The 153 Pattern גהא

153 Saros Eclipse Begins

2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrads

153 Fish Begins in John Chapter 21

I have studied the number 153 years for three years now.  It has shown me some amazing things.  Now, in Elul 2015, the month The King is in the Field….God has shown me more sides to this story.

First, the meaning of the numbers in the Hebrew Aleph-Beit…  153

1 – Aleph – א God – ox, strength of the house

5 – Hey –  ה Grace, hehold

3 – Gimel – ג  Holy Spirit, camel, lifted up

The  Solar (Son, sun) Saros Series 153  was born in 1870.

It appears – 311 times.  It occurs every 18 years, right on God’s schedule.

153 Solar Saros Cycle – Pb – Partial born, July 28, 1870. Tammuz 28

Aug 7, 1988, Aug 20, 1906, Aug 30, 1924, Sept 10, 1942, Sept 20, 1960, Oct 2, 1978, Oct 12, 1996.

October 23, 2014, Tishrei 18, During 1st 2014-2015 Lunar Tetrad, Shemittah year begins

November 3, 2032, 29 Cheshvan, partial

November 14, 2050, 29 Cheshvan, partial

(this information is credited to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Fred Espenak.  Go their website to see the complete listing of dates on this saros series.)

World history before and after 1870

After these men who started the foundation of the United States government, Robert E Lee died in 1870.  He represents the United States Civil War that would spill more blood than any other war America fought.

Saros Cycle 153 Begins 1870

When the 14th Amendment was approved granting the black man to vote.

Zachery Taylor died this day 28 Tammuz 1850

Adams, Jefferson died Fourth July, Tammuz, 1821

Monroe, Monroe doctrine, died Fourth July, Tammuz 1832

Abraham Lincoln Assassinated April, Nissan 1865

This Saros Cycle began five year later, 28 Tammuz, July 28, 1870

Otto von Bismarck, Prussian leader, provoked 20 Tammuz, July 19, 1870. Began war as part of plan to unite Germany

General Robert E Lee dies 17 Tishrei, October 12, 1870

This Saros Cycle lives 1244 years

Ends August 22, 3114.

Ends Av 29 * Shemittah Year

Ends on Sabbath Re’eh (See) – 8-15-2015 – Deut 11:26 – 16:17, Isa. 66:1-24, John 13:31-14:31. (Biltz Isa 54:11-55:5; Acts 8-9)

Re’eh – See – The scales must lift from our eyes for justice to shine.

Moses soon to ascend Mt. Sinai for get instructions for second time.  The leaders are glad to have him return to God and they will be patient for him to return in forty days (Yom Kippur).

Ends 3114 –

Gimel Aleph Aleph Dahlet –

H.S lifts up. God God Door

Holy Spirits Lifts up to through Yeshua who is God and God who is Father. They all in one take us through the door to the most powerful leader….Messiah Yeshua….holds the key to all doors.

The scales are lifted off…

Men in the beginning set up a nation on their corrupt Masonic ways. Slavery was permitted in the name of justice. Abraham Lincoln (a Jew?) began the process that would set captives free. Five years later this Saros 153 cycle begins dimly and ends dimly seen. It will become a full Annular eclipse on … It will appear 70 times and then disappear. This is another interesting pattern God set up that will picture many things. It, too is like a woman in travil with child. It’s pains start small and then peak and then come down. It finally gives birth with a loud scream….and it is birthed. The Lord’s tells us that the ‘end of times’ will be like a woman in labor. He also pictures the eclipses as they are birthed and then complete their tasks.

Men of weak flesh will grow into men of stronger flesh by instructing men to open their eyes to apply correct Torah (God’s instructions) on the earth. This 153 Saros would represent correct sight on God’s earth. It reigns 1244 years. It fulfilled it’s completion in 3114. If men, U.S. Presidents reigned every four years, there would be 311 presidential reigns. At the end of the 311th reigns the door to the Kingdom was ready. Would it open? Who had the key to re’eh (see).

Let’s study the scriptures to know what God’s path is.

Tammuz to AV – The months of fasting for the earth. Tammuz 17 – Av 9 are called The Dire Sraits. Men have been in the Dire Straits even when Christ walked our earth. It was evil from day one with Cain killing Abel. There was no respect for God’s image in man.

John 21, last chapter.  The Galilean fishermen were many but we have the names of five of them. Yeshua was on the beach frying a fish in the fire. THEY DIDN’T CATCH ANY FISH until Yeshua told them where to put their nets. They had caught 153 fish which scholars believe represents disciples that would follow Yeshua and even die for Him.

Could this also represent 153 leaders removed because they supported slavery? And, could it also represent the next 153 leaders who will lead for righteousness? This is amazing that it begins with a Prussian war and also begins with the U.S. 14th Amendment for blacks in America to be able to vote.

153 is about men in history and God is signaling men to stand righteous before the Son.

They did not catch unclean fish as that food was not kosher (clean). They sorted the fish and threw out the unclean. Clean fish have scales….they are not bottom feeders that are considered scavengers, such as catfish, shrimp, lobster. What they eat is in their blood. Americans have what is called, ‘dirty blood’ since they eat foods high in saturated fats that damage the body. God commands us not to eat blood. The life of that creature is in it’s blood. God’s sacrifices were not about death, but the LIFE that was in that blood. Men could not die, so they brought their best to God….but first God wanted their heart before they ever brought anything for their unintentional sin. It was the ‘unintentional sin’ that concerned them. God was so awesome that they were afraid their humanness could never understand Him. Their offerings were for sins they might even commit in the future. If someone intentionally murdered, or intentionally slept with the wrong woman…it was death by stoning…and the stoning was done by the community so all would remember that ‘intentional’ sin. The answer to intentional sin is, death.

