Sabotage – Famines on God’s Calendar

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My friend sent me this information. She respects this person’s website and likes his article with dates on what will be another plague for our earth to deal with. I appreciate his words on famine. I then put the Hebrew calendar to the happenings which confirms God has a message to us. And, as we consider the Hebrew calendar, we must still wrap our minds around the patterns that we are living out, ‘The Day of Leaving Laven and Meeting Esau.’

His first sighting of damage occurs in 2021 on Yeshua Jesus Resurrection Day: Nisan 17 – That is likened to an earthquake with a shofar blast.

On the 32nd sighting we find Walmart burning for 72 hours which exactly covers The Fast of Esther through Purim; 13, 14,15 Adar.

Do I see other things in between? Absolutely, but I have not yet finished the dating since there are almost one hundred to log. I’m going to publish this now and finish it later. Download a Hebrew calendar and check things out yourself. There is enough God-evidence for me that I don’t need any more to know that God hand is in this next plague to hit our earth. If you don’t yet understand The Lord’s or the Hebrew feasts…get with it… there is no excuse. We can’t be an ostrich with its head down in the sand just hoping the wind blows by. We have a storm coming and it’s about who will survive it.

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What Do The Scriptures Say About Famine?

In many parts of the world today, food supply chains are an afterthought. But, throughout Scripture, famine was not an uncommon occurrence. While the physical causes of the famines varied, the Scripture indicates that YAHUAH is in control, even during times of scarcity. YAHUAH’s desire in bringing famine upon Yisra’el was to gain His people’s attention in a sure-fire way—through their stomachs.

Not all famines are a result of YAHUAH’s direct judgment. We live in a world that has been cursed as a result of sin, and the ground does not produce like it did before the fall of man. Genesis 3:17–19 tells us that not only was mankind cursed, but also the entire creation. Through various times of famine, people have been faced with an opportunity to turn to the true Elohim and Creator of everything. Yoseph’s time in Egypt allowed him to administrate the country through a time of both incredible bounty and severe famine (Genesis 41:25–31). It’s clear that YAHUAH had absolute power over this famine (verse 28), but it’s not described as a direct judgment since the famine became severe among many nations (verse 57).

There are many examples of famines that are similar to the one in Yoseph’s time that are not given as any specific judgment. However, there are plenty of famines that were used as a judgment to display the severity of the people’s sin and to bring them to repentance. As Moshe was giving the Yisraelites some final instructions from YAHUAH, he spoke of the blessings and curses of either obeying or denying YAHUAH. If they chose to disobey YAHUAH’s commands and follow idols, “then YAHUAH’s anger will burn against you, and he will shut up the heavens so that it will not rain and the ground will yield no produce, and you will soon perish from the good land YAHUAH is giving you” (Deuteronomy 11:17).

During the time of King Ahab, “the famine was severe in Samaria” (1 Kings 18:2). It’s no coincidence that Ahab had previously “set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal that he built in Samaria. Ahab also made an Asherah pole” (1 Kings 16:32–33). YAHUAH had been crystal clear in the law: if Yisra’el served false elohim’s (gods), then there would be famine in the land. Ahab bowed to false elohim, and YAHUAH stopped the rain. The famine during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel should have been no surprise to anyone.

Under the terms of the Old Covenant, people trying to live without YAHUAH were often awakened to their true need by experiencing famine. Going without sufficient food has a way of getting our attention, as YAHUAH well knows: “He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of YAHUAH” (Deuteronomy 8:3).

Even worse than a famine of physical food is a famine of spiritual food. Because Yisrael rejected the prophets, YAHUAH promised a severe judgment: “‘The days are coming,’ declares the Sovereign Elohim, ‘when I will send a famine through the land—not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of YAHUAH’” (Amos 8:11). How tragic to turn a deaf ear to YAHUAH and be given just what we want—silence from YAH!
In His goodness, YAHUAH sent His Son to earth. YAHUSHA is the Bread of Life “that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world” (John 6:33). YAHUSHA promised us that, through faith in Him, we will never experience spiritual famine again: “Whoever comes to me will never go hungry” (verse 35). So much better than the manna of the Old Testament, YAHUSHA gives life forevermore: “I am the bread of life. Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever” (verses 48–51). In Messiah, there is no spiritual famine; rather, we have a veritable feast of YAHUAH’s goodness. Someday the curse upon the ground will be lifted as well, and the new earth will never see a famine of any kind (Revelation 22:3).

