Prophet Elijah Visits Mystic Rabbi With Message: “Four Gates of Mercy Are Closed, But One is Open” – Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.

In the year begins. It is 5 777 on the Hebrew calendar. Both dates point to ‘As in the days of Noache.’  Men scoffed and thus could not enter the ark. Only seven couples of clean animals and 7 clean humans entered. Ham would be cursed.

Our world is full of Ham attitudes and even eating the ‘scavenger’ ham (pig). Men choose to not be set-apart to the LORD!  The doors are closed.

One open door at Jerusalem. Who will go in?  Torah believers because The Messiach is The Living Torah. Our world believes in a Greek Jesus!  They close their doors to a Hebrew acting Messiach.

This next Jubilee acts like the 7 arms of the menorah.  The first arm has no children.  The second arm finds the two brides.   The third arm seeks the flocks of the world. At the end of the third shemittah cycle of the 7-armed menorah, Benjamin comes. The fourth arm is full of trouble after peace with Esau is not established.  It’s a false peace.

Let The Temple be built so a nation has a place to seek to be atoned for on the earth.  There is only one mountain with one Gate. It is Jerusalem. It will be defiled. But also Abraham’s wells will finally be unstoppable.  Learn the story of Jacob and you’ll see Israel today. The two brides are the Jew (first) and gentile second.

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