Earth’s 120th Jubilee – First Adom to ‘Last Adom’ patterns..

This morning I watched a ‘coyote’ sneak up on our small herd of heifers.  They had their heads down eating but Leonard the bull looked up and spotted him.  The coyote was so much smaller than the grass-fed hefty heifers.  He was ten feet from a heifer and closing in.  The heifers were all within five to ten feet of each other spread across the field of high grasses.   When the bull charged him, they all charged the coyote and continued to chase him to the fence line. Did he just want an ankle bite?  Or, could he have gotten one down?  We’ve seen him chase three fawns lately.and coyotes took out our son’s young Jack Russell…they are sly to draw young pups out.

Prevention is how we must live in order to help our animals survive.

When we purchased our first large property in which we were going to board other people’s horses, the seller gave me her words of wisdom that I have always remembered.

“There is birth and there is death.”

Horses were born and horses did die on that farm.  We even witnessed foals dying in their mother’s womb.  A large mare cut her artery on sharp tin that hung down from the shed.  She stood too close and sliced her ankle.  She simply stood there bleeding to death with us not knowing anything was wrong.  She peacefully laid down and died before we knew she was in trouble.

The next pregnant horse would die at my hands.  It is something that you never forget.  She had run through some branches and twigs and needed to be stalled in order overcome her cuts in which infection to her shoulder had set in.  With so many horses  around, I had learned to give the horses their shots.  The two choices for a shot to be given to a horse is a certain triangular space from their front shoulder that leads to their neck or you have their rump.  There are more veins running through the neck than through the rump, so I chose her rump since I was giving an antibiotic that should not go into a vein.  If you hit a vein, it would mean instant death.  Now, are you ready for this lesson?

I learned this lesson the hard way and it took her life and her baby….another “there is birth and there is death” life lesson.  I wipe the spot on her left rump with alcohol on a cotton ball.  I then took a 16-gauge needle and taped it into her rump.  A horses rump is hard  so you have to hit it hard.  The needle is now sitting there…NO blood is coming out of the open end of needle.  I’m good!…so I thought.   I attached the syringe that holds the penicillin to the needle…still no blood.  I then drew it back to make sure there was no blood coming up into the penicillin; again NO sign of blood.  This good old mare just simply stood there with no emotion and quiet.   But as I pushed the plunger, she does one thing..she shifts her hips as I pushed the liquid into her rump.  That needle caught her vein.

I had never seen an animal react to penicillin.  I did not know why her body started to shake violently…she was convulsing.  Our favorite farrier was in the barn and had watched what I did.  He told me to leave the stall and she would lay down.  He was calm about it and said to just stand back.  He said there was nothing anyone was going to do to help her.

The only reassurance I had was from the farrier was…”It was her time.”  The owner was a group of partners in this valuable former racing mare, and it was recognized as; “It was her time.”

In life you can think you are doing everything right, when it turns bad.  In this situation…I just said…never again can I give an animal a shot…not a cat, dog, horse…anything..


A  yearling race horse got scared and flew through barbwire and totally ripped up his legs and  front chest.  (We removed all barbwire from the property as horses have no sense…barbwire is good for cows only.)

This yearling had stitches and stitches and now….twice a day…penicillin….NO ONE else would do it…and I once again had to ask a horse to place it’s life in my hands.  And, this time youngster was not a quiet old mare…but a sprawling long neck with sores on it every where and a kicker to boot.  Where would I NOT hit a vein?  He did heal and I guess I’m still trying to heal as I’m reminded every day…..

There is life and there is death…it is part of life.

Even the beautiful but crazy red cardinal crashes into our windows daily seeing it’s own reflection..and after four months..finally conked himself out and died on our deck.  Windows are a beautiful to see the view but they are a hazard to many birds who die because it looks like clear space to fly.  I do not have a prevention for the cardinal because it would bang, bang, and bang again even on an obscure glass window that you can’t see through.  So sorry to all the birds…

My world view is one of prevention.   I’ve taken supplements most of my life in prevention of disease to prevent my own illness and possible early death.  Our Creator has appointed a time for each of us, this I know and I accept.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t go and check on someone who so totally just stands there and seems to be at peace with themselves; like our horse Appear.  She died with a large racing colt inside of her.  And, then to actually be involved in someone’s demise because we only meant it for good and it turned evil for them likened to the other mare….

We may not always understand about life but I believe we MUST act to be in ‘prevention’ for the most serious of situations of all….Life going into eternity.  All life is to die in it’s planned time.  We are not to take life early but some times life is taken in what we think is early.  Cain  was the first murderer by ending a life God had put on the earth.  To kill your brother is like killing part of you.  By killing a human being, the ‘image of God’ is removed….and this we must NOT do.