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My comments next:
In 2021 the government had farmers destroying crops and livestock. (Sixth Shemittah cycle Sept to Sept.)
In the current year 2022, Shemittah cycle 7, the super farmers are having a hard time getting fertilizers to grow their crops.

Tractor and Farm machinery parts seem to be nonexistent.

Thus, last season’s crop was destroyed in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. This is the cycle that should have produced double and triple in blessing according to the pattern of collecting ‘Mah na’ (What is it?)

In 2022, the 7th Shemittah cycle, there seems to be a server clearing away.

Meat and Food processing plants are being burned. A Walmart Distribution Center will take 72 hours to burn.

Russia and Ukraine’s War is about what? They produce 30 percent of the Europe’s wheat. Russian is bombing Ukraine’s fields.

Will we survive the famine that people say is coming? Will the masses be able to eat any vegetables?

Our flocks and herds are being maimed under whose direction? Whose agenda is spreading disease? My friends define them as Marxist. Are ‘population control’ believers Marxist? Or, do they flow down the path that our earth is getting abused, and we must stop polluting it? EPOCH Times just reported that the studies are in and show that our earth is in a ‘population decline’ not a ‘population increase’. If a couple do not have 2.1 children, then we don’t even replace ourselves.

We can chant the verses that say, “We will build back even bigger and stronger,” but those are words are fighting words against God who designed it all to happen…because of sin.

Yes, God’s agenda is for us to plant again after the ‘seventh’ Shemittah cycle. Today, we plant and harvest within weeks or within months. Our storehouses will fill up again if we can stop what is happening right now…Sabotage. Was Ya’cov sabotaged by Laven and then by Esau? Or did they feel sabotaged by Ya’cov?

Both feel they had their rights to still control Ya’cov’s life, but it was God who told Ya’cov it now time to leave. Ya’cov’s (famine) would end because he found one of his wives would give respect to Ya’cov’s God. It was Leah who led out and would bring much fruit from her womb. Rachel would lose her firstborn to Egypt and die giving birth to her second born, of whom Ya’cov told her to stop complaining to him about not getting pregnant but complain to The Lord. The Lord is in charge of the womb.

Many have heard my chant about the days that we live in being The Days of Ya’cov. So, let me discuss those days one more time here to see if there is any other connection to the recent sabotage taking place right now.

I still see the pattern of Ya’cov coming into the first year of a new Shemittah cycle. As he left Lavan’s area after twenty years, twenty-one is his first year. It is year one and new beginnings when Ya’cov meeting his twin brother Esau. Ya’cov wants peace and wants only peace with his brother. He sends half of his different herds and flocks ahead of himself via his servants even before meeting Esau for the first time in twenty years. We have come through 2020 and in 2021 found ourselves amazed at a president that certainly acts far different than our last one who ruled in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Ya’cov life in 21 shows us that half of our wealth may go to others in trade for peace.

Ya’cov leaves as he felt like a hostage in his bride’s father’s house of whom all honored other gods.

Gen 31:38  I have been with you for these twenty years! Your female sheep and goats haven’t aborted their young, and I haven’t eaten the male animals in your flocks. 

Gen 31:39  If one of your flocks was destroyed by a wild animal, I didn’t bring the carcass to you but bore the loss myself. You demanded that I compensate you for any animal stolen, whether by day or by night. 

Gen 31:40  Here’s how it was for me: during the day thirst consumed me, and at night the cold—my sleep fled from my eyes. 

Ya’cov patterns himself to Yeshua our Messiah hanging on the cross. He felt our thirst and homelessness. Yeshua wants to take us home to The Father is the pattern felt here.

Gen 31:38  I have been with you for these twenty years! Your female sheep and goats haven’t aborted their young, and I haven’t eaten the male animals in your flocks. 

Gen 31:39  If one of your flock was destroyed by a wild animal, I didn’t bring the carcass to you but bore the loss myself. You demanded that I compensate you for any animal stolen, whether by day or by night. 

