Xinhua 120,000 affected by 120 mph winds as 120th jubilee of earth begins.

Today is Elul 25 – The first day of Creation –  What did the earth look like?  It was in chaos.

Taiwan’s third typhoon of the month kills at least four, injures hundreds – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Taiwan evacuates tourists ahead of third typhoon in two weeks.

China 31,700 fishing boats recalled to port.

Tyhoon Meranti hits Taiwan, moves towards China.  Southern and eastern China to step up disaster prevention preparations.

This report is interesting in that it coincides with God’s Creation Pattern.   Man (Strong’s #120) is thought to be created at Tishrei 1; Rosh Hosanna, Feast of Trumpets.  It falls in 2016 on October 3 and 4; really beginning at dusk on October 2 2016 since God began with the night and then came the day.

Creation is believed to have begun in the month of Elul since Tishrei 1 is considered the new civil year on the Hebrew calendar.  Since Adom was created on the sixth day and God rested on the seventh (Sabbath), then God brought everything forth beginning Elul 25.  There was great chaos on the earth…winds…water.  Thus, we see a similar pattern ..  declaring the ‘ways’ of our Creator.

Nissan became the first month as Mosche brings the Israelites out of Egypt at Nissan 1. Seven months later is the month of Tishrei.  This month holds the many activities that is said to establish the new kingdom on the earth.  Therefore, Nissan and Tishrei are month one and both claim to be month seven.  Our God is incredible showing us Hebrew and not Greek.

 Life is circular and what was will be again…just as He was and is and will be again.

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