Count Omer Day 49 – Jubilee – Russia’s Putin rejects Israel

Listen to Day 49

Today, is Sunday, June 5. The Hebrew and Gregorian calendars are just one day apart which is highly unusual. But then, the year 2022 is highly unusual in itself. Starting at February most months have been one day apart. Here is what 2022 looks like: January 2 days apart, February, April, May June, July is each one day apart. March, August are three days apart. September is 4 days apart, October is 5 days apart, November and December are 6 days apart. So, you see, we have been in a time zone that God’s wants all of mankind to see His actions clearly as they are to be without excuse.

Now, let’s talk about the date for Shavuot. It is not always 6 Sivan. It is whatever date is when after counting seven weeks of seven days which makes forty-nine days. Yes, it should always match up to landing on Day Eight of the week known as Sunday.

Thus, we know that Shavuot is always on a Sunday, but it may not always be 6 Sivan. Does that make sense?

People argue over this, and it is important to honor both viewpoints…. because it is true.

In 2022 our calendars line up so closely that it is another exciting time to be a live…

It is exciting to see the Hebrew calendar begin its new civil calendar 5782 at Labor Day, September 6, 2021. We should be able to remember that. Rosh Hoshana began that evening with The Feast of Trumpets the next day. Two events over two days…. just to make sure the New Month did happen correctly. Six is the number of man which also means in addition or and with the letter vav.

The Sixth Shemittah cycle closed and the Seventh Shemittah cycle began September 7. Yes, seven just as God has us resting on Day Seven pointing to our earths rest for one thousand years.

Everything Adonia does is on a perfect schedule, so we don’t miss His spirit controlling every faction of time. Labor Day 2021 began our REST YEAR 2021-2022 on Pope Gregory’s calendar.

On that day the two calendars, Hebrew and Gregory, were six days apart. Now let’s see what they look like as we soon walk into the change of the year in fall in September.

Looks like it moved further away because in 2022 the Hebrew added an extra 29 days to help keep up with the moon and earth difference in their moving around the sun. Pope Gregory adds one day every four years to helps resolve some of this problem.

The Seventh Shemittah cycle of rest closes on Sunday evening September 25, 2022. It will be 29 Elul making the calendars now spreading apart by four days. We start with Rosh Hoshana that Sunday evening announcing the new Civil Year which announces the new king…should there be one.

The pattern for kings on was forty years. We see King Sh’ual completed forty years although the anointing of young David happened before that. We see King David completing forty years although the anointing of his son Solomon occurred before that. After these three main patriarchs we see their kingships deteriorating as they are now on schedule to live in Babylon for seventy years because of how Solomon ended his reign not even reading the Torah to the people any longer.

Thus, we could be sitting at the close of the 49th year this September 25, 2022. Shemita Year One will begin September 26, 2022. This actually is considered the 50th year which sets captives free. Yes again, this is an exciting time.

I agree with Pastor Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries that if our Messiah does not step foot on our earth at that time to claim his rightful throne to reign from Jerusalem, then it will take another seven-year Shemita cycle in order for it to happen in a jubilee year.

I believe all of The Lord’s Feasts point to events. I believe every person born to this earth is special…even to the day in which they arrive here. It can be in the simplest of a birth that can impact our entire world in great ways.

I’m having this conversation with you right now because many start their calendars on different days and therefore may think that looking at history and the events that it holds is worth looking at, but not that important since they don’t believe we can really know what day it is.

We can look into our skies and see the constellations move hour by hour to see how the sun, moon, and planets and even stars move into teach other. We can see bright lights traveling and can calculate when they might arrive and come a little too close to earth for our comfort. In fact, I remember President Regan authorizing research in how to shove comets out of earth’s way.

Back to the calendar…What we can count on are the eclipses that occur. They are signals to us, especially when they occur on The Lord’s Feasts. Our Creator signals us for a heads up to celebrate with him. Our world has just seen a shift in the last twenty to thirty years as more and more bible scholars have taken not of Israel’s celebrations since becoming a nation in 1948. She woke up our earth as God moved her back into position.