Gen 31:40  Here’s how it was for me: during the day thirst consumed me, and at night the cold—my sleep fled from my eyes. 

God will pass judgement in our favor!

Gen 31:42  If the God of my father, the God of Avraham, the one whom Yitz’chak fears, had not been on my side, by now you would certainly have already sent me away with nothing! God has seen how distressed I’ve been and how hard I’ve worked, and last night he passed judgment in my favor.” 

I start writing this on June 8, 9, 2022 Sivan feeling The Lord’s favor. On Jerusalem Day, 6.7.67 I forgot to recognize The Six-Day War. I have been on the Hebrew calendar so much that I know it’s Hebrew date and completely forgot to remember that God had a war in which even America did not help. It lasted six days and boom…miracle after miracle…it was done.

I went to bed about 1:00 am after watching the movie, Lincoln. I was moved by the steps that it took to stop slavery. Lincoln’s mission was done. He was struck down during Passover Week which today is known as Passion of Christ. Friday night was Nisan 18 when Lincoln was shot. He rested in God’s hands on The Sabbath that year which was, Nisan 19. Yeshua rose up on Nisan 17…so Lincoln fits perfectly with the pattern of a depressed man resurrecting others to life even though it took at least 600,000 lives to do it. (It will take 6000 years of mankind living and dying on our earth to come to its full resurrection state.)

Thirty years later to-the-day Corrie ten Boone will be born, yes, the day Lincoln died, Nisan 19. There are many superheroes. I count it joy to have seen her in my lifetime as she championed the State of Israel to come to this earth.

I am not changing subjects, but letting you know ‘the hand of God’ showed up on our property as Jerusalem Day, 6.7.1967, closed central standard time. Forty-Two minutes into Day Seven, we have an EF2 tornado close to our property. New Hope Baptist Church just had its electricity turned back on an hour ago…it is now 6:42 pm Thursday, June 9, 2022. My husband just came home a different route because of roads being blocked off because of trees down. He was struck with awe as just south of our property tree after tree fell by the EF2 that came through on Tuesday night.

I went to bed at 1:00 am laying there thinking of the over 600,000 men, woman, children and soldiers who died for the sake of freedom. It was 1:42 am that I found myself standing looking out our front window as the flagpole top make circles and I thought it must be a tornado…it took a new little planter and flew it off it’s little table and so as the calm came in the middle of the winds, I retrieved some pots so no more would break. I went back to bed and laid there thanking God for his protection. I did not pay attention to a friend who text me about a tornado nor the warning of a tornado that went off on my phone. I have learned I will be safe as He has me. It was 1:42 am. I knew Adonai had me in his arms as that is how it is. Just as I type I looked and it was 6:42. All I can do is say, “thank you and please don’t stop watching over us.”

Even with the wind at 37 mph our shingles finally stayed on. The swirling wind did split in half an already weak apple tree; but that was all. Truly, my friends, if we recognize Jerusalem, we will be safe.

I did remember Jerusalem Day but then on that day I did forget. You see….as even New Hope Church did not talk about it, they sat with lights only operating from a large generator Wednesday night. They could not offer their people air conditioning. It would late Thursday that their neighborhood had power.

I’m not pointing fingers anywhere but looking at my own life. I had failed and yet feel protected with no need to run to our basement. That is who our God is. He knew he was sending a message. I told my husband the wind was about Jerusalem Day.

Who really remembered it properly? I never heard one firecracker go off in it’s celebration. And, it is Yacob sneaking out of Laban’s Land back into the Father land that was important…even as he gave up half of what he had just earned in the last six years.

Let us remember that he worked seven years for each bride. Thus, after fourteen years he could finally build his own flocks and herds for his family.

Gen 31:41  These twenty years I’ve been in your house—I served you fourteen years for your two daughters and six years for your flock; and you changed my wages ten times! 

Yes, six years of working patterns to the Sixth Shemittah cycle. He is released in year SEVEN. It shows us the release of our earth that will walk again in God’s ways between years 6000 – 7000 which is Day Six for our earth.

