Kislev Happy Chanukah; 1941 Pearl Harbor Bombed. 2016 PNG 8.0 Earthquake; 2017 Jerusalem Capitol.

2500 Years from BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY – The CITY OF PEACE recognized!

517 BC – 2017 AD

517 BC – After 70 years Solomon’s Tempe rebuilt.

2017 – After 70 years as a Nation Jerusalem can be rebuilt.

163 BC The Temple Mount was being cleansed after over 10,000 dying to secure it!

Kislev 17 2017 President Trump informs World Leaders of intentions for embassy!

KISLEV 17 – 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor  –  1941 – 2016 (Dec 7, 1941)

KISLEV 17 2016 Papua New Guinea 8.0 Earthquake with world tsunami warnings.

 Eye-to-Eye Month  Kislev 17 is December 17 2016


Kislev is the month to War for The Temple.  It is bring ‘Light to the World.’  HAPPY CHANUAK 2017.  God uses willing men to accomplish His purposes on the earth!!!!  May all be called, ‘righteous’ who love the God of Israel.  THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!

December and Kislev 2016 match up so every one sees The Hand of God on the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor being recognized by a rare 8.0 earthquake at Papa New Guinea.

It is rare for Pope Gregory’s calendar to align with Hillel’s Hebrew calendar. Hillel was part of the last Sanhedrin in 70 AD. He helped set the calendar in hopes it would hold together The Lord’s Feasts… because from there Torah functions.  Without The Lord’s Feasts there is no Hebrew calendar.

Kislev 17, 2016 was The Sabbath rest that turned so cold with drizzle that made black ice on the roads and sidewalks.  By noon the snow began and the sliding got worse.  Our Shabbot service was then live streamed as people were told to stay home.   That Saturday was also the biggest shopping day of the year; predicted to be bigger than Black Friday after Thanksgiving.  Oops…shut down…who controls the weather?

Kislev 17 for the United States

Kislev 17 was the day that the United States was (surprise attack) bombed at Pearl Harbor by Japan that took close to 3000 lives. It was the turning point that put the hooks into America’s nose to draw her fully into World War II.   Our Creator used Pearl Harbor as the door to stop The Holocaust by 1945…four years later.

Kislev 17  – 2016  World Tsunami warnings for Papua New Guinea and surrounding countries….

Kislev 17 woke up the world as tsunami warnings raced to send people to higher ground. An eight magnitude earthquake is very rare and our world had not experienced one since Chile, April 1 2014.  That month was also eye-to-eye with Nissan and April having the same dates.

Is there a paradigm being setting up?  Is there a pattern of months and even a pattern to memorialize events being set up?

In 2016 we saw the month-for-month (eye-to-eye) pattern and also a memorial to destruction pattern (eye-for-an-eye.)

…Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary leads us to Chanukah.  Note:  Around Kislev 15 is known as the days when the Maccabees won The Temple back in 163 BCE.  They lost The Temple and it was defiled with pig worship in 167 BC with tens of thousands dying in it’s loss.  Kislev 15 is an approximate date of it being won and now all debris removed.  The clean-up period varied, but a ten-day period is used as it follows the ten-day pattern of cleansing.    Kislev 15-24 would be the clean-up phase before Chanukah.

Pearl Harbor brought America in to officially help ‘clean up’ the Holocaust.  President Trump is seen cleaning up the earth threshing floor by announcing the real threshing floor being Jerusalem, Israel.  King Cyrus defeated Babylon in one night and brought the captives back after 70 years.  Israel is now 70 years from being a nation and still the world retaliates and fights them.  At seventy years that generation has had enough say and now God moves men to act.

This ‘warring’ paradigm of Pearl Harbor, 8.0 earthquake, and 2017 Capitol Jerusalem all occurring during the time of ‘warring’ for The Temple is all memorialized by the 167-163 BC Chanukah.  Even Jerusalem being won in the 1967 AD Six-Day War confirms it being lost in 167 AD to the Greek Antiochus.  And, this makes for more interest as we look at Solomon’s Temple being lost in 587 BC.  Seventy years later Daniel has taught the people the language again so they could return in 517.  Wow….Jerusalem finally recognized in 2017…Exactly 2500 years ago….  Yes, 2500 years and still under siege….and God will NOT give her up.  He disciplines and then continues to use that City to see who loves Him.

