God’s Pattern’s Issachar – Month Two Day One -1 Iyar Count Omer 16

Listen to Issachar 7 min.


Month Two Day One

Counting Omer Day “Sixteen”

Vav (6) + (10) = 16

The Added Strong Hand (10) of God

Second Temple Construction Began

Wilderness Census

Tribe of Issachar

1897 VIR VI earthquake – Rumbles 725,000 sq kilometers May 3 to May 31 (1 to 29 Iyer). Felt Raleigh North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia. Rosh Chodesh Day 2 (dark night)

2015 15 4.5+ earthquakes in the world. Rosh Chodesh Day 2, April 20, 2015; 4.5 Firiazabad Iran.

2015 6.2, 6.1 Japan earthquakes. Two quakes cause tsunami warning. Rosh Chodesh Day 2.

2015 6.6 Taiwan earthquake. Taiwan and Japan issue tsunami warning. Occurred late Sunday evening, Monday am, Nissan 30 / Iyar 1.

2016 12 4.5+ earthquakes in world. Rosh Chodesh, I Iyar, May 9, Count Omer Day 16

2017 Israel bombs Iran’s supply to Hezbollah used to bomb Damascus airfield. Large fire!

2018 El Shaddai Estates heifer Haddasah has firstborn calf, Mordechai by pond, April 16. (Beginning of miracles pointing to the Torah)

2021 Ramadan Day 1 – April 13 to May 16; 1-29 Iyar (shows Islam following lunar calendar too.)

2022 80 4.5+ Last seven days

2022 Ministries New Life celebrated Iyar Rosh Chodesh; followed by MNL May 2, 38th Anniversary.

Iyyar Biblical History

Notes from slides from speaker Shene at MNL on Rosh Chodesh 1 Iyar, May 2, 2022.

  • It was during Iyar that the Hebrews provision ran out from leaving Egypt
  • The war with Amalek our first national enemy took place right before the Sinai revelation.
  • During Iyar, the second year after the Exodus, the Israelites began their travels through the desert with the newly completed Mishkan/Tabernacle in their midst. Exodus 40:17

EEOR IYAR – A month of healing using the iroor, the thoughts of Avraham Ya’akov and Rachel.

Ani Adonai Rofecha – I am Adonai that heals.

When He heals there are no scars, dots or marks. The doctors irape. That is the letter ‘pe’ with a dot.

The first Seder in Month One (Nissan) has no chametz / yeast. This second month seder of eeor, you can have chametz in your house because the first month is the month of miracles. It is not a serif, not an angel, but God himself from above who does miracles.

We see here that The Father’s son was offered up and atoned for our sin. Honoring the ‘second’ seder is about second chances. It is never too late. Yesterday’s missed opportunity is today’s achievement.

Pesach Sheni – 14th Iyar

Transition = Wandering through the desert between Pesach and Shavuot.



10 Herzl Day

10 Eli High Priest and sons died

11 Battle of Degania Israeli army defeats Syrian armed forces

13 Jewish people expelled from Bern, Switzerland

14 Adolf Eichmann captured in Buenos Aires

15 Nuremberg laws 1935 depriving of citizenship

15 Dachau Concentration Camp liberated

17 Death Adolf Hitler

18 Plague killed 24,000 of Rabbi Akiva’s talmidim (students)

20 Pregnant women sentenced to death by Nazi’s

23 Worms, Germany 800 massacred

25 Toledo Spain massacre

26 Six-Day War begins

28 Jerusalem conquered

28 Samuel the prophet dies


Issachar was Ya’cov’s ninth son, his mother was Leah. Ya’cov other wife at the time was Rachel, who had problems conceiving. The back story is in exchange for some roots that would aid her fertility. Rachel traded one of her nights with Ya’cov to Leah. On that night, Issachar was conceived.

This history is important because Jewish sources say that Leah hired Ya’cov for the night, basically renting him for his other wife.

Issachar’s name, therefore, meant “man of hire”, which implied a person whose labor could be bought or rented. From the moment of his conception, Issachar as destined to a life of manual labor.

Issachar & the Tribe

First, Ya’cov describes Issachar’s personality. The personalities of the tribe’s founders would long define the traits of that tribe. Genesis 49:14 Issachar is a strong ass couching down between two burdens.

This reaffirms descriptions of Issachar as somewhat wild and crass, like a wild donkey kicking and braying. At the same time, a donkey is a beast of burden. Again, remember that Issachar’s name even implied that his life would be one of labor. So, Issachar’s personality was one of workers with somewhat of a wild side.

Issachar’s personality translated into the fate of his tribe. The tribe found pleasant land to settle in once the region of Canaan was conquered and divided between the twelve tribes. It was a fertile land somewhere in the central spans of the region, and the Issachar people eventually became prosperous from their manual labor working the land.

Genesis 30:18 And Leah said, Adonai hath given me my hire because I have given my maiden to my husband; and she called his name Issachar.

Issachar’s tribe was one of the 10 northern tribes that established the King of Israel after the death of King Solomon. At Israel’s first census, the tribe of Issachar consisted of over 54,000 fighting men Numbers 1:29. A large number of people would need more than a small parcel of land.

Revelation 7:7 “Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.”

OX SHOR Taurus

Mathew 11:28 My yolk is easy, and my burden is light.

ALEF is also the OX

  • Ezekiel 1 Face of a man, Lion, Ox, Eagle
  • Ezekiel 10 Cherub, Lion, Man, Eagle
  • Revelation 4:7 Lion, Calf, Face of man, Eagle

The animal soul is conquered.

The alef becomes the tav.

The (alef) strength of the (tav) covenant. God’s strength conquers all.

Stubborn / Akshan – same attribute but different functions

  • Ezekiel 3:7 I will make your face like flint before them.
  • House of Israel is impudent and hardheaded, stiff-necked and stubborn people.
  • Your greatest strengths are often your greatest weaknesses.
  • Take action over your thought life, give your thoughts no action.
  • Yosef connected to the ox.
  • Take the bull by the horns
  • Yeshua Jesus has come to harness us in His yolk, to make us a stiff-necked people and to make our faces like flint before those that will come to kill, steal and destroy.

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