One day, when Y’hoshua was there by Yericho, he raised his eyes and looked; and in front of him stood a man with his drawn sword in his hand. Y’hoshua went over to him and asked him, “Are you on our side or on the side of our enemies?” 

Jos 5:14  “No,” he replied, “but I am the commander of Adonai’s army; I have come just now.” Y’hoshua fell down with his face to the ground and worshiped him, then asked, “What does my lord have to say to his servant?” 

Jos 5:15  The commander of Adonai’s army answered Y’hoshua, “Take your sandals off your feet, because the place where you are standing is holy.” And Y’hoshua did so. 

We will be told that the SOIL Yeshua steps on as Commander of Adonai’s army is holy. We all will bow as he shows us his side womb and his piercings. We will be asked to choose a side.

Jos 6:9  The fighting men went ahead of the Cohanim blowing the shofars, while the rearguard marched after the ark, with incessant blowing on the shofars. 

Jos 6:10  Y’hoshua gave this order to the people: “Don’t shout, don’t let your voice be heard, don’t let a single word out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout; then you will shout.” 

Jos 6:11  So he had the ark of Adonai make a circle around the city, going around it once; then they returned to camp and stayed in the camp.

On Day SEVEN the man to call out the nations was Johnathan Cahn as he stood before the United Nations in New York City.

2015 Johnathan Cahn chastised the nations of the earth for not loving Israel or the children of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. And he blessed them showing the mercy and love of God that was being offered to them.

It has now been SEVEN years…Yes, both years a Shemita year (7) …to clear the path to ADONAI’s eternal house.

Jos 6:13  The seven Cohanim carrying the seven shofars ahead of the ark of Adonai went on, continually blowing on their shofars, with the fighting men marching ahead of them and the rearguard following after the ark of Adonai; all the while the blowing on the shofars was incessant. 

Jos 6:14  The second day, they went around the city once and returned to camp. They did the same for six days. 

Six thousand years mankind will fight for The Torah to stay on earth…with Yeshua leading with his Atoning blood.

At 7000 years it will happen early on…and God’s children will be shouting. This story will be repeated in the ears of the people, so they see The Pattern of Jericho. The Lord’s patience is up, and the people shout and call out their friends. Give your due to The Lord. Help build up Israel and The Temple of God.

Jos 6:15  On the seventh day, they got up early, at sunrise, and went around the city in the same way seven times. That was the only day they encircled the city seven times. 

Jos 6:16  The seventh time, when the Cohanim blew on their shofars, Y’hoshua said to the people, “Shout! because Adonai has given you the city! 

Jos 6:17  But the city and everything in it is to be set aside for Adonai and therefore to be destroyed completely; only Rachav the prostitute is to be spared, she and everyone with her in her house, because she hid the messengers we sent. 

This word prostitute does not mean sexual promiscuity, but a person of the world honoring other gods. She was not yet a believer but became a believer of the God that she saw in The Wilderness in the form of a cloud by day and fire by night.

Jos 6:18  So you, keep clear of everything reserved for destruction. If you bring a curse on yourselves by taking anything set aside to be destroyed, you will bring a curse on the whole camp of Isra’el and cause great distress there. 

Jos 6:19  All the silver and gold, and all the brass and iron utensils are to be separated out for Adonai and added to the treasury of Adonai.” 

Jos 6:20  So the people shouted, with the shofars blowing. When the people heard the sound of the shofars, the people let out a great shout; and the wall fell down flat; so that the people went up into the city, each one straight ahead of him; and they captured the city. 

This shows us we will go UP to the City. We will go INTO The Great City that arrives to earth.

Jos 6:21 They completely destroyed everything in the city with the sword—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys. 

Yes, the unsaved will go to perdition…no longer be left on the earth.

Jos 6:22  Y’hoshua said to the two men who had reconnoitered the land, “Go into the prostitute’s house and bring the woman out with all that she has, as you swore to her.” 

After the destruction of our world, those that have been in God’s protection will then come out. They will receive reward for going through earth’s mountains falling.

Jos 6:23  The young men, the spies, went in and brought out Rachav with her father, mother, brothers and all she had; they brought out all her relatives and put them safely outside the camp of Isra’el. 

Jos 6:24  Then they burned the city to ashes with everything in it, except for the silver, the gold and the brass and iron utensils, which they put in the treasury of the house of Adonai. 

Jos 6:25  But Y’hoshua spared Rachav the prostitute, her father’s household and everything she had; and she has continued living with Isra’el from then until now; because she hid the messengers Y’hoshua had sent to reconnoiter Yericho. 

Yeshua our Messiah comes through the bloodline of this worldly woman. She is even honored by being named and remembered in history.

Jos 6:26  Y’hoshua then made the people take this oath: “A curse before Adonai on anyone who rises up and rebuilds this city of Yericho: he will lay its foundation with the loss of his firstborn son and set up its gates with the loss of his youngest son.” 

Jos 6:27  So Adonai was with Y’hoshua, and people heard about him throughout the land. 

Scriptures tells the story of the man who did try to rebuild this city and his firstborn, and all his children did perish. Thus, he must have lived there some time in order to have children. But, in the end that city was again destroyed taking the lives of everyone. Jericho today still is not a city, but just a memorial to look at. When people try to rebuild Jericho, they are told this man’s story as it is recorded in The Bible.

Counting of the Omer Day 13 – The Fall of Jericho – Nissan 28 – A dark day…no moon.

Nissan 29

1912 Kim II-sung born, April 15 Monday. Omer 13. Heart failure 82 years later. Dies July 8, 29 Tammuz 1994. Erev Sabbath Mattot Massei & Rosh Chodesh. North Korea will fall.

He took control in 1948 as North Korea was created after WWII. He ruled 46 years. He installs his younger son Kim Jong il of whom still rules in 2022. He is considered a very spoiled person.

Kim II and his family are a disgrace to our earth. Their city does not follow the Torah. They are like Jericho. A country where it’s people want to flee but have high borders to keep them in.

We are reminded of Jericho in John Boyle who set up a system that gave the money back to the people. Jericho’s money went back into The Lord’s treasury for the benefit of supporting the worship of God his way.

A little summary of leaders operating in The Count of the Omer.

1865 – April 1 Lincoln shot – Nissan 18, Omer 3

1865 – April 2 Lincoln dies on Sabbath – Nissan 19, Omer 4

1895 – April 15 Corrie ten Boone born – Nissan 18, Omer 3; Corrie also dies on April 15 completing a fully purposed life in 1983 (?).

1727 – Isaac Newton dies March 20, Nissan 20 Omer 5

1945 – President Franklin D Roosevelt confirms King Saud is priority over Israel – Nissan 22, Count Omer 7, Thursday, April 5, 1945.

1945 – Russia informs Japan there is no longer a non-aggression policy between them. Nissan 22, Count Omer 7, Thursday, April 5. (Same day FDR confirms oil relationship with Saud)

1945 Buchenwald Liberated, April 10, 1945, Omer 12, Nissan 27, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Ha Shoah

2022 Harry Truman Fire Dept Omer Day 12 holds 2022 to 2022 Promotions, Independence MO Market Place – Holocaust Remembrance Day, Nissan 27, April 28.

1945 – Pres FDR dies Nissan 29, Count Omer 14, Thurs., April 12, (7 days after Saud letter)

1945 – EF5 tornados – April 12 same day FDR dies. Nissan 29, Count Omer Day 14

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