In 2014 Pastor Biltz noticed The Lord’s Feasts occurring at the time of special Total blood moons eclipses. Many agree they are signals to pay attention but more than anything, I believe they stop the arguing of what day it is. If our Creator is signaling us, then The Lord’s Feasts are ‘markers’ in time. From there we can establish other events and feel pretty good about what is going on. 2014-2015 established confirmation of what year and month it is with God.

With that said, I will now hold to the events that I feel ADONAI has moved me to write down on my Hebrew calendar since probably 2013. I wanted to write a book about earthquakes and their patterns in 2015 and just could not make it happen as there were too many events that were special, and I could not stop writing. My friend, David, said to just blog my findings and so that is how website was established. This site now has over 900 articles about my thoughts of trying to prove God is real and active on our earth and wants us to RETURN to Torah. It will be in the Torah that we find our future events and our future into eternity.

So, this year in 2022 SHAVUOT is on 6 Sivan just as planned.

As far as the people standing at Mt. Sinar in Arabia back 3000 – 3500 years ago, the date could have been 14 Sivan because of the words this verse. Therefore, I am going to push forward to get to Sivan 15 and continue the patterns to look for connections to our Messiah’s return. Are they days of war or peace? Are there less earthquakes or more on certain days?

I’m still not caught up with the entire fifty days of the Count of the Omer, but I will get there. Perhaps this is the book that will get published on the internet. Perhaps now is the time to see what every President birthday and death were. Earthquakes are on my calendar and much more…even many of your birthdays and death are on it.

I still look in wonder as to why my niece died of a heart failure leaving three children behind and the last one just seven-week-old…he is TEN years old now. So, it’s been that long that I’ve been pushing forward to look into God’s ways. Why was she born on Yeshua Jesus Ascension back to Heaven…Day 40 of Count of Omer? God knew when she would be born and how we would handle it. He knew I would calculate it and yet not be able to talk about it…because still no one wants to hear about it. Death is tragic but planned by God from our inception. She loved Jesus and we miss her. She died on Rosh Hosanna as the trumpets were blown. She was buried in Iowa as The Day of Atonement closed. So, I continue to research until we can be strong enough to accept The Will of God for us. And, what drives me is I know so deep in my spirit that even through tragedy God wants us to return to Torah we celebrate His feasts alone. He is a jealous God. Through our lives…from birth to death…He will declare His glory…if only we would open our ears to hear.

HAPPY SHAVUOT…. It is the day they really decided NOT to return to Egypt. They accepted these instructions. Millions would walk them out for forty years so they would never forget them. Because of these young people we get to look back and see their faithful that daily pointed to God coming in the flesh to be a burnt offering. God’s love runs deep. His only begotten son, our Messiah Yeshua Jesus, patterned to come at 4000 years did and patterned to RETURN at Day Three (6000 years) will have a ‘second’ appearing. Those feet can touch The Mountain of God because Yeshua comes as God.

Let us take seriously the dates that events happen but more important, let us consider the events. These events don’t have to be exact, but we can feel what surrounds these events. Even as the months ago by they can create themes. We do NOT live in fear but in awe of God’s hand on us. We can meet God in our own fleshly tabernacles. We can see His themes play out in our own lives. His ways build faith.

My 2022 Hebrew calendar saw Nisan 14 happen on Friday, April 15. Yes, one day apart and as the weekly Sabbath began that Friday night. Yeshua died and was in the grave. The requirement of a sabbath was completed this year the very next day. Thus, Sunday April 17, 2022 began the counting up to the Omer Day 50. Sunday began counting up to the Holy Spirit closing out The Passover 2022 series today, June 5. Yes, Shavuot is part of Pesach. This week we can continue to celebrate first the giving of the Torah and second the giving of the Holy Spirit. Both were at Mt. Sinai for all peoples…yes, the stranger and foreigner all stood together and said, ‘Yes’.

At 33 AD Yeshua left on Day 40 of the count and TEN days later The Comforter arrived and entered into men. We will call them prophets because they then carried the message of the written Torah and the living Torah to the world…for both the Jew and the Gentile. That my friends are the mystery…from the foundation of the world. The Gentile was to fully embrace both ways of instructions from God. They were to love the Jewish Yeshua…and NOT Rome’s gods. The Gentiles were not to become haughty that the Jews were given the specifics of worship first. All could accept ‘resurrection’ as Yeshua was displayed before Jewish and Gentile. They were to not fight against the teachings of Gamliel as Yeshua agreed with his teachings as being sound. The two schools of thought now came from the Pharisees and not the Sadducees. Today, it is the Pharisees who still teach resurrection. We don’t see Sadducees as they still chose not to endorse Yeshua as resurrected.