What is life but how we live it, and when we are gone; what remained to be said about us. Even a horse is known by it’s behavior while living and remembered by it.  The human life is connected to an eternal ‘umbilical cord’ and continues to have purpose.  We will still run the race for which we were made… being happy in the majesty of our Creator…and all He has for us to do.  We won’t be hanging around playing harps like angels, but truly enjoy MORE life as was intended with Adom and Chanoh (Eve).

I’m still crazy for the curious part of Adom’s life being cut short by 70 years.  We know from history records that he died early because God did say to him that he would die in the day that he sinned.  We can take God very literally…and understand God even deeper as He tells us that his one day is like a 1000 years to us.  Adom died at age 930 and died in the ‘day’ that he sinned.

All men sin and therefore we witness that no man has reached 1000 years old.  But, The Creator did intend for us to live past 1000 years.  In the Millennium, The Messiach, the man that can not violate Torah, will live 1000 years and beyond.  He will lead us into a Kingdom that was meant from the beginning.

Methuselah was 969 years old an died just before the flood.  Noach was 950 years old and yet Noach was shorted fifty years.  That is one Jubilee of time.  One Jubilee is 50 years. Thus, we have Adom shorted 70 years and Noach shorted 50 years.  What pattern does this show us?

Both of these men are part of the foundation stone to The Messiach.   Adonai placed Sheth (Seth) as the lineage of Adom’s through which would come Noach of whom had Shem showing the line to Abraham which gives us seed….to be known as the Patriarchs.  The apostles were used to deliver the story, but didn’t have any lineage to The Messiach.

The Messiach Yeshua Jesus was here in 17 AD when the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  In 40 Jubilees, I believe we will see The Second Adom appear in the 120th Jubilee of the earth.  These are all patterns of numbers that keep repeating themselves through men’s lives and history.  Men appear on earth, not by accident, but by purpose…God has a purpose for each life..even a donkey’s life that would speak to try to save his owner’s life…at the time of the Balaam story.

These are the things that I find Adonai bringing forth for us to think about because it has to do with our future.  We are headed into the 7th day and after the 1000 Davidic reign we will head into the 8th Day…(Adonai’s 8th day is 8000 years.)

If you’ve been following the blog I keep talking about this.  And, I keep being impressed upon by the number 120 as it’s meaning that ends something that still begins another something.  I’m not a superstitious person and can’t even say the word ‘good luck’ in a sentence.  But, I do believe God impresses upon us things that we should consider that could show His hand on us.

Three friends with stage 4 cancer same time period.  Fall 2015…  A year later where are they?

When someone gets cancer it can take months for them to ‘look’ or ‘feel’ sick…but they all clocked it back to November 2015.  And, with each of them it  seemed as if doctors were each too slow in helping each of my friends.  Each of them had the stress of what insurance would and would not cover.  Relatives were stepping in to help if needed.

One year later, Lee is no longer in stage four pancreatic cancer as the Veterans  Hospital (yes, VA) used the procedure of chemo and radiation before cutting.  Now, that the cancer has shrunk even in the lymph glands, he is now having surgery in October….I ask your prayers for him to return from it whole.   He has stayed calm and constantly reminds those around him,  “It is not what the future holds, but who holds your future.”  He is truly a lover of Yeshua The Messiah.

He knew he would be in Yahweh’s army either here on the earth or coming back with the cloud of witnesses.  He just wanted to get to the end of the picture and now he is almost there….  He no longer is stage four pancreatic cancer as they got it to shrink.

My girlfriend is no longer stage four cancer.  The fist size and a smaller mass in her lungs are gone.  The three other places of cancer in her body are gone.  She used natural supplementation and one chemo pill.  Her fervently praising of her Creator for all he does for her has been her mantra.   Never has she lost sense of His presence in her.  But, she still has it in her brain…that is where we continue to ask for complete healing.  She is truly in love with her Creator as she gives daily testimony to all that she meets about Jesus giving his life for us.

Her husband died at age 39 and she has raised seven children alone…going back into the work force and yet able to send several of them to Christian school.  Her husband helped us to select our horses and was part of our life…he too is missed.  And, we hold the mantra of how to avoid a heart attack as that is how he died one hot August afternoon.

My brother-in-law has a rare lymphatic cancer and is told that he will always need treatment, but he is treatable.   I thank God for that and ask God to make him whole; as I do my other friends of whom  cancer still afflict them…but NOT Stage Four..

I began this writing to share many things and now I come to the number 120.  Lee understands the mind God has given me to look deeper into what may be considered the ‘secret’ things of God.  Our Elohim is so great and his plans will come about as He desires for things to be revealed.

