Shemittah’s Purpose explained

It is up to each person to prove themselves a workman before the LORD.  It begins with understanding who God is…we meet and see God here…

“At the end of every seven years you are to have a sh’mittah.  Here is how the sh’mittah is to be done:…”

Deuteronomy 15 explains how it works.

Deuteronomy 16 explains:

“Observe the on the month of Aviv, and keep Pesach”

“You are to count seven weeks;….to Shavuot…”

“You are to keep the festival of Sukkot for seven days…”

“Three times a year you are to appear in the presence of ADONAI your God….”

These are the scriptures that set out the ‘why’s of meeting of with God.  All the rest of the Bible looks back to these.  These are the foundation and our future..

They are The Lords commands…to the Jews….who pass them to us…because we accept being grafted into their way of walking on the earth.

Now, it’s time to pray first and ask God to show you His will for your life…in these scriptures.


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