Our Creator still has two camps of beliefs: Resurrection first proven by Yeshua, or non-resurrection with the attitude I’ll see my friends in hell before I believe this.

When I hear that comment, I can only say that what we’ve been made aware of about hell is that it is a place of solitude and darkness. There will be no friends to chat with in the abyss.

Let’s look at Day 49, 50 and 51. Is there a theme on these special Holy Spirit ascending on men days?

Day 49 – 7 x7 = 49. Last number of the seven-year cycle.

6.0 Afghanistan earthquake removed 3230 humans making 16,000 homes unfit to live. On Sabbath, ‘in the wilderness’ and this happens in the wilderness hills controlled by Islamic Front. The quake puts fear in people just as Mt. Sinai had them shaking in their sandal boots.

1998 and 2015 earthquakes happen on a Sabbath.

2009 Day 49, June 5, 7.3 in Honduras…not a Sabbath but very serious earthquake on Day 49.

2015 had seven of the fifteen 4.5 earthquakes happen at Solomon Island. That is very a large calling out from God. 2015 had God calling out 49 days earlier on Nisan 14, Day One of Pesach the Third of Four Total lunar eclipses called a tetrad. This is huge. 2015 is also known as the year God War began.

God marked the Heavens with four consecutive Total Lunar eclipses 2014-2015. Now he just stamped Solomon’s name all over it. Erev Shavuot is marked because the Holy Spirit would not be seen or heard from because Solomon disobeyed the Torah securing his kingship by other means than Elshaddai. He married many and even offered those wives children to Molek. Solomon did not have the Torah read to the people nor observe it’s feasts after he fell. It would a great great great grandson, King Josiah that would offer the people an ever larger Pesach than King Solomon.

Seven earthquakes to Solomon Island confirms Adonai’s concern for Day Seven being the pattern to the Kingdom age which happens in years 6000-7000 years. There will be a new king on David’s throne, and it will NOT be Solomon. But he will come from the loins of King David through the prophet Nathan. Yes, our Messiah’s line came through David’s prophet Nathan who was his brother-in-law.

And last but not least, the largest earthquake happens in Russia when Prime Minister BB Netanyahu flew there to beg President Putin not to aid Syria with arms as they would only be aimed at Israel. Putin said that he could not go back on his word and the delivery would be made. Russia rejects Israel’s God is how we must see this. We will see that within a few days the ships carrying the arms and the ships sent to protect those ‘arms’ being delivered to Syria has a large over 7. earthquake and the ships almost topple over. Yes, God shows up when it comes to His land.

Wow….Day 49….Yes, it set many captives fleeing and running from their safety. I’m glad I got to talk about Joshia…He was one of the best kings and died in battle. He did not get sent to Babylon, but his children did.

Count Omer Day 49

Sivan 5

Israelites ‘In the Wilderness’ Accept the Torah

“We will do all that God tells you to tell us to do.”

1998 6.0 Afghanistan May 30, 3230 die; 16,000 homes unstable condition. Afghan cliffs run by United Islamic Front for Salvation of Afghanistan. Sabbath Bamidbar, in the wilderness. Omer 49, Sivan 5.

2009 7.3 Honduras May 28, 5 Sivan, Day 49 Erev SHAVUOT….Meet God in Arabia at Mt. Sinai, Meet Spirit of God in Jerusalem AD.

2013 Israeli President Binyamin Netanyahu travels to Russia to request President Putin not make deliver of arms to Syria. Putin refuses, Day 49, Sivan 5. When making delivery an earthquake almost topples eight ships protecting that delivery in waters outside Syria.

2015 15 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide, 5 Sivan, Sabbath Bamidbar ‘in the wilderness’. Solomon Island hosted 7 of the 15 4.5+ earthquakes.

Day 50 next.

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