Lee suggests that we all ask for a C-19 blood work up when we have any blood work done.   This is a blood test that shows how much cancer travels through your blood stream.  He is told that we all have cancer in us and that test shows how much.  My girlfriend has never been told what her C-19 level is.

I want you to hear what I’m saying….Lee said that after all of the radiation and chemo that his body has been through…his cancer level in his blood is at 19.  The average person can be somewhere between zero and 19….He is in normal range!    But, at what level was he when he was full of death?

One hundred and twenty   — Yes,  120 —

This number again just rings in my brain in what it means.  Lee knew I would find this number interesting as it was ready to kill him…at 120.

Strong’s Concordance is #120 for mankind, adom.

This man (120) is destined to die….in the day that he sins.  We all sin…so do our bodies reach this 120 measurement and life is done?  We are dust…man…#120.

Moses dies at age 120:

He had three segments of forty years: 40 in Egypt, 40 in Midean, 40 Wilderness experience daily with God….He is a totally vibrate man at age 120…and God takes him…because he sinned by striking the rock (which represents Yeshua/Jesus).  Pride is how Moses fell.  But, he is seem at the transfiguration.  We see that life continues in serving Adonai to accomplish what needs to be done.  120 is symbolic of man’s life as it ends and changes.

Our earth is ready to experience it’s 120th Jubilee.  There are 50 years in one Jubilee.  Fifty x 120 is 6000 years.  The Jubilee begins in 2017…which is October 2 2016 on the Hebrew calendar.

I am not trying to reference an exact day, but an exact Jubilee.  It is determined that Jubilees and such begin at Yom Kippur…Day of Atonement and Judgment..Tishrei 10 on the Hebrew calendar.  Yom Kippur is none as, The Fast.  It is the ONLY day that Adonai has ask His children to Fast.  If it lands on the Sabbath, which you are only to be happy that day and can not fast…you are to still Fast because this Fast is commanded by our Creator and takes precedent over The Sabbath rest.

Man is 120

Man lives 120

The “Second Adom” that defiled death arrives in the 120th Jubilee.  Death no longer has that sting because The Messiach Yeshua Jesus raised himself up from being dead.  No other prophet is compared to him.

The ‘Second Adom’ will live 1000 years because he will not violate Torah (sin).  He is the Living Word of God…which walks out Torah on the earth putting it in each heart…no publishers to sell you a Bible or their books.  He said his ‘yoke’ is easy…His ‘instructions’ are easy…They are called, The Torah…just walk in it and be safe on the earth is what Jesus Yeshua said.

The ‘Second Adom’ could bring this about on our earth in a time period equal to 1 Jubilee…50 years.  Life is a process and men will always have free will.  Every knee will bow and yet children will be born and they will forget what it took to bring in The Kingdom.  Just, as the first kids built a golden calf to represent God while they couldn’t see him.  Yeshua Jesus will reign from Jerusalem…many won’t bother to go down as see Him and in Zechariah we see that their land will receive no rain and thus plagued…during the Millennium.  Yes, 1000 years and still will any men make it to the end of it…besides The Messiach Himself?  Satan is released for a little while at the end of it and then The Eighth day opens up for those that made it…they want to live in Torah and do not resent it, but love it…it protects them and sets them apart as ‘holy’ unto the LORD.  There has to be something that sets men apart from each other..and it is Torah.  Some will and some won’t…and it is a BIG ‘So What!’

Noach could be a ‘witness’ that returns to finish his 50 years, as well.  He was righteous before God and was allowed to father the next race that leads to Abraham.

Adom could return too.  We see his missing 70 years in the form of Israel.  Israel will be 70 years old in 2017.  She was officially a nation in the fall of 1947 and recognized by the United States President Harry S Truman, Independence, MO in May 1948.  (I write this blog from that city.)

Israel is in great sin today just as our world is in great sin.  The Israelites sinned with the worship of the golden calf at Mt. Sinai a month after their departure through great miracles.  Many people died by drinking the water from the stream that was tainted by the melted down gold from the calf.

Moses was gone forty days and now he is disciplining them for forty days and will head back up Mt. Sinai on Elul 1 for forty more days.  We see God dealing with them in three forty-time periods…120 days.  It begins with God mad and it ends with God atoning for them…just as our 120th Jubilee looks for atonement and judgment at the same time.

Also, the Korach rebellion occurs when the ‘church’ thinks that they should do things ‘their way’…as Korach wanted to do more than just transport  The Wilderness Tent of Meeting around…they wanted to be ‘the priests.’  But, Adonai rejected all families accept that of Aaron’s family.  Korach was of Levy descent…but not all Levites are to be priests.