So, what about Esau…I’ll say a little but know that if we ‘forget God’, he will forget us. I forgot and stood there at my window and talked to him asking for mercy. I’ve had a bad attitude about people not wanting to hear about “God things”. And now he gave me another awakening at El Shaddai Estates…where not one shingle blew off…not one chicken removed. Not one tree crossed over our lane. Yes, I love to stand and behold his majesty. Amein.

Let us return to the story of Esau because there are other books that help fill in the blanks that give us more detail. Through detail we can find hope. Ya’cov will move and perhaps you will move in order to feed your family…or perhaps you will hunker down and get serious about accepting what is causing America’s problems and get out to VOTE and even make sure the voting is done correctly this time.

Esau and Ya’cov went their separate ways since what Ya’cov gave Esau each would require good pastureland.

I want us to take numbers serious even as Solomon took 14 years to build his house. Then he took 7 years to build God’s house, thus a total of 21 years. We see Ya’cov worked 14 years in Laban’s house and now in year 7 is reading his own house…for a total of 21 years.

We just passed year 2021 that had what my friend found was NINE serious Food closures. 2022 is year 7 of the Shemittah cycle and she reports to me of over 80 problems just in the first five months. When will this stop?

God raised up America to be an example to our earth. We are still battling over abortion as if our Supreme Court takes down Roe v Wade, the states are still in charge of that bloody mess. Hmm. Judgment will come in famine, winds and shakings. We best hold on to remembering The Land of Israel and her regulations because as I see it, God is resting America’s land with no fertilizer and the price of gas to put the crops in and finally to harvest them, what in the world will it look like? Go to other books to read about Esau and Ya’cov. This is how we know what is next if we continue to violate the Torah…keep murdering each other for our own possessions. All we need to do is hire each other and that puts food on your table. Ya’cov will not hire Esau’s orphaned children after he dies.

Ya’cov returned home to find Esau had already taken Abraham’s wealth. Actually, the twins have completed sixty years old and entering into their sixth-first year of life. We know this to be true because the birthright incident with Ya’cov fleeing to his mother Rebekah’s homeland to find a wife there occurs when Ya’cov is forty years old. He works for Lavan twenty years and comes out completing that year. I love this story because our storyline is now playing out that storyline. Yes, it is a pattern that repeats as we come into the kingdom age of Adonai’s program for the earth. The twentieth century began at year 1900. The twenty-first century began year 2000. The twenty-second century will begin year 2100 AD. Our earth should be feeling what Esau and Ya’cov experienced. They are the pattern we should definitely watch in order to see, not baby Binyamin born, but grown-up Son of the House, Binyamin….returning to earth by The Father’s approval…just as Lavan was told not to say good or bad to Ya’cov. It is God’s plan that nothing will stop His son from returning to earth.

Ya’cov will continually take his livestock to feed his mother Rebekah and his father Isaac. Isaac does not leave The Land, but we do see Rebekah traveling out and returning to it. It is upon Ya’cov returning his mother back to her husband, his father, Isaac, that he finds the death of his favored bride back home. He returns home to find Binyamin born, renaming him ‘son of strength’. We too will find Yeshua returning to earth the Son of Strength. He will find his favored bride dead. She chased after the idols of this world. But Yeshua will still have a remnant left, like Leah, that believed in the God of Abraham and Isaac and her husband, Ya’cov. She is the one buried with Ya’cov in Hebron, not Rachel. Rachel’s burial site is still in question.

We have God’s ‘son of Strength’ coming when it seems we have to give away all that we’ve worked hard for. But, in truth, Adonai has given it all to us, so we are able to help our family members. Esau came back when his sons complained about him selling his birthright. He wanted all of what Ya’cov had. Ya’cov sons told their father that he no longer could give away any more to feed others. The battle pursued with Ya’cov putting an arrow through Esau’s heart and his military aide’s head removed. Ya’cov wept that had to kill his twin.

Esau’s sons had hired others to help them attack Ya’cov’s families of whom then all met at one location to battle it out. After the killing of Esau, his son ran off with Ya’cov’s sons chasing after them. They are caught and agreed to be in servant hood to Ya’cov. Yes, they would live but promise not to fight. They would now work for Ya’cov just as we saw the world working for Joseph when he became second in command in Egypt.