These men were to have no scales on their eyes. They would not be the bottom feeders who scavenged on God’s children. They would have to remove the scales to see the good food God provided in the fish and in God’s Holy Scriptures.

As they made a covenant with Yeshua by the sharing of the food and drink, they closed the covenant meal by walking with him. We see his partial conversation with Peter. Peter would be carried somewhere that he did not wish to go upside down on a stake. Yes, each died for the purpose of Yeshua and what He stood for…Torah. He was the Words of God, made flesh. Everything that came out of His mouth enhanced the Torah…never once tearing it down. He had made it to the 1335th Day….He had made it to the cross.

This scripture of Daniel 12:13 is powerful. God speaks of 1290 days and then the Temple is defiled. And then there are 1335 more days from that desolation that desolates us…and if we can make it through…we will be blessed.

The 1290 days is called, Appointment of Appointments. Not time, time and half. It is not Ayin and Tav (Eth) for time, but it is Mo’ed, Mo’edim. M at the end of a word makes it plural. Appointment of Appointments.

What is that day. In Daniels description it can be no other than Yom Kippur. That Yom Kippur will reveal this wickedness that stands before us. Yom Kippur was the Appointment of Appointments with God. You lived your life not trying to offend God…it was the final day to pass the test of righteousness…The Appointment of Appointments. Those that loved God were forgiven…their heart was right. It’s always been the heart of man that God sought.

Forty-five days later is Cheshvan 29. It is two days that Noah is not off the Ark and enjoying the fresh new world that God purified for them. They were pictured in a Mikvah (baptism) by being in water…going down and yet surviving the flood.

Josephus claims there were 2656 days until the flood with a correction written in by someone making it 1656. I had 1576 by adding up the genealogy which makes me off 120 years…the number of years before the flood was to begin. Hmm…

Since God’s ways are much higher and developed than mans, we do view God in patterns. There are over 70 depth to understanding they say. Don’t say that people are mystical, but know they are seek more depth. Some are top viewers and some want to go deep into the flower to see how God made them so incredibly beautiful.

To be considered….

What was 1290 years into the earth’s history? What did 1335 days or years look like.

After Noah 1290 years

After Noah 1335 years

After Christ 1290 years

After Christ 1335 years

Some of you will find the pattern…let me know…. God loves those that seek into His secret things. It says you love Him and want to know His ways.

The disciples knew all about Yom Kippur and could count from those days of destruction.

Another man I want to study… William Whiston (1667-1752) He took Issac Newtons place as Lucasian professor of mathematics in 1703.

His Arianism view in 1710 led to the loss of his professorship at Cambridge. He wrote five volume, Primitive Christianity Revived. Appeared in 1712. He translated Josephus’ works in 1737.

There is much to think about from this blog….

It is Friday, Elul 27 today and the Sabbath begins at dusk. Since my blogging has become my work I will not be writing for a few days. It saddens me as God continues to challenge my thinking in what I need to learn and then pass to you.

Please do NOT work this Saturday… It is The Lord’s Sabbath and Jesus (Yeshua) is the Lord over it. If you love NOT work. September 12 also at dusk begins the Day of Remission..The last day for things to fall in the 7-year Shemittah cycle that is ending.

I believe we should start a fast…. Sunday evening, September 13, begins Rosh Hoshanna, a glorious day for those in Yeshua. It is the Feast of Trumpets where we blow a shofar, a horn or yell that you love Him. It is two days long because they did not the day of the hour that they would see the new sliver of the moon.  Tishrei 1, Tishrei 2.

In 2015 it is September 14, September 15.   It is a joyous occasion that was signaled by the lights being lite on one hill and then the next hill and then the next hill would light up.    It continued until all the hills were alight…thus the name, City of lights on a hill.   No more fasting but only seeking God’s face and calling for His help.  If you don’t call, He doesn’t know you want Him.

Then, September 16 is The Fast of Gedalia.  If you can fast, you should.  It can be a 12-hr or whatever works for you.   Some Jews revolted on the choice of leadership left to them in Israel when most of the Jews were carried off to Babylon.  Thus they killed Gedalia, appointed by King Neb of Babylon.  The Jews repent every year for the sins of their fathers for removing leadership that God allowed.  (We should learn from this fast ourselves!)

Then the Days of Awe begin…and it could be with fasting…as we approach that 1290th day of Appointment of Appointments Tishrei 10, Yom Kippur, Wednesday, September 23, 2015. The Pope will be with Obama at the White House.

It is Judgment Day….and All Jews will be FASTING. It is The Day of the Fast.… When you read in your bibles, The Fast….that is Yom Kippur…Day of Judgment. Day of Atonement….Appointment of Appointments.

I believe we have already seen the future when the Political and Religious are standing side-by-side joined hand-in-hand for the world to see. It is not a religious system that we should be claiming…it is walking out our lives in God’s instruction. It is not a political system we should endorse that enslaves people to it’s ways.

FAST my friends and deny yourself if you love God.   We want to live our lives not held bondage to a religion or man, but being free in Yeshua and His instructions (Torah).

See you soon………I’m typing fast….as I have one more idea before I have to stop from this WORK that I love….


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