Today, it is the Jew that is show us what sets us apart..not the Christian church that thinks like Korach.  Gentiles can be part…but even today there are those that act like Korach and set their own times for The Lord’s Festivals.  They live in their own mountain top experience, but it is NOT pleasing to God.  Only Adonai can set things apart…because then it is holy to Adonai.

We know that the mountain will split in Jerusalem after the two witnesses die for three days.  The witnesses will resurrect when the feet of The Messiach step on that mountain.  We have the world worshiping ‘gold cathedrals’ and we have a false ‘god’ on The actual Temple Mount that needs removed.  We see the exact ‘wilderness’ experience set before us today as the world wants to tell God how He should accept worship the way they desire to do it.

The patterns are repeating and it will be Chanukah all over again.  The Book of Revelation is speaking of Chanukah.  But, men are so into their own version of their bible that they don’t see the  Hebrew patterns that are pointing…pointing to His Return…

Men are preaching repent…but repent for what?  To repent of their sins is to repent that they are violating God’s Word…The Torah!  Sin is missing the mark… The arrows all point to The Torah and they are missing the mark…Torah.

Shema of Israel…means RETURN…

How can you RETURN  if you’ve not been there before.  We have been there before….Adom, Methuslach, Noach, Sheth, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) today is trying to bring it to us.  Nothing that was given  to these Patriarchs has been done away with…  But, when more men populated the earth, a few more instructions had to be added.

I say AMEIN…as our earth is barely turned on says CERN…We can not live with out the numbers one and two.  We are so fragile as to what holds us together…it’s like a veil….

The 70-year old Council for European Nuclear Research revealed that our universe is barely turned on.  It is 10 to the 120th power.

There again to the  ‘120th’ POWER…  This number has 26 zeros after it…  That is a BIG number.  and yet it hasn’t made it to the number two year.  One and two are numbers that our world can not be without.  One is aleph, Ox, head, first. Two, is Beit, house, son in the house with father.  Our world can not survive if they let go.

And it is the (1) Aleph Adom that leads to the (2) Second Adom coming as Israel is 70 years old with one Jubilee to set it up… making Israel 120 years old in the 120th Jubilee of the earth….pretty amazing.

Israel will be 120 years old…when that Jubilee is complete.

Abraham gave birth to Issac when he was 100 years old.  Israel today will be 100 years old in 2047…still in the first Jubilee of the 7th year (7000 years).

Again, I say AMEIN…as my mind races at the facet of 120.

It is Adom’s missing 70 years and Noach missing 50 years that add up to 120 years.  Their lives will be completed through the Messiach who knows no sin.  He is the one that can complete their lives in the first Jubilee of 50 years in the 120th Jubilee of the earth (6000 years).

I love it….

RETURN to the only one that can save you…The only Begotten son…not through Ishmael, but Isaac who birthed Jacob at age 60.  Jacob began being a father at age 47-54 and then he sees, the Son of his right hand, at age 61 (year 21 on the road coming out from under Laban’s hand and after his name is changed to Israel (prince with God.)

Do you see the pattern?  Abraham lived 175 years thus during the year 1947  BCE.  Jacob has children beginning at age 47 (1947 Israel is birthed as a nation).

When is Benjamin born?  After his idolatrous mother Rachel dies.  Jacob (Israel) can now elevate his SECOND Son of Rachel.  He calls him correctly, Son of my Right hand.  Jacob’s last son and second son by Rachel will have authority.

Adom is known as the ‘first’ Adom (man).  The Second Adom of whom has all AUTHORITY to rule is also the Son of My Right Hand.  This SON has the AUTHORITY TO RULE and, He rules from Jerusalem with Israel still as his princes.

In the 120th Jubilee the world celebrates the Second Adom (120).

The King is coming……..Yes…He has many titles and descriptions…and many patterns to confirm His coming……..


A funny post script…  I didn’t want to buy heifers last year as The Shemittah year is a year of dropping.  Prices were high.  But, in order to support my husband I did go the second time to the auction.  It was something I had never experienced and not again…the smell is still in my memory.

There were not many calves in that auction.  He settled on a grouping of four that came through together.  The smallest had a tag in her ear…120.  It is only this year that I now look at her and think of the lessons that I’m learning about 120.  She was gift from her Creator to me.   I think she’ll be the one I suggest they hold back from slaughter…maybe she has more to say in our future; Little 120.  Her friend, Bonnie, is the only red heifer we bought….she is shy an d would not qualify for not having a white hair on her… I’m laughing!

Oh, and just for one more cute picture….  What came first…the chicken or the egg…

Of course, Adom…and the chicken…  This young hen is having her first eggs and they all cry doing it.  Hopefully it gets easier for these young girls….but now I know the curse went from Chanoh (Eve) to animals as well.

Life is in the egg……….














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