Esau’s son’s servant hood lasted TEN years as then Ya’cov’s family is told to bail out and get to Egypt where God would protect them. The Esau types would still be beholding to Ya’cov through his son Joseph.

America has been playing our Ya’cov. She has protected our world from communism mentally pictured as a dragon and serpent…. fire with deception.

We are correct in putting others to hire as then they will not die. It was in kindness that Ya’cov employed his brother’s sons and did not just kill them to get rid of them entirely. We see this pattern within Ya’cov’s own sons when they want to kill of The Tribe of Binyamin. It is Judah that offers the few Binyamin men that had not been killed because they too hid in the trees (among the people of the earth) and were offered woman who were still virgins without ever being married to anyone in Judah’s tribe. We see Judah and Binyamin are the two tribes that hung together and became known as Israel, or the Southern Tribes…under Reaboam. The northern tribes under Jeroboam leadership fails and they are not killed off, but dispersed…being called, The Lost Tribes of Israel. No one is lost but dispersed to take the Torah to the gentiles.

Famine seems to be coming as processing plants are closed and animals destroyed. There will be more animals and more birds born but it will take time. It is during this time of ‘release’ that we are to hold to what we had stored up. If we have to live on ‘Raman’ noodles people will still live. If we are without meat, we will eat peanut butter for protein. We will eat vegetables from the small farmer. We will eat less and less sugar that had made us too plump. The obesity of America will go down and people just may live longer than they thought.

But what we must recognize is God’s cycles. Then we run not in fear, but in faith that God is still in control. Ya’cov traded his areas food for Egypt’s type of crops. Then he was told to MOVE. We are preparing for a BIG move. Are you willing to accept it?

Evidence God is preparing us……this was NOT a surprise to our Creator, nor are wars and rumors of more.

This list was sent to me, so I don’t know about it’s validity. But, if it is true, then we best see when God authorized it. Yes, the animal sacrifice is very high right now….and yet God granted it all…so it is His to take.

We see a very special time when it began in 2021. 2021 pattern to Ya’cov’s year one trying to return to The Father. PASSOVER Week. Resurrection Day – NISSAN 17. Yeshua rose and returned to The Father in Heaven to present His blood on Heaven’s altar. Yeshua returns to earth forty more days before The Final Return, 28 Iyar.

QUESTION: On God’s calendar do they eat pork? First food plague to hit this list.

QUESTION: Do we know what these Scriptures discuss? Could they be the ‘first witness’

If we are not familiar with God’s patterns, we will not recognize a ‘second’, third, fourth etc. witness.

2021 – Resurrection Day Yeshua Jesus…cancels pork from our menus. The Kosher One rose up…eat clean like I eat clean…act clean like I act clean. Passover interim Day 1.

On Day Forty Yeshua instructs disciples not to leave Jerusalem for in TEN days The Comforter will be sent. They now start counting up (looking up) for the Holy Spirit to come on Day 50 Count Omer.

2021 holds five closing in the Six Shemittah cycle that should hold double blessing. It can hold double cursing if we don’t honor the Torah. Hmm. Eat clean, rest on the Sabbath…very simple instructions.

1. 4/30/21 Monmouth Smithfield Foods Pork Processing Plant.
Nissan 17, Chol Hamoed 1 (interim Passover), Day 2 Omer, full moon. All see clearly.

  1. 7/25/21 Memphis Kellogg plant
    Av 16, Sunday, Valetchanan Sabbath Nachamu Tu B’av (Av 15) Day 2 Ax put away, enough wood has been cut for Temple’s altar. 6th Shemittah cycle, full moon for all the earth to see clearly.
  2. 8/13/21 JBS beef plant – 5 Elul – Erev Shoftim (judges), Friday. Dark night showing loud judgment.
  3. 8/24/21 Patak Meat Company – 16 Elul – Tuesday (fullest moon)
  4. 7/30/21 Tyson River Valley ingredient plant – Av 21 Friday Erev Sabbath Ekev.
  5. 10/21/21 Darigold plant – Cheshvan 15, Thursday (fullest moon) – Ark door closed, The Flood in 2 days.
  6. 11/15/21 Garrard Cty Food – Kislev 11 – Aleph Aleph, God’s hands lifted up – 7th Shemittah cycle.
  7. 11/29/21 Maid-Rite Steak Co.– Kislev 25 Chanukah Day One, Festival of Lights – 7th Shemittah cycle
  8. 12/13/21 San Antonio Westside Foods Processing. 9 Tevet – Erev Fast of 10 Tevet – Jerusalem’s walls first breached by King Nebuchadnezzar. First of four fasts Israel puts on themselves for disobeying God.

