Deaths Foretold

Why do we demoralize ourselves to live on every social program?

Deaths Foretold

Aharon and Moses

What is breaking faith?

Deuteronomy 32:51 ‘you failed to demonstrate my holiness there among the people of Isra’el.

Why did they fail to demonstrate His holiness?

Deuteronomy 32:52

Did they see The Land? Yes!

Did they enter the physical land? No!

The pattern of our souls ascending when we die.

Deu 32:50  On the mountain you are ascending you will die.

Are there others there? Yes “….was gathered to his people.” 

Deu 32:50  On the mountain you are ascending you will die and be gathered to your people, just as Aharon your brother died on Mount Hor and was gathered to his people. 

What is faith in God?

Deu 32:46  he said to them, “Take to heart all the words of my testimony against you today, so that you can use them in charging your children to be careful to obey all the words of this Torah. 

Deu 32:47  For this is not a trivial matter for you; on the contrary, it is your life!

What testimonies of God are nontrival things?

Deu 32:15  “But Yeshurun grew fat and kicked (you grew fat, thick, gross!). He abandoned God his Maker; he scorned the Rock, his salvation. 

Deu 32:16  They roused him to jealousy with alien gods, provoked him with abominations. 

Deu 32:17  They sacrificed to demons, non-gods, gods that they had never known, new gods that had come up lately, which your ancestors had not feared. 

Deu 32:18  You ignored the Rock who fathered you, you forgot God, who gave you birth.

We are to charge our children to be careful to obey all the words of this Torah.

At Halloween people dress up giving admiration to other created things. At Christmas our world gives honor to elves which were at one time against the laws in many of the states in America. Our world since Adam has grown to being very black and white in its views at our 2022 elections. The discernment between good and evil can clearly be seen.

The Christian concern for America has now climbed to the level of ‘Should our children be told they have the right to a sex change to what age is appropriate to change their sex.’ The view of our bodies being our own property to do with as we please as also grown to the euthanasian of a person of what is convenient for the relative. We have become gods saying how to live and how long to live. Even children from birth can be put in a room waiting to be euthanized.

There has been a standard of judgment set up on our earth by its Creator. The Hebrew year just closed out in October with Yom Kippur happening on October 5, 2022. It was a blessed day as our granddaughter was 24 years old that day. She had her first child on October 2, 2022, which was Tishri 7. Yes, that little girl is set apart representing rest as there are Seven Days in the Creation happening…not just six. Day Seven shows us fellowshipping with YHWH whose ‘voice’ was heard in the Gan of Eden. Yes, she was born on Day Seven of the New Civil calendar.

Our Creator not only spoke showing us His plans through number patterns but people patterns. We are all attached to His ways…The Lord’s calendar…not our own Gregorian or Islamic or Buddah calendar. There was one pattern that followed the children in the wilderness…their lives were used to walk out the Appointed Times of God. He shows us for forty years what He had planned to happen at 4000 years and also the next 4000 years. Our earth can still use these same patterns in our modernized world. In an instant people boot up or can be booted off information sites. There is no one that has not heard of the salvation plans of God laid out for our earth. Today, people even swear by God or by Jesus Christ. We have dishonored God’s name by lowering it to a standard of just common thought…that just might come out as “G”, gee…but still means, “Oh God.”

So, we must ask ourselves if saying, ‘damn you’ as a sidenote to someone really has the full intent of damming someone to hell. Can we dam someone to hell?

Our Creator is the only one that knows the heart of a man. I suppose belittling someone adds to their losing their self-esteem, but it is their Creator who is their judge. Our responsibility is making sure they don’t leave this earth before their scheduled time. A person’s last moment of consciousness should only be given into the hands of YHWH.

And then what about burial. Some people have just been in a deep sleep when appearing dead. Do we get them in the ground right away, make their bodies organ donors or turn them into ash too quickly?

I’ve been in rehabilitation centers daily in the last six weeks. I must say my eyes have been opened to the oppression of people.

Socialism – Programs by the government – have made us put our parents in very unbecoming situations. Yes, those over 65 get help from the programs they have paid into their entire lives. You have about a month of treatment and then the centers want cash to continue their service. Well, it can take time to get your assets together such as selling a house or cars. If a person can take their own shower, children welcome them into their homes. If they can wear items like ‘Depends’ people can stay out of these Rehab Centers.

Medicaid has made America depend upon government. The programs where you can’t have over $3,000 in your checking account or $5000 in assets is demoralizing to a person. I remember my grandpa being a rich person who drove a Cadillac around. He had bought land and then sold it to several of his children of whom today are millionaires passing those inheritances to their children. Opps. Not everyone of the kids got to buy a farm and so many remained poor…and some became resentful. Thus, so goes the saga of passing things forward equally in a family.

What I remember last is that grandpa died a pauper. Yes, somewhere along the way his assets were put somewhere so the medical would not eat up the assets. Those assets went somewhere, and I don’t care to investigate them. Yet I wonder how an uncle came out being rich in antiques.

The points to be made is that I am witnessing people hiding assets.

If a spouse is left with assets such as a house, this house may have to be sold to pay for future living expenses…even helping to pay with expenses while living with children.

Then I hear about assets being put in a trust, making them unavailable to help support the person. We have people with degrees living in homes of urine stench just because we think we have to use up every social program that is offered.

American citizens are paying for Medicaid for people who could live in a ‘Penthouse’ with rent of $6.000 a month. But instead, people accept living two in a room to have someone change their Depends and they may have a physical therapist available three to five times a week. These people could hire Uber to take them to a gym.

Social monies are ruining America and a human’s self-esteem. My eyes have been opened to a system that we have allowed caused by billings over $6000 a month by the cheapest of these facilities.

When we look at the instructions given by YHWH we see a society set up to HONOR parents. In that system, parents live with children. Grandparents can help with educating children. Grandparents can help clean, cook and repair. Friends can live with friends helping each other. Even to qualify for low-income housing, people hide assets to ain access to that housing. Some people don’t cash in on, let’s say a bite-coin investment because now they would have $150,000 showing up in their account. Investments waste away all because of social programming that holds America hostage to being poor. We must WAKE UP!

Let’s now go back to think about the closing words of Moses before he leaves his wife and sons and his grandchildren. He died in full health at 120 years of age. He got to see physical Land but not enter the physical Land. We see Mosch with Yeshua on the other side, so we know spiritually Mosch was a saved human being. He is our picture of sin not being able to enter Heaven. His sin was pride along with Aharon. They thought they could bring water from The Rock themselves to prove they were God’s leaders. God wants to have ALL the glory because it is YHWH that brings forth The Water from The Rock. It is the picture of The Holy Spirit and Yeshua Jesus being poured out for us for our salvation. It was not Moses leadership or Aharon’s personal priesthood that saves us. These men did not cross the land. Their example shows us a ‘JUST’ God. A God who judges even those set up as leaders. Yeshua held our sins and could not enter Heaven until He first was ‘outside’ the walls of Jerusalem.

These pictures are our examples of what life is to be about. The Sabbath reminds us to remember the oppressed. We take the Sabbath and study to remember the ways of God. To help the poor and the broken hearted all week long. What would it be like to not leave a facility but two times in three years? I met this lady, and she is bitter. She lives in half of the room and resents that her son thinks she is in a good place.

Moses proclaimed this song before the people. Deuteronomy 32:1-43. These are the words we are to remember so our children can remember to remember to tell their children. If you are a child of God, post these words on your refrigerator. These are the ways to walk in YHWH’s spiritual light.

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