Kislev Happy Chanukah; 1941 Pearl Harbor Bombed. 2016 PNG 8.0 Earthquake; 2017 Jerusalem Capitol.

This blog is updated Kislev 2017…Congrats to Jerusalem, Israel..the confirmed capital…at Chanukah! 'Hand of יהוה, Yahweh, YHWH'

2500 Years from BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY – The CITY OF PEACE recognized!

517 BC – 2017 AD

517 BC – After 70 years Solomon’s Tempe rebuilt.

2017 – After 70 years as a Nation Jerusalem can be rebuilt.

163 BC The Temple Mount was being cleansed after over 10,000 dying to secure it!

Kislev 17 2017 President Trump informs World Leaders of intentions for embassy!

KISLEV 17 – 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor  –  1941 – 2016 (Dec 7, 1941)

KISLEV 17 2016 Papua New Guinea 8.0 Earthquake with world tsunami warnings.

 Eye-to-Eye Month  Kislev 17 is December 17 2016


Kislev is the month to War for The Temple.  It is bring ‘Light to the World.’  HAPPY CHANUAK 2017.  God uses willing men to accomplish His purposes on the earth!!!!  May all be called, ‘righteous’ who love the God of Israel.  THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!

December and Kislev 2016 match up…

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