2021 – Nine Processing Plants Shut down, FIVE in Sixth Shemittah cycle – animals sacrificed to death not food.

Note: The Hebrew and Gregorian calendars align on day apart. All our earth is to see this food plague.

Fall 2021 being Hebrew calendar Seventh Shemittah cycle – On-going slaughters as our earth is cleared of its animal and plant food supplies.

2022 – Food Plague

10. 1/7/22 Hamilton Mountain poultry processing Plant – Shevat 5 Erev BO (come)

11. 1/13/22 Cargill-Nutrene feed mill. Lacombe, La – Shevat 11

12. 1/31/22 Winston-Salem fertilizer plant – Shevat 29 – dark night.

13. 2/3/22 Wisconsin River Meats – 2 Adar I – Extra month. Hides for a few years so people will forget.

14. 2/3/22 Percy dairy farm – 2 Adar I – 7th Shemittah cycle…clearing away in extra month

15. 2/5/22 Wisconsin River Meats processing facility destroyed by fire in Mauston, WI, 4 Adar I Sabbath Teruma, Exodus 25:1-27:19. Shofar contribution to food plague, ‘in the beginning’, son in the house.

16. 2/15/22 Bonanza Meat Company goes up in flames El Paso, Texas, 14 Adar I, PURIM (cast lot)

17. 2/15/22 Shearer’s Foods Food processing plant explodes Hermiston, Oregon. 14 Adar I, PURIM (lot)

18. 2/16/22 Indiana Louis-Dreyfus soy processing plant – 15 Adar I, PURIM II, Food plagues, full moon

19. 2/18/22 Bess View Farms 17 Adar I, Erev Sabbath Ki Tissa (When you take census) Exodus 30:11-34:35

20. 2/19/22 Lincoln premiere poultry – 18 Adar I (#20 in 2022) Sabbath Ki Tissa (when you take census)

21. 2/22/22 Shearer’s Foods potato chip plant – 21 Adar 1 (#21 in 2021-2022 foods destroyed) 1 of 2

22. 2/22/22 Fire destroys Deli Star Meat Plant in Fayetteville, Illinois. 21 Adar I (#22 on 2.22.22); 2 of 2 on 2.22

23. 2/28/22 Nutrient AG Solutions fertilizer facility burns Monday, 27 Adar I. 1 of 2 this day

24. 2/28/22 Shadow Brook Farm & Dutch girl Creamery burns Monday, 27 Adar I. 2 of 2 this day

25. 3/4/22 294,800 chickens destroyed Stoddard, MO. 1 Adar II. Rosh Chodesh 2, Erev Sabbath Pekudei (to give an account) Exodus 38:21-40:38. (Two kills this day: MO, MD.

26. 3/4/22 644,000 chickens destroyed egg farm Cecil, MD. 1 Adar II. Rosh Chodesh 2, Erev Sabbath Pekudei

27. 3/8/22 243,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in New Castle, Delaware, Tuesday, 5 Adar II.

28. 3/10/22 663,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, MD 7 Adar II (Moses died. G. Wash b.) 1 of 2

29. 3/10/22 915,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Taylor, IA 7 Adar II (Moses died, G. Wash b.) 2 of 2

30. 3/14/22 Wayne Hoover dairy farm, barn full of vows burns Monday 11 Adar II, 1 of 2 this day: WI

31. 3/14/22 2,750,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Jefferson, WI, 11 Adar II, 2 of 2 this day: Hoover

32. 3/16/22 Walmart Distribution Center burns for 76 hours in Plainfield IN, 13 Adar II Fast of Esther. This Walmart Center burned 3 days and 3 nights. It burned 13, 14, 15 Adar. Yes, Fast of Esther thru Purim.