2014 8.0 Earthquake adds to the paradigm of the eye-for-eye months that HOST 8.0 earthquakes .   April 1 2014 (Fool’s Day) and Nissan 1  2014 (The New Religious Year, Rosh Chodesh)  leads to Passover Nissan 14  Passover.  Without Passover and The Messiach’s resurrection there would be no salvation for humans.  This 2014 event was also marked by one of the four Total Blood Moon eclipses.

Next, let look at another earthquake  It is the second largest earthquake experienced so far on earth.  Alaska 9.2 on March 27, 1964…at Prince William Sound….75 miles east of Anchorage.  Then, on the Hebrew calendar are you ready?

NISSAN 14 – Erev Passover….Our Messiach was the first lamb slain and died on schedule at noon when the other lambs were being slain dying at 3:00 p.m.  Yeshua attended an early Seder service and now he finished it on Nissan 14/15….just as planned from the beginning of the world.

God planned this earthquake…the second largest in the world memorializing His son died on that stake.  It is not a coincidence.  Our Creator controls every quaking of our earth and He spoke of this day.  It quaked when He died and when He arose.  There were several quakings in that time period…not one.

The 80th Jubilee of the earth ended in 17 AD.  The 81st Jubilee began with Yeshua on the earth in 18 AD  Just as our Eighth Day will begin with Him.  Eight is always ‘new beginnings’ and He is the ‘first fruit’ from the ground to save us.

Please note the number 17…even in 17 AD.  Cheshvan 17 is the date that Noach’s flood began.  The Second Month Seventeenth Day is when Adom and Chanoh were deceived as seen in The Book of Jubilee chapter 33.  Nissan 17 is also Unleavened Bread which shows us Yeshua’s Resurrection.  This is amazining information for us to absorb fully.

The largest earthquakes:

Chile 9.5 in 1960.

Alaska 9.2 1964  ..  On Passover Erev; Nissan 14 1964

Chile 8.0 2014 …. April 1 2014 On Rosh HaChodesh…New Religious Year (Nissan 1).

There are several patterns converging to confirm this incredible story line.

I remember sitting at my computer typing in Arizona as The April Fool’s Day 8.0 shook Chile.  I had waited several years for an 8.0 earthquake as I have measured and dated every earthquake above 7.0.    Amazingly, it too was date for date…April 1 was Nissan 1.

I am now updating this article in 2017 on Kislev 19.  Now, we have confirmation of 8.0 earthquakes occurring when the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars align day for day.  And, they will also give memorial to an event that is to draw men to action….Pearl Harbor, Hebrew New Year and Passover.

After my four year research and witnessing earthquakes I would suggest men get on God’s calendar….The Hebrew calendar.  And, why not study the Hebrew language as it will show you the dates as each letter aligns with a date and picture.

I’ll remember this PNG 8.0  2016 earthquake as I could not get an internet connection to watch it unfold.   My phone was of little help and so by 9:00 p.m. when our ‘vehicle ice rescue party’ left….It had calculated 39 4.5+ after shocks with a 6.5 and the 8.0 magnitude that set off tsunami warning to New Zealand… 2500 miles away. Thus, in the short hours of Kislev 17, that was on the Sabbath, it hosted over 40 significant quakes.  This Sabbath 8.0 also confirms my theory of earthquakes occurring when God’s children pray.  He hears their plea for justice and acts.  Yes, another pattern confirmed….just expect it….when the Hebrew prays… there is answer.  I’m joining them and reading what they read in their weekly Torah portions.  When you read what they read, you will begin to see our Creator acting according to what happens in those readings…Amazing again!

The site reduced the earthquake to a 7.9. I think I am about to agree with others that they must be communists and don’t want me giving our Creator any credit for His hand in these things.

Updated 2017…I shortened up this article and took out the personal experience and my excitement over the earlier information to get you quicker to the points of ‘awe.’

Now, we have a pattern of the PNG 2016 earthquake being felt 2500 miles away...and tsunami warnings go our for 2500 miles in the waters of the world.  We should connect that with Jerusalem being confirmed as the capitol of Israel in 2017 as being 2500 years from when Solomon’s Temple (known as Hezekiah’s Temple) was to again be secured for the Hebrew children.

This might not seem sensible to consider it, but our Creator is not Greek but thinks Hebrew.  It is in the story that is key…not the exact thing.  2500 miles in 2016 showed us a time in the future from The Temple that it would once again be recognized…and it was…to the year…or almost….

Please read the rest….these earthquakes tie to Pearl Harbor and giving it memorial.

written in 2016.

Our Creator issued Japan an 8.0 earthquake to-the-day on Pearl Harbor’s third anniversary; on the Gregorian calendar, December 7, 1944. Look it up….a rare 8.0 to Japan on Pearl Harbor’s third anniversary. And, December 7, 2012 we saw a lessor quake to Japan memorializing the exact country and exact Gregorian date of Pearl Harbor.

My friends keep hearing me talk about this….so believe me….I am again in awe and thankful to be able to give ‘witness’ to the Hand of God working in His creation today.

If reads this….please tell me WHY you can’t give it an 8.0 magnitude?  What are the standards to be met?   It even had tsunami warnings go out for 2500 miles. ( In fact, it was about ten days ago I watched Japan host a 7.3 earthquake with tsunami warnings on their entire east and northeast coast and the reduced it a 6.9.  Japan increased it to 7.3.  It shut down a nuclear reactor once again and for almost six hours people were fleeing to higher ground.

As I have been researching the site they had about seven previous earthquakes that they reported on.  I printed out their reports and reviewed them word-for-word, location-for-location and date-for-date.  I will write that report soon, but something that jumped out at me right away was the location of the October 18, 1989 Santa Cruz Mts. (Loma Prieta) California.  This area is called Nisene Marks State Park.  Almost sounds like Nissan…the Passover month on the Hebrew calendar which brings earthquakes.  (October would be about seven months after Nissan; a spring month.)

This 6.9 earthquake occurred on The Lord’s Feast known as Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles Day 5.  The Hebrew date is Tishrei 19.  This is confirmation of The Lord’s Feasts being memorialized again and now watch this.  “Most of the more than 1,000 landslides and rockfalls occurred in the epicentral zone in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  One slide, on State Highway 17, disrupted traffic for about 1 month.”

We have Highway 17 involved.  And about 30 days later brings us to the next month of which is the Hebrew month of Cheshvan.  Thus, at Cheshvan 17 traffic was starting to clear.  The quake occurred on Tishrei 19 and thus about Cheshvan 19 is was clearing…  This places Noach’s Flood beginning on Cheshvan 17 with the earth quaking and rocks moving…part of this continued destruction….in rocks..reminding us of man’s history.

Summary of Kislev 17:

Midwest Storms with ice and snow killed several and shut down roads with black ice.

Saturday, biggest shopping day… one week before Christmas halted…shut down!

8.0 Earthquake gives Memorial to Pearl Harbor. Kislev 17 1941 was December 7 1941)

Sunday church closings announced.

Kansas City Chiefs game in subzero conditions

Kislev 18 –

The United States declares war on Japan, 1941.

Church buses won’t start…church attendance in half.

Our garage water freezes and won’t shut off…house water now shut off.

Husband returns home with middle ear causing imbalance.

Why did our earth shake to an 8.0 with tsunami’s attached to it? What happens in a month that is eye-to-eye…day-for-day when we can see God’s hand clearly? There is blessing for believing He is in control of everything and giving respect to his instructions, and there is consequence for eating unclean and yet laying fleece before our Creator whose real birth is at The Feast of Tabernacles… and we expect to have a ‘nice’ day.

I also ask that we look at ourselves as we get involved with a holiday that is  likened to laying a fleece before God.  We ask our Creator to honor a day that was originally set up to worship Nimrod, Zeus, Diana and Ba’al to name a few. Adonai says that He will not have other idols before Him.

Our Lord gave us His feasts to honor and he told us to stay away from the Gentile’s practices…even if some of our traditions are only a few hundred years old…they still have taken over what Adom, Noach, Abraham, David, Solomon, Josiah and especially Yeshua and the twelve disciples including Paul participated in.

So, I pause to ask forgiveness with participating in these gifts I wrap saying in my heart that they are for Chanukah and  yet my family looks to them as Christmas.  How do I find my way in this world full of traditions that looks good on the outside and yet are abominable to our Creator.  Here is how…God always makes a way.

In 2013 the Hebrew calendar placed Chanukah directly on Thanksgiving Day.  They called it, Thanksgivakah.  That Black Friday weekend 70 Million consumers lost their identify which turned into 240 million…with the troubles not being resolved for years.  I wrote about that and called it God’s Identify Theft.  Men stole his identify by making Him what He is not.  Thus, He took their identify through their wallets.

This year another amazing thing is happening….

Chanukah is on Christmas.  2016

Chanukah begins December 24 at dusk.  The first candle will be lite to begin Chanukah.  Christmas Day and Chanukah Day One are the same day.  December 25 is Kislev 25 (Chanukah Day 1).

Chanukah is eight days long.  If my family desires to drop by my home then I will have a gift for them or a coin.  This is a time to also give to the poor.  That is how I will try to separate myself from the ‘fleece’ that is being laid out.  I want my roads to be ice free and my water to run freely in our pipes.

I want to be pleasing to our Creator…and not lay any ‘fleece’ before Him.  He is God and I can NOT add to his words…not take away His Feasts or words.  People are concerned to know what a ‘thee’ or ‘thou’ means but it is not only the words, but the activity that has been removed that the Scripture is speaking about.  What things do we NOT do that we are able to do…I am not a man, therefore, I can not do the man things commanded in The Torah.  There is no Temple and therefore we can NOT observe The Temple instructions at this time.

I say, thank you Elohim….King of the Universe…of whom once again shows us your hands that work in your creation just as you said you would.

On Kislev 17 a rare 8.0 earthquake to PNG  occurred.  It was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on the Hebrew calendar.  But, if you’re not on the Hebrew calendar you would not know to recognize The Hand of God.

It is  the 75th Anniversary of bringing America to her knees so she would help stop the annihilation of the Jewish people known as, The People of The Book.

Remember, Daniel speaks of making it from the 1260th day of the abomination of desolation and then to it’s 1335th day.  That is 75 days of extra troubles or it could 75 extra years of  troubles.  We that love God and Israel must make it through that time in order to be blessed.  It doesn’t sound like a ‘fly away to glory’ time period.  We’re suppose to be making it through something.

We have come to that 75th year since 1941 that drew America to help stop the Holocaust.  My study patterns does connect to 75. We can’t think so black and white and Greek A-Z.  God’s thinking is circular and patterns repeat themselves but in different forms.  Stay open my friends and watch…that 1335th (75th) day is coming and it is a BLESSING to get to it.

Update 2017…Yes, 2017 President Trump answered my request to declare the United States Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.  That is what was told the leaders.  On Kislev 18, Jerusalem was secured as the capitol of Israel.  We are Blessed to see this Day.  Be a Cyrus…and help bring The Temple back to Jerusalem.  The Mount is defiled as no Jew is allowed to freely worship there….I stood on it in 2009 and only Muslim woman could sit under a shade tree…as was their place to pray…to Allah…and I could not pray…or be reprimanded.

I add one more praise…there is a person that has an entire family that desires to love ‘The People of the Book’.  This man could be the venue that Adonai carries out His plans for the earth…as it is Adonai that has made their father President Elect. I pray for Kislev 19 as the Electorate vote to make Donald Trump our president.  No man is perfect and neither were any of these men.  But, I pray that Mr. Trump will seek the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in every decision….so we all become ONE in The Messiach that would like to come when Jews say from Jerusalem….”Blessed is HE that comes in the NAME of the LORD.” (my emphasis)

And, we know that name to be… YESHUA known by the world as Jesus.

UPDATE:  YHWH heard our prayers…..

TRUMP won that election.  At Chanukah he dedicated Jerusalem back to the earth through Israel…it’s rightful ownership since Adom, Enoch, Noach Shem and then the patriarchs through David..and now The Living Torah; Messiach Yeshua (Jesus).

I live and die for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…and Noach and Shem…and David…and Him that is to come to remove all defilement as He can never be defiled…as He is risen!  HAPPY CHANUKAH….


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