33. 3/16/22 Nestle Food Plant Jonesboro, Arkansas extensively damaged in fire and new production destroyed. 13 Adar II Fast of Esther, 2 of 2 this day

34. 3/17/22 5,347,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Buena Vista, Iowa

35. 3/17/22 147,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Kent, Delaware

36. 3/18/22 315,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland

37. 3/19/22 Walmart Food Distribution center catches fire in Plainfield, Indiana

38. 3/22/22 172,000 Turkeys destroyed on farms in South Dakota

39. 3/22/22 570,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska

40. 3/24/22 Major Fire at McCrum Potato Plant in Belfast, Maine.

41. 3/24/22 418,500 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska

42. 3/25/22 250,300 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Franklin, Iowa

43. 3/26/22 311,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

44. 3/27/22 126,300 Turkeys destroyed in South Dakota

45. 3/28/22 1,460,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Guthrie, Iowa

46. 3/29/22 Maricopa, AZ. Food Pantry burns down 50,000 pounds of Food destroyed in Maricopa, Arizona.

47. 3/31/22 Rio Fresh Onion factory damaged by fire in San Juan, Texas.

48. 3/31/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Osceola, Iowa

49. 3/31/22  5,011,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Osceola, Iowa

50. 4/6/22 281,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina

51. 4/9/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

52. 4/9/22 208,900 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

53. 4/12/22 89,700 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina

54. 4/12/22  1,746,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Dixon, Nebraska

55. 4/12/22 259,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Minnesota

56. 4/13/22 Fire destroys East Conway Beef & Pork Meat Market in Conway, New Hampshire.

57. 4/13/22 Plane crashes into Gem State Processing, Idaho potato and food processing plant

58. 4/13/22 77,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

59. 4/14/22 Taylor Farms Food Processing plant burns down Salinas, California.

60. 4/14/22 Salinas food processing plant

61. 4/14/22 99,600 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

62. 4/15/22 1,380,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Lancaster, Minnesota

63. 4/19/22 Azure Standard nation’s premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire in Dufur, Oregon

64. 4/19/22 339,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

65. 4/19/22 58,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Montrose, Colorado

66. 4/20/22 2,000,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Minnesota

67. 4/21/22 Plane crashes into and destroys General Mills

68. 4/22/22 197,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

69. 4/23/22 200,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota

70. 4/25/22 1,501,200 chickens destroyed at egg farm Cache, Utah

71. 4/26/22 307,400 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania

72. 4/27/22 2,118,000 chickens destroyed at farm Knox, Nebraska

73. 4/28/22 Egg-laying facility in Iowa kills 5.3 million chickens, fires 200-plus workers

74. 28/22 Allen Harim Foods a chicken processing company based in Delaware killed nearly 2 million chickens

75. 4/2822 110,700 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin

76. 4/29/22 1,366,200 chickens destroyed at farm Weld Colorado

77. 4/30/22 13,800 chickens destroyed at farm Sequoia Oklahoma

78. 5/3/22 58,000 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin

79. 5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Beadle S Dakota

80. 5/3/22 114,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania

81. 5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Lyon Minnesota

82. 5/7/22 20,100 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin

83. 5/10/22 72,300 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania

84. 5/10/22 61,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania

85. 5/10/22 35,100 Turkeys destroyed Muskegon, Michigan

86. 5/13/22 10,500 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin

87. 5/14/22 83,400 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania

88. 5/17/22 79,00 chickens destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania

89. 5/18/22 7,200 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania

90. 5/19/22 Freight train derailment Jensen Beach FL

91. 5/21/22 57,000 Turkeys destroyed on farm in Dakota Minnesota

92. 5/22/22 47-car Union Pacific derails. Iyar 21, Count Omer 36, Sunday, Sibley Iowa, 2:00 pm, fertilizer, 70 in town evacuated. U.S. government had been ordering Union Pacific not to haul fertilizer any longer. No deaths but car hauling trains fuel caught fire.

93. 5/23/22 4,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania

94. 5/25/22 37-car Canada Train derails spilling potash. Middle-age (55) man on RR service car sitting in the opposite direction blocked train killing only himself.

95. 5/29/22 200,000 Chickens killed in fire in